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  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: The Choclodocus can bare the resemblance of many different dinosaurs depending on the bones that are found. It also is capable of intimidating any sour with its presence.









  • Rhino Rampage: The sours of this piñata will wreck the stuff you had Willy build for you. The tame versions of this piñata will boot Professor Pester out of your garden.










  • Smelly Skunk: A Smelba can be commanded to scare Ruffians away, by breathing a dark green cloud of Visible Odor. A wild Smelba needs to eat three rotten garlics before becoming a resident of the garden, and a resident Smelba needs to eat two air fresheners and hold a romantic flower before it can romance. Also, the journal's description for the Gas Mask accessory mentions that most Piñatas use the Gas Mask when sharing a garden with Smelbas. The sours will secrete an odor that cancels out any romances you were working on.





  • Warm-Hearted Walrus: These piñatas are among the friendly piñatas that you can get into your garden, and they are vegetarian. They also don't have any hostilities toward any other piñata species.

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