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Character Sheet for Waking Up From The Dream. Naturally, since this is a roleplay involving Touhou Project characters, only original characters will be mentioned here.

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Debuted in WUFTD


Amarillo Viridian

GA-04 Lin ""Amarillo Viridian"" Xiyin is a 12-year-old looking girl who once belonged to a organization called "Chrono Agents". Her own job is to fix the disputes within Time and Space by resolving or creating paradoxes. Her rank is "Commander" before she eventually resigned due to some personal reasons and takes residence in Gensokyo, the location of her latest mission. However, a mysterious force destroyed her now-peaceful life together with entire Gensokyo, so she is forced to do what she's best to do again: fix this dispute.

GA stands for "Genetic Altered", and this alternation gives her an ability called "Fairy Synchro" (no, not those kinds ) that allows she to become one with the nature and in extension, Fairies from Gensokyo. However, this ability also results in her body being very unstable, so she is often seen physically weak, which creates an imagery that's suitable for her former job.

She is among the first group of people escaping from the initial Gensokyo destruction in the beginning of the story, and is provided to be a big help for her friends and companions. Her "operation base" is a small shop called "Tourist Helpers" which is not as ordinary as it seems.

She is referred as "The Fairy Commander" by Aya, and is generally referred as just Amarillo Viridian.

  • All Your Powers Combined: She can merge with fairies to use their elements to attack. However, she cannot merge with more than one fairy without severely damaging herself in the process.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: She is not good at close range combat, however, being a commander in her old job didn't actually require that. She is a very good tactician, and with some supports she can be very good at predicting the opponent's moves and act accordingly.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Most people think Amarillo can predict the future since she can correctly guess their next actions. Though Amarillo does have a superpower, that's not related to prediction, she can predict other's actions just because she thinks a lot. She's not always correct though. Failing to grasp the true nature of Diamond's power caused things to go horribly wrong for her.
  • Canon Immigrant: Ever wondering why Amarillo's number is GA-04? It's because there are members before and after her, who are still working in "Chrono Agents" in their own canon stories. Most of Amarillo's backstory belongs to her own canon too.
  • Cast from Hit Points: She has no direct link of mana with the fairies, instead relay on her own ability to do so, thus she and her fairy partners use up her physical energy instead. Of course, over-consumption may lead to Amarillo conking out for a very long time.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Her default attitude towards everyone she just met. Even with someone that's clearly evil she still believes that they can be reformed, this however, eventually leads to some very bad situations.
  • Older Than They Look: She looks 12, however she is a time/space traveler, which means ordinary means of calculating one's age cannot be used on her.
  • Shout-Out: Where to begin?


Debuted in Neo WUFTD


Ken Shojiki

A 25-year old young man who was studying computer engineering at a university in real life. One night he fell asleep...and upon waking up, found himself in a forest in the world of Gensokyo. A pack of youkai happened upon him, but he was saved by the belle Keine Kamishirasawa, the teacher and defender of the Human Village, before he could get attacked. Slightly traumatized, he explained his situation to her. On her offer, he moved into a house neighboring hers, and was aided and taught for several years by her. Wanting to repay his idol and savior, he studied fervently and became her teacher assistant at the local school.

Several years later (during which he had begun to try his hand at swordplay), Keine, impressed with his focus and devotion, asked if he wanted to train to become a guardian of the Human Village, to protect against possible youkai attacks. Perhaps somewhat due to his previous experience with youkai, he agreed almost immediately, and set to work studying magic to become wholly more competent.

Early in the roleplay, he received an energetic, somewhat snarky lightning fairy assistant named Reisa, who was sent directly from the Scarlet Devil Mansion by Patchouli Knowledge at Keine's request to aid him in his difficult magical studies. Unfortunately, his time and training in the Human Village was cut short upon being made aware of how the Gensokyo he had come to know was actually a virtual world created by the RAI organization. He now struggles against the RAI organization with his fellow faithful comrades and partners.

The participant controlling him is the last remaining participant to have joined the roleplay at the beginning of the second season, Neo WUFTD.

Ken's team:

  • Meaningful Name: First name taken from the actual participant, Kakyoin01. His last name, Shojiki, is taken from "Shoujiki", which in Japanese means honesty, integrity or frankness, directly reflecting on his character.
  • Megane: He wears glasses, and he does indeed need them...for the most part. They give him a more imposing look, but he's more likely to stay passive.
  • Promotion to Parent: Keine is this to Ken to an extent, after she rescued him from a near-horrible youkai incident near the Human Village. Thanks to her parental guidance, he sought to repay her kindness by becoming one of the trusted guardians of the Human Village. Mokou, being Mokou, naturally seems to think otherwise.
  • Put on a Bus: Hatate has an incomplete mana link with Ken after exiting the virtual Gensokyo, so in order to maintain existence, her body falls into a comatose state. Thus, she must be returned to the virtual world and thus released from Ken's team as a result.
  • Sliding Scale of Beauty: Since he has an appreciation for the human female figure and doesn't really seem to have standards for female beauty, he finds many females nice to look at, even purely for aesthetic reasons. Of course, his behavior when meeting certain Touhou characters like Yuyuko Saigyouji is easy to predict. Played with in his relationship with Mayli Ayume. He finds her attractive and even openly admits to liking her physically and does not decline any romantic interest in her to her face, but since both of them are intellectuals he has more respect for her as a person than interest in her as one of the opposite sex.
  • Super Power Melt Down: Happens after Ken and his "team" escape into reality after Amarillo, Nue and Mamizou's power rush to break a hole from the virtual Gensokyo to reality. Upon seeing Keine, Mokou declares a spell card in an attempt to help her, only to have it backfire spectacularly due to the sudden realization of the reinstallation of mana links. The spell card not only fails abruptly, but Ken, being tied to Mokou's mana usage, falls over in insufferable pain and passes out for an hour. Fortunately, upon waking up with a bloody taste on his lips, he seems fine...but Mokou is not. Fortunately, he ends up getting her to snap out of it. How does he get her to talk? By getting a bit physical.
  • There Is Only One Bed: While staying at Amarillo's Tourist Helpers joint, his large team must decide who sleeps in the two beds in the spare bedroom. There are only two beds, one of which can comfortably fit up two people and the other only one. Yuyuko takes the single bed, leaving Mokou, Kaguya, Mayli and Ken to decide who sleeps on the floor and who sleeps in the bed (Hatate is unconscious at the time and doesn't have an opinion). Due to his fatigue and incredible weight-pulling on the team, he decides to sleep in the larger bed. Despite suggestions that Yuyuko should sleep with him, Mayli should not sleep with him, and that Mokou and Kaguya should both sleep on the floor, he chooses to have Mokou sleep with him. Despite her protests, he insists it's due to her generally solid maturity and agrees that having him and Mayli in the same bed is at least a small cause for worry. A Sleep Cute hugging moment with Mokou follows later that night when only the two of them are awake, although not particularly to Mokou's favor (at least not outwardly).

Mayalissa "Mayli" Ayume

A 23-year old young woman with rich and famous parents (namely, a popular actress and a ruthless banking company executive). Since her parents paid for everything up to and including her college tuition, she has been raised, guided and influenced by them from birth (in what little time they devoted to her) to follow successfully in their footsteps. Not having a good grip on her own life, she did not start to discover passion until upper division grade school and early college. While busy studying at a private grade school and eventually a high-end private university, she took solace in her newfound passion for drawing and art (a literal case of Art Initiates Life), as well as a love of fantasy novels she could lose herself in.

One night after cramming for an exam, she dozed off and woke up in complete darkness in the great outdoors. Before she could figure out her location, a pack of vicious, hungry youkai suddenly surrounded her; she was swiftly attacked and mercilessly torn into. As she lay dying, her life ebbed away as they prepared to feast. Fortunately, Sanae Kochiya discovered the situation. After exterminating the youkai, she used her power of miracles to aid the perishing girl before her.

Days later, Mayli roused and found herself miraculously healed. She realized that Sanae had saved her life, and that she was in a mysterious world called Gensokyo. The wind priestess insisted that Mayli go to the Human Village, and she reluctantly left her savior to begin a much more relaxed life amongst others like her. For several years, she studied at the Human Village school and immersed herself in the quaint, delightful lifestyle...until one day, when her curiosity got the better of her and she followed a mysterious creature too far outside the Village. Naturally, it placed her in a tree and called for youkai reinforcements to eat her up (Later it turns out that the creature was really Nue in disguise).

Mayli's cries for help were answered by Ken, Sakuya Izayoi and her idol, Sanae. Saved without harm this time, her real adventure seemed to be only beginning as she would soon find herself in the middle of a battle with antagonistic allies to escape the now-established virtual world she had come to love, and immediately reenter reality. Even more surprising was discovering a sudden dependence on Ken for mana upon waking up, which she is both fascinated with and worried about.

  • Constantly Curious: Being past the teenage age, she is more concerned with learning and asking questions. This even applies to how close she is to her childhood friend Ken, in which case she seems more comfortable knowing that he likes her than pursuing a romance with him. This is probably for the best anyway, at least for now.

Neil John Parilla

Mao Xuezheng

An art student from Beijing with a bad history from an oppressive family, who lived up really well to the whole 'asian parents' stereotype. Loves art, loves life, loves fighting. Doesn't want to admit the last.

  • All Chinese People Know Kung-Fu: The only person from mainland China in the roleplay, and trained in both Baguazhang and Xinyiquan.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Despite wanting nothing to do with his father's militaristic nature and teachings, he's been hinted to be a lot more violent than he seems.
  • Nice Hat: A beret with multiple decorative pins.

Zachary Hayami

A 20-year-old from America, Zachary is working to become a journalist, and has almost finished his college degree when he attends a strange convention in Japan. Receiving strange messages on his computer and phone, he decides to at least check it out a bit. He doesn't yet realize just what's in store for him.

  • Multiethnic Name: Should be obvious. As someone with Japanese ancestry born in America, this was bound to happen.
  • Not a Morning Person: Seen sleeping in until almost 1 PM. This seems to be a regular occurrence with him.


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