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This is for We Are Our Avatars High School Alternate Universe Characters.

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     Caped Luigis Yoshi 

Age 17

Ana Nightbug (7/18) (3A)

Age 18

Mudfish Swain Jr. (6/12) (bussed)

Wriggle Nightbug (6/12) (4A)

Naoko Kagiyama (2/2) (5B)

Quilly Obsidar (10/31) (4A)

Minoriko Aki (10/25) (1B)

Kyouhei Haiirey (10/7) (5B)

Mei Haiirey (10/7)

Age 19

Kisume Tsuru (4/20) (4B)

Shizuha Aki (10/25) (2B)

Age 20

Hina Kagiyama (8/9) (3A)

Aya Shameimaru (9/23) (3B)

Age ??

Satori Komeiji (7/1) (1B)

Koishi Komeiji (4/13) (1B)

Koa (4/21?) (3B)

Momiji Inubashiri (11/11) (5A)


Plusle Inductell




    Hilarity Ensues 

Chifusa Manyuu

A kunoichi who was born into a society where breasts are the only things that are important, and women are objectified to ridiculous extremes. (Yes, there is a show with that exact concept.) She managed to escape this horrible society after falling into a portal and ending up in the high school.


description and tropes to be added


Shadow The Hedgehog

I'll show you my ultimate power!

A black colored cyborg hedgehog from Space Colony Ark. This alternate telling of his life is based upon what would've happened well before Sonic Adventure 2. Notably, this is the same character who is also played in We Are Our Avatars, just younger. He can often be seen as a token good student. He's quite smart and strong, almost to the point of being a Marty Stu. However, he isn't for one sole reason. He purpousely holds back on multiple things, including not being in Track, but Cheerleading instead.


A fairly young girl... or not. She literally is more of a light case of Self-Fanservice, but really is a nice girl. She's mostly part of the main group of herself, Imca, Wren, and Mitch. Besides that, she started off as pretty much an idiot, but become a lot smarter, though it's most street smarts. She and Mitch are pretty much a staple couple, something that isn't likely going to change. Otherwise, she's just a normal girl to hang around with.

Gill / Guilty

A Ninja who first appeared as a weak version of a monster. Not actually one, but having a crush on one. This was Apos, played by Hilarity Ensues. He's done some questionable things in the past, including stealing two girls' School Uniforms. He's since been forgiven(atleast by Hina, Aya is hard to still say, but they're atleast on good terms). He shares a room with Shadow, and owns the n64 located in it. He's also currently shipped in-game with Michelle. Last but not least, he's a Ninja.

Later on, he became his own true form, a Half-Ogre named Guilty. This had a side effect, including giving him new powers, but he changed out his speed for true power. He simply got aged-up, completely skipping over Puberty.

  • Chivalrous Pervert: A lot more Chivalrous now instead. Turning into a girl certainly helped that situation.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: It's bad enough that turning into a Monster is his/her form of Puberty. But after becoming human, the person falls over exhausted.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Yeah, he took two girls' school uniforms. And returned them afterwards, but never did anything more than that. Aya, on the other hand, didn't get this and chewed him out, sending him into a Villainous BSoD, which caused him to be stuck in his room for close to two weeks without food or water, or anything else. Nobody agreed with Aya's reaction, nor has a Teacher been informed, because of the the mention "punishment".

Magic Canceller

A literal case of a Irony, as it teaches Magic Class. On the other hand, it can remove its Aura at any time. Magic Canceller is versed in the many ways of Magic, and while cannot cast most without a book or a wand, it can still teach the fundamentals to the students. Besides that, it somehow runs into Maggie all the time, or anywhere where Magic is constant.

  • Anti-Magic: Optionable, thankfully.
  • Dub Name Change: Inverted. Its japanese name is used.
  • Irony: ...It cannot cast magic naturally. It teaches magic class. It also cancels out magic, meaning it can't be casted. On the other hand... it can removes its aura as well.
  • Fridge Brilliance: It can remove its aura of no magic. Which means it can see spells being cast. Something goes wrong? It reputs up its aura before anyone get hurts.
  • Robo Speak: Its voice is monotone.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: Played for laughs. It doesn't actually hurt people, but is almost always there where Maggie is.

Evil Semi

The Science Teacher. If only because he's a robot, and is extremely smart. One could argue he'd be best at teaching Metal shop or something.

Goro / Catgoro

The Gym Teacher, if only because he's strong and athletic. Besides that, he's quite popular amongst most students for being easy to associate with, or talk to, atleast.

  • Camp Gay -> Manly Gay: It's beyond obvious, or atleast for anyone who tries to think about it. He's a bit different now that he was before.
  • The Big Guy: Literally. He's 8 feet tall with 4 arms and a whole lot of strength.
  • Willfully Weak: He knows that he's stronger than most, and only pulls out the stops when he absolutely has to. Mostly against Scorpion and a Hollow.

Heiress Corz

A unique idea of making a Succubus Lawful Good. She was blessed by an Archangel, allowing her to understand what she was doing is wrong. In the past, she had dated David Shine and left the poor kid for reasons she cannot remember. Heiress now seeks to redeem the wrongs she committed, even if she's not sure what exact ones they are.


A young child who has a Mother than always wanted a daughter. Thus, he gets dressed up like a girl, including a bow in the hair. At this point, he stopped being bothered by the bow. Despite all this, he's completely straight.

Dr. Reginald Bushroot

Pretty much the Botany teacher, quite appropriately.

  • Berserk Button: Don't sleep in his class!
  • Expy: He often comes off as the same personality as Goro, a problem that the Troper has.
  • Fan Nickname: He's referred to Professor Bushroot as a Teacher. Although this is also a case of Fridge Logic, anyway. Doctors aren't used for a school term outside of a Nurse's Office, after all.
  • Green Thumb: Used quite often, but mostly to tell students that you're not supposed to be sleeping in class. And giving detention slips.
  • Put on a Bus


  • Butt-Monkey: Literally. He was born because somebody couldn't say Cirno's name right. He's not treated as one, but he was born from the concept instead.
  • Cloning Blues: He's pretty much an opposite sex clone of Cirno.
  • Playing with Fire: Compared to the regular's Ice.
  • Put on a Bus


Hisss! <Hi!>

Unlike your typical... guy, he's wrapped in bondage gear. On the other hand, he does not seek anything like that out of anybody. Though he's not against erotically dancing for anyone. He just loves to dance, making him a unique male amongst most characters.

Dia Bolos

Link and Navi

Suzie Equestrius

A Succubus Knight(name of race) with six arms that is... pretty much your typical Succubus, in personality, but not powers. She cannot shapeshift, and has six arms. Originally appeared as a one-off joke for Onsen Shenanigans.

Presea Combatir

description and tropes to be added

Nana and Popo

description and tropes to be added


description and tropes to be added


A fairly normal human golem, well, if you weren't the School. The School itself was already alive, and with some help from Nitori and others, he had his personality put into a humanoid body. Despite this, he still is fully connected to the School.

  • Killed Off for Real: An explosion that forced a remodel of the School gave him what was essentially a heart attack, and he never survived. The School itself is no longer alive as well due to this.


description and tropes to be added


description and tropes to be added

Kurai Kaosu

description and tropes to be added


description and tropes to be added


description and tropes to be added

     josh 6243 



Sanae Kochiya

A wind priestess who came from an alternate Gensokyo when a mysterious advanced alien satellite crashed near the Moriya Shrine. Before her arrival, she's the sole shrine maiden of Moriya Shrine and the only person who came from the Ouside World in the early 21st century. She was sent to the school so she can wrap up her studies she missed during her previous high school days.


Sniper Joe

I do not have protocols for this!

Full name is Sniper Joe Unit #493, but prefers that people call him Joe. He is a new student transferred from the Wily Institute of Technology. He was sent to the school to learn more about organic life, and much of his knowledge was deleted to fit in better with the students. Despite being a combat robot, he tries to be friendly to others and is usually peaceful. He's often out of his depth when it comes to the stranger workings of the school.

  • Cyber Cyclops: Has a single red eye. Due to this, he wonders why organics need two.
  • Cloudcuckoolander:Likes to sing about destroying organics, much to people's chagrin. He also once got lost in the desert thinking that he was going to the arcade. He professes to know nothing of organics, save that they're squishy.
  • Killer Robot: As a combat robot, he can slip into this when he feels threatened. Privately, he enjoys violence, but mainly keeps this to himself and tries to suppress it.
  • Mecha-Mook: Is built to be one. He is a series 4 Sniper Joe.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Has very little idea how the school works.
  • No Sense of Direction: The school's nature wreaks havoc on his sensors. He often gets lost as a result.
  • Robospeak: Can lapse into this, though he tries not to

Zelgadis Graywords

Keep in mind that you're basically asking a pale smurf about his opinion on normalcy.

A shaman and swordsman. Zel came to the school to seek a way to become human again. After that proved impossible, he decided to stick around. He’s a bit of an ass, but is trying to improve on that.

  • Anti-Hero: Either type II or type III. He means well, but isn’t very good at the whole “friendly” thing.
  • Berserk Button Don’t threaten him or his friends. It does not end well.
  • Blood Knight: He can lapse into this. He once tried to strangle a racist (speciesist?) student.
  • Driven to Suicide Made an attempt when he found out that he can’t be permanently human anymore. Thankfully, he didn’t succeed.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: His main shtick for a while. He’s mostly grown out of it, though.
  • Hidden Depths: Despite his rough exterior, he does care a lot about his friends.
  • Magic Knight: He mainly sticks to magic, but he’s good with a sword as well.
  • Wangst: Had a lot of this early on. Thankfully, he’s been a lot better about it.


You gotta stay cheerful! Everything will always be okay if you do!

A Pokemon trainer from Kanto. Red is something of a celebrity back home, having taken down Team Rocket and becoming a four region champion (but rarely acknowledges his fame due to a sense of modesty). He has spent the last five years traveling, so he’s rather ill-equipped to be in a boarding school. Despite this, he’s eternally cheerful and tries to be friends with everyone. He is, however, a bit emotionally immature and can get pretty upset at times.


description and tropes to be added


description and tropes to be added



Arcueid Brunestud

"I don’t have a clue what that is, but it sounds really fun!"

Arcueid is a vampire born as a living weapon to hunt down and destroy the Dead Apostles, other vampires who used to serve her kind. For a long time she was kept asleep, only being woken up when there were targets around and kept completely ignorant of the need to drink blood until Roa came along. That is, until Shiki Tohno helped to destroy him once and for all, and they hooked up. Now, on Shiki’s insistence, she goes to school not to learn subjects or improve her intelligence, but to learn about people and to truly enjoy life.

Asagi Asagiri

I know I'm dumb, yeah, and hideously forgetful, but I'm not stupid, am I?

An Ordinary High-School Student girl who doesn't even remember her own past, and can hardly function day to day without forgetting something. Still, she tries her best to find a place in this world that she's only just starting to understand.

Rowan Hunter

A time-displaced viking who hailed from a small Icelandic settlement. Arrived here by time portal. Seemingly cut off from home, has since made the school his...her home.

     Sapphire Flame 


A teenage boy with an apt for magic and the strange ability to control (and talk to) architecture. Introduced as a socially awkward boy who didn't even look up from his computer when he talked to people, now coming out of his shell a little.


A dragon girl almost eight feet tall, clumsy and ditzy but with a heart of gold.


A male kitsune that prefers the body of a teenage girl. A trickster and slightly insane, but tends to try to make up for when she knows she's gone too far


A boy from the land of Pelys that projects a field that negates magic anywhere he goes, which he can't turn off, unlike Magic Canceler. Speaks verbosely and without using contractions, and dreams of one day becoming a Knight in Shining Armor. Also adheres to his strict code of chivalry. Needless to say, he's a weird guy.

     Shining Knight 

Hal Simmons

Do you want to be my sibling?

Prince of a land called Arkanea (started off as fire emblem territory then kind of became its own thing) He had a past where his mother wanted a daughter and was disappointed when he was a boy. His father was banished and instead of going with him his mother kept him around to be her personal psychological punching bad.For years he was constantly made to act and dress like a girl. He took it because he wanted to make his mother happy. It kind of took a toll on his mind as all he longed for was a family who could love him and he could love back.Eventually it got too far after he was sent to an all girls school and made to pretend as one. He lasted two days until he had to attend pe...after this he was dragged by his father away from her but the damage was done.His father who was so ashamed of leaving Hal behind could not call himself Hals father and instead referred to himself as Uncle Yuslef. He taught Hal to be a pacifist battler and allowed him to join the city guards. Then there was an incident with David Shine....but we don't talk about that.Hal was exiled after this incident and his father pulled strings to get him to join (NAME REDACTED) high school despite him being 21. He now lives in the school after the destruction of his kingdom and seems to be making it his goal to adopt the entire school as siblings...except for Rowan Hunter a (in his eyes) beautiful woman who is actually a haemahodite who he is dating.

David Shine

Science solves everything!

Nothing much known of David’s pre school life. It is rumoured he was born on Karakuri island and has ties to the greatest scientist of that island the mysterious Vegapunk. His true past is now revealed. He was savaged by a giant creature known as a seaking. He was saved by equipping him with the same machinery as the world governments pacifista programme. It is believe his brain was damaged beyond repair and that is why he acts so oddly. He took some time off to find his missing "Brother" Crino and returned several years older.

He currently works with Michelle in the school library.

  • Mad Scientist
  • Book Dumb: Funnier now as he is an librarian
  • Genius Ditz
  • Accidental Pervert: This is almost Daves biggest running gag
  • Megane: He also has a bizarre fetish for Meganekko

Keyla Kinsk

Running away from her gay bashing village young Keyla finds her way to the school and enrolls. She spends her days dodging classes and trying to have a relationship with Maggie.

  • Tsundere : A triumphant example of the trope she alternates between pining for Maggie and beating the living hell out of Dave after the latter spikes the punch at his party and Keyla ends up proclaiming her true feelings for Maggie while drunk.

Halientiena Simmonia (Or Hayley Simmons for short)

Do Do Do Do Do...Do Do Do Do

Hailing from the future of the world featured in Fire Emblem. Hayley was banished from her country after failing to protect the fire emblem. She spent a year wandering until her brother told her of a certain school.

    Sparty McFly  


After having spent the majority of his time on Pandora searching for what the universe owed him (which he defines as a better gun and unlimited cash), Mordecai signs on to be the school's history teacher.

  • Axes at School: A much larger case than usual. Mordecai carries around a Jakobs Bessie (sniper rifle), an Atlas Aries (revolver), and Lilith's Maliwan Tsunami (sub-machine gun). And a sword.
  • Cool Car: Mordecai drives a Runner to school, which carries a front-mounted machine gun and a machine gun turret.
  • Retired Badass: Mordecai has an Eldritch Abomination, a suicidal general, a claptrap rebel leader, a zombie apocalypse, and an impossibly large amount of skags, spiderants, scythid, rakk, bandits, zombies, and Claptrap rebels under his belt.
  • Shopkeeper: Mordecai runs a store in the desert section of the school called Mordecai's Outriggers.

Scott Mitchell

As part of an exchange program, Mitch is currently enrolled in the school. His time is currently spent with his girlfriend Cirno, playing video games, working out, or just generally hanging around.

  • Axes at School: Mitch, after an attack on the school by a Hollow, now lugs around a FN-built P90, with four magazines of rubber and lead bullets. He hasn't used it so far.
    • Later on, before the school trip, fueled by paranoia from the trip to the ruins, he requested an MR 8 Assault Rifle and FN Five-seveN. He got them.
  • Deadpan Snarker: How Mitch decides to cope with the world sometimes.
  • Official Couple: Mitch and Cirno.
  • Security Blanket: See Axes At School above. Also, Mitch wears a flak jacket under his normal wear to protect against attacks.


Caboose was sent here by Church to smarten up. All he knows is it's another oppotunity to make friends and he'll be damned if he passes it up.

  • The Ditz: Caboose is not the smartest bulb in the shed.


Wearing a suit of emergency armor and lugging around a backpack with the materials to make explosives would normally get you called a terrorist. Thomas Rigby wants to be a demolitionist, so it's justified. How did he get the nickname Scorch? An "explosive" accident.

  • Child Prodigy: You know that incident where Scorch blew his eyebrows off? He was ten when that happened, and when he was nine he first touched a firecracker.
  • Hammer Space: Scorch's backpack, which contains near-infinite quantities of the material required to make dynamite and Semtex.
  • In-Series Nickname: Scorch, named that by his friends because he burned his eyebrows off while experimenting with explosives.
  • Powered Armor: Scorch wears a suit of Katarn-II demolitions armor, complete with emergency shielding and a hook to place his backpack on.
  • Teen Genius: Explosives-wise. If there's any problem that needs solving with a boom, he'll solve that problem.

Daft Punk

Consisting of two robots named Guy and Tom (often they switch their names around to fuck with people), Daft Punk decided to sign up as the music teachers, realizing that if they were to provide the assistance that only two techno-playing song-remixing robots could provide, the next generation of music could be all the better.

Zaeed Massani

Killing the Reapers was on Zaeed's paycheck. And destroying the Collectors too. But with all old vendettas solved and nothing else to do, Zaeed spent a couple of years training the next batch of soldiers. Then he came to this school (reasons unknown, or at least unacknowledged) to do detention. The last thing an old man who started a major mercenary company, got shot in the face, and destroyed a race of machine-gods can do.

  • Retired Badass: Used literally, as he hasn't been called to action yet, but still has the skills to do so. Zaeed survived being shot in the face. What more evidence do you need?















Cerberus Dawn


     The Real Wren 


...Hm? Sorry, sorry. Is there something up?

A 16-year old student who arrived on the day of the school's opening, completely lost at how things worked. One of the first students to actually enroll, he's close friends with Mitch, Cirno, Imca and a lot of people. His birthday is also on the 30th of April.


I suddenly have an insatiable urge to horribly maim something.

Wren's 'split-personality' given a body of his own. Tends to get easily irritated, is impatient and generally tends to unintentionally draw girls/people who usually 'attack' him. Much to his chagrin.

  • Allergic To Friendship: Seriously. It actually makes him choke on bile.
  • Animal Motifs: The wolf.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Generally, he's not that motivated to excel in his studies, but gets passing grades, can be very competitive and sporty AND calculate exchange rates of any currency.
  • Berserk Button: Call him 'Mr Grumpy and he'll most likely get hot under the collar. As will saying he's basically a 'copy' of Wren, saying he's a 'caring' person... Or throw away something of considerable momentary worth.
  • Different as Night and Day: Cynical, sarcastic and hot-tempered. Basically the Red Oni to Wren's Blue.
  • Hidden Depths: Not seen on-screen YET, but he can play the Bass Guitar and is very good at determining the value of almost anything.


...I...I'm fine...

A 18-year old student who's also the one in charge of the library. A lonely and quiet student, she's usually in the background and merely hopes people to follow the rules...and can be surprisingly determined to those who don't. Her birthday is the 27 of May.


...Zeke. The Colbat Blue Major.

A 14-year old student who eventually enrolled into the school. From the military and a proud soldier, even moreso because of his rank, he considers getting the highest marks to be promoted to General a mission of the highest priority. Birthday is 16 of Febuary.

Kid Hazama


A student of unknown age, it's clear to see who this is. Well, whenever he decides to make an appearance when he's not moonwalking down the hallways or making sure Ouroborus is fed.



A 21-year old student who was found deep down in the floors below the school. Despite his appearance, he bears a small resemblance to Wren, only older. (Don't ask.) There's a lot of things that fly right over his head, which makes it difficult to explain things to him. His birthday is also April 30th.

Joshua Luminate

I'm Joshua Luminate. Yes, I know. Strange name, huh?

The principal and usually the one who calls the shot, Joshua Luminate is 25 years old and apparently a former hero of the multiverse or something. We don't know for sure. His birthday is the 8th of August.


That's right, Joshi~!

Joshua's secretary, aide and wife, Sugar(ette) is quite cheerful, bubbly and apparently a powerful spell-caster with Water magic.


Bloody hell, I don't get paid enough for this...

George, but not the George we know from WAOA. This George is completely different...perhaps. He teaches Health and usually includes the word 'bloody' somewhere in his sentances. Born on December 31st.


There's always time for learning. History is an important thing, hm?

Aeon from Castlevania: Judgment who is currently the History teacher. Well, the substitue to be more precise. It doesn't mean much to him, provided things run according to schedule.

Terry Bogard


Surpringly, the legendary Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury is the 'English' teacher. Well, until a more qualifed one shows up to take his place. And please, make sure you say you're okay when he asks you.


You zetta sums of digits! It's x (times) to do some zetta cool equations!

The teacher of ADVANCED Maths and proud of it, a certain Maths Maniac showed up to teach and he's been doing it ever since. Unsurprisingly, very few attend his classes.


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