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Characters / Vampirina

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The characters of Vampirina.

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Hauntley Family

    Vampirina "Vee" Hauntley 
Voiced by: Isabella Cramp

The titular vampire who moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania and tries to fit in with the human civilization. She's the lead singer and lead guitarist of her band, the Ghoul Girls.


    Oxana Hauntley 
Voiced by: Lauren Graham

Vee's mother and the owner of the Scare B&B.

    Boris Hauntley 
Voiced by: James Van Der Beek

Vee's father and the co-owner of the Scare B&B.

Scare B&B creatures

Voiced by: Mitchell Whitfield

A happy-go-lucky ghost.

  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Red to Gregoria's Blue, being the excited and more optimistic of the two.

Voiced by: Wanda Sykes

A cynical 473-year-old sentient gargoyle.


    Chef Remy Bones 
Voiced by: Ian James Corlett

A French-accented skeleton and the chef of the Scare B&B.


    Poppy Peepleson 
Voiced by: Jordan Alexa Davis

Vee's best friend and sidekick, and one of few humans in on her true identity. She's the drummer of the Ghoul Girls.

Voiced by: ViviAnn Yee

A shy girl and another friend of Vee's. She's the bassist of the Ghoul Girls.

    Edgar Peepleson 
Voiced by: Benji Risley

Poppy's younger twin brother who makes a vlog.


    Edna Peepleson 
Voiced by: Cree Summer

Poppy's mother.

Transylvania Monsters

    The Scream Girls 
Voiced by: Kaley Snider (FrankenStacy), Raini Rodriguez (Creepy Caroline), Gabriela Milo (Ghastly Gayle)

Vee's favorite band.

  • Genki Girl - Ghastly Gayle is this sometimes. In the episode "The Ghoul Girls", she literally zipped up enthusiastically to Vee and her friends.

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