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Aelois Du Drejall

Super High-School Level Duelist

House Drejall, currently headed by Marquis Alexander du Drejall IX, is known for being one of the few noble houses to survive the French Revolution. Aelois du Drejall is the youngest daughter and is well known for having duels to first blood at the drop of a hat. Her recent transfer to Japanese schools have done little to curb her aggressive streak, instead cementing her status as the Super Highschool Level Duelist. She personally believes her invitation to Hope’s Peak is the obvious outcome of her skills and bloodline.


Aki Sato

Super High-School Level Ballroom Dancer

If you haven’t heard of Aki Sato, you’ve been living under a rock. The son of an important scientist (Hotaka Ozaki) and famous actress (Chika Ozaki), Aki and his sister were both well-known before they were even walking. When the Sato siblings started dancing, singing and acting, their fame only grew, and they began doing all sorts of shows and competitions together or as solos. They were winning awards from the moment they could sing or dance or act. Although known together for being great at all three, Sato specialized in dance, while his sister (Ayaka Sato) specialized in performing. They both attended a performing arts school together and from there they had interviews, more awards and general fame. Sato began to specialize in dance and learnt ballroom dancing with his sister on a whim. This became iconic for him, becoming a bit of a vision of an angel for some. It was no surprise when Sato was accepted to Hope’s Peak as the SHSL Ballroom Dancer. It’s publicly known that one year later, his sister, Ayaka, was accepted as the SHSL Stage Performer.


Akira Wilde

Super High-School Level Out-Fighter

Akira Wilde is a rising superstar in the world of boxing. Known as the Great Wind of Conquest he sweeps the world for worth fighters. Son of the late Robin Wilde, he made his debut fight challenging and winning against the reigning North American champion in his weight class. From that point on Akira has swept through multiple nations taking on anyone willing to step in the ring with him. Sporting an undefeated streak he currently holds 7 title belts.


Alexei Savaryn

Super High-School Level Mortician

Though not very much is known about Alexei Savaryn or their past, many know that they have always been an amazing mortician, ever since they were a kid. Coming from a family of morticians, this was no surprise…though they don’t see to be quite as enthusiastic about their work. They’ve always kept a silent nature when around customers, giving them a sense of professionalism and allowed very stubborn and fickle payers to enjoy having to be around them for a long period of time. No doubt this kid knew a thing or two about their line of work, and being so young and professional just so happened to catch the eye of Hope’s Peak Academy.

Allen Ivanov

Super High-School Level Psychologist

Allen Ivanov, author of 10 of the world’s best selling academic textbooks for the psychologic branches of study. These knowledgeable books are used around the world by the best of the beat and the worst of the worst for the sake of learning the human mind in the deepest of essence. Born and raised in Moscow Russia, Allen Ivanov grew up with two university professors for parents. Vigerous and strict behaviour was served to him at a young age, and discipline came to him naturally and helped him bloom into the title of prodigy at the age of 8. Allen didn’t understand the concept of fun and games, focusing more to his studies caused Allen to be very isolated. Though thanks to this he managed to earn his title at Hope’s Peak and guaranteed his success in the future.

Chihiro Kirijo

Super High-School Level Tabletop Gamer

Chihiro Kirijo is a bringer of storms. A slayer of the most ferocious dragons. When her name is uttered, fear is invoked into the hearts of surrounding contestants. The lorde and dungeonmaster of the fiery realm known as Fuevuora. Chihiro has walked through fire, enslaved civilizations, and overtaken many villages. And then she comes back to reality and realizes that she doesn’t have a life. Chihiro Kirijo is Japan’s most notorious tabletop gamer. Over the course of several years, she’s participated and won in over 60 tournaments. Her fame among the roleplay, cosplay, and gamer community is immense! A mere mention of her name has the ability to make others drop out of a tournament, out of fear of losing to her. She prides herself on this ability, but realizes that she’s too nerdy for comfort.

Chloe Rodgers

Super High-School Level Biotechnologist

Having been raised in a spacious home in upstate New York, Chloe studied with her private teacher Chemistry, Biology, and bio engineering from an early age. Her father hired her and praised her natural talent. At age 13, Chloe engineered food to be bug resistant, easy to grow, and they could also help build the immune system of the people who ate it. Hallmarked picked up the story and made a movie from it, and mothers everywhere fell in love with Chloe’s compassion. At 15, she was getting chubby so her father transferred her to their labs in Japan. Entering Hope’s Peak, Chloe has no idea what to expect, but that doesn’t stop her enthusiasm.

Eiji Oshirou

Super High-School Level Show Host

Eiji is the star of the show and always has been! Ever since he was a little kid, he has always loved the sound of his voice. He was scouted at an early age, giving advice to a close friend of his father’s, who happened to be a Show Host himself. When he brought ideas to the table, this eccentric busybody decided to get his hands on his own show, which he did! Now, in Tokyo, the ‘Eiji O Show’ is all most regular teens watch after school! However, wishing for a normal school life, Eiji decided to call it quits for school when he got the letter. Wow, HE obtained a letter from THE school? Who would have thought? Still, he was as willing to go as those who accept him were willing to do that much. Everybody line up: The show is about to start~

Genta Nishida

Super High-School Level Fire Dancer

Having performed in venues across the globe, Genta Ishida is well-known among the pyrotechnics world for his graceful skill and stunning technical performances. He has trained with and built himself a variety of fire apparatus, and choreographs all of his own routines. He performs primarily in Japan, and his shows tend to sell out relatively quickly. Hope’s Peak took note of his advanced abilities for someone his age, and offered him an invitation to the academy.

Hoshi Eto

Super High-School Level J-Pop Idol

Hoshi Eto, or ‘Shooting Star’ as she’s known by thousands of fan girls internationally, started her life as the daughter of two polyglots working for the government. Their natural talent saw them teach their daughter, Hoshi, many languages from a child, and she was brought into the public’s’ eye in children’s beauty pageants, singing in multiple languages. Never losing this talent, her fame on Youtube rose to such heights that a prominent record label nabbed her when her voice settled, and she was named the lead singer of the j-pop idol group ‘Starry Nights’, which is uniquely known for their ability to perform their own songs in multiple languages, thus leading them - and Hoshi, to become international superstars. Her natural talent, as well as her drive to improve, saw Hope’s Peak snatching her up when she came back from a year-long international tour.

  • Attention Whore: Hoshi is a large ham, and enjoys being in the center of everything.
  • Four-Girl Ensemble: The Starry Skies, Hoshi's idol group, consists of three others and herself.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Hoshi is roommates with Aki, one of the tallest in the class at 6 feet, 3 inches tall. In comparison, she is only 4 feet, 8 inches, with over a foot and a half gap between them.
  • Mystical White Hair: Hoshi has pure white hair streaked lightly with silver.
  • Omniglot: Hoshi can both speak, write, and translate Japanese, English, Mandarin, French, Chinese, and Spanish, perfectly.
  • Stage Names: Hoshi's stage name is 'Shooting Star'.
  • True Blue Femininity: Hoshi's favored performance and normal outfits are blue-colored.

Joshua Ulysses

Super High-School Level Woodworker

A hardworking and extremely optimistic person, Joshy is known for trying hard and making positively beautiful wooden things. People who meet him and ask him to make certain things, or to watch him, are always shocked by his missing right arm, and even more shocked by the top notch quality! Winning second place in a National Woodworking Competition, losing to a man who was much older than him with much more experience, showed that his skills were certainly quite amazing!

Kazuto Shoten

Super High-School Level Steam Engineer

Kazuto and his father first started out driving steam trains on the Shuzenji Romney Railway in the Rainbow Park in Izu. His father had held the job since even before Kazuto was born, so he was basically brought up around steam engines. He would often accompany his father in the cabin, acting as a fireman and shoveling coal while also learning how to drive. By the age of 10, Kazuto had become an actual attraction at the park where people would come to ride on a train driven by the “Kid Engineer.” After two years, he decided he wanted to drive trains as a profession, just like his father. He attended schools, passed exams, and demonstrated all the skills necessary to become employed on the Oigawa Railway, the only continuously-operating steam railway in Japan. His appointment to this position at age 15 marked him as Japan’s youngest fully-qualified Engineer.

Kagefu Mon

Super High-School Level Textile Artist

World renowned for his unique and fashionable range of textiles, from affordable cashmere scarves to chic designs and patters, Kagefu Mon is a common house hold name for clothing. Originally a small home run business, after his booming introduction to the market, he quickly went from home business to wide reaching company in a matter of a few years. All his textiles still made from home, one of his bestselling points, his whole family is now involved in his business, in a self-sufficient business.

Kohori Izumi

Super High-School Level Dubstep Artist

The name Kohorin first appeared on music sharing sites a couple years back releasing dubstep remixes. While there was nothing special to them, when original synthesized dubstep beats were released by the same name, all eyes turned to her. Her first live appearance under the name Kohori Izumi drew more attention to her, and even more so when it was learned that she was a high school aged girl. Nonetheless, she continued to lay down the sick beats.

Kouta Murakami

Super High-School Level Magician

A magician’s job isn’t to decieve people, but to give them the power to believe in things, even if they seem impossible! Those words are the resounding basis for the Kouta Murakami’s rising career, and arguably his lifestyle as a whole.Kouta is an optimistic boy who strives to find the best in everyone, just like the magical girls in anime he admires so much! In fact, it was his infatuation with magical girls and what they stand for as a whole that lead to Kouta’s interest in magic in the first place. His ultimate goal is to make the people around him smile, and he’ll often go to ridiculous lengths in his attempts to do so. Conflict makes him extremely nervous, and he’ll quickly lose confidence if someone raises their voice at him.According to his student records, Kouta had suddenly transferred out of his junior high school in the middle of the year, and was schooled from home until high school. He doesn’t really like talking about it—maybe he was having a hard time?


Super High-School Level Behavioural Analyst

The elusive S. S. Agent M, feared by any serial killer that hasn’t lived under a rock for most of their career. Orphaned at age 12 by the very case that made his career, M spent most of his childhood in Italy with loving parents, until they were murdered by a famous international serial killer. When taken in for questioning as the sole survivor of this horrific series of murders, he asked for information on the case, and with what little they could give him, he presented a full profile of the killer- one that led Interpol to their arrest. He was given a job with Interpol but began working for the FBI at 15, and has been one of the most successful and accurate profilers and behavioural analysts the US has seen yet. He’s well known across the Bureau for his quirky behavour- all too flirty and unprofessional for a 17-year-old working with a team that’s mostly 40 and up, but his skills in psychology are undeniable.

Machi “Makio” Yomohiro

Super High-School Level Aggressive Inline Skater

Starting out as just a street-bound skater punk, Machi “Makio” Yomohiro rose up from being a skater on the streets of Kobe to becoming not only an internet skating sensation, but a champion at many different skating competitions across the globe, including X Games Asia three years running. The nickname “Makio” is a testimonial to Machi’s position as the “Makio Master;” Machi’s Makio grind has been trained to perfection to the point where Machi can perform it perfectly immediately after doing several different grinds, flips, and other daring stunts.

  • Ambiguous Gender: Purposefully invoked; Machi identifies as female but cultivates an androgynous appearance and doesn’t like to disclose her gender to others immediately due to the nature of the aggressive inline community.
  • Nice Hat
  • Rollerblade Good
  • The Stoic: Although she does not take well to Minerva voting for Alexei in the beginning of the second trial.

Minako Naruhodo

Super High-School Level Defense Attorney

Minako Naruhodo became a professional defense attorney after illegally defending someone in court. Her friend had been accused of committing a string of robberies and was being tried as an adult. However, saidfriend had been with Minako that day, so that was impossible! No defense attorney would take the case, not even Minako’s own mother. So Minako took matters into her own hands! Minako did what she did best and beat the system by successfully lying about her age, status, and law experience. Getting into the court for the first time, Minako was fierce. Her logic was impeccable, and her evidence was undebatable, to the dismay of the prosecutor. Unfortunately the trial had to come to a halt upon finding out that Minako was a teenage girl, and not an actual lawyer. In the jury, however, was an actual professional lawyer who was impressed with Minako’s performance in the courtroom. Asano Endou, owner of her own law firm, asked Minako to come be her legal aide at The Endou Law Agency immediately after the court session. Minako happily accepted, and the two began taking on cases together. As a duo, Asano Endou and Minako Naruhodo were nearly unstoppable. Asano let Minako take on cases alone, with her acting as the legal aide and pretending to be the one working on the case. Minako was fierce when she was in court, and soon became known all over Japan as “The Demon of the Court,” in reference to how much she wanted to free her clients. One day, Minako returned home from a trial, to find a letter inviting her to Hope’s Peak. She happily accepted.

Minerva LaFleur

Super High-School Level Charity Worker

For the past three years, the face of “Mother Minerva” has been a prevalent one among the Juggalo subculture. Starting only as a nickname to young Minnie La Fleur, the persona of the Juggalo Mother Theresa has become a much greater symbol to those familiar with the Insane Clown Posse, for her existence embodies the symbol of peace among clown brothers and a raising arm against the violence occurring among the fans. However, even to those who may not follow the horrorcore band, it is difficult to deny the presence this young woman has on culture with both her peace movement aimed towards Juggalo gangs and her efforts to aid in several charity drives to improve the good name of a Juggalo. Such was what lead to her invitation to Hope’s Peak Academy.

Nagisa Amano

Super High-School Level Magical Girl

At first, Nagisa Amano was a twelve-year old actress wanted mostly for her childish voice for younger magical girl characters in both live-action and just voicing. However, as she grew older, she was discovered to have an impressive range. She soon expanded her roster of voices to more character types and even masculine characters, but she was frequently casted to be in magical shoujo anime. Well-known for the genre after voicing over twenty magical girls in both anime and video games, her career soon become engraved in it.

Nova E. Sinclar

Super High-School Level Game Developer

Nova’s love of video games began when he was a young child, with a used NES from a neighbor. He played a lot of classic video games, from Castlevania to Mario to Megaman. As he grew older, he began to seek out other games and consoles to play on, and was introduced to games like Final Fantasy, Sonic, Halo, and Need For Speed. Around middle school, he began learning how to build and code his own games for fun. He first created short, point-and-click games that he shared with his schoolmates, and soon gained a reputation from there. He learned how to create larger and better games, and once he began selling them, became worldwide famous.

Reika Tamari

Super High-School Level Steampunk Writer

Reika Tamari is a well-known writer most popular for her Steampunk series, “Gears of Fate”. Having published her first novel at the age of 13, she grew quickly in popularity, raising a large fanbase and being featured in a variety of talk shows and magazines. A friendly, playful girl, she’s known for donating large amounts of profit to charity, especially those for homeless and poor children.

Robin Tsukada

Super High-School Level Statistician

Raised in a male-dominated household of one dad and 4 rough-house brothers, Robin hoped to beat them at something. Being competitive by nature, a lot of their childhood was getting into scraps with their brothers constantly only too turn out the (sore) loser. It wasn’t until their later middle school years that they discovered a knack for- a gift of mathematics. Specifically with finding the probabilities and likelihoods of events happening. Robin exploited their talent as much as they could, calculating things from the weather forecast to the chances of any of the brothers acing their exams.

It got to be Robin took their gift to a more seedier practice: gambling. In order to show up their brothers as much as possible, they’d stalk around various places- high school meets, bars, stadiums. Making bets was a cinch for a majority of the time, and Robin came home feeling a rush of euphoria whenever they showed their brothers the money and the items bought with it. It only came to pass that Hope’s Peak Academy heard of the kid’s potential, and upon receiving the letter, this too was rubbed in the brothers’ faces.

Sumi Yamazaki

Super High-School Level Sprinter

She started swimming at an early age to treat her asthma, came to enjoy most sports and eventually specialized on sprinting. By the time she was thirteen she had already won a few regional and national competitions for her school. Her left leg was injured at train wreck when she was fourteen and as result she had to stop running for a year. Many believed her career to be over, but she went on to win golden medals at the 100 and 200 meter sprints at the World School Games in Spain and the Summer Olympic Games of Youth in Brazil and break the 100 meters speed record for female junior runners. She’ll be competing for Japan in the 100 and 200 meters races in the upcoming Olympic Games.

Zeta Umbriel Subaru Kurokawa

Super High-School Level Horror Mangaka

Born to a horror movie makeup artist and a renowned scream queen, Zeta Umbriel grew up surrounded by all things macabre and grotesque and developed quite the affinity for them. Like her parents, she has devoted herself to using her talents and love of the horrific to send chills down the spines of the Japanese public. However, while his parents have chosen to work with the silver screen, Zeta has embraced pen and ink as his medium of choice. She was able to begin regularly getting her work published in comic magazines under her chosen alias while still in junior high, attracting glowing praise from readers for her bold blending of psychological terror with spine-tingling and visceral scenes of horror, and her first full-length work, Ill-Starred Girl, is currently being optioned for a film adaptation. Initially, Zeta attempted to stay out of the public eye and obfuscate his true identity in an attempt to add to his mystique. However, after a persistent reader discovered that the horror mangaka was actually a high school student and attempted to publicize her findings, she chose to come forward to the public at large herself, a move that netted her both a rush of media attention and an invitation to Hope’s Peak Academy.

  • Creepy Good: Zeta looks and acts creepy as hell but is generally a pretty good-hearted person.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette
  • Nightmare Fetishist: If it's bound to terrify or squick out anyone else, Zeta is probably super into it.
  • Pen Name: Goes by the one she created for herself almost full-time. He’ll respond to his given name if addressed by it but prefers not to give it out freely.
  • Perky Goth
  • Scary Teeth: Sports a mouthful of inexplicably pointed teeth, further contributing to her creepy image.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: She sports grade A-length black stockings in conjunction with a pleated skirt when presenting as female. He changes this out for a pair of dress pants when presenting as male.

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