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Characters / Venus Blood -Brave-

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    Main Characters 

Hain Volgard
Red Moon Magician
"Taste it yourself, this is the power of magic...!"

The main character of the story. Hain is a young demon from the Sacred City of Arsta, who is quietly studying the Red Moon among humans. During his study of magic, he created a homunculus called a Guardian. He finds himself interested in Leona after she first rescues him, and decides to accompany her on a journey to subdue the Demon King, justifying it as application of his research. Although he has high aptitude as a mage, his magical power does not recover naturally due to some mysterious circumstances, requiring him to absorb energy from those he is close to.

Leona Amalal
Lightning Hero
"Yeah, I'll lend you my power. Let's fight together until the day we defeat the Demon King."
CV. Ryoko Tezuka

A brave girl who freely manipulates the magical power of lightning. She is also a descendant of the brave man who sealed the Demon King in a war 500 years ago. When the Demon King is resurrected alongside the appearance of the Red Moon, she sets out to defeat him. She refers to herself as a hero, and has trained to fight harder than the demons. However, sometimes she acts before she thinks things through. She is bright, lively, and has a strong sense of justice, and is loved by everyone as a beacon of hope in subduing the Demon King.

Akris Menor
Healing Saint
"Actually, I'm still scared. But I have to do something. But I'm scared..."
CV. Mei Misonoo

A Priestess of Yilan from the Sacred City of Arsta. Her talent to heal others has made her the treasured child of the temple's leader. After being helped by Hain and Leona, she feels grateful, and joins them in the battle against the Demon King. She's initially scared of various things because of a natural timidity, but she gains maturity as they continue their journey. She is the gentlest and purest of the heroes.

Dragon Maid
"My husband, give me any orders."
CV. Rizu Sawashiro

Hain's maid, who is in charge of cooking, cleaning, and laundry. She has characteristics of an extinct Dragon tribe, but she is not a pure-blooded descendant. She is stoic and doesn't show much emotion, except when expressing her loyalty to her "husband", Hain. She loves to take care of not just Hain, but also the Guardian that he created. Although her aptitude for magical power is extremely low, her body is strong and she is good at being stealthy, so she often acts as a scout.

Goddess of Charity
"Come on, go...brave men!"
CV. Minami Momoya

The goddess who brought peace to humankind, but was injured in the previous war against the Demon King. She continued to protect humans for a long time, but was losing power with the resurrection of the demons. She appears in Arsta's temple to entrust the last remnants of her power to Leona and others heading to subdue the Demon King. While regretting that she is unable to leave the temple alongside them due to exhausting her power, she gives a little blessing to Hain's adventures.

  • Big Good: The land's guardian deity, who does her best to protect the land from demons, and entrusts Leona and Hain with her power when she is no longer able to do it alone.

Chibi Yilan
Lovely Reincarnation of the Goddess
"I am the real thing! The true goddess! The goddess of goddesses! Come on, praise me to your heart's content!"
CV. Minami Momoya

A fragment of Yilan's power that awakens with her own personality. Compared to the original goddess, who is quiet and calm, Chibi Yilan is a high-tension goddess that's energetic, playful and somewhat crazy. She has a positive attitude, but as a mere fragment of a goddess that lost her power, she can't do much. Regardless, she has not forgotten her mission as a goddess, and joins the heroes despite her shortcomings.

  • Guest Fighter: She is planned to appear in Venus Blood -Hollow- as a battle-only unit.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Despite her short stature and personality, she's still part of a Goddess that has existed for over five centuries, retaining all of her progenitor's memories and wisdom.
  • Token Mini-Moe: The party decides to call her "Chibi Yilan", not just to distinguish her from Yilan or due to her youthful energy, but also because she appears smaller than the rest of the cast.

    Other Heroines 

Lean Bell Orte
Passionate Dancer
"Now, be fascinated by my dance!"
CV. Misaki Todo

The daughter of the lord of Panofka, a desert country. She is also known as the best dancer in the country. She has a strong sense of justice and is looking for the source of illegal liquor, which has recently become a problem in the territory. She is a descendant of the desert people who were good at magical sword skills, so she is good at supporting others with her sword dance. Her dream for the future is to entertain people with her own dances while traveling the world. She has an upbeat and very positive personality. If anyone is sad, she is willing to go to any lengths to cheer them up.

  • Belly Dancer: Her career, though her dancing outfit is an especially distracting one.
  • Dance Battler: The dance she's most talented at involves swordplay, and is how she contributes to combat once recruited.

Claudia Gristin
Maliciously Bound Swordfighter
"... I'm just a protector of the Lord."
CV. Yuki Akashi

An enslaved gladiator taken from the arena by the lord of Panofka, a desert country. She was originally a paladin of the Kingdom of Albash, but it was destroyed by an attack from demons, and she was subsequently captured by a slave trader. Feeling guilty that she was the only survivor of the Knights, she seeks a place to die.

  • Chainmail Bikini: Her gladiatorial armor is more to appeal to spectators than for actual protection.
  • Death Seeker: She cannot forgive herself for failing to protect her kingdom.
  • Made a Slave: She was captured and sold into slavery after the fall of the kingdom she served.
  • Sole Survivor: Of the attack on the Kingdom of Albash.

Miyabi Tachibana
Sword of Loyalty
"I want to help the princess. Please help me with that."
CV. Himari

Miyabi is from an island nation located in the eastern part of the continent, Tonokuni. She is a master of a variant of Iaijutsu she calls Kensei. She serves Uzume, the daughter of the lord of Tonokuni, but was involved in a political conflict and was ordered to observe the situation on the mainland side of the continent. Probably because she is a serious warrior, she has a strong sense of responsibility. She's willing to cooperate with Hain's magical research to gain the power to regain the country.

Uzume Amakuni
Eastern Shrine Princess
"Fufu, it's okay, Miyabi. I have nothing...Thank you for coming to help."
CV. Ryu Ando

The daughter of the lord of Tonokuni, an island country located in the eastern part of the continent, also known as "Lantern Country". When the country was attacked by the demons, she is captured by Kasen, one of the Four Heavenly Kings. Originally a graceful and neat princess, she has accepted her new role as Kasen's pet slave after being subjected to her punishments.

  • Fashionable Asymmetry: The outfit Kasen gave her has a notable black-white split down the middle.
  • Made a Slave: She became Kasen's after the demons conquered her territory.

Islay Wolfstein
Black Princess Knight
"Zenoa's flame does not forgive you demons. I will execute your condemnation with this hand...!"
CV. Yuri Himuro

The second-born princess of the Wolfstein royal family. A princess-knight who leads the Knights of the Empire of Zenoa, which is famous for having the strongest force of humankind. She's renowned not only for her battle prowess, but her excellent strategies. She is strict with himself and others, and has a personality that does not allow caution and pride to impact her judgement. She lost her elder sister Olivier in a demon invasion and hates the demons. Knowing the true identity of Hain as a demon, she will be hostile to the heroes.

Elemia Wolfstein
Dangerous Magic Princess
" sister, how noble and beautiful...! I'll kill the innocent person who faces such an older sister!"
CV. Ringo Aoba

The third princess of the Zenoah Empire and Islay's sister. She manipulates various types of magic with ease, and her ability and talent are said to be genius. She is also the deputy leader of the Knights of the Empire of Zenoa, and has a very keen eye for observation as a magician. She adores her sister, Islay, but sometimes this devotion makes her more dangerous to deal with than Islay herself. Occasionally, it seems that she is formulating a suspicious potion with an unknown purpose...


    Demon King's Army 

Resurrected Demon King
"Brothers, their time is up! Now is the time to overrun the human land and show our pride!"
CV. Haruno Sakaki

The Demon King who has revived after a long sleep. She was defeated in battle 500 years ago and sealed by a brave man, but she continued to accumulate power while trapped and has finally revived. She created the Red Moon that empowers the demons, and plots to rule the entire continent. Although she strikes fear in the hearts of humans, she shows deep compassion to her compatriots and is also overwhelmingly charismatic, so she is absolutely trusted by the demons.

  • Big Bad: She's the main instigator of the story's conflicts, and her defeat is the primary goal.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: She was sealed away 500 years ago, but she has reawakened alongside the rising of the Red Moon.
  • She Is the King: Despite being a woman, her title is Demon King.

The Last Dragon Sage
"Glory to the demons, slavery to humans. All for the great Demon Lord Lagar."
CV. Kaoru Momozono

The last survivor of a purebred dragon tribe that died in the war 500 years ago. Although most of the dragons used to fight against the demons alongside humans, Isabella herself is the Chancellor of the Demon Army. She has made great contributions to the Demon King's victories, such as managing the creation of new demons and maximizing the Red Moon's potential.

  • Draconic Humanoid: She appears to be human, save for her large black wings, multiple horns, and scales that at first seem to be pieces of armor.
  • Last of His Kind: She is the last pure-blooded Dragon of the same tribe that Sheila is descended from.

High-Spirited Demon
"Nyaha, I've been waiting here for 100 years! I'll get my revenge today!"
CV. Hime Shibuya

One of the Demon King's frontline captains. She is also the Queen of the Alraune tribe. She is a favorite of the Demon King Lagar, often acting as her jester. Although her combat power is lower than that of the Four Heavenly Kings, she has the indomitable vitality to survive and return in any fierce battle. She's not weak at all, but she still has a bad habit of losing when she appears in front of the main characters many times. Because her words and actions are a little stupid, she just seems to be a tough and troublesome mid-boss.

  • Guest Fighter: She is planned to appear in Venus Blood -Hollow- as a battle-only unit.
  • Mini-Boss: The protagonists consider her to be one, particularly when compared to the Four Heavenly Kings.
  • Plant Person: She is the Queen of the Alraune, a race of plant-humanoid demons.
  • Recurring Boss: She challenges Hain and Leona repeatedly during their quest.
  • Vapor Wear: Her outfit covers everything it needs to, but also exposes quite a bit of her thighs.

Desert Snake Princess
"I'm getting tired of the boring sideshow. Would you like to entertain me with the power of the brave?"
CV. Hoshizora Yume

The Lamia Queen who has been ordered to invade the desert country of Panofka. A corner of the Demon King's Four Heavenly Kings. She likes sex, money, sake, and teasing men, and has a personality as enjoyable as her looks. She has the most capricious personality of the Demon King's heavyweights, and tends to prioritize personal hobbies and tastes over invasion orders. She hasn't fought seriously for a long time, but when it comes to an actual challenge, she gives a glimpse of her true nature as a snake princess of fear who brutally chops her enemies with her vorpal sword.

  • Elite Four: One of the Demon Army's Four Heavenly Kings.
  • Snake Person: She's the Queen of the Lamia, the race of snake-humanoid demons.

Parasite Mother
"Cute girls are mine, mine ~ ♪ Now, you should be captivated by me ~"
CV. Ariga To

A Scylla with a gentle tone, and one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King Army. She masqueraded as a human to sneak into Lantern Country, distracted the heavyweights with sex appeal, and manipulated the nations into fighting amongst themselves. She loves to tease girls, particularly Uzume, who she captured during the destruction of Tonokuni and made her personal slave. On the other hand, she has a strong dislike for men, and treats them with the cruelty of a true demon, embedding her parasites and making them her puppets.

  • Dark Chick: Her talents are more focused on emotional (and mental) manipulation instead of direct battle prowess.
  • Elite Four: One of the Demon Army's Four Heavenly Kings.
  • Puppeteer Parasite: How she chooses to deal with men, and how Lantern Country tore itself apart.
  • Sea Serpents: The Scylla species is this, though Kasen is able to hide her monstrous qualities.

Golem's Might
"You only have the path to submit as livestock. If you go against it, you will die."
CV. Yutaka Saki

A Lava Golem girl, and one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King Army. She is also the most powerful arm of the Demon King Army. She commands the Golem unit and is on a mission to capture the Zenoah Empire, which is said to be the strongest in the human nation. Her direct fighting power, such as a body that can withstand lava and the strength to crush stones with ease, is the strongest among the Four Heavenly Kings. An aphrodisiac mucus is released from her body's surface, so even if her foes escape, the aphrodisiac erodes their minds and bodies. She is the most impatient of the Four Heavenly Kings, and those who oppose her will be hurt both physically and mentally.

  • The Brute: Her raw power is the strongest of all the Demon King's top forces.
  • Elite Four: One of the Demon Army's Four Heavenly Kings.
  • Living Aphrodisiac: She intentionally leaves parts of herself exposed because she can produce an aphrodisiac mucus that drives people mad.
  • Underboobs: Her rocky carapace leaves these, as well as her stomach, exposed.

Playful Necromancer
"Neehihi...Hey, sleep...In my distorted world, enjoy your last dream..."
CV. Hoshizora Yume

Helen is the head of a race called the Nightmare, which controls dreams, and is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King Army. She is in charge of the defense and management of the already-destroyed Kingdom of Albash. Her direct attack power is the weakest among the Four Heavenly Kings, but she's capable of causing the most trouble. She can use her dark magic to transform corpses into new soldiers, and to intervene in multiple human dreams and manipulate their spirit. She is the most newcomer to the Four Heavenly Kings and has a stubborn personality, but her loyalty to the Demon King Lagar is extremely high.

  • Elite Four: One of the Demon Army's Four Heavenly Kings.
  • Necromancer: Her special talent, transforming all the Albash corpses into her own personal army.

Sword Executioner
" you accept that blow? Okay, I'll recognize you as a prey worth killing. "
CV. Ariga To

Captain of the Demon King's troops, with an entertaining and sadistic personality. She likes fighting strong men more than anything else, and there are countless lives that she has taken with her magic sword. Since she acts as a liaison between her home country and the front line, and sometimes as a battlefield observer, she usually does not lead a large army and acts freely.

  • Blood Knight: There's nothing she loves more than a strong opponent she can fight to the death.


Storage Dragon
A dragon-like guardian that Leona formed a pact with. He assists Leona in combat with electric shocks. He has a gentle and strong heart, and often cares for other guardians. Hain is very interested in him, wanting to create more dragons in a world where the dragon tribes are almost completely extinct.

Unicorn Beast
A pony-sized unicorn that Akris spawns. He has a rather cool personality, preferring to isolate from other guardians, but is protective of Akris. Born from the desire to help everyone, he's able to assist Akris in battle, and provide the offense Akris otherwise lacks.

Melting Spirit
"Aye-aye, Maam! Colonia will continue to help you well today!"
CV. Yutaka Saki

Sheila's Guardian, a slime girl who looks like she's wearing a maid outfit. She was originally created by Hain, as the first successfully manufactured Guardian. Unlike most other Guardians, she can understand and speak human language. She refers to Hain and Sheila as her parents, and greatly admires them. Colonia's talents includes changing her physical form, specializing in transformation mimicry, which is a great benefit when assisting with Sheila's scouting missions. Although she is not a young Guardian, she's often up to mischief, leading to spats with Sheila.

  • Ninja Maid: Her appearance of choice, at least partly to mimic Sheila.
  • Slime Girl: She takes the form of one.

Noisy Cat
"Nyanyan! You called and I appeared! Feliz meow!"
CV. Kaoru Momozono

The cat guardian that Lean Bell summons. She seems to control the power of sound, having acute hearing and being able to manipulate noise for combat purposes. She can speak like Colonia, and she admires Lean Bell as her "master".

Steel Battalion
An iron guardian summoned by Claudia. A knight with a huge shield and armor, born from Claudia's determination to protect her new companions, fueled by the regrets she once held in her heart.

Rakshasa Kijo
The Arachne-type guardian that Miyabi can summon. Although her appearance is unusual and she does not speak words, she is friendly to real people and often spoils Miyabi. She has the ability of the Mind's Eye to see what is invisible.

Hidden Sake Snake
The snake guardian that Uzume forms a pact with. He can control the magical power of water and sake, intoxicate enemies with alcohol, and attack with water currents.
  • The Alcoholic: Is always drinking sake, and can poison enemies with it in combat.

Flame Bird
Islay's bird guardian. A symbol of integrity and condemnation, her feathers are constantly burning with a purifying fire. She looks very similar to the legendary Phoenix, which is also the object of worship of the Zenoah Empire.

Magic Jewel
A guardian that looks like a small, floating, squirrel-like animal encased in crystal, which Elemia spawns. She has the ability to refract, absorb, and reflect light and magical power. She has a shy personality and often hides from her "parent".