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Characters / Vietcong

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    Recurring Characters 

Steve R. Hawkins



  • The Big Guy: The team's machinegunner.
  • Blood Knight: Gets berated for it, too.
    Hornster: A nice little camp, with plenty of gooks to shoot! My idea of heaven!

    Vietcong, Fist Alpha, and Red Dawn 

Douglas Warren

Le Dhuy Nhut

  • Heel–Face Turn
    Nhut: Me fight with Viet Minh against French. But me no like commies, they damned son-of-a-bitches. We must fight French, no Vietnamese, but they fight Vietnamese too, so commies be boss of all. I no like, so I go south and joined LLDB.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: Equipped with a Remington 870.

Nguyen Nham

Joe Crocker

  • Irony: Can occur if he gets wounded himself.

C. J. Defort

  • Blood Knight: Gets berated for it.
    Defort: You kidding? We're in deep, hostile jungle, dodging VC, tiptoeing past traps and toe-poppers, I feel great!

Thomas Bronson

Marvin Fisher

Drill Sergeant/Colonel

Condor Three

  • Distressed Dude: The VCs shot down his Thunderchief and Douglas and his team sees it going down. Naturally, both parties start searching for him.


NVA Colonel


    Vietcong 2 

Daniel Boone

  • Sociopathic Hero: Downplayed. He's friendly to his fellow US/ARVN soldiers, but when it goes to the NVA/VCs, he's pretty much Paying Evil Unto Evil. Best exemplified in the VC campaign's ending, where he orders Minh and all the dead VC soldiers to be buried along with their victims.
    Bury the dead.


Cobber Campbell



  • Tagalong Kid: He's not a member of Boone's team, and merely acting as a liaison between them and the MACV high command. There's a reason why Boone calls him "boy scout".
  • Too Dumb to Live: Tries to attack a fleeing VC squad and charges into an open field with absolutely no cover, completely exposing him to sniper fire. If it wasn't for Cobber, he would've bled to death.




  • Entitled Bastard: Boone absolutely hates him.
  • The Neidermeyer: He's in charge of a failed mission (depicted in the intro) near the DMZ which ends with his marines either getting shot by the VCs or blown up by minefields and RPGs. Boone, who participated (and gets wounded) in said mission, hates him so bad that he filed a complaint and he almost got court-martialed. Cobber seems to hate him as well.
    MACV soldier: Rivalry between army and marines. The marines swept it under the table.

Mai Van Minh

  • Knight Templar: Gets dangerously close to this trope as the VC campaign progresses.
  • Sergeant Rock: Promoted to sergeant after undergoing demolitions training.





  • Poirot Speak
    Soat:, they're all dead. We should didi mau.


VC Propagandist

  • Propaganda Machine: He tries to convince the civilians in Hue to rise up against the Americans using the town hall's radio.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Too oblivious to hear gunfire in and around the town hall, not even hearing Boone entering his room and sneaking up to him.

NVA Officer

NVA Hero

  • All There in the Manual: Game files, not to mention his class's description in the multiplayer mode identified him as a "hero of the revolution".
  • Big Bad: The closest the US campaign gets to one, being one of the remaining officers who were (probably) in charge of the NVA and VC forces in Hue.


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