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Are characters of Vampire Lovers.

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Characters in both fanfics

Main Duo


Mal is a human (later vampire), she is perfect, also she is best friends Jane and Lonnie, she is new boyfriend Fox Mulder is vampire.


    Fox Mulder 

Fox Mulder is a vampire, he is believe when his girlfriend Mal.

Supporting characters


Jay is a Mal's good friend and Carlos' best friends, he is boyfriend of Lonnie.


Carlos is a Jay's best friend and Jane's boyfriend, also Mal's friend.


Jane is a Mal and Lonnie's best friends and Carlos' girlfriend.



Lonnie is a Mal and Jane's best friends and Jay's girlfriend.


Doug is one Mal's friend and Evie's boyfriend.

    Chad Charming 

Chad Charming is one Mal's friend.

    Liz Einstein 

Liz Einstein is a Mal and Mulder's enemy, she is mistress and now turned dhampir in The Apocalypse.


Introducting Vampire Lovers


Ben is a Mal's former boyfriend, he and Mal after their breakup.

    Dana Scully 

Dana Scully was an Mulder's partner and she is dies faint.


Dryon was an vampire and Emmalyn's late boyfriend, while happened Mulder's kidnapped.


Emmalyn was an Alpha Bitch and Dryon's late girlfriend, she was enemies of Mal, Jane and Lonnie.


Gabriella was anEmmalyn's sister, in only chapter 18.

Introducting Vampire Lovers: The Apocalypse

    Melissa "Mel" Mulder 

Mel is a daughter of Mal and Mulder.


Emily is a one best friends Mel and Jessie.


Jessie is a one best friends Mel and Emily.


Kristin is a Mel's rival.

Alternative Title(s): Vampire Lovers The Apocalypse


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