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Characters / Venus Envy

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Zoë Carter

The main character of Venus Envy. A 16-year-old transgender girl whose family has recently moved to the opposite side of her home state.

  • Heroic BSoD: Zoë occasionally has panic attacks whenever she's stressed out. The two biggest examples were 1. When she visited her old school and 2. After nearly being run over by an SUV.

Larson Degado

A young trans man whom Zoë first meets at group therapy.

  • Tiny Schoolboy: Only 5'4 due to being a transgender boy, but he makes up for it in feist. The first time he meets Zoë and her date, he tries to get into a fight with them before noticing the girls are 5'10 and 5'6 respectively.
  • Transgender: A transgender man.


Lisa VanGough

A lesbian who goes on a date with Zoë and discovers her secret.


Eric Smith

A Casanova who intends for Zoë to be another conquest, but develops more complicated feelings.

Nina dell'Abade

A stage hand for the school play.

Grace Allen


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