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     Liam “Ghost” Durand
Ghost reacting to Airstrike shouting at him in Chapter 3

"I’ll have gravity effect… your FACE!"

The Protagonist: Liam Durand was the young telekinetic sidekick of Beacon City’s former greatest hero, The Clash, before he turned on the city and attacked the Waterfront District. Now a young man, Liam sneaks around the city trying to recover his missing mentor. Somehow he’s managed to make a few friends along the way...

  • Darkand Troubled Past: Young Liam witnessed his mentor, The Clash, turn on him and Beacon City. Liam was left alone after the Disaster and forced into hiding. He would have had to go on seeing Clash vilified by the rest of the city. It is later stated that Clash was his “guardian,” his relationship with and/or the state of his parents is unclear.
  • Glowing Eyes: Ghost’s eyes glow bright blue with varied intensity when using his powers. Depending on the scene, they may glow bright enough that his irises disappear.
  • Kid Sidekick: Liam was The Clash’s former sidekick as a lad.
  • Mundane Utility: Ghost uses his telekinesis to fight, but also to do things like dial phones.
  • Not Wearing Tights: Ghost runs around covering his face with a hoodie and bandanna. Notably not a costume
    Cirrus: What in heaven’s name are you wearing? ‘’Athleasure!?’’
  • Oh, Crap!: He’s not the brightest when it come to staying out of trouble
  • Parents in Distress: Young Liam's father-figure/mentor, The Clash, is taken over by an unknown villain and made to attack the city before disappearing. After some years Ghost takes it upon himself to right what happened and recover his missing mentor.
  • Power Incontinence: Ghost has been seen to have involuntarily levitated objects when under significant distress.

     Anna “Airstrike” Lieberman
Airstrike enjoying the night air, from a New Year's themed drawing

"Ugh… The Clash!? That was eight years ago… It’s all about ‘’Airstrike’’ now!"

Airstrike is aiming to be the greatest hero Beacon City has ever known. Loud and brazen, and not afraid to toot her own horn she soars across the skyline and barrels down obstacles with her immense strength. She is often seen with her best pal, Racer, and their friend, Ghost, fighting crime and/or chasing off that pesky thief, Hourglass!

  • Action Girl: Airstrike is the typical Action Girl, fighting with strength and brute force.
  • Celebrity Superhero: Airstrike is seen on multiple occasions hamming it up to crowds and news cameras, or even taking selfies with bystanders.
  • Cool Helmet: Airstrike wears a bright red helmet with a blue visor. The author has joked on social media that she worries about head trauma.
  • Red Is Heroic: Airstrike’s cape and helmet are both red, which fits with her desire to stand out and make a splash. She is the most traditionally heroic of the main trio.


     Tanner “Racer” Torres
Racer sliding along with Ghost in tow in Chapter 1

"Strike! If I fall, I die!"

Tanner Torres slides along his glowing purple vectors lending aid to those in trouble. He is the most even tempered of the main trio, but doesn’t mind going along with Airstrike’s flashy antics. He just wants to be there to support his do-gooder friends.

  • The Heart: Racer seems to be the most emotionally reasonable member of the team, and appears to take note of how his friends are feeling. He wants them to get along, and has told them to “play nice” on occasion. The author has referred to Racer, outside of the comic, as the glue that holds the trio together.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: Racer’s hair turns purple when he suits up for some hero action. It is stated by the author that this is related to his powers, which are also coded purple.

An image of Cirrus from a flashback in Chapter 2

"I’m not Cirrus!"

Abigail “Cirrus” Hoang was once a great hero who stood side-by-side with The Clash. She has since hung up her cape and cowl and serves as the Director of the Hoang Museum of Art and the Hero Registrar. Abigail has the ability to create solid cloud-forms that can lift her away into the sky.

  • Retired Badass: Seen in the prologues as one of the great heroes who stood next to Clash back in the day, she was even once responsible for keeping him in line. She is later introduced as something of an administrative leader to the modern heroes with her role as the director of the Hero Registrar.
  • Solid Clouds: Cirrus’ power allows her to create solid cloud-forms that she uses to ride around on like a platform, or even as a prosthetic limb when in hero-mode.

     The Clash
Clash, under the effects of mind-control, from the prologue chapter.

"You’re a kid. I’m in charge!"

Sal, aka “The Clash,” is Beacon City’s most infamous hero. Years ago, he was turned against the city by Sabre’s power, and destroyed much of the waterfront with the great beams of explosive light derived from his palms. Before then, he raised and trained young Liam in some capacity, but now he is nowhere to be seen.

  • Fallen Hero: The Clash is introduced as the city’s greatest hero, but shortly into the prologue chapter, was turned against the city and later vilified by the time of the main story.
  • Mind-Control Eyes: Though the art does not usually portray eye-color, save for extreme close ups, Clash’s eyes can be seen to be purple once the effects of Sabre’s mind control have taken over. This is later reflected in Sabre’s own eyes in chapter 2.

     The Hourglass
Hourglass holding Airstrike back from a color sketch on social media.

"...this is headed someplace dark and vendetta-y so I’m gonna bounce."

The Hourglass is a famous thief-for-hire with many fans. He is currently under [[Sabre’s]] employment, though Hourglass has a strong distaste for crimes of a personal matter. His popularity rivals that of even Airstrike, who he is often seen going toe-to-toe with.

  • Badass Normal: The Hourglass often trounces his hero rivals despite not displaying any superpowered abilities.
  • Gentleman Thief: Hourglass often spouts off cutting one-liners and clever insults at the heroes he faces, and deftly maneuvers his heists to be as flashy as possible.
  • Lovable Rogue: The Hourglass may be a thief, but he is a famous one. His popularity rivals that of Airstrike, who’s fans can be seen right beside his, sporting themed merch during heists.

Sabre shouting at Clash in the prologue chapter.

"I’m not just another wacky villain, don’t pretend to pity me! I know better than that!"

A veteran of the villain world, Sabre took control of The hero, Clash, some years ago forcing him to attack the city. Sabre holds some sort of vendetta against Clash, and seems well adept at creating and selling devices for supervillains.

  • Manipulative Bastard: Though his main powers are mind-control based, it seems that is not the full extent of Sabre’s manipulative abilities. Sabre explains to Hourglass in Chapter 2 that he is patient and respectful to his scientists as that behavior serves as a powerful motivator to those who faced a history of rejection. He also seems to use fear and stern words to keep Hourglass’ more flighty tendencies in check.
  • Mind-Control Eyes: Though not the one being mind controlled, Sabre’s eyes appear purple in Chapter 2, perhaps indicating his constant, sustained hold over Clash.


     Noah Sato
Noah Sato looking irate in Chapter 2.

"I think I had a nightmare like this."

The ever put-upon Detective associated with the hero-world. Noah Sato is seen working with his sister, Sherrin Sato, and Gravity Man. Noah has an irritable personality, and often snaps at others. He is set on uncovering the truth about what happened to The Clash all those years ago, and wants to know why the hero betrayed all of them. Noah is able to read the memories of others by looking at them, although it seems there are some chosen few who are immune.

     Gravity Man
Gravity Man outside the bank in Chapter 2.

"That looks heavy… Let me help you!"

Another hero with a jolly love of weak jokes. Gravity Man, much like his name implies, is able to alter the gravity of objects by interacting with them using the sparks that leap from his fingers. Gravity Man appears to have a close relationship with Noah Sato, and keeps a friendly attitude among Airstrike and Racer.

  • Gravity Master: Gravity Man is able to control how gravity effects an object, including himself. He is seen making bank robbers float, simultaneously making himself much heavier.

     Sherrin Sato
Sherrin at the wheel in Chapter 1.

"Noah, stop!! You’re doing it again! No driving from the passenger’s seat!"

Noah Sato’s younger, more likeable sister. Sherrin acts as a sounding board for Noah’s theories, and they both consider Noah’s search for answers in depth. She knows more than she lets on though, perhaps being the more astute sibling.

  • Sibling Team: Works professionally under her brother, but they seem to regard each other as equals. Noah asks for Sherrin’s take on Ghost’s powers, and they both appear to consider the mystery at hand together. When he is stumped, he mentions he is considering consulting with her again, perhaps indicating that she is the more adept investigator of the two, where as he relies on his powers to get answers.


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