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A character subpage for the WarCraft universe, including World Of War Craft. For the main character page, see here. For the Horde character page, see here.

"Always challenge. Always question. In the pursuit of a greater good, inaction is the only wrong."
Master Zurong, on Huojin Philosophy

The Huojin are Pandaren following the Huojin philosophy, which believes that it is honorable to do everything you can in your power to protect home and family, no matter the cost, and that it is dishonorable to sit and contemplate when you can be taking decisive action. Unlike the Tushui, who believe there is a moral certainty to the world and a set right and wrong, the Huojin believe morals are flexible, and right and wrong change depending on the circumstances. As such, a Huojin master remains flexible in his or her thinking, constantly evaluating the greater good.


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    General Tropes 
  • Big Fun: If you're a member of the Horde, they are.
  • Hot-Blooded: The Huojin philosophy lends itself to this temperament. While students of Tushui approach problems with careful contemplation, those who follow Huojin favor swift and decisive action.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to Tushui's blue, and the fire to Tushui's water.
  • Out of Focus: Did you notice this was the only one without a proper crest? Yes, after the Wandering Isle, the Huojin, as an organization, fall off the map, although Ji Firepaw continues to make token appearances, and Pandaren are seen regularly as nameless NPCs alongside the other races, such as in garrisons in Draenor.
  • Panda-ing to the Audience
  • Pragmatic Hero: Unlike the ideal Tushui, who believe that ideals and morals should be held up to the death, the Huojin believe that nothing is too much to protect the ones you love and ensure your survival. This is why Ji goes through the very risky plan of blowing the Skyseeker out of Shen-Zin Su's side, rather than waiting for Aysa to maybe come up with a safer plan.

     Ji Firepaw 

Ji Firepaw
He's the fun side of the Wandering Isle.
"The way of the Huojin is not the way of violence. When fighting is needed, we will not hesitate, but when fighting is not needed, neither do we instigate."

Class: Monk

Leader of the Horde-aligned Pandaren. Brash and boisterous, Ji embodies the Huojin monk teachings; the belief that inaction is the greatest crime, and that fighting real battles to protect home and family, regardless the cost, is the only way to live. He joins the Horde because he's drawn to their nature of tragic monsters defending themselves in a world that hates them.

During the Siege of Orgrimmar, it's revealed that the Kor'kron were interrogating him to find out information about some Pandaren artifacts the Horde found in Pandaria, despite the fact that Ji wouldn't know about such things. They say if he doesn't speak, they will execute him. The players rescue him, and Aysa Cloudsinger comes to carry him to safety.

Ji Firepaw continues to make token appearances, still aligned with the Horde, in stories such as War Crimes and A Good War.

  • Ambadassador: Ji briefly acts as an ambassador during Shadows Rising, meeting Jaina Proudmoore and King Anduin alongside Thrall to discuss recent events and the hunt for Sylvanas Windrunner.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: He’s the leader of the Houjin for a reason, when he allied his faction with the Horde, Garrosh wanted proof of the pandaren’s strength. So the Warchief pitted Ji against an Ettin, a Gronn and a Magnataur in a gladiatorial arena, all three are races which are several times larger than a pandaren. Ji won.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: The physical martial art aspect is more apparent in Ji than his counterpart. Not only does he aid the player more directly on the Wandering Isle with higher level monk skills but when asked for by the guards, they will note he often spars in the arena.
  • Badass in Distress: Ji spend a large amount of the Siege Of Orgrimmar as a prisoner for the Kor’Kron, having been beaten unconscious. It’s up to Aysa and the players to save him.
  • Bear Hug: No pun intended. During Wandering Isle questing, when you find Ji in Morningbreeze Village, he's excited to see you and goes, "hug me!". If you actually to the /hug emote towards him, he'll 'warmly hug you back'.
  • Blood Knight: He's extremely impressed by the Zandalari's dinosaurs when he visits Zuldazar, and wistfully sighs, saying, "I can't wait to punch one..."
  • Blue Oni, Red Oni: The red to Aysa's blue.
  • Boisterous Bruiser
  • Chivalrous Pervert: In a removed and controversial bit of dialogue, he would flirt with female Pandaren players. In the final game, you can make note of how he seems to be attracted to Aysa Cloudsinger, and he will say he's conflicted on how to approach her; she might think he's creepy if he compliments her appearance or that he has no personality if he compliments her form. Blizzard actually intentionally added this dialogue as a reference to players arguing about his original controversial dialogue — Some female players felt creeped out when Ji complimented their appearance in beta ("You're some kinda beautiful, aren't ya?") and players who thought the compliment should stay thought the new dialogue ("You looked poised and ready!") made it seem like he had no personality.
  • Deadpan Snarker: A little bit. Such as when Shen-Zin Su refers to the crashed airship in his side as a 'thorn'.
    Ji: A thorn? Hm. And I left my tweezers at home.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: After their arguing on the Wandering Isle and the brutal beating Ji received in the Siege of Orgrimmar, Aysa and Ji can be found together back at the Isle in Legion.
  • Establishing Character Moment: After kicking a hozen in the face: "Take THAT, monkey-butt!"
  • Foil: To Aysa, best expressed by how they go about retrieving the elementals and their response to hearing that the island is in danger.
  • Hope Spot: Is depressed after hearing about the death of his master, and when Aysa said he knew in advance what was going to happen, he responds with "let a Pandaren hope, would you?"
  • I Did What I Had to Do: His reason for exploding the Skyseeker out of Shen-zin Su's side, nearly killing the island in the process, along with it being part of Huojin philosophy. In Ji's defense, his plan worked. He saved Shen-zin Su's life. Not to mention that Shen-zin was already suffering greatly and would have died had the Skyseeker remained lodged in his body for much longer.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: In a way. The core principle of Ji's philosophy is to always act quickly to solve problems before they become worse. For example, he justifies his decision to blow up the Skyseeker by saying that they were running out of time. Subverted in that it actually works, and may have been the best decision all along.
  • Put on a Bus: After the Siege of Orgrimmar, he makes small token appearances, but A Good War does mention that he still lives in Orgrimmar.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: According to Mayla Highmountain, the reason Ji does not participate in Battle for Azeroth's final battle to end the war is because he does not wish to relive the memories he has of the last time Orgrimmar was under siege. He opts instead to protect Thunder Bluff and tend to Baine's wounds.
  • Ship Tease: Ji makes his feelings for Aysa clear prior to their going their separate ways. There's the bit when he admires her form and a part where he suggests that the player doesn't have to come immediately while "Aysa and I can hang out here. You know... just the two of us."
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: What his and Aysa's relationship boils down too, during the Siege of Orgrimmar Aysa even tries to convince Ji that they should return to the turtle and be together from now on. It's unknown how this goes, since they are seen together as members of the Order of the Broken Temple in Legion, but Ji Firepaw is still said to live in Orgrimmar.