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Characters from Vampiru.

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Characters Introduced in Cross:

     Danielle "Dani" Tamari 
The main character. Dani is a 12-year-old schoolgirl who notices something odd about her new Maths teacher, and can't leave well enough alone.


     David Cross 
Real name Lucius Sinistrah, Jr. A vampire who murders his father and hides on Earth, and becomes a Maths teacher at Dani's school. Has a mysterious reason for hating Terror.

     Lady Terror De Mon 
A vampire who is behind the murders of the Queen and Prime Minister. Who she is and what she wants are a mystery. All that is known about her is that she looks like the Grim Reaper, has at least three children, and David hates her.

     Grievous De Mon 
Terror's son.

     Nightmare De Mon 
Terror's daughter.

     Abihira "Abi" Rah 
David's sister and a vampire assassin/biologist who is hired by Terror. Is a double agent for Dracula.


     Sébastien Cercueil / Nicolae Dracula 
Dracula's cousin and Terror's unwilling accomplice.

  • Adorkable: Of a sort. He really has no clue how to deal with Dani.

     Celeste LaMorgan  
A schoolgirl and werewolf who attends Dani's school. She and her mother are kidnapped by vampires.

     Gareth Brown 
A school-friend of Dani's.

  • Shipper on Deck: He apparently ships Dani/David. One has to hope he doesn't know what David is.

     Steven Brown 
Gareth's older brother.

     Carmilla Karnstein 
A vampire who works for Terror.


     Vlad Dracula 
Sébastien's cousin and David and Abihira's cousin several times removed. Is using Abihira as a kind of double agent to find out what Terror is doing.

A vampire who works for Terror.

A vampire who works for Terror.

Dani's subconsciousness. Apparently.

     Edward Tamari 
Dani's brother. Works for Terror.

     Attykcca De Mon 
Terror's younger daughter and youngest child. A doctor of sorts.

Characters Introduced in 10:30, The Day Before Yesterday:

     Sirius Sangue 

The younger brother of the First Minister of Northern Ireland and a blackmailer of sorts. Is currently investigating the situation in new York.

     Christian Sangue 

The First Minister of Northern Ireland and Sirius's older brother.

     Astor Owston 
The President of the United States. Is working with Grievous to kill Dani and David.

     Helena Lanjaliju 

Abihira's adopted daughter and a Grim Reaper.

     Claude Faustus 

A police officer with some connection to Sirius.


Real name Saelethaemonta, Leslie is an alien with dozens of arms and eyes who is living with Claude for some reason.


A creature, possibly an alien, who looks like a demon and works for Grievous and Nightmare.


An assassin working for Grievous.


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