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This is a list of notable characters from the Villains' Code novels.

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Guild of Villainous Reformation


    Tori Rivas (Hephaestus) 
One of the newest recruits into the guild, who eventually adopts the name Hephaestus. Her difficult personality results in Doctor Mechaniacal asking Ivan Gerhardt to become her mentor.
  • Alternate Self: According to Nexus, many of Tori's alternate selves did not survive the events of the book.
  • Hand Cannon: The first thing Tori builds in the basement lab is a gauntlet that fires a beam of energy, whose power surprises even Ivan. While the initial version burns out after a single use, she manages to rebuild it and add it to her Powered Armor.
  • Mad Scientist: Tori has genius-level intelligence and is obsessed with building herself a Powered Armor.
  • Mad Scientist Laboratory: Doctor Mechaniacal takes the liberty of adding a basement to Ivan's home without his knowledge, equipping it as a lab/workshop for Tori. Ivan is mad at first that he wasn't consulted but then accepts it. The entrance is disguised as a wall section. As far as anyone else is concerned, the house has no basement.
  • Not Quite Flight: Tori is unable to actually fly, but she learns to fire jets of flame from her hands downward that sort of allow her to stay aloft and move around, albeit not very nimbly. She becomes determined to make sure her future Powered Armor has flight capabilities.
  • Personality Powers: A Spicy Latina with fire-based powers.
  • Powered Armor: As Hephaestus, Tori wear a self-built mech suit that she powers partly by turning into fire inside it. While it's a far cry from the masterpiece that is Doctor Mechaniacal's suit, she's only starting and she doesn't have Wade's resources and experience. Nevertheless, she has a sleeping dart launcher, a Hand Cannon (see above), jets for short hops, and a voice modulator to disguise her voice (and gender). It also grants her a measure of Super Strength. Later on, she installs the gravity-reducing device Ivan buys her, allowing the suit to fly.
  • Spicy Latina: Tori's race is mentioned only once, but her personality is definitely of this kind.
  • Twofer Token Minority: A Hispanic woman, although her race gets mentioned only once, and her being a woman has zero effect on how others treat her and how she behaves. The novel might as well have been written for a generic gender-neutral character (well, except for Donald being interested in her and her being taken on a girls' night out).
  • Woman on Fire: Tori can turn some or all of her body into living flame, making her extremely difficult to hurt.

    Beverly (Bahamut) 
A young woman with the ability to shift into the form of several types of dragons at will. She is Thuggernaut's apprentice and, eventually, chooses the code name "Bahamut" (king of the dragons). Becomes a close friend of Tori's, and they become roommates at the end of Forging Hephaestus.
  • My Suit Is Also Super: Beverly's costume is specifically designed to stretch, as she shifts into her dragon forms.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Beverly has several different dragon forms she can shift into, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, her green dragon form is the toughest in melee combat, her red dragon form can breathe fire, and her white dragon form can fly. There may be others that Beverly hasn't yet learned to shift into.
  • Twofer Token Minority: While Beverly's race isn't mentioned explicitly, her story about her grandfather and him being offered the "Colored Division" of the League of Metas in The ’50s implies that she's black. Just like with Tori, her race has absolutely zero impact on the story or how she's treated otherwise. Then again, in combat, most people doesn't even know what she looks like, as she is usually in one of her dragon forms.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Beverly can turn into a dragon at will.

    Lance (Pest Control) 
An apprentice with the ability to summon and control insects. His mentor is Arachno Bro. Lance eventually adopts the name "Pest Control".
  • Magikarp Power: While initially dismissed as mostly useless, Lance quickly learns how versatile his power can be, especially as he studies more and more different insects, allowing him to summon and control them, especially meta-insects. People generally don't react well to suddenly being surrounded by a swarm of stinging meta-wasps. During the apprentices' test against robots, he is even shown using ants as a living crutch of sorts.
  • Pest Controller: As his chosen code name indicates, Lance can summon and control swarms of insects, as well as see and hear through them (provided they have those senses). As he learns more about different types of insects, his repertoire increases. He can also summon and control meta-insects.

    Warren (Glyph) 
A more individualistic apprentice, although that may be more due to him being mentored by Balaam than anything else. Warren can cast magic by drawing runes on surfaces, eventually becoming known as "Glyph".
  • The Atoner: Becomes this during the climax, fighting alongside Lance and some of the capes to put an end to his former mentor's betrayal.
  • Geometric Magic: Warren casts spells by drawing runes on surfaces.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: While initially a bit of a jerk, Warren quickly warms up to the other apprentices, especially as they're forced to work together for their final test. It's heavily implied that his initial jerkassery is a result of Balaam's influence. He refuses to follow his mentor into betrayal and fights to show that he's not like Balaam, even enchanting Cyber Geek's BFG, allowing it to blast through the shield surrounding AHC headquarters.
  • Magic Wand: Balaam presents him one during his graduation, point out that no self-respecting spell-caster can be without a wand or a staff. He thought about giving Warren a staff, but then realized that a wand is easier to draw with. Balaam designs the wand to channel and augment Warren's power, as well as storing a single rune at a time for use in a hurry.

Guild Council

    Ivan Gerhardt (Fornax/Pseudonym) 
A retired supervillain, known as Fornax in his glory days, currently goes by Pseudonym within the guild, where he represents retired villains on the Council. Takes on Tori as his apprentice and teaches her the importance of the Villains' Code.
  • Amicable Exes: Ivan is on good terms with his ex-wife and usually warns her if anything dangerous is about to happen, so she can get herself and the kids out of town. She used to be a Fornax fangirl, which is how their son was born.
  • Blood Knight: As Fornax, he reveled in bloodshed and destruction. All he wanted was to fight and win. During his final fight with Lodestar, he finally went all out, using every last trick and power at his disposal... and he still lost. This shook him so much that he gave up his bloodlust entirely. It's implied he could have easily broken out of the prison they had him in, but he just never saw the point.
  • Honorary Uncle: To Helen's daughter Penelope. Also Tori, sort of, since their cover story is that she's his first cousin once removed (i.e. daughter of his cousin) and refers to him as "Uncle Ivan" in public.
  • In a Single Bound: Ivan's means of getting into the air in lieu of flying, although he conjures up magical supports for him to push off against in mid-air.
  • Mentor Archetype: The main thing Ivan has to teach Tori is to follow the Code. He understands the enormous responsibility of mentoring a new supervillain. Should she fail, it will be up to him to personally kill her (also because he's one of the few metas who can).
  • Multiethnic Name: There doesn't appear to be an explanation why Ivan has a Slavic first name and a German last name.
  • Older Than They Look: Despite being in his fifties, Ivan still looks about thirty, as a side effect of his power. It's never specified if he even ages.
  • Physical God: According to Ivan, he ate one, which is how he got his powers. Balaam mentions at one point that no one is even sure if he can die.
  • Retired Badass: Back when Fornax was an infamous supervillain, few capes could stand up to him. Only Lodestar was finally able to bring him to justice. After his son was born, he left that life behind and retired from supervillainy, although he still maintain his seat on the Guild Council. Despite being retired and actually enjoying living the quiet life of a divorced middle manager, he still has all his powers and woe be to anyone, who dares to re-awaken Fornax.
  • Teleportation: One of Ivan's powers. He frequently uses it to get behind his enemies.
  • That Man Is Dead: Ivan keeps insisting multiple times that Fornax is dead, he died the moment Lodestar showed him a photo of his infant son. That was when he decided that someone like Fornax could never be a father, only Ivan could. From a legal standpoint, Fornax is indeed dead, as the AHC has invoked the Orion Protocol to declare a number of supervillains, including Fornax, dead and give them all new civilian lives.
  • Visit by Divorced Dad: Inverted. Ivan's son and daughter stay at his place every other weekend, as per his agreement with his ex. He makes sure that Tori stays at the guild for those days, as he doesn't want his two worlds intersecting.

A magic-using villain, who is on the Guild Council (representing magic-users, of course). He has a long-standing rivalry with Pseudonym. Unlike every other member of the Council, Balaam is known as a scheming bastard, who likes to play political games. He asks to take on Warren as his apprentice mainly so he would not be outdone by Ivan.
  • Broken Pedestal: As a kid, Balaam was enthralled by Fornax. After becoming a meta himself, he strove to become as powerful as Fornax in order to emulate his idol. Then he got into the guild and discovered that, not only is a guild of supervillains not concerned with "real" supervillainy, but the man who was once known as Fornax is one of those maintaining the status quo. Balaam still rewatches old recordings of Fornax's fights with capes for nostalgia's sake.
  • Life Energy: Through his arcane studies, Balaam has learned to increase his magical power at the cost of someone else's life. He tricks a bunch of meta-gangs into allowing him to put a special mark on them, claiming it would increase their strength. In fact, its purpose is to give him their energy at the moment of death.
  • Magic Staff: Balaam carries one and uses it to focus his power.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Balaam is known as a schemer and has orchestrated the events of the final third of Forging Hephaestus. He initially cooperates with Apollo, but then betrays the cape when it's convenient.
  • One-Winged Angel: Balaam turns into a bat-winged horned demon during his fight with Ivan. Ivan rolls his eyes and says Balaam has no idea what real demons look like.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Balaam has no compunctions about killing people, including children. This earns him a very Family-Unfriendly Death at Kristoph's hands at the end.

    Wade Wyatt (Doctor Mechaniacal) 
One of the founding members of the guild, going by the name Doctor Mechaniacal. Close friend of Ivan's. Represents science-minded villains on the Council. Besides being a villain, Wade is also a tech billionaire, using his meta-genius to make unprecedented advances in technology.
  • Alliterative Name
  • Evil Counterpart: To Professor Quantum, in a way. To be fair, he may be a supervillain, but he doesn't do anything outright evil. Unlike Professor Quantum, Wade is far more involved in the day-to-day running of the guild.
  • Fiction 500: Indigo Technologies, thanks to Wade's genius. It's explained that the company where Ivan and Tori work, Vendallia Industries, is actually a subsidiary of Indigo Technologies.
  • Mad Scientist: Sort-of. While Wayne does have many of the typical qualities of a mad scientist, the "mad" portion isn't one of them. He may very well be one of the most level-headed people in the guild.
  • Powered Armor: As Doctor Mechaniacal, Wade typically wears a sleek and powerful mech suit. It's later revealed that he rarely dons the suit himself anymore, seeing it as too risky. Instead, he controls it remotely with his nanite-infused mind from his secret underground bunker. In fact, he has several such suits that he can control simultaneously.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Wade is the de facto head of the guild, typically handling most high-level administrative work, while also running his own corporation (Indigo Technologies) as part of his civilian persona, although, officially, the Council makes all the big decisions with Wade as only one of the members. Despite his status as a villain, Wade genuinely cares about what the guild stands for and is determined to maintain the peace with the capes by policing villains and punishing code-breakers.

A former Sex Bot built by a cape called Tech Lord for his own twisted pleasure. She sued for her freedom, and the landmark court case is now unofficially called Xelas's Law and has been invoked by a number of AIs. She has since undergone extensive modification and is one of the most powerful supervillains in the guild. She represents all artificial beings on the Council.
  • Holographic Disguise: Xelas has a built-in holo-projector that she uses to appear as a human woman, when going out as a civilian. Tech Lord included that in his Sex Bot in order to pretend to have a real girlfriend in public.
  • Instant A.I.: Just Add Water!: Tech Lord accidentally made Xelas too smart, which resulted in her becoming self-aware and suing for freedom as a sentient being.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: If one were to close one's eyes, one would be hard-pressed to tell Xelas apart from an ordinary woman. She always sounds like a cheerful twenty-something party girl, especially if she uses her holo-emitter to make herself appear human. When she goes out into the world with that human disguise, she typically goes by Alexis. Since Tech Lord wanted it to look like he had a girlfriend in public, he gave her the holo-emitter and the ability to process food and drink into energy. She later added taste sensors, so she could actually enjoy eating and drinking.
  • Sex Bot: Xelas's original purpose. She's still bitter about that.

    Stacey (Stasis) 
One of the members of the Guild Council under the name Stasis. Her powers aren't clearly-defined in the book, but they appear to involve her being able to put her body into a unchanging state, thus becoming invulnerable to damage. She represents any villain, who became a meta as a result of an experiment or lab accident.

    Lynn (Morgana Le Faye, the Blood Witch) 
A terrifying villain, who can kill pretty much anyone with blood, as she can exert direct control over it, even when it's still within someone's body. She represents metas born with their abilities on the Guild Council.
  • Blood Magic: Morgana can slaughter a whole streetful of enemies by forcing their blood to come out of their bodies and into her.
  • No-Sell: Anyone without blood can't be directly harmed by Morgana, although she can probably use her own blood for that purpose.

A stone-like creature from deep underground, Gork is a tall female, who represents all naturally-occurring nonhumans and aliens on the Council. When going out in public, Gork uses heavy makeup and heels to pretend to be a normal, albeit tall, human woman (she usually goes for a Scandinavian look to justify her imposing appearance) named Gretchen.
  • Beneath the Earth: Gork's people have lived there for quite a while. Gork herself emerged during a Confluence.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: Gork's people are big on honor and protocol. This is why she joined the guild instead of the AHC, as the capes had initially treated her as a hostile lifeform, putting her off from working with them.
  • Silicon-Based Life: Gork appears to be partly made of rock.
  • True Neutral: Gork is stated to be as impartial a third party as one can find in a guild of villains.


A tall, imposing, tough-looking villain with a kind heart. He offers to take Beverly under his wing, even though another high-level villain does the same. Knowing that Thuggernaut is likely to be a better mentor to her than one of Balaam's flunkies, Ivan and Wade decide to let Beverly become Thuggernaut's apprentice.
  • Cultured Badass: While Thuggernaut will join his friends for a guys' night involving beer and poker, he would actually much rather go see an opera. He's even considerate enough to buy out all the seats behind him, knowing that his huge frame would make it nearly impossible to see the stage from those seats.
  • Gentle Giant: Well, gentle with his friends, anyway. If you happen to be an enemy, then don't expect much gentleness from this guy.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Thuggernaut and Johnny Three Dicks.

    Johnny Three Dicks 
A brash, foul-mouthed villain, who is the main reason why the Council now has to vet all code name choices, although they allow him to keep his choice.
  • Mental Time Travel: While his meta-ability isn't focused upon, it seems his ability might have something to do with being able to throw his consciousness back in time a few seconds, in the event of death, giving him a chance to avoid it. According to him, this is the reason for his code name.
    Johnny Three Dicks: (after knocking out a cape, following several "rewinds") And that's why they call me Johnny Three Dicks, doll. No matter which way you try to come, you're still fucked.
  • Nonindicative Name: While it's difficult to be sure, there doesn't appear to be any indication that Johnny does, in fact, have three penises.

    Tunnel Vision 
A pair of fraternal twins with a single code name (although Tori assumes the sister is called Vision and the brother is Tunnel) and the ability to open portals to any place in the world. They are always referred to as a single individual.
  • The Dividual: While it's not clear if they actually share a mind, the fraternal twins certainly act as a single person and even respond to the same name.
  • Thinking Up Portals: Tunnel Vision can create portals to any destination. Apparently, it requires both siblings to do it. The sister's eyes glow (presumably, she's focusing on the destination), while the brother places his hands on the surface, where the portal is to appear. These portals are very handy for getting to the location of the crime and then getting away quickly, although Tunnel Vision charge for their services.

An experienced spellcaster, who specializes in crafting magical items, which he usually rents out or sells to other villains.
  • Item Crafting: Arcanicus's specialty. A popular item of his is a necklace that keeps the wearer from being noticed by others. It also blurs cameras.
  • Summon Magic: Arcanicus can summon temporary artificial constructs, such as skeletons, which then dissolve upon "death" or upon being dismissed.

    Pod Person 
A villain with the ability to make copies of himself, which he then controls with his mind.
  • Self-Duplication: Pod Person creates copies of himself (including the clothes he's wearing at the moment) by spitting on the ground. Each lougie quickly grows into a life-sized copy of him. He is then able to sense everything each copy is sensing and control them as easily as he does himself. Upon death, the copies turn into green goo. He's able to eliminate all the copies with a snap of his fingers, who simply burst into goo.

A villain, who uses her magical abilities to sense ley lines and see faraway places.
  • Seers: Scryanthos is able to see things no one else can. She is the one, who predicts the Confluence in the first book.

A young man in his, apparently, mid-20s, who never does anything supervillainous. However, all new guild recruits are brought before him. If he senses that they have committed the gravest sin possible - harming children - then he ends them in a very painful and graphic way that is in no way quick. According to Ivan, at those moments, Kristoph is one of the most powerful metas in the world.
  • Always Someone Better: In the climax, Kristoph casually breaks through Ivan's powerful ward in order to ask him to let him (Kristoph) handle Balaam's punishment.
  • Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu?: Tori's reaction to meeting Kristoph, after Ivan explains what Kristoph does. While she's frightened at first, Ivan's explanation makes her want to buy Kristoph a beer.
  • Friend to All Children: Kristoph's power is only activated when he detects the sin of killing of seriously hurting a child. Then he makes sure that the sinner never hurts another child again.
  • Riddle for the Ages: No one knows exactly what Kristoph is or how his power precisely works. Xelas asked him once, and he was happy to tell her. She immediately had Doctor Mechanical erase her memories.

Alliance of Heroic Champions


    Donald Moss (Cyber Geek) 
A computer programmer working at Vendallia Industries and an avid gamer. On the night of the Confluence, he had just completed his custom-built gaming PC, some of the parts for which had... questionable sources. His apartment building was hit by a lightning bolt, frying his new machine and also granting Donald the power to pull any video game weapon, armor, or tool into Real Life. After he is forced to out himself publicly, he is recruited by the AHC and asks to be called Cyber Geek.
  • Bash Brothers: Donald and Ren, joining the AHC at the same time, become fast friends, despite having completely different personalities (e.g. nerd and jock, respectively). Despite this, they work well together, especially when they have to fight, with Donald manifesting video game guns for ranged combat and Ren taking care of close-range enemies.
  • BFG: During the fight with the interdimensional monster at the club, Donald summons a Buster Burster Blaster from the game Blaster Brahs. He has trouble even lifting the thing and manages to get a few shots off at the monster by propping the gun onto a railing or a piece of furniture. Then he mentally smacks himself on the head, recalling that the game designers specifically added heavy armor to the game to justify players lugging around such a big weapon and summons Master Brah's Armor around himself, allowing him to field the gun with ease.
  • Dating Catwoman: Almost happens, as Donald is interested in Tori but has trouble asking her out. He also has no idea that she's a meta and a villain.
  • Nerd: A more-or-less typical example. An avid gamer, who will excitedly talk people's ears off about video games and the rig he plans to build. He likes Tori but has trouble asking her out, especially after becoming a full-time cape (and not knowing that she's a villain).
  • Summon Magic: Donald is able to pull any weapon, armor, or tool from a currently-running video game right out of the screen. The item has the same exact characteristics as in the game, which is why he spends a lot of his free time "training", i.e. playing games and leveling up his items, so the ones he pulls into Real Life have better characteristics. When the AHC marketing team suggests hiring programmers to design some weapons for him, Donald explains that his power works only on items from popular video games, so they would actually have to come from the game designers adding them to the game. Some characters suggest his power may involve a collective Clap Your Hands If You Believe. Due to the fact that the wrist computer Professor Quantum gives him doesn't have a stable Internet connection, he has to rely only on games that can run offline, and the computer is constantly running a dozen games at any given time, so Donald doesn't have to spend time booting them up.

    Ren Tanaka (Medley) 
A former college football player, who tries to use an experimental drug to fix his blown-out knee during the Confluence. The drug turns him into a chimera-like monster with no chance of turning back. Distraught, he is recruited by Apollo and is given the code name Medley by the AHC marketing team. Despite their different personalities, Ren becomes fast friends with Donald.
  • Bash Brothers: See Donald above.
  • Holographic Disguise: Apollo provides Ren with a bracelet that allows him to appear human, which Ren is very grateful for. In fact, the bracelet is more than a mere illusion. Ren's claws actually feel like normal hands, his skin (at least the outer layer) feels real, and one has to press really hard to feel the rough scales beneath. He can also speak a lot easier when using the disguise. Apparently, the bracelet is programmed with several different faces, allowing Ren to remain anonymous, even if one of his disguises is compromised.
  • Hybrid Monster: The drug has turned Ren into a hulking mish-mash of different beasts.

    Irene (Cold Shoulder) 
A recently-recruited cape code-named Cold Shoulder due to her ice-based powers. She's added to the Donald-Ren Bash Brothers to provide some versatility to the team.
  • An Ice Person: Irene can fire blasts of cold and freeze an area around her. She can also manifest a large ice construct with her inside, allowing her to engage in close combat.
  • Elemental Armor: He biggest trick is sealing herself inside an ice golem, making her Nigh Invulnerable and super strong.

    Lucy Donovan (Hat Trick) 
One of the capes recruited by the AHC during the Confluence, personally chosen to Apollo as the fourth member of his pet Donald-Ren-Irene team. While her magician-like powers don't particularly lend themselves to direct combat, she's invaluable in the support role. Her code name is Hat Trick.
  • The Chick: Unlike the more serious and businesslike Irene, Lucy is cheerful and friendly.
  • Magicians Are Wizards: Lucy bought an amateur magician's kit from a store, not realizing that the Confluence has imbued it with actual magic. Upon putting on the props, they bonded to her body (she can still take them off, but they won't work for anyone else) and turned out to have magic properties related to stage magic. Her cape can be used to cast illusions, her rings can bind anyone, her playing cards can be shaped as whatever she wants, and the scarves coming out of her sleeves can be used to grab people from a distance.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Apollo selected her for Cyber Geek's team primarily for sex appeal. She is a fine support hero, but there were plenty of other options; Apollo was mostly looking for something who would look sexy.
  • Nice Hat: Lucy's top hat can be used to store and retrieve any object. The objects come out in the exact same condition as they went in. She can apparently also unleash white doves from the hat that do what she commands them to.

Champions' Congress

A highly-ambitious cape, whose power comes from a shard of divinity that, apparently, belonged to his namesake, the Apollo of Greek myth. He is kind of like a Superman wannabe with similar (but weaker) powers and mistaken belief in his own righteousness. He is a professional butt-kisser and careerist, playing the office politics game for ten years in order to get himself appointed to the Champions' Congress. He has gathered a group of loyal followers, who help him achieve his goals. Apollo arrogantly sees himself as the next Lodestar, the legendary hero of the past several decades.
  • Death Equals Redemption: After Balaam unleashes Fornax, Apollo realizes that he's done as a hero no matter what. He also sees that Fornax is gunning straight for him in his madness, which means that, for now, Fornax is ignoring everyone else. Thus, Apollo does his best to keep Fornax on his tail in order to give the other capes as much time as possible, even at the cost of his own life. After Tori manages to bring Ivan back from the brink, moments before Fornax beats Apollo to a pulp, Apollo offers to fly to Rookstone in order to stop Balaam from releasing dangerous metas. Unusual for this trope, he survives, although the Champions' Congress removes him from his position and punishes him for his part in this mess.
  • Knight Templar: Apollo is disgusted by the AHC allowing supervillains to operate right under their noses and wants to do what heroes are meant to do - destroy villains.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Apollo is a masterful schemer and liar, ingratiating himself in with members of the Champions' Congress in order to, one day, replace the retiring Lodestar. He secretly works with Balaam to enact their plan to take over their respective organizations in order to get back to the "golden age" of superheroes and villains, without all the red tape and a so-called peace. Unfortunately for Apollo, he turns out to be not quite crafty enough to see through Balaam's deception, who easily outwits him.
  • Physical God: Apollo's powers come from a shard of divinity from, apparently, the real Apollo.
  • The Power of the Sun: Sunlight (coupled with the shard of divinity) imbues Apollo with many powers, many of which are similar to Superman's, including flight, Eye Beams, Super Strength, and the ability to see through magical disguises.

    Helen (Lodestar) 
A legendary superhero called Lodestar, whose power comes from a comet that hit her when she was nineteen. She's one of the most powerful metas in existence and the only one to join the AHC without an ulterior motive. She is the only cape that has managed to bring down Fornax decades prior. Since then, Ivan sees her as the quintessential hero, and the two of them have become close friends.
  • Absurdly Youthful Mother: Helen worries about using her powers again, as doing it even once undoes all the aging she has done since then. Given that she has a daughter, she's worried how Penelope will react to her mommy suddenly looking like a nineteen-year-old girl. Even worse, when Penelope realizes that her mother is functionally immortal and can revert back to that youthful persona at will, effectively resetting all the aging "progress". To her relief, Penelope takes it all in stride, although it's possible she's just too young to understand the ramifications.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Neither Helen nor Ivan are able to say the real reason he keeps visiting her, knowing the realities of their situations and being mature enough to know that relationships like that never work out.
  • The Cape: The ultimate example of this in this 'verse. According to Ivan, every other cape got into the AHC for their own reasons, but only Lodestar ever did it just because it was the right thing to do.
  • Flying Brick: Lodestar is, basically, this world's female Superman. As far as anyone knows, she's unbeatable and the only one capable of taking down Fornax. The first book's ending reveals that Nexus that learned that someone in The Multiverse has managed to kill a Lodestar.
  • Magic Meteor: Helen became Lodestar, when a comet fell on her and imbued her with great powers. Many have pointed out the similarities between rapidly-descending Lodestar and a falling comet.
  • Physical God: In a world where actual gods are running around, Lodestar is still the strongest of anyone. At the very end of the book, Nexus finds a universe where someone has successfully killed Lodestar—the first time that has ever happened in the entire multiverse.
  • Retired Badass: After decades of fighting villains, Helen has been slowly pulling away from the public eye and barely shows up in person for the meetings of the Champions' Congress. She finally retires officially in order to free her Congress seat for Apollo. Helen lives a quiet suburban life with her daughter Penelope, occasionally visited by Ivan, whom Penelope treats as an Honorary Uncle. Ivan turning back into Fornax forces her to come out of retirement.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Helen can, potentially, live forever, although she can also choose to die naturally. All she has to do is never call to her power again, and she will be functionally human. However, every time she becomes Lodestar, her body resets to the same state she was in when the comet fell on her, as a nineteen-year-old girl. However, Helen is a mother now, so she's not sure she wants to outlive her daughter.

One of the members of the Champions' Congress with thousands of distinct personalities in his head. Despite this, he is pretty level-headed and tends to be the uniting voice in the Congress.
  • Alternate Self: According to Nexus, there are no other Quorums in The Multiverse, making him unique. It's possible all the other Quorums' minds have somehow merged in his head, explaining the thousands of personalities.
  • Living Lie Detector: As Quorum puts it, a number of his personalities are masterful liars, which means he can easily spot another person lying. This is how he knew that Apollo was planning something, so he deliberately sped up Apollo's rise to the Congress in order to be able to root out all of Apollo's accomplices.
  • Mind Hive: Quorum has thousands of personalities inside him.
  • Super Strength: While it's not explicitly stated, it's implied that this is one of his powers, as Apollo shoving him only causes him to take a few unsteady steps forward instead of being flung against the wall at bone-crushing speed.

    Vernon (Professor Quantum) 
The original Mad Scientist, except he's on the side of the capes. Now known as Professor Quantum, his experiments opened the can of worms, altering the laws of physics, thus allowing metahumans to exist. He spends most of his time in his private island lab, experimenting on something, only getting involved in AHC business when he absolutely has to. He typically calls in to Champions' Congress meetings.
  • Absent-Minded Professor: Unlike other capes, Professor Quantum can't be bothered to actually fight crime personally. Instead, he acts as the scientific brains behind the AHC, producing much of their tech. He spends most of his time in his island lab. He finally comes back to Ridge City aboard his heavily-armed boat at the end of the first book. Like the typical portrayal of a scientist, he's not very good with people and sees nothing wrong with having someone undergo surgery in order to enhance his abilities, while citing only a 22% chance of blindness as a result.
  • Mad Scientist: His inventions rival those of Doctor Mechaniacal, his (sort of) Evil Counterpart.


    Stalwart Iron 
A robotic hero and one of Apollo's followers.
  • Just a Machine: Apollo and the other heroes are rather dismissive of him, considering him nothing more than a helpful servant.
  • The Mole: He was actually built by Doctor Mechaniacal, who still has some control over him and uses him to spy on the capes.

A hero made of living crystal, capable of growing crystal shards on his body and hurling them at enemies.
  • Flight: Somehow, being a living crystal, Erinite is able to fly.
  • Glowing Eyes: Erinite's eyes glow green.
  • Silicon-Based Life: Erinite is composed of living crystal.
  • Spike Shooter: Erinite's main mode of attack. He grows crystal shards on his body and then shoots them off with great force towards the enemy.


    Chloe Henson (Cliché) 
A barista working at the coffee shop across the street from Vendallia Industries. During the Confluence, she was given the power to make her words come true, as long as what she says is a commonly-used saying. During the climax, she provisionally calls herself Cliché. She has learned to pattern her speech without using old sayings, just in case.
  • Cliché: Chloe's power only works on phrases that are of this type. She can only keep one active at a time, so she usually defaults to "A penny saved is a penny earned", which acts as a minor cash flow, as long as she keeps herself from buying something she really wants (cash only, and it has to be something she can actually afford and really wants).
  • Words Can Break My Bones: While it seems that her power is marginal at best, she quickly learns during the climax that it can be destructive and deadly under the right circumstances:
    • "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" can potentially give a person Super Strength, as long as that person is willing to endure enough of a beating to increase his or her strength proportionally.
    • "Liar, liar, pants on fire" does exactly what it sounds like, which, apparently, also works on Badass Boasts (since they're usually exaggerations). Now imagine someone's pants bursting into flame in the middle of a battle.
    • "Fortune favors the bold" drastically increases a person's luck, as long as he or she does something bold. In Chloe's case, she manages to kill a powerful meta-criminal through a string of accidents.
    • "It's just a hop, skip, and a jump away" allows her to teleport anywhere she wishes, as long as she performs the mentioned actions (and knows the difference between the three).

A powerful interdimensional meta, whose actions are chaotic and unpredictable. According to Ivan, Nexus could have been a guild member, were he willing to follow the Code and pay his dues. A such, he just pops in whenever he wishes and leaves just as suddenly.
  • Dimensional Traveler: Nexus appears to be able to travel through The Multiverse at will and even perceive every world in it at once. The ending of the first book implies that he's actually multiple beings with a single mind. He can also open tiny portals in order to spy on people from a distance. He has great interest in this particular universe, as, according to him, no other universe has a Quorum or a Stasis.
  • Prison Escape Artist: No prison can hold Nexus for long. Eventually, he just vanishes and reappears somewhere else. Presumably, him being a Dimensional Traveler means he simply pops out of this universe and pops back in elsewhere.
  • Unexplained Recovery: Nexus has been killed at least once before, but he always comes back sometime later. It's implied he shares a Hive Mind with his alternate selves, so, when one dies, then another arrives to take his place.

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