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"This is a Clan unlike any other—a Clan with all the strength, brilliance, and beauty of water. Welcome to RiverClan. I am Leopardstar, the leader here. Can you hear the river? In its flowing current you can see what makes us the greatest Clan in the forest. Nothing can stand against the forces of water, just like nothing can defeat RiverClan warriors when we rise up together. But when trouble comes, RiverClan knows how to weave through the dangers, adapting to the changed world just as the river flows around rocks and over waterfalls. We are grace. We are power. We are RiverClan."
Leopardstar on RiverClan, Secrets of the Clans

Clan Facts
Leader: Mistystar
Deputy: Reedwhisker
Medicine Cat: Mothwing & Willowshine
Hunting Territory: The lake and streams
Camp: Overgrown island in a stream
Unique Battle Skill: Water combat

Unlike other Clans of Warrior Cats, RiverClan cats love water. These cats live by the water, and fight with all its ferocity. But also like water, RiverClan cats are willing to change their flow to suit their needs. Although known to have contained many heroes and villains, RiverClan is generally renowned for its skilled strategists. If their unique battle skills don't defeat the other Clans, their intelligence will.

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    General Clan Tropes 

  • Arch-Enemy: They have the worst relationship with Twolegs, who routinely poison their river with garbage, drive away the fish with their loud antics, and even steal RiverClan cats to keep them as kittypets.
  • Badass Creed: Battles of the Clans gave us:
    "RiverClan fish! RiverClan swim! RiverClan warriors use water to win!"
  • The Beautiful Elite: RiverClan cats are noted to be very beautiful, with sleek and glossy pelts. Unfortunately, this trait also makes them vulnerable to being stolen by Twolegs who want to keep them as kittypets. Rock comments that "a less than perfect cat is not welcome in RiverClan".
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • In Forest of Secrets, when Tigerclaw leads Brokentail's rogues to attack the ThunderClan camp, a RiverClan patrol - who had been on their way there to discuss Graystripe's kits - arrive and help fight them off.
    • In Rising Storm, a RiverClan patrol shows up to save Fireheart and his patrol from Tigerclaw's rogues.
  • Break the Haughty: They sometimes suffer from this. In Fire and Ice, they were on the verge of starving due to Twolegs poisoning the fish, and Crookedstar was forced to accept help from Fireheart and Graystripe to ensure his Clan would survive until the river was clean again.
  • Cats Hate Water: Inverted. They are the Clan most notable for marking the river as their territory and swimming in it to catch fish.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: In the forest, the river in their territory is the easiest source of prey, but this also means they go hungry when something prevents them from taking prey from the river, such as newleaf floods, the water freezing over, or Twolegs poisoning the fish.
  • Dark Secret: Many RiverClan cats have been stolen by Twolegs to be kept as kittypets because of their beautiful pelts. RiverClan has never told any other Clan about this, because very few of the stolen cats ever returned.
  • Does Not Like Spam: Mistystar's Omen reveals that they generally avoid mammalian prey like mice, squirrels, and rats, only eating it when they're desperate.
  • Forever War: In the original series, RiverClan and ThunderClan constantly fought over the rights to Sunningrocks. The argument only ended when the Clans were driven out of the forest territories.
  • From Stray to Pet: It's mentioned that RiverClan cats are so pretty that humans often "steal" them to keep as pets.
  • A Handful for an Eye: One of their techniques is temporarily blinding a foe with water.
  • Island Base: Their camp in the old forest is located on an island. Also, in Dark River, they are temporarily forced to shelter on the Gathering Island while they deal with Twolegs attacking their camp.
  • Mighty Glacier: Like with ThunderClan, RiverClan cats are described as being large and powerful, but slow.
  • Signature Scent: RiverClan cats always smell like the fish they eat.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: Leopardstar describes her Clan as graceful yet powerful.
  • Smug Snake: They sometimes act superior to the other Clans, thanks to their easy source of prey and beautiful pelts.
    Rock: When [Crookedstar] was a kit, RiverClan won back the rights to Sunningrocks, and the cats used to swim across the river and stretch out whenever the sky was clear, just to taunt their ThunderClan rivals.
  • Theme Naming: RiverClan cats are often named after forms of water (Graypool, Lakeshine, Rippleclaw, Rainflower, Stormfur, Rainstorm, Mistyfoot, Silverstream), aquatic plants (Lilystem, Reedwhisker) or aquatic animals (Piketooth, Troutstream, Ottersplash, Voleclaw, Eeltail, Frogleap, Duckpaw).
  • Trademark Favorite Food: They mostly eat fish, which they catch from the river or lake.

    Leaders and Deputies 


"They must see that peace and sharing and honor are good for the group, and that what's good for the group is good for the individual. We find trust in trusting, and learn kindness by being kind."

The legendary founder of RiverClan. Also see his entry under River Ripple in Characters.Warrior Cats Dawn Of The Clans.

  • Brilliant, but Lazy: He was a genius leader, but he didn't care about the other Clans and skipped Gatherings if he thought he could get away with it.
  • The Cameo: He appears in the prologue of Long Shadows.
  • Founder of the Kingdom: He started RiverClan.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He was extremely apathetic towards the other Clans, even skipping Gatherings, but he was generous and warm-hearted towards RiverClan.
  • Leader Wannabe: Like the other founding leaders, he tried claiming that he should rule the entire forest.
  • The Mentor: He developed the mentor-apprentice system. However, it is unknown if he actually had an apprentice.
  • Undying Loyalty: To his Clan.


An early leader of RiverClan best known for making a failed proposed addition to the warrior code.

  • Ambiguous Gender: Their gender is unrevealed.
  • The Fundamentalist: They attempted to add a law to the warrior code that would force every Clan cat to acknowledge the existence and power of StarClan.
  • The Leader: Of RiverClan during an unknown period.


The leader of RiverClan when SkyClan was driven out.

  • The Chains of Commanding: She wanted to help SkyClan the most, but she was too afraid of leading her own Clan to ruin if she helped.
  • The Leader: Of RiverClan some 20 years before Into the Wild.
  • Must Make Amends: She apologizes to Cloudstar in the afterlife and gives the new leader of the restored SkyClan one of her nine lives.

Hailstar (Hailstep)

"When you feel doubt, let your heart lead you forward, not back."

Crookedstar's predecessor as leader of RiverClan. He's laid back and doesn't care much for tradition. Plays an important role in Crookedstar's Promise.

  • Extreme Doormat: For some odd reason, he becomes this whenever Rainflower is present. She makes several cruel demands of him (changing Stormkit's name, choosing Shellheart as Oakpaw's mentor) and he obliges her every time.
  • The Leader: Leads RiverClan in Crookedstar's Promise.
  • The Mentor: To Blackclaw.
  • Number Two: He was deputy to Volestar.
  • Villainous Rescue: In the "Hunting Fish!" short story he saves Dappletail and White-eye, even though they were from another Clan.


"Together we can rebuild anything. Except Clan cats who have drowned trying to rescue bits of wood."

Crookedstar's father. He was the deputy of RiverClan until after Rainflower dies.

  • Action Dad: He defends Crookedkit from his own mate. When she coldly tells him she blames her son for what happened to him, Shellheart is quick to defend him and breaks up with her. And when Rainflower tells Oakheart that Crookedstar would never be as good as him, Shellheart defends him with this:
    Shellheart: Can't you keep your thoughts to yourself, just once?
  • Gender Bender: Was often called a she-cat in Bluestar's Prophecy.
  • Good Parents: Unlike Rainflower, Shellheart comforts Crookedstar when his jaw breaks and loves both his sons instead of favoring one over the other.
  • The Mentor: To Oakheart.
  • Nice Guy: He was generally very kind and cared about his Clanmates.
  • Number Two: He was the deputy of RiverClan.
  • Papa Wolf: When Rainflower decides to change Stormkit's name to Crookedkit (while showing no sympathy towards his injury), Shellheart is quick to defend him. He even breaks up with her before Stormkit says to stop fighting because of him. His dad replies by saying that it was Rainflower's own fault, not his.

Crookedstar (Crookedjaw/Stormkit)

"I'm sorry I can't make you proud of me. But I haven't finished yet. I'll do everything I can to make you glad I'm your son. You'll never make me ashamed of who I am or what I look like."
"No Mapleshade, it is you who has lost. I still have the Clan that I cherish. You have nothing and no one."

The leader of RiverClan at the beginning of the series. He broke his jaw on the stepping stones between ThunderClan and RiverClan territory as a kit. This, combined with the fact that he sneaked off the the Moonstone and stayed in the barn near WindClan territory for a moon, delayed his apprenticeship by four moons. He trained in the Dark Forest with Mapleshade, making a promise to put his Clan above everything. However, thanks to this promise, Mapleshade caused the deaths of most of his family. He is regarded as one of the greatest leaders the Forest had ever seen.

  • Abusive Parents: Has been on both sides of this trope.
    • Ignored his daughter Silverkit after the death of his mate and other daughters, until his brother Oakheart called him out on it.
    • His own mother was quite abusive.
  • Adaptational Attractiveness: He lacks a crooked jaw on the cover of Crookedstar's Promise, though he had it in an early version of the cover.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Got his own spinoff, Crookedstar's Promise.
  • The Apprentice: To Cedarpelt.
  • Berserk Button: Do not tell him he's like Rainflower.
  • Born During a Storm: He was originally named Stormkit, as he and his brother Oakheart (born Oakkit) were born as the RiverClan was fleeing a flood during a storm. Their mother took shelter in an oak to give birth to them.
  • Breakout Character: In the Ultimate Leader Election in late 2008, it was he who made it far enough to go up against Firestar at the end. He lost, which is understandable considering that Firestar's the main character that introduced us to the series, but Vicky said in the next Authortracker that even though she expected Firestar to win, she was surprised that out of all the leaders in the running, Crookedstar would be the one to make it so far. Perhaps this is why she decided to have a Super Edition from his point of view. Not bad for a minor character that died in book 5.
  • Break the Cutie: When he was a kit named Stormkit, he was in an accident that resulted in his jaw becoming crooked. Shortly afterward, his mother starts hating him and changes his name to Crookedkit, which later becomes Crookedjaw when he becomes a warrior. He makes a promise to a cat from the Dark Forest that he will always remain loyal to RiverClan, and as a result, slowly everyone he cares about is killed off, including his parents, his brother, his mate, and eventually all three of his daughters.
  • Broken Pedestal: In Crookedstar's Promise, he held Mapleshade in high regard until he found out how evil she was.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: At his warrior ceremony, Crookedstar finally calls his mother out on her neglect and promises to make her proud of him.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He sustained a disfiguring injury as a kit. Because his shallow mother couldn't stand having such an ugly kit, she neglected him, favored his brother, and renamed him Crookedkit for his injury. As he grew up, many of the cats he was close to died.
  • Despair Event Horizon: In Crookedstar's Promise, he starts slipping into this after Willowbreeze dies. Oakheart and Silverstream save him just in time.
  • Foil: To Leopardstar, his deputy and successor. She is a hot-headed, rash and hostile leader, while he is more calm and reasonable.
  • Forgiveness: Word of God is that he and Rainflower made up in the afterlife.
  • Happily Married: To Willowbreeze.
  • Innocent Inaccurate: As a kit, he sees two warriors in the midst of a forbidden relationship, but assumes that they are on a secret mission.
  • I Want Grandkids: As soon as his daughter Silverstream's kits were born, he sent his warriors to bring them home to RiverClan, wanting to have his kin in his own Clan.
  • Killed Offscreen: He dies of illness in the middle A Dangerous Path.
    • His death was shown in the manga of Crookedstar's Promise.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: In Into the Wild, he agrees to Brokenstar's demands and grants ShadowClan hunting rights to part of RiverClan territory, preferring to swallow his pride rather than risk his warriors being killed or his Clan being driven into exile, as WindClan was.
  • The Leader: Of RiverClan.
  • Like Father, Like Son: He becomes deputy like his father was before him.
  • Lonely at the Top: As a leader, he has lost basically every cat he loved: parents, brother, kits, and mate. Most of these were due to Mapleshade's intentional invoking of this trope.
  • Meaningful Name: Originally named for the storm he was born in.
  • Meaningful Rename: Invoked by Rainflower, who convinces Hailstar to rename Stormkit to Crookedkit after his accident.
  • The Mentor: To Sedgecreek and Stonefur.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: Outlives all three of his daughters. Minnowkit and Willowkit die of illness, and their sister Silverstream dies in childbirth.
  • The Promise: Promises as a kit that he'll always be loyal to RiverClan. He doesn't realize how much this promise will mess his life up.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Crookedstar is probably the most rational and level-headed leader in the original series, aside from Bluestar.
    • In Into the Wild, when Brokenstar is threatening the other Clans, he does probably the most reasonable thing he can do at the time and allows ShadowClan to hunt on part of RiverClan territory, a compromise that won't get any of his warriors killed or his Clan driven into exile.
    • In Fire and Ice, with a little prompting from Graypool, he swallows his pride and accepts help from Fireheart and Graystripe to feed his Clan when the river is flooding.
    • In Forest of Secrets, he's the only Clan leader that doesn't get angry at Bluestar when he finds out that her Clan is sheltering a blinded Brokentail, and calmly asks her to explain why she did what she did, instead of getting enraged and instantly declaring war on ThunderClan. Fireheart notes that this is probably because Brokenstar's actions did the least amount of harm to RiverClan, out of all the other Clans.
      • In the same book, when his daughter's kits are born in ThunderClan, he asks that they be brought to RiverClan, but agrees to wait until they're old enough to safely cross the river.
    • In Rising Storm, he lets ThunderClan shelter in RiverClan's camp when they are fleeing the fire.
  • The Runaway: He runs away from RiverClan after Rainflower neglects him.
  • Together in Death: Reunited with his mate Willowbreeze at the end of Crookedstar's Promise.
  • Significant Birth Date: Born during a storm in RiverClan territory.
  • The Strategist: He is pretty smart and good at tactics. He got his warrior name by making a strategy to defeat some dogs, then leading RiverClan into battle.
  • The Unfavorite: His mother becomes horribly neglectful and abusive toward him after his accident, even forbidding him from sleeping in the same nest as her and Oakkit.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: His mother Rainflower doted on him and his brother, but when he broke his jaw as a kit ruining his "handsome" appearance, she became outright abusive, rarely visiting him in the medicine cat's den and refusing to let the other kits visit him to keep his spirits up, renaming him from Stormkit to Crookedkit, making him sleep alone in the nursery, and frequently saying that he would never be as good as his brother. One of his goals in life was to make her proud of him.
  • Young and in Charge: He is a very young warrior when he becomes leader.


"We are a Clan and when one cat fights, he fights for the whole Clan."

Brother of Crookedstar, and an extremely well-respected warrior. Often regarded as a paragon of warriorhood, even by cats of rival Clans. He is also the father of Bluestar's kits: Stonefur and Mistyfoot, and took them to RiverClan when Bluestar was forced to give them up. He is killed in the prologue of the first book, and the exact circumstances surrounding his death prove of vital importance in the first few books.

  • The Ace: He's well-respected, skilled in all parts of being a warrior, charismatic, and considered quite handsome.
  • The Apprentice: To Shellheart.
  • Betty and Veronica: As a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, he serves as the Veronica to Nice Guy Thrushpelt's Betty.
  • Big Brother Instinct: To Crookedstar when they were kits and after the latter's accident.
  • Born During a Storm: He and his brother, Crookedstar, were born during a storm that had flooded the RiverClan camp. Their mother took shelter in an oak to give birth to them, which is how Oakheart got his name.
  • Buried Alive: He was killed by falling rocks.
  • Cain and Abel: In Crookedstar's Promise, he nearly becomes the Abel when Crookedstar almost kills him.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: His eyes end up distracting Bluefur so much in a stare-down that she's startled when her Clanmates call for her. Of course, part of it was that she really, really hated him at the time.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Died early in the series when a boulder fell on him out of nowhere.
  • Famed in Story: He's a pretty legendary warrior.
  • Fiery Redhead: He has dark red-brown fur and a cocky attitude.
  • The Gadfly: Comes across as this, what with the way he seems to enjoy poking fun at Bluefur's seriousness or his brother's feelings for Willowbreeze.
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: At the end of Crookedstar's Promise, he has one with Crookedstar as he attempts to save his brother from his Despair Event Horizon.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He can come off as a little abrasive, but he is extremely loyal to his brother and is rather sweet to Bluefur once he falls for her. Mistyfoot also mentions that he was "the best father" a cat could ask for.
  • The Lancer: To Crookedstar in Crookedstar's Promise.
  • Leader Wannabe: Always told Crookedstar that he'd become Clan leader and make Crookedstar his deputy. In Crookedstar's Promise, it's eventually subverted. He's very proud of Crookedstar for becoming leader. When Crookedstar wonders why he isn't jealous, Oakheart reveals that he hadn't really wanted to be leader, and his earlier boasting was only because "all kits want to be leader".
  • Love Across Battlelines: With Bluestar as they are from two different Clans.
  • Meaningful Name: Named after the oak tree that sheltered his mother when giving birth to him and his brother.
  • The Mentor: To Loudbelly.
  • Number Two: To Crookedstar, as his deputy.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: Outlives his daughter, Mosskit.
  • Posthumous Character:
    • Mainly shows up in flashbacks or mentioned by other cats who knew him. Is still a very important character to the story.
    • Inverted in Bluestar's Prophecy and Crookedstar's Promise, where he has a major role and is very much alive.
  • Sad Clown: Starts cracking jokes in Bluestar's Prophecy when he and Bluefur vow to never see each other again to cover up the pain.
  • Shrouded in Myth: Apparently his skills as a warrior were so great that some cats thought he had never lost a battle his entire life.
  • Sibling Team: He and his brother Crookedstar were leader and deputy of RiverClan.
  • Significant Birth Date: Born during a storm in RiverClan territory.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: Has shades of it with Bluefur in Bluestar's Prophecy.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Bluestar saw him as this at first in Bluestar's Prophecy...though he later turns out to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Spirit Advisor: The prologue of Bluestar's Prophecy reveals that he was guiding Bluestar as she made her heroic sacrifice.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Revealed in Forest of Secrets to be this with Bluestar. They were in love, but because they were from different Clans they could never truly be together.
  • Together in Death: In A Dangerous Path, he and his beloved Bluestar are reunited in death.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: In Crookedstar's Promise, he gives one to Crookedstar for neglecting his daughter.

Leopardstar (Leopardfur)

"I am leader here, Blackfoot. I make the decisions. And I'm not ready to give up yet— not if there's a chance of driving out BloodClan."

Crookedstar's third deputy, who becomes leader after he dies. She is a proud and haughty cat, and almost cost her Clan her freedom when she joins Tigerstar's TigerClan and their persecution of half-Clan cats. Died in Fading Echoes; from feline diabetes, according to Word of God.

  • Acrophobic Bird: Despite being a RiverClan cat, she used to be afraid of water. Her friend Sunfish helped her get over it by putting prey on the far side of the river and telling her she couldn't eat until she was able to swim across to retrieve it.
  • Action Girl: Like almost all the other she-cats, she is very competent in a fight.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Word of God confirms that Leopardstar had been in love with Tigerstar.
  • The Apprentice: To Whitefang.
  • Bad Boss: Lets Tigerstar take over RiverClan territory without fighting him for it.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Starts off like this with Tigerstar in The Darkest Hour, but it soon becomes clear that she was only his pawn.
  • Celibate Hero: She never had a mate or any kits (although she was in love with Tigerstar), preferring to focus her energies on serving the Clan as its loyal deputy. As she's dying, she muses wistfully about what could have been, had she chosen to have kits.
  • The Chains of Commanding: In her entry in Code of the Clans, she talks about the difficulties of being leader of RiverClan and struggling to keep her Clanmates alive while facing floods, starvation, fire, poison, predators and Twolegs. This is part of why she agreed to Tigerstar's plan to ally their Clans: she believed it would make both of them stronger. If only she knew what his real plan was...
  • Break the Haughty: She begins her leadership of RiverClan as proud and determined to make her Clan strong. When she accepts Tigerstar's offer to join their Clans and create TigerClan, he reduces her to a figurehead in her own Clan and has her loyal deputy, Stonefur, slaughtered before her eyes. After Tigerstar himself is killed by Scourge and BloodClan threatens to take over the forest, she seriously considers leaving the forest with her Clan to live in another territory. Firestar realizes how weakened she has become when she doesn't even demand to lead the other Clans into battle against BloodClan.
  • Dying as Yourself: In Mistystar's Omen, she finally snaps back to being herself just before she joins StarClan.
  • Enemy Mine: Teams up with Firestar to fight BloodClan in The Darkest Hour. She settles into a Heel–Face Turn after that.
  • Face Death with Dignity: When severe illness weakens her at the end of her eighth life, she chooses not to fight it and goes peacefully, but not before sharing a final goodbye with her deputy, Mistyfoot.
  • Fantastic Racism: Said in The Ultimate Guide to have a "pure hatred" of half-Clan cats, but her fondness of Stonefur and Mistystar contradicts this.
  • Foil: To Crookedstar, her leader and predecessor. He is calm, strategic and reasonable, while she is hot-headed, rash, and hostile.
  • Frameup: She tries to do this when she accuses ThunderClan and the other Clans of stealing fish in The Fourth Apprentice.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Mostly settles into one at the end of The Darkest Hour. She still antagonizes ThunderClan occasionally, but she's much more co-operative and open-minded.
  • Hopeless Suitor: Word of God has it that she loved Tigerstar. However, Tigerstar does not return her affections.
  • If You're So Evil, Eat This Kitten: Orders Graystripe to kill his best friend to prove his loyalty to RiverClan in A Dangerous Path.
  • The Leader: Leads RiverClan for all of The New Prophecy, Power of Three, and for part of the first arc and Omen of the Stars.
  • Life Will Kill You: She lives for a very long time and dies of diabetes despite her ambition and confrontational disposition.
  • Like a Son to Me: Always wished that Mistystar could have been her own daughter.
  • Meaningful Name: She has the spotted coat and fierce temper of a leopard.
  • The Mentor: To Whiteclaw and Hawkfrost.
  • My Greatest Failure: Her decision to ally with Tigerstar and create TigerClan leads to the death of Stonefur, her trusted deputy, and nearly allows Tigerstar to take over the whole forest. She regrets this decision for the rest of her life, even wondering on her deathbed why Mistyfoot remained loyal to her, despite the fact that Leopardstar didn't save her brother.
    Rock: She has never forgotten how close she came to destroying her Clan, and if she seems hostile and defensive when dealing with the other Clans, it's not because she doesn't trust them. It's because she no longer trusts her own judgment, and fears for the safety of her Clan if she makes another mistake.
  • Number Two: To Crookedstar for much of the first arc.
  • Pet the Dog: In Rising Storm, she escorts the ThunderClan cats fleeing the forest fire to the safety of the RiverClan camp.
  • Sanity Slippage: In The Fourth Apprentice, she starts losing her mind. Then she dies.
  • So Proud of You: To Mistystar, in Mistystar's Omen. Leopardstar tells Mistystar how much she means to her and how she believes that Mistystar will be a great leader.


""No cat has ever questioned my loyalty. Come down here and tell me to my face that I'm a traitor!"

Mistystar's brother and the former deputy of RiverClan. He was killed by Blackstar in The Darkest Hour.

  • The Apprentice: To Crookedstar, who is also his uncle.
  • Big Damn Heroes: At the end of A Dangerous Path, he shows up alongside Mistystar to save Bluestar.
  • Child of Forbidden Love: He is the son of Oakheart of RiverClan and Bluestar of ThunderClan.
  • Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You: Bluestar gave Stonefur and Mistystar up to RiverClan because the Clan deputy position was about to open up, and she'd be ineligible for the post while nursing kits; she knew that if she wasn't chosen, Thistleclaw would be, and that due to Sunstar's age Thistleclaw was likely to go on to become Clan leader and lead the Clan into unnecessary wars.
  • Defiant to the End: Fights against Tigerstar's cruelty even when it becomes apparent that he will not survive because of it. He dies defying Tigerstar's reign.
  • Doomed Moral Victor: Sure he was the hero in his fight with TigerClan, but he was also weak from not having food for a while, and was easily killed by Blackstar.
  • Happily Adopted: He and his sister, Mistystar, had always believed Graypool to be their real mother.
  • Heroic Bastard: Revealed in Forest of Secrets to be the son of Bluestar and Oakheart.
  • Meaningful Name: He is named after Bluestar's first mentor, Stonepelt.
  • The Mentor: He mentors Stormfur, while his sister Mistyfoot mentors Feathertail. He also mentored minor character Shadepelt.
  • Mixed Ancestry: Half-RiverClan and half-ThunderClan.
  • Number Two: He was deputy of RiverClan before he died.
  • Outnumbered Sibling: He had two sisters, Mistyfoot and Mosskit.
  • Papa Wolf: Although he is not Featherpaw and Stormpaw's father, he dies protecting them from the wrath of Tigerstar.
  • Secret Keeper: Subverted. In The Darkest Hour, Firestar tells him that for now no RiverClan cat knows that he and his sister are half ThunderClan, so they still have the trust of their Clan. However, Tigerstar is eventually going to use this against them. Stonefur replies that he'll tell RiverClan about his heritage himself.
  • Sibling Team: Always fought alongside his sister Mistyfoot. When he dies, she mournfully wonders what she's going to do without him.
  • So Proud of You: Posthumously, to Mistyfoot when she is about to become leader of RiverClan, in Mistystar's Omen.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Fireheart figures out who Bluestar's kits are because Stonefur and Mistyfoot look exactly like her with their blue-gray fur and blue eyes.
  • You're Not My Father: When Bluestar reveals that she is actually his and Mistyfoot's mother, he doesn't believe her at first and says, "You're no mother of ours, whatever you say." Later, he changes his mind when he and Mistyfoot arrive to rescue her from the flooding river, and they are able to forgive her and say goodbye to her before she dies.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: Dies pulling this on Tigerstar to protect Graystripe's kits.

Mistystar (Mistyfoot)

"I'll always be grateful for what you did, but I'm a RiverClan cat at heart."

The leader of RiverClan after Leopardstar, and daughter of Bluestar and Oakheart.

  • Action Girl: She fights whenever it is needed, and does it very well. It's shown best in A Dangerous Path.
  • Action Mom: A competent warrior-turned-leader and mother to four kits.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Stars in the e-book novella Mistystar's Omen.
  • Adult Fear: Two of her kits are swept away by a flood in Fire and Ice, but are rescued by Fireheart and Graystripe.
  • Badass in Distress: In Dawn she gets captured by Twolegs.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In both Forest of Secrets and A Dangerous Path, she shows up in the climax to aid ThunderClan.
  • Breakout Character: The e-book starring her is happening because she's ridiculously popular. In the August 2012 Authortracker newsletter, Vicky wondered why, "one of the most popular characters in the series didn't get her own spinoff earlier."
  • Child of Forbidden Love: She is the daughter of Oakheart of RiverClan and Bluestar of ThunderClan.
  • Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You: Bluestar gave Stonefur and Mistystar up to RiverClan because the Clan deputy position was about to open up, and she'd be ineligible for the post while nursing kits; she knew that if she wasn't chosen, Thistleclaw would be, and that due to Sunstar's age Thistleclaw was likely to go on to become Clan leader and lead the Clan into unnecessary wars.
  • Family Eye Resemblance: Has the same blue eyes as her mother, Bluestar.
  • Happily Adopted: She and her brother, Stonefur, had always believed Graypool to be their real mother.
  • Heroic Bastard: In Forest of Secrets she is revealed to be the result of an affair between the ThunderClan warrior Bluestar and the RiverClan warrior Oakheart.
  • Hero of Another Story: Given all the adventures she's been shown to have on her own, Mistystar could have easily been the main character of the series.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With her cousin Silverstream, who gives her a seventh life and a gift for finding happiness even in the darkest of times.
  • Internal Reveal: Mistystar learns that Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan during Mistystar's Omen, which is something we've known for ages.
  • The Leader: Becomes leader of RiverClan in Fading Echoes. Her nine lives ceremony is detailed in Mistystar's Omen.
  • Like Father, Like Son: She becomes Clan deputy like her father Oakheart, her brother Stonefur, and her grandfather Shellheart. Later, she becomes leader like her uncle Crookedstar, and her mother Bluestar.
  • The Mentor: She mentors Feathertail, who later gives her one of her nine lives and the gift of accepting her destiny, however difficult it may seem. She also mentored minor character Dapplenose. She was Mothwing's mentor before Mothwing became medicine cat under Mudfur.
  • Mixed Ancestry: Half-RiverClan and half-ThunderClan.
  • Number Two: In the second and third arcs, as well as the first book of the fourth arc, she serves as RiverClan's deputy. Then she becomes leader in Fading Echoes.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: Three of her kits, Perchkit, Pikepaw, and Primrosepaw, have died by the time of Mistystar's Omen. She briefly reunites with them in StarClan during her leader ceremony, and receives her last life from Perchkit, along with the gift of bravery.
  • Secret Keeper: She keeps the secret of Graystripe and Silverstream's romance, as well as the secret of Mothwing's atheism.
  • Sibling Team: Always fought alongside her brother Stonefur. When he dies, Mistyfoot mournfully wonders what she's going to do without him.
  • The Sixth Ranger: In Starlight, she joins the cats who found Midnight in finding new homes because the two RiverClan weren't with the Clans anymore.note 
  • Stealth Insult: Gives one to ShadowClan as a whole in Battles Of The Clans. Blackstar WAS going to let her go back to patrolling, but when he hears the insult, he blackmails her into keeping it a secret by making her share fresh-kill until the half-moon.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: With her blue-gray fur and blue eyes, she's identical to her mother, Bluestar. It's what leads Fireheart to figure out the family secret.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: When she exiles Mothwing in Veil of Shadows, also counts as Hypocrite since she was also mixed. There's also the time she closes off RiverClan borders for what can simply be described as cowardice and fear of Darktail and The Kin, though to be fair, she had far more noble intentions there than the former.
  • Undying Loyalty: To RiverClan and her leader Leopardstar. She serves faithfully as deputy to her leader, through thick and thin, until Leopardstar's death. For her part, Leopardstar trusts and appreciates Mistyfoot a great deal, and on her deathbed states that she would have been proud to call Mistyfoot her daughter.
  • Unknown Character: She has four kits, so she must have had a mate at some point, but he's never mentioned and his name is never revealed.


"I don't like this silence. I can smell ShadowClan nearby."

Mistystar's son, and the deputy she chooses.

  • Like Father, Like Son: He's deputy now, like his mother was for most of the series.
  • The Mentor: To Rippletail, Pouncetail, Hollowflight and Lizardtail.
  • Minor Major Character: He gets very little screentime for a Clan deputy.
  • Number Two: He's the deputy of RiverClan as of Fading Echoes.
  • Odd Name Out: He's the only one of his siblings (Perchkit, Pikepaw and Primrosepaw) whose name doesn't begin with "P".
  • Series Continuity Error: Being one of Mistyfoot's kits that got saved by Firestar puts him as being born around Fire and Ice; with the number of moons that pass, he'd become a warrior around Firestar's Quest. However, that contradicts his first appearance: in Moonrise he's a new apprentice just barely out of the nursery.
  • Sole Survivor: The only one of his siblings to survive to adulthood.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: He's unusually snappy during The Fourth Apprentice, but that's only because the drought makes everyone grumpy.

    Medicine Cats 


"The only true borders lie between day and night, between life and death, between hope and loss."
"Sometimes bad things happen for no reason, or for reasons we can't begin to understand."

RiverClan's medicine cat during most of Crookedstar's life.

  • The Apprentice: To Milkfur.
  • The Cameo: In The Last Hope, she appears to tell Jayfeather that he has to unite StarClan.
  • The Charmer: According to Secrets of the Clans, she was good at getting her own way—Crookedstar would do anything she asked.
  • Cannot Tell a Joke: "Perhaps I should change my name. I could be called Swallowherb. See? Because that's what I do. I make cats swallow herbs."
  • Cool Old Lady: Is a full medicine cat during Crookedstar's birth, and lives well on through the majority of his nine lives.
  • The Medic: Was RiverClan's medicine cat during Crookedstar's Promise.
  • The Mentor: To Mudfur.
  • Parental Substitute: Serves as a foster mother to Crookedstar when Rainflower more or less disowned him. She was also the one who brought him to StarClan after his death.


"I fought to save [RiverClan] from fighting. But they want to fight. I've unsheathed my claws too many times. I want to save lives, not destroy them."

RiverClan's medicine cat in the Original Series. Formerly a warrior, he grew disillusioned when his mate died and believed that true peace could never be found as long as the Clans continued their perpetual war. He eventually decided to train under Brambleberry as a medicine cat. He is Leopardstar's father.

  • Actual Pacifist: After seeing too much death in his life, he decides not to harm anyone again, and become medicine cat instead.
  • The Apprentice: To Brambleberry.
  • Celibate Hero: Subverted. Medicine cats aren't supposed to take mates, but when he was still a warrior he and Brightsky were mates, and he fathered Leopardstar.
  • Combat by Champion: He fought with Adderfang one on one to decide which Clan would get Sunningrocks.
  • I Will Fight No More Forever: After losing his mate and three of their kits to illness, Mudfur loses the will to fight and wonders if fighting for Sunningrocks over and over again was worth it. But after he fights again against Adderfang and wins, he steps down from being a warrior and became a medicine cat apprentice.
  • The Medic: As RiverClan's medicine cat, he knows much of herbs and healing.
  • The Mentor: To Mothwing. When he was a warrior, he mentored Petaldust.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: Three of his kits died alongside his mate.
  • Reluctant Warrior: After Brightsky's death he loses much of his will to fight, while still trying to serve RiverClan as a warrior. When he sees that the rest of his Clan is eager to continue fighting, he turns over to pacifism completely.
  • Secret Keeper: In Mistystar's Omen it is revealed that he always knew that Mothwing didn't believe in StarClan, but he believed in her and never questioned her devotion to the path of a medicine cat.
  • Signature Move: Holding the enemy warriors underwater, and forcing them to surrender. This technique made him a feared warrior, and a reason why other Clans' apprentices were not to engage into fight with him.
  • The So-Called Coward: His unwillingness to fight is first interpreted as a sign of cowardice. He proves the rest of his Clan wrong by challenging ThunderClan's acting deputy to a duel and single-handedly winning back Sunningrocks.
  • Turn to Religion: Mudfur decides to become the RiverClan medicine cat (the Clan's healer/religious leader) after his mate and kits die and he decides that he has no taste for battle anymore.


"They're just dead warriors! Do you think that when they die, they get clever and brave? Don't you realize that some of them may be as foolish and wrong-headed as they were when they were alive?"
"I may not share your faith, but I'll always help you fight for what you believe in."

Tigerstar's daughter by Sasha, and therefore Hawkfrost's sister and Brambleclaw's and Tawnypelt's half-sister. She does not share her brother's motivations, and genuinely wants to help her Clan by serving as their medicine cat. However, she does not believe in StarClan, a fact she keeps secret from everyone except Leafpool, knowing how important belief in StarClan is to the Clans. This essentially makes her the equivalent of an atheist priest.

  • 10-Minute Retirement: In Mistystar's Omen, after finding out that Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan, Mistystar forces her to retire and promotes Willowshine to full medicine cat, despite Willowshine's protests that she isn't ready. It doesn't last very long, as Mistystar realizes RiverClan needs both its medicine cats.
  • A Day in the Limelight: She will be gaining her own novella in 2020 titled Mothwing's Secret.
  • The Apprentice: To Mistystar when training to be a warrior, then to Mudfur after deciding to become a medicine cat.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Saves Leafpool (Leafpaw at the time) and Sorreltail from a WindClan patrol by chasing them off in Moonrise.
  • Celibate Hero: As a medicine cat, she can never take a mate. So far, she's been able to keep her vow.
  • The Dragon: Unwillingly acts as this to Hawkfrost in The New Prophecy.
  • Evil Stole My Faith: In Sunset, she tells Leafpool that the reason she stopped believing in StarClan is because her brother revealed that he'd faked the omen that made the medicine cat choose her as apprentice, and that if StarClan really existed they wouldn't let him threaten/blackmail her and do evil deeds to gain power.
  • Flat-Earth Atheist: Her justification for not believing in StarClan is that Clan cats are able to create prophecies for the future that always come true in their subconscious. That's arguably more ridiculous than what she's trying to discredit. And she's supposed to be the spiritual leader of her Clan...
    • Downplayed as of the River of Fire Barnes and Noble bonus scene, which she admits something happened in the Great Battle but still doesn’t believe that StarClan is the omnipotent deities they say they are.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: She has golden fur and is incredibly devoted to the cats of RiverClan and healing any sickness that plagues them.
  • Heroic Bastard: She's the result of an affair between Tigerstar, leader of ShadowClan, and Sasha, a she-cat from the Twolegplace. Unlike her brother, she isn't evil.
  • The Medic: She's RiverClan's medicine cat.
  • The Mentor: To Willowshine.
  • Mixed Ancestry: Her father was born in ThunderClan and her mother was born in Twolegplace.
  • Monster Brother, Cutie Sister: Mothwing is a pretty and kind she-cat who becomes a medicine cat, while her brother Hawkfrost is noted as looking dangerous as soon as he first appears in the books. It's later revealed that he wishes to follow in their evil father's pawsteps, and to do this he manipulates her to use her position to his advantage and plans a coup.
  • Nice Girl: She's genuinely kind and caring, in contrast to her brother Hawkfrost.
  • Only Sane Man: She's literally the only medicine cat who realizes that dividing the Clans is a bad idea.
  • Nay-Theist: Turns from Flat-Earth Atheist into more of this by the fourth series - she accepts that StarClan probably does exist, but doesn't really "believe" or try to communicate with them.
  • Skeptic No Longer: Word of God said that in The Last Hope, after seeing a bunch of cats she knew to be dead fighting right before her eyes, she probably stopped doubting StarClan.
    • However, in the prologue of The Apprentice's Quest, it was stated that she still doesn't believe in StarClan.
    • In Lost Stars she states that she no longer denies that StarClan exists, but she doesn't know if their intentions are good, or that the Clans always benefit from their guidance.
  • You Are Not Alone: About halfway through The Last Hope, she restores Jayfeather's faith by showing him a sign and promising to fight alongside him.


"I didn't really think about it. It just sort of happened, and then I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Being a medicine cat is great!"

One of RiverClan's two medicine cats alongside Mothwing (formerly Mothwing's apprentice, until Bramblestar's Storm), who is very much a believer in StarClan. She is able to interpret omens for the Clan where Mothwing cannot.

  • A Day in the Limelight: She's the POV character for the River of Fire Barnes and Nobles bonus scene.
  • The Apprentice: To Mothwing.
  • Celibate Hero: Medicine cats can't have mates or kits. Like Mothwing, she hasn't broken her vow...yet.
  • Demoted to Extra: She has a fairly important role in Power of Three, but does next to nothing in Omen of the Stars.
  • The Medic: She's the apprentice medicine cat of RiverClan.
  • The Rival: In Power of Three, Jayfeather thinks of her as his rival.
  • Secret Keeper: She keeps the fact that Mothwing is an atheist secret from her Clanmates.
  • Tsundere: Switches between being kind and harsh to Jayfeather. It's similar to how he treats her.

    Warriors and Apprentices 


"Ryewhisker, you can't do this! We have to fight our own battles!"

An ancient RiverClan she-cat who had a forbidden relationship with Ryewhisker, a WindClan tom.

  • The Chief's Daughter: She was the daughter of Emberstar, leader of RiverClan.
  • Someone to Remember Him By: Her kits with Ryewhisker are born after his death.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Ryewhisker of WindClan. When he was killed in a battle by a RiverClan cat, it led to an addition to the warrior code that made it explicitly forbidden to take a mate from another Clan.


"There is no cat more loyal to RiverClan than Appledusk. If I am willing to forgive him for his past mistakes, then so should you, Darkstar."

Former lover of Mapleshade, grandfather of Shellheart, great-grandfather of Crookedstar and Oakheart.

  • Accidental Murder: He claims that he didn't mean to kill Birchface.
  • Cruel Mercy: What he ultimately does to Mapleshade, by leaving her alive but rejecting her, taking a new mate, and casting her out of the Clans. Killing her right there probably would have been a kinder fate, and might have sent her to StarClan where she could at least have found peace and reunited with her kits, instead of the Dark Forest where she went to walk alone in solitude and plot her revenge for eternity.
  • Death by Woman Scorned: He blames Mapleshade for their kits' deaths, dumps her, and takes a new mate. She kills him for this.
  • Easily Forgiven: Reedshine forgives him pretty easily for cheating on her with Mapleshade.
  • Failure-to-Save Murder: After their kits are swept away in a flash flood, he blames Mapleshade for trying to cross the river with them. She in turn accuses him of this.
  • Happily Married: With Reedshine, although he doesn't live to see their kits be born.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He dies saving his pregnant mate from getting killed by Mapleshade.
  • It's All About Me: According to Vicky, he genuinely loved Mapleshade, but not more than he loved his position in RiverClan, and his reputation as a loyal warrior.
  • The Mentor: To Perchpaw.
  • Misplaced Retribution: Blamed for Flowerpaw's death by ThunderClan. Although he did (possibly accidentally) kill her mentor Birchface by knocking him into the flooding river, Appledusk had no direct involvement in her death, as Flowerpaw jumped in herself to try and save him from the water, but they both drowned.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: The kits he had with Mapleshade died in a flood a while before he dies.
  • Revenge by Proxy: Played with. Mapleshade tries to kill his pregnant mate, winds up killing him instead, and when said mate declares that Appledusk will always live on through his kits and their kits in turn, takes it as a challenge.
  • Someone to Remember Him By: Mapleshade kills him, but Reedshine survives to give birth to his kits. His descendants include Shellheart, Crookedstar, Oakheart, Silverstream, Feathertail, Stormfur, Stonefur, and Mistystar.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Mapleshade, who was a ThunderClan cat. It ended VERY badly.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Strongly implied to have been seeing Reedshine and Mapleshade at the same time, as Reedshine is shown to be pregnant with his kits almost immediately after he dumps Mapleshade.


"What you have done here is more terrible than anything a Clan cat has done before!"

Appledusk's second mate and the mother of his kits.

  • Clingy Jealous Girl: She wraps her tail around Appledusk while telling Mapleshade to leave.
  • Dead Guy Junior: Not her, but after Appledusk's death, she names one of their three kits, Applefrost, after him.
  • Happily Married: Her and Appledusk, although it doesn't last long before Mapleshade kills him.
  • Meaningful Name: A reed is a plant that grows in water, appropriate for a RiverClan cat.
  • No Sympathy: After Mapleshade loses her kits, is blamed for their deaths by Appledusk, and refused shelter in RiverClan, she coldly tells her to go away and that she's caused enough trouble tonight.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted. She shares her name with another RiverClan she-cat who appeared in Code of the Clans.
  • Second Love: Appledusk's second mate after Mapleshade, although it is implied he was seeing them both at the same time.
  • Someone to Remember Him By: She gives birth to Appledusk's kits after his death. Their descendants include Shellheart, Crookedstar, Oakheart, Silverstream, Feathertail, Stormfur, Stonefur, and Mistystar.
  • Widow Woman: Mapleshade kills her mate Appledusk, leaving Reedshine to raise their kits on her own.


"If he'd stayed in camp he'd never have had the accident. Then he wouldn't be the ugly mess he is now. He'd still be my handsome young warrior."

Crookedstar's mother. Though initially doting, she neglects, ignores, and emotionally abuses him after his disfigurement.

  • Abusive Parents: Tried to force her son out of her life after he broke his jaw.
  • Death by Falling Over: During a battle, a dog accidentally runs into her; she falls and hits her head on a rock. This one's a little more realistic in that she doesn't die instantly; her son debates whether to first fetch the medicine cat or drive away the dog. He chooses to fight off the dog first, and in that amount of time, she dies, and he feels responsible for her death.
  • I Have No Son!: She abandons Crookedstar after his accident.
  • Irony: She falls and hits her head on a rock, almost in the same way Crookedstar fell on a rock and breaks his jaw.
  • Kick the Dog: Does this a few times. The first is when she forces Stormkit to sleep in his own nest when he needed the comfort of his mother. The second is when she cruelly has his name changed to "Crookedkit." The third is when she arranges for Shellheart to mentor Oakpaw because she said that only the best warriors can train the strongest apprentices. And the fourth is when she cruelly says that Crookedpaw would never be as great as Oakheart's warrior ceremony.
  • Never Speak Ill of the Dead: In Crookedstar's Promise, once she dies, everyone pretty much forgets her bad qualities.
  • Parental Favoritism: Favors Stormkit over Oakkit at first, but later makes sure Oakheart gets special treatment, much to both Crookedstar and Oakheart's dismay. She doesn't even give Crookedstar one of his nine lives.
  • Parental Neglect: Outright ignored Crookedstar after he broke his jaw.
  • Social Darwinist: She says the reason she told Hailstar to make Oakheart Shellheart's apprentice is because she thinks only the strongest warriors can train the strongest apprentices.
  • The Stoic: She lost her cheerfulness after Crookedstar broke his jaw.


"Of course [I'm scared]! I'm not stupid. Battles are dangerous."

Leopardstar's mentor. That's basically all that describes him.


"A warrior should be ready for anything!"

A kit of the RiverClan leader Hailstar, Beetlenose grew up with Crookedstar and Oakheart, and was therefore one of their close friends, even if he annoyed them at times.

  • The Apprentice: To Ottersplash.
  • Cuteness Proximity: At the end of Crookedstar's Promise, he bursts out of the nursery and squeals about how cute Crookedstar's daughter is.
  • Expy: Of Berrynose. He has the same ego and love of fighting that the cream-colored ThunderClanner has, and the same suffix to show that it's intentional.
  • Hot-Blooded: Loves fighting more than anything else that is not himself or his mate.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's pretty darn annoying and not especially kind, but he's an unfailingly loyal warrior.
  • The Mentor: To Reedtail.
  • The Nicknamer: He says that Crookedstar should be called "Birdbrain".
  • The Rival: To Crookedstar. Or so he says.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: He thinks very highly of himself because he's the Clan leader's son.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Crookedstar.


"I'll fight to the death if have to."

Beetlenose's sister who is much more down to earth than her over the top brother.

  • The Apprentice: To Mudfur, before he became a medicine cat.
  • The Chief's Daughter: She was Hailstar's only daughter and always retained a kind personality to everyone around her.
  • Foil: To Beetlenose.
  • Only Sane Man: Of Crookedstar's generation. She's the calmest, kindest, and the one with the least drama.


"We've got to be able to catch land prey as well as river prey."

Leopardstar's former nursery denmate, as well as Silverstream's foster mother.

  • The Apprentice: To Voleclaw.
  • Parental Substitute: She becomes Silverstream's foster mother after Willowbreeze dies.
  • Secret Keeper: She was the only cat to know about Leopardstar's initial fear of water and Sunfish helped Leopardstar to get over it by placing prey on the far side of a stream, and say that Leopardstar could not eat until she waded through the water to fetch it.


"Sorry! I know I talk too much but I just want to be the best apprentice. I'm so glad you're my mentor. You're the strongest cat in RiverClan, except Rippleclaw, but he's old—not an elder or anything—but you're younger and you remember what it's like to be a 'paw."

Ottersplash and Timberfur's daughter.

  • The Apprentice: To Crookedstar.
  • Genki Girl: She has a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Motor Mouth: The narration even describes her as "chattering like a blackbird".
    Crookedjaw's head was spinning. "Slow down," he meowed.



"But you brought us here because you believe we can work together. We did it before, didn't we? For the Great Journey? Will you give up so quickly this time?"

A RiverClan queen who is Feathertail's and Stormfur's foster mother. Her daughter Willowshine becomes Mothwing's apprentice.

  • Cool Old Lady: She's become quite old in recent books, and is one of the few characters from the first arc to still be alive as of River of Fire.
  • Everybody Knew Already: According to her, while Graystripe was in RiverClan, everyone knew he still longed for his home in ThunderClan by the way he would gaze sadly at the trees from across the river.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: In Shattered Sky, when Darktail refuses to let RiverClan reclaim their dead after the battle, an enraged Mistystar nearly attacks him, but Mosspelt stops her, reminding her leader that attacking is exactly the kind of reaction that Darktail wants. Mistystar protests that they can't leave their dead Clanmates, but Mosspelt reassures her that not even Darktail can stop their spirits from traveling to StarClan, and that they can hold vigils for them that night, no matter where their bodies are.
  • The Mentor: To Swallowtail, Pebblefoot and Perchwing.
  • Nice Girl: Mosspelt is a kind and amicable she-cat, looking after Graystripe's motherless kits and giving him news about them even after he returns to ThunderClan.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: Outlives her adoptive daughter, Feathertail.
  • Parental Substitute: When Featherkit and Stormkit are brought to RiverClan, she becomes a surrogate mother to them, since their birth mother, Silverstream, is dead.
  • Slapstick Knows No Gender: She appears as an apprentice in the manga chapter of Crookedstar's Promise, and accidentally falls into the river during a fishing lesson.


"Think you have nine lives, do you? I saved you once. Don't make me save you again."
Click here  to see her appearance on the cover of Moonrise

Graystripe's daughter, she was among the four cats chosen to journey to Midnight and find a new home for the Clans. She forms a relationship with Crowpaw, and almost brings out a friendly side to him. Unfortunately, she does not survive the journey, and sacrifices herself to kill Sharptooth, a mountain lion preying on the Tribe of Rushing Water.

  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: While Crowpaw isn't exactly bad, he's still quite abrasive and short-tempered. She falls for him anyway, and makes an effort to bring out his good side.
  • Almost Dead Guy: Lives just long enough to say goodbye to her brother and echo Crowpaw's words back at him.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: In her POV manga, she shows several symptoms of depression and PTSD; she feels detached from her Clan, she doesn't trust anyone except Stormfur and Mistyfoot, she has nightmares of almost being killed, and she turns down social activities.
  • The Apprentice: To Mistystar.
  • Beneath the Mask: She stars in her own manga, A Shadow in RiverClan, which reveals that the sweet she-cat readers were familiar with was actually wrestling with a lot of trust issues after the events of The Darkest Hour.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Saves Crowpaw from Sharptooth by jumping on a stalactite and dislodging it to impale Sharptooth, but sacrificing herself in the process.
  • Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl: Aside from Leafpool, she's the other gentle girl to Crowfeather's brooding boy.
  • Character Development: Her manga is about her journey to overcome her trauma and trust issues and find her belonging in RiverClan.
  • Child of Forbidden Love: She is the daughter of Silverstream of RiverClan and Graystripe of ThunderClan.
  • The Chosen One: One of the four chosen journeying cats. She's also the silver cat that is prophesied to kill Sharptooth.
  • A Day in the Limelight: She's getting a manga/graphic novel titled A Shadow in RiverClan.
  • A Death in the Limelight: She has two POV chapters shortly before she dies in Moonrise.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: She becomes this with the party she was traveling with in The New Prophecy due to all they endured together. She and Crowfeather even fall in love with one another.
  • First Love: To Crowfeather.
  • Freudian Trio: In The New Prophecy she, Leafpool and Tawnypelt were the Superego to Brambleclaw and Stormfur's Ego and Squirrelflight and Crowfeather's Id.
  • Generation Xerox: Looks quite a lot like Silverstream. And like Silverstream, she dies before her mate does, who moves on to find another love.
  • The Heart: Among the cats chosen to go on the journey in The New Prophecy, Feathertail is the one most likely to appease any in-fighting by being understanding and considering everyone's point of view. Especially noticeable when she deals with the abrasive Crowpaw.
  • Heroic Bastard: Has a ThunderClan father and a RiverClan mother.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: In Moonrise, she falls to her death in order to kill Sharptooth to save the Tribe and her friends.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Very much there to accent Feathertail's purity of spirit.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Like her mother before her, Feathertail doesn't mind that her love finds a new she-cat after she dies.
  • Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold: During her manga. She rebuffs her clanmates' attempts to spend time with her because she has a hard time trusting them. From their perspective, though, she's aloof and curt.
  • Mixed Ancestry: Part ThunderClan, part RiverClan, and a little bit of WindClan too.
  • Secret Keeper: Her manga reveals that she knew about Hawkfrost and Mothwing being Tigerstar's children—Sasha told her, and she kept quiet because she promised, because she considered them friends, and because she didn't want them to face the prejudice she and her brother had.
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: Going off the above trope, Hawkfrost and Mothwing almost certainly didn't know that Feathertail knew.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Her manga details how traumatic almost being killed at the Bonehill was for her; while Stormfur is congenial and gets along with the rest of the Clan, Feathertail has difficulty trusting them, especially Leopardstar, and has several flashbacks/nightmares of her Clanmates chanting for her death.
  • The Smart Guy: Acts as the most sensible one (along with Tawnypelt) during the journey.
  • Sneaky Departure: The New Prophecy begins with Feathertail and a cat from each Clan getting an omen telling them that they need to go on a journey far away from the Clans. Since they can't let their Clanmates in on this, they have to sneak away from the Clans and meet up together for the journey.
  • Spirit Advisor: Continues to show up as a StarClan spirit after her death.
  • Women Are Wiser: In Midnight, when Squirrelpaw gets stuck under a fence, the males of the group - Brambleclaw, Stormfur, and Crowpaw - start arguing aggressively about what to do. The she-cats Tawnypelt and Feathertail, meanwhile, actually come up with an idea to get Squirrelpaw out, and successfully free her. They even ask afterward if all toms do is fight.
  • Workaholic: In her manga, she keeps busy to avoid talking to her Clanmates.



"There are worse cats I could imitate [than Tigerstar]."
"Then you're a fool, and stupid too."
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Son of Tigerstar by Sasha, and Brambleclaw's half-brother. Hawkfrost is very similar to Tigerstar in his manner and personality, but hides his true motivations due to the Clans' lingering hatred of Tigerstar. In many ways, he serves as Brambleclaw's Evil Counterpart.

  • Almost Dead Guy: Sneers at Brambleclaw while dying and warns him that nothing is over.
  • The Apprentice: To Leopardstar.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Brambleclaw and Ivypool.
  • Arc Villain: The main villain of The New Prophecy, but not the series overall.
  • Asshole Victim: Brambleclaw destroys his spirit once and for all in The Last Hope. He fully deserved it.
  • Avenging the Villain: He wants to kill Firestar because he blames him for Tigerstar's death. Even though Firestar gave Tigerstar plenty of chances to stop what he was doing and didn't actually kill Firestar. It only becomes more absurd when you realize that Scourge was going to kill Tigerstar no matter what Firestar said.
  • Bastard Bastard: Never knew his father in life, but is just as evil.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: When he's alive, he almost never shows his true nature. He's also one of the best in the Dark Forest at seeming kind.
  • Big "NO!": He gives one in Return to the Clans when his brother Tadpole dies.
  • Blood from the Mouth: He coughs up clots of blood shortly before he dies at the end of Sunset.
  • Cain and Abel: With Brambleclaw.
  • Dark Is Evil: Looks a lot like the evil Tigerstar.
  • Deader Than Dead: Bramblestar kills his spirit in The Last Hope.
  • Dirty Coward: In The Last Hope, he flees the battle when it looks like he might lose. Unfortunately for him, his brother Brambleclaw catches him.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: Appears to be the Big Bad of Warrior Cats: The New Prophecy, but he turns out to be working for Tigerstar.
  • The Dragon: Serves as Tigerstar's dragon in The New Prophecy and Power of Three. In Omen Of The Stars, he becomes the second-in-command of Brokenstar instead.
  • Dragon-in-Chief: During The New Prophecy he was more dangerous than Tigerstar due to Tigerstar being dead, but afterwards he goes back to being lower ranked than Tigerstar.
  • The Dying Walk: Brambleclaw stabs his half-brother in the throat with a stake from a trap. Hawkfrost, despite struggling to breathe and speak, gets up, stumbles toward Brambleclaw to call him a fool, and then, for some reason, turns around and walks toward the lake, collapsing at its shore. His blood mingles with the water to complete the prophecy "Blood will spill blood and the lake will run red".
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Despite being a hammy villain, he loves his mother Sasha. In fact, he scolds ThunderClan for antagonising her and bids farewell to her when the Clans leave the forest.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: His plan to take over the Clans fails because he literally cannot understand why his brother would rather earn the position of Clan Leader than kill the current leader and take it.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Brambleclaw. He idolizes Tigerstar without acknowledging any of his faults, and his ambition is totally self-serving, unlike Brambleclaw's.
    • He could also count as one to Mothwing. Mothwing devotes herself to serving her Clan as medicine cat rather than become mixed up in Hawkfrost's schemes.
  • Evil Mentor: To Ivypool and as one of two evil mentors to Lionblaze.
  • The Family That Slays Together: Him and his father, Tigerstar.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Polite and cordial to Brambleclaw, Lionblaze, and especially Ivypool, but it's probably a facade.
  • Freudian Excuse: Not mentioned often, but Hawkfrost was essentially an orphan and had to grow up living in his father's shadow until he eventually decided to follow in his footsteps. Also, his brother died, that might have something to do some of it... kinda...
  • Generation Xerox: Basically Tigerstar but with a white belly and blue eyes.
  • The Heavy: In the second arc. While his dad Tigerstar is the Big Bad, his schemes to take over the Clans are the main driving point, partially because his dad is dead and only appears as a Spirit Advisor.
  • High-Pressure Blood: At the end of Sunset after Brambleclaw stabs Hawkfrost in the throat with a wooden stake. After he removes the stake, blood splashes out of Hawkfrost's wound like there's no tomorrow. Hawkfrost then gets up and proceeds to deliver his Final Speech, which causes blood to flow faster and faster from his wound. By the time he's done, you would expect him to have lost at least three cats' worth of blood; but then he falls into the lake and proceeds to fill it with what little of the red stuff he's got left in him.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: Is a very calm and collected villain, for the most part.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Brambleclaw kills him by ramming a spike through his neck.
  • Insane Troll Logic: In Sunset, he tells Brambleclaw that Firestar deserves to die because he didn't try to save Tigerstar from Scourge. So death is the punishment for not being able to react during the three seconds it takes for a lightning-fast Psycho for Hire to cut down your Arch-Enemy? Yeah, nice going Hawkfrost.
  • In the Blood: He's evil like Tigerstar was evil.
  • It's All About Me: His motivation in trying to rule the Clans is that he thinks that he (and only he) can run the Clans better than the current leaders. Plus, he constantly speaks up in Gatherings even though he's not allowed to while the leaders speak (thus annoying several others).
  • Just Between You and Me: He does this at the end of Sunset. His plan wasn't particularly complicated, but before trying the strike the killing blow, he felt the need to tell Brambleclaw that he was just testing him. And of course, after Brambleclaw impales him, he remembers something else important and says a little extra as he bleeds to death.
  • Kick the Dog: In The Last Hope, the only reason he randomly kicks Beetlewhisker's corpse and insults him is to show the audience how awful he truly is. It's really satisfying when Brambleclaw finishes him off because of this, and his other actions.
    • When he gets Stormfur and Brook in trouble and reports to Leopardstar about Brook, he says that she almost got run over by a car...before adding coldly that it was a shame it didn't kill her. This makes Leopardstar scold him briefly for it.
  • Large Ham: Easily the hammiest (and cheesiest) character in the series. With the Clans being what they are, that really says something. In a chapter of The Last Hope featuring Firestar, Tigerstar, Brokenstar, Mapleshade, and Breezepelt at their most over-the-top, he manages to outdo all their efforts combined. While essentially spending the chapter as a punching bag.
  • Leader Wannabe: Wants to rule the entire forest.
  • Manipulative Bastard
  • Meaningful Name: As fierce as a hawk and as cold as frost.
  • Mixed Ancestry: His father was born in ThunderClan and his mother was born in the Twolegplace.
  • Monster Brother, Cutie Sister: Mothwing is a pretty and kind she-cat who becomes a medicine cat, while her brother Hawkfrost is noted as looking dangerous as soon as he first appears in the books. It's later revealed that he wishes to follow in their evil father's pawsteps, and to do this he manipulates her to use her position to his advantage and plans a coup.
  • Most Definitely Not a Villain: In-universe there's a lot of drama in The New Prophecy riding on whether he's a villain or not. But to the readers, it's pretty plain.
  • My Death Is Just the Beginning: Like father, like son.
  • No, You: In The Last Hope, when Ivypool calls him a traitor, he responds with, "You're the traitor. And this time, I'll kill you."
  • Number Two: Temporarily serves as Leopardstar's deputy when the current deputy is kidnapped by Twolegs.
  • Opposed Mentors: He is Ivypool's Dark Forest mentor, while Cinderheart is her Clan mentor.
  • Self-Disposing Villain: In The Last Hope, he taunts Brambleclaw and Ivypool until he gets killed for it.
  • Smug Snake: Especially after his death. He's a very good manipulator, but he'd be better if he could avoid gloating about it so much that cats feel compelled to kill him.
  • Stepford Smiler: Pretends to be all nice and good to Brambleclaw in The New Prophecy.
  • That Man Is Dead: After his death, his sister Mothwing grieves for Hawk - not the manipulative villain he had become as Hawkfrost, but the innocent brother he used to be.
  • The Unfavorite: To his half-brother Brambleclaw. Even though Hawkfrost is on their father Tigerstar's side while Brambleclaw is not, it is implied that Tigerstar prefers Brambleclaw, to the point where he congratulates Brambleclaw for killing Hawkfrost.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: He may be evil, but as Hawk he was quite cute. Feathertail's manga adds onto this, showing him as an enthusiastic, if Hot-Blooded, apprentice who genuinely gets along with her.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: A Shadow in RiverClan reveals that, unsurprisingly, watching his brother drown right in front of him left him afraid of water. Feathertail teaches him to swim, after which point he overcomes it.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: After he insults Stormfur and Brook, Stormfur attacks him. The surprising thing is...he's not fighting back. He was instead pretending to cower under the blows to turn RiverClan against the Tribe cats. Even Brambleclaw (who had watched this) admits that it was clever.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: His fighting style can be summed up as "pin opponent down and inflict lots of pain".


"I only ever wanted to help my Clan. My life was worth that."

One of the two RiverClan warriors chosen for the patrol to bring back the water. He dies sacrificing himself to save one of the other cats.

  • A Death in the Limelight: He appeared very briefly in Twilight but not once in the seven books between Twilight and The Fourth Apprentice. In The Fourth Apprentice, he has a much more significant role.
  • The Apprentice: To Reedwhisker.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He is the only one of the cats who goes on the journey to bring back the river that dies.
  • The Medic: Before the journey begins, Mothwing teaches him about herbs to use and he acts as this when the cats get injured.
  • The Mentor: To Mallownose.
  • The Smart Guy: On the journey to find the water, his knowledge of herbs helps the cats when they are injured.


"Yes. And I'm grateful to them. But then they said that they wouldn't let me come back home unless Leopardstar gave them some fish."

A RiverClan tom desperate to protect his Clan from the drought. After fighting with Ivypool over a fish, he falls into a mud patch, but is saved by Thornclaw.

  • Awesome McCoolname: By human standards.
  • Hostage For Macguffin: Nearly happened. Some ThunderClan considered making RiverClan give them some fish before he was returned, but it didn't happen.
  • Hot-Blooded: He tries to attack a new apprentice because he (wrongly) thinks she's trying to eat a dead fish that should rightfully be RiverClan's.
  • Jerkass: In addition to trying to fight a young cat for no reason, he doesn't seem very grateful when ThunderClan saves him from the mess he gets himself into.


"[The Warrior Code] teaches us to be strong! I don't know what you are trying to do, but you'll never make me despise the warrior code, or my Clan!

A tom training in the Dark Forest. After learning of the Dark Forest's true intentions, he tries to leave, but it's too late...


"I told him how the other apprentices were bullying me, and he said he'd teach me how to stand up to them."

A young cat who trains with the Dark Forest because he is bullied in his Clan.

  • Anti-Villain: Technically trains in the Place of No Stars, but he's a nice guy.
  • Apologizes a Lot: Used to show his relative timidity.
  • The Apprentice: To Reedwhisker.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In Night Whispers, he appears to save Ivypool from Darkstripe after she loses her footing in sludgy Dark Forest water.
  • Continuity Snarl: In Night Whispers, he has already been in the Dark Forest for some time, but in Sign of the Moon, it is only his second time visiting. Regardless, his character benefits from it.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He has a dark pelt like many of the villainous cats in Warriors. He ends up being good, though.
  • Heel–Face Turn: He fights on the side of the Clans in The Last Hope.
  • Morality Pet: To Ivypool, who had to abandon her morals in order to spy on the Dark Forest.
  • Shrinking Violet: He turns to the Dark Forest for training and support because his Clanmates were bullying him and he couldn't or didn't stand up for himself.


"Help me! I can't get on!"

A cat first introduced in A Vision of Shadows. She's Lakeheart's daughter.

  • The Apprentice: To Mintfur.
  • Ash Face: In River of Fire she gets covered with soot when fire comes through RiverClan territory.
  • Bad Dreams: In the River of Fire bonus scene she is noted to keep shifting, striking out with her paws as if she's having a nightmare.
  • Ill Girl: She is one of the cats to catch the vomiting sickness in River of Fire.
  • Killed Offscreen: Died in the battle near the end of Veil of Shadows.
  • The Mentor: To Splashpaw.

    Other Riverclanners 


"Never be afraid of the future, for it brings wonderful things."

Mudfur's mate and Leopardstar's mother.


"You'll be a wonderful father. I'm so happy Hailstar brought me back from WindClan. I've loved being with you and with RiverClan."

Crookedstar's mate from Crookedstar's Promise. She is half-Clan, descended from RiverClan and WindClan. As such, she is somewhat of an outcast in RiverClan, but Crookedstar understands her.


"You're obsessed with Clan loyalty. If you could see beyond your nose, you'd realize...there's a lot more to life than what we've got in one little Clan. Graystripe is a great and worthy warrior. If the warrior code can't deal with this...then maybe the warrior code needs to change. I know you're worried because you love me. And I love you too. I'll always be your daughter. But you have to let me choose my own future."
"I'll be waiting."

The daughter of Crookedstar, Silverstream saved Graystripe from drowning while Graystripe was hunting. After this, they fell in love and snuck away from their clans to meet. However, Silverstream dies delivering Graystripe's kits.

  • Almost Dead Guy: During Forest of Secrets, as she dies, she tells Graystripe goodbye, that she loves him and that he should take care of their kits.
  • The Cameo: Has a brief one in Fading Echoes. In The Last Hope, she has a larger one as one of the cats leading a newly deceased Firestar into StarClan.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Helps Fireheart get in touch with cats who can give him information on Redtail's death.
  • The Chief's Daughter: As the daughter of Crookedstar, the Clan leader and the closest you can get to a chief, she plays this role.
  • Dating What Daddy Hates: Against her father's wishes, she falls in love with Graystripe, a ThunderClan cat.
  • Death by Childbirth: Bleeds out while giving birth to Graystripe's kits.
  • Faux Action Girl: She only ever fights once, and is easily defeated by Fireheart.
  • First Girl Wins: Although Graystripe takes another mate after her death, Word of God is that Silverstream will be the one he chooses in StarClan.
  • Heroic BSoD: She doesn't actually have one, but she is the cause of a major one for Graystripe and Cinderpaw.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Does not begrudge Graystripe his new mate.
  • I Will Wait for You: Tells Graystripe that she'll be waiting for him during The Last Hope, before helping to lead a newly deceased Firestar into StarClan.
  • The Lost Lenore: After her death, she's this to Graystripe.
  • Love Across Battlelines: Her romance with Graystripe. Inter-Clan romances are banned specifically because they lead to the conflict of loyalty to Clan vs. loyalty to mate in a battle.
  • Mixed Ancestry: She has some WindClan blood in her due to being the daughter of a half WindClan she-cat.
  • Rescue Romance: Falls in love with Graystripe after saving him from drowning in the river.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: Oh yes. Her entire purpose was to create drama. First by giving Graystripe a reason to break the warrior code, then by having his kits, then by dying.
  • Satellite Love Interest: Her first appearance in the second book was only to rescue Graystripe from drowning. She never had an appearance where it didn't involve another more important character, and the only notable thing she did outside of bearing Graystripe's kits was getting Firestar in touch with cats who knew something about Redtail's death.
  • Secret Relationship: With Graystripe, as they are from different Clans.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: She makes her first appearance saving Graystripe from drowning, even though (in her own words) if her father caught her saving a ThunderClan cat, he'd "shred [her] for kit bedding!" During Firestar's leader ceremony, she gives him his third life and the gift of loyalty to what he knows to be right.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Graystripe, since they're from different Clans. And she dies giving birth to his kits.
  • Tsundere: Type B. She is shown to be incredibly kind and affectionate, but she is also rebellious and spunky.
  • Walking Spoiler: A big one for the first series. It's kind of hard to bring her up without mentioning that she dies while giving birth to Graystripe's kits.


"Don't be such a fool [Crookedstar]. You're too proud for your own good. How can we feed ourselves, even with the thaw? There are no fish to eat. The river's practically poisoned; you know it is."

Sister of Willowbreeze and mother of Mistystar and Stonefur. Actually their adoptive mother.

  • The Apprentice: First to Brightsky and then to Piketooth.
  • Death by Falling Over: She's flustered when Tigerstar snarls in her face, so she takes a step backward, only to lose her footing on the steep riverbank and hit her head on a rock.
  • Dying as Yourself: After going senile in A Dangerous Path, she comes to her senses just before she dies and realizes that Tigerstar isn't Oakheart and she just blurted everything out to him.
  • Heroic Bastard: Her father was the WindClan deputy, Reedfeather. He and Graypool's mother broke up when their relationship was revealed.
  • Intro-Only Point of View: The prologue of Forest of Secrets is from her perspective, and is the only time she gets a perspective chapter.
  • Meaningful Name: Named for RiverClan: because she and her sister are half WindClan and half RiverClan, they were named Willowbreeze and Graypool to signify wind and water together.
  • Mixed Ancestry: Half RiverClan and half WindClan.
  • Never Mess with Granny: In Forest of Secrets, she threatens Fireheart that she'll rip his liver out if he tells anyone the secret she just shared with him. He's pretty sure she's capable of it.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Due to growing senile, in A Dangerous Path she mistook Tigerstar for Oakheart and told him about the cats from ThunderClan she had raised. This ends up hurting the heroes in a big way.
  • Oh, Crap!: In A Dangerous Path she is incredibly shocked when she realizes that Tigerstar isn't Oakheart and she just told him about Mistyfoot and Stonefur. This is followed by her death.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: Her kits die before she adopts Mistystar and Stonefur.
  • Sanity Slippage: She's so old that she starts going senile in A Dangerous Path.
  • Series Continuity Error: In the flashback during the Forest of Secrets prologue, she has one surviving kit before she adopts Mistykit and Stonekit, but according to Crookedstar's Promise, both of her kits were dead by that point.
  • Scatterbrained Senior: She has something like dementia, getting confused about what's going on and who she's talking to.
  • Secret Keeper: Always suspected Mistystar and Stonefur of being ThunderClan, or half-Clan, but never told anyone but Firestar.


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