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From left to right: Sova, Phoenix, Viper, Jett, and Cypher

The agents of Valorant each have their own set of abilities, but complete their loadouts with a vast array of guns. Agents have 2 basic abilities that are purchased before a round starts, a signature ability that has a cooldown in between uses, and an ultimate ability that charges with points gained from getting kills or collecting orbs on the map. The agents are split into four classes:

  • Duelists focus on defeating other agents mano-a-mano. Their abilities revolve around mobility, self-healing, and entry-fragging. Their signature abilities, rather than having cooldowns, recharge after getting 2 kills.Agents include 
  • Initiators focus on setting up your team for a take or retake on a bomb-site. Their abilities revolve around area denial, crowd control, and scouting.Agents include 
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  • Sentinels focus on defending and delaying the enemy team. Their abilities revolve around slowing the enemy, blocking them off, or information gathering.Agents include 
  • Controllers focus on manipulating sightlines and areas to execute on a bomb-site or defend critical regions. Their abilities focus around smokes and damaging area of effectsAgents include 

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"Watch this!"

"Think you can keep up? Who am I kidding? You know you can't keep up."

Voiced by: Shannon Williams

Representing her home country of South Korea, Jett's agile and evasive fighting style lets her take risks no one else can. She runs circles around every skirmish, cutting enemies before they even know what hit them.

Her basic abilities include Cloudburst, a smoke cloud that she can curve while it's airborne, and Updraft, a swift upward dash. Her signature ability is Tailwind, a quick horizontal dash in whatever direction she's facing or moving. Her ultimate ability is Blade Storm, in which she pulls out five accurate throwing knives that recharge on kill. As her passive ability, she can fall slower in midair by holding the jump key.

Tropes applying to Jett:

  • Arrogant Kung Fu Girl: Jett is more openly crude and prone to Trash Talk than the rest of the agents. A good portion of her voice lines are her boasting about her abilities and belittling her opponents-and on occasion, her team as well.
    "Oh, my back hurts, everyone's so heavy!"
  • Badass Adorable: She looks quite cute and has fast-paced superpowers, especially her Blade Storm ability.
  • Blow You Away: All of her abilities involve wind and clouds.
  • Flechette Storm: While Blade Storm is active, she can chuck her throwing knives in quick succession or at the same time in a small spread; the latter is particularly lethal at close range.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: Jett may have a hint of this, if this quote is anything to go by:
    [when heavily losing] "They're not better than me."
  • Knife Nut: Her ultimate, Blade Storm, has her swapping her gun for throwing knives.
  • Not Quite Flight: Jett can float in midair and dash upward or forward, but she can't fly.
  • The Rival: To Phoenix in "Duelists", in which both of them compete for a satchel with as of yet unknown contents. Jett wins.
  • Unsportsmanlike Gloating: And how!
    "Ha! Who are you? The cleanup crew?"
    "Hehehe! You're terrible!"
    "Heh. Oh, wow, you guys suck."
    "Was that supposed to be a fight?"

"Come on, let's go!"

"You already know the name."

Voiced by: Afolabi Alli

Hailing from the U.K., Phoenix's star power shines through in his fighting style, igniting the battlefield with flash and flare. Whether he's got backup or not, he'll rush into a fight on his own terms.

His basic abilities include Blaze, a wall of fire that blocks enemy vision and damages enemies, and Curveball, a flashbang that is thrown in a horizontal curve. His signature ability is Hot Hands, a fireball that creates a field of fire that damages enemies and heals Phoenix. His ultimate ability is Run it Back, where Phoenix marks a spot on the map. When he dies, or when the timer runs out, he returns to that spot, fully healed.

Tropes applying to Phoenix:

  • Animal Motifs: Take a guess.
  • Back from the Dead: When killed during Run it Back, Phoenix will revive himself, fully healed.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Curveball can only be thrown in a horizontal curve, never in a straight line, and Phoenix can blind himself and his allies with it. Should you master positioning and sightlines, though, it becomes a very impactful utility for confusing the enemy and setting up kills.
  • Finger Snap Lighter: He summons his Curveball with a finger snap.
  • Heal It with Fire: By standing in his own Blaze and Hot Hands, Phoenix can regenerate health. It doesn't work on allies.
  • Keet: Phoenix gets rather excited when resurrected by Sage:
    "No way! You can do that, too?!"
  • Man on Fire: While using his ultimate, he becomes wreathed in flames.
  • Meaningful Name: His moniker is "Phoenix", and he has the powers of fire, regeneration, and coming back to life after death.
  • Narcissist: Phoenix is vain, showboating, and full of himself. His intro during the agent selection screen even shows him admiring himself in front of the camera.
    [starting a round with an enemy Phoenix]"There can only be one Phoenix. I'm coming for you."
  • Playing with Fire: All these fire tropes not cluing you in?
  • The Rival: To Jett in "Duelists" in which he tries to get a mysterious package back from her. He fails.

Here comes the fireworks!

"Okay mia familia, leave the fireworks to me!"

Voiced by: Carolina Ravassa

Raze explodes out of Brazil with her big personality and big guns. With her blunt-force-trauma playstyle, she excels at flushing entrenched enemies and clearing tight spaces with a generous dose of “boom.”

Her basic abilities include Boom Bot, a drone that seeks out enemies and explodes, and Blast Pack, a remote-detonated explosive pack that knocks enemies and Raze herself back. Raze takes no damage from her own packs. Her signature ability is Paint Shells, a cluster grenade that explodes, then releases three smaller, weaker grenades. Her ultimate ability is Showstopper, a rocket launcher that deals massive explosive damage.

Tropes applying to Raze:

  • Badass Normal: The only non-Radiant Duelist so far, with her gadgets forming the basis of her abilities.
  • Bungling Inventor: She seems to have a penchant for "modifying" Cypher's tools, to his annoyance.
    Cypher: Izze, don't tinker with my gadgets. I don't need exploding cameras again. The cleanup was so messy.
  • Genki Girl: Good lord, is she ever!
  • Mad Bomber: Raze is obsessed with her explosives, and has an excited personality to match.
  • Rocket Jump: Using her Blast Pack, Raze can launch herself into the air for mobility, since it deals no damage to her.
  • Spicy Latina: Brazilian, Hot-Blooded, and ridiculously energetic, Raze fits this trope to a T.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: All of her abilities are explosives, giving her effective area control and tremendous damage output with a generous dose of "boom."

"They will cower!"

"What hope do these creaturas have? I almost pity them."

Voiced by: N/A

Forged in the heart of Mexico, Reyna dominates single combat, popping off with each kill she scores. Her capability is only limited by her raw skill, making her highly dependent on performance.

Whenever Reyna kills an enemy, they drop a soul orb. Her basic abilities are Devour, consuming a soul orb to heal rapidly over a short amount of time, and Dismiss which allows her to instantly consume a soul orb nearby and become intangible. Her signature ability is Leer, which equips a destructible supernatural eye that can be deployed to give enemies nearsight. Her ultimate ability is Empress, which sends Reyna into a frenzy that increases her firing speed, equip and reload speed dramatically. During Empress, Devour instantly activates on kill, Dismiss turns Reyna invisible and has infinite uses, and enemies are highlighted in red. The duration of Empress resets on kills.

Tropes applying to Reyna:

  • Evil Laugh: She lets one loose whenever she uses Dismiss with Empress active.
  • Fantastic Racism: She's a Radiant, and clearly has low regard for her non-powered counterparts.
    "Enough of your technology, the future is Radiant."
  • Healing Factor: If Reyna gets the opening to Devour a soul orb instead of using Dismiss on it, she can over-heal herself back up to 150 HP, making her very difficult to kill even if your ally damages her before eating dirt.
  • Hot Witch: Has dark magic powers, and is a stunning beauty.
  • Meaningful Name: "Reyna" is an alteration of the Spanish wordnote  for "Queen". Certainly a fitting name for someone with her power and attitude.
  • Narcissist: Thought Phoenix was bad? Reyna trumps him and then some.
    "If I act superior, it's because I am."
  • Power Echoes: Her voice gets noticeably deeper and echoes when she uses her ultimate ability.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Her eyes and highlights are purple, and she's a soul-stealing wraith-like fighter with incredible close combat skills.
  • Soul Eating: Dismiss and Devour both have Reyna consume soul orbs to activate her powers.
    Cypher: Remember everyone, she can only suck our souls AFTER we die. What a charming woman.



"These cowards aren't ready for me. No one ever is."

Voiced by: David Menkin

Breach, the bionic Swede, fires powerful, targeted kinetic blasts to aggressively clear a path through enemy ground. The damage and disruption he inflicts ensures no fight is ever fair.

His basic abilities include Aftershock, an explosive blast that pierces through walls, and Flashpoint, a flashbang that pierces through walls. His signature ability is Fault Line, a seismic shockwave that dazes enemies, slowing both movement and fire rate. His ultimate ability is Rolling Thunder, a massive quake that dazes and knocks enemies up in a large area of effect.

Tropes applying to Breach:

  • Arm Cannon: His bionic arms can fire wall-piercing shockwaves, explosive bursts, and flashbangs.
  • Artificial Limbs: Unlike the other agents, Breach has cybernetic limbs.
  • Badass Normal: Subverted. While he is not a Radiant, he is a Cyborg with a pair of Artificial Limbs.
  • Badass Transplant: Given that his abilities are built into his Artificial Limbs.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Both Fault Line and Rolling Thunder create fissures or earthquakes.
  • Large Ham: He's not above a little boasting in his voice lines.
  • Only in It for the Money:
    "The faster we do this the faster I get paid."
  • Screaming Warrior: When casting Rolling Thunder, he'll scream to his allies to either follow up on his massive attack or to his enemies that they're about to kiss dirt.
    [Ally Breach ultimate is cast] "LET'S GO!"
    [Enemy Breach ultimate is cast] "OFF YOUR FEET!"

"I am the hunter!"

"This bow has taken men and beast alike. I have found there is little difference."

Voiced by: Aaron Vodovoz

Born from the eternal winter of Russia's tundra, Sova tracks, finds and eliminates enemies with ruthless efficiency and precision. His custom bow and incredible scouting abilities ensure that even if you run, you cannot hide.

His basic abilities include Owl Drone, a flying drone that can fire tracking darts at enemies, and Shock Bolt, an electric arrow that sticks to surfaces and explodes. His signature ability is Recon Bolt, an arrow that releases radar pulses to reveal enemies around it. Both his Shock and Recon bolt can bounce off walls up to two times. His ultimate is Hunter's Fury, which lets him fire 3 high-damage energy arrows that pierce through terrain and players alike.

Tropes applying to Sova:

  • Animal Motifs: Owls; aside from the obvious name of his drone, his own name translates to it from Russian, and his abilities emphasize gaining and exploiting vision.
  • Archer Archetype: Aside from his Owl Drone, all of his abilities involve his bow.
  • Badass Normal: Sova has no superpowers. All he needs is a futuristic bow that fires Trick Arrows, a Surveillance Drone, and very high tracking skills.
  • Cold Sniper: Sova is a calm, patient hunter with no regard for who he kills.
    "The wounded dog bites hard."
  • Friendly Sniper: While he is a focused Cold Sniper to his foes, Sova's interactions with his allies are mostly words of encouragement and he espouses the value of True Companions.
    "We're strong because we are together. Don't forget that."
    "If you're not a good shot today, don't worry. There are other ways to be useful."
    "I believe in all of you like I believe in myself."
  • Scarily Competent Tracker: Sova is the recon specialist of the agents, using his vast array of tools to reveal his prey.
  • The Straight and Arrow Path: Sova's bow and Trick Arrows are where most of his utility comes from. Additionally, while drawing back an arrow, Sova can modify the arrow to bounce up to two times.
  • The Stoic: Outside of his ultimate voice lines, Sova doesn't raise his voice very much.
  • Surveillance Drone: His Owl Drone, which can fire tracking darts on enemies, making them visible to all allies.
  • Trick Arrow: His arrows can either explode, or reveal nearby enemies.


"Where is everyone hiding?"

"Nobody escapes me. But they'll try."

Voiced by: Nabil Elouahabi

The Moroccan information broker, Cypher is a one-man surveillance network who can keep tabs on the enemy's every move. No secret is safe. No maneuver goes unseen. Cypher is always watching.

His basic abilities are Trapwire, deploying up to two tripwires that tether, reveal and daze enemies, and Cyber Cage, which has Cypher toss a device that constructs a zone that blocks the enemy's vision and slows them down. His signature ability is Spy Cam, employing a camera that lets Cypher observe the area and shoot a marking dart to reveal the location of any player. His ultimate ability is Neural Theft, which allows Cypher to use a device in his hat on an opponent's corpse to reveal the location of all other living enemy players.

Tropes applying to Cypher:

  • Badass Boast: Sometimes if he wins the match as the MVP.
    "I AM PROMETHEUS! And you are just a God."
  • Badass Normal: He is a gadget-type Agent with no powers to identify him as a Radiant.
  • Conspicuous Trenchcoat: Fitting his role as a mysterious information gatherer.
  • Everyone Has Standards: One of his voice lines has him briefly considering using pictures of the enemy team's families to intimidate them, but quickly dismissing the idea as "too dark".
    "Let's see what I have to use. Pictures of their children? Wow, way too dark."
  • Fedora of Asskicking: To complete his Conspicuous Trenchcoat. It is also used to activate his Neural Theft.
  • The Gadfly: His interactions with enemies and allies alike consist mostly of him needling them about personal stuff.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Apparently builds his own gadgets from whatever materials he has available.
    "I wonder if they have any parts I can salvage. Hmm... Implants. I need those."
    [if one of his abilities is destroyed] "Aw, I worked hard on that!"
  • The Gambler: His tripwire evokes the image of a lucky coin and he frequently uses gambling terms to describe his battles.
    "You forget, I always play high stakes."
    "Don't worry. The house always wins."
  • Hidden Depths: In one of his voice lines he mentions a family and how he fights to protect them.
  • Sinister Surveillance: Cypher's main contribution to the team is intelligence on the enemy's whereabouts and positioning, whether it be through his Trapwire, Spy Cam or Neural Theft.
  • Spy Cam: His signature ability has him attach one to a place of his choosing. If activated, he can see through it and even have it shoot a tracking dart at an enemy player.
  • Trap Master: This is Cypher's modus operandi: He can use all his abilities to lock down a site defensively and hinder the enemy long enough for his team to take action or cover his advance to notify him if an enemy is approaching.
  • Two-Headed Coin: Trapwire has him evoke this image by throwing his tripwire device in the same way a gambler might throw a coin.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child: He briefly toys with the idea of intimidating his enemies with pictures of their children, but dismisses the idea as too dark.

"Your duty is not over!"

"I wasn't strong enough before. But now? Now I am strong enough for us all!"

Voiced by: Naomi Yang

The stronghold of China, Sage creates safety for herself and her team wherever she goes. Able to revive fallen friends and stave off aggressive pushes, she provides a calm center to a hellish fight.

Her basic abilities are Barrier Orb, which equips an orb that erects a solid wall, and Slow Orb, an orb that is thrown on the ground and will slow down all enemy players walking over it. Her signature ability is Healing Orb, a heal orb that heals a single ally over time and provides selfheal if Sage uses alt-fire while damaged. Her ultimate ability is Resurrection, which allows Sage to bring one ally back to life with full health.

Tropes applying to Sage:

  • An Ice Person: Sage's Barrier Orb and Slow Orb have a distinct ice theme to them. Resurrection also encases the target's body in ice before they are revived.
  • Back from the Dead: Resurrection can be used to revive a downed ally.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Sage might be a healer, but she is still able and willing to put down anyone who threatens those under her protection.
    "I am both shield and sword."
    "I am not just your healer."
    "I will soothe this turmoil... with fire if I must."
  • Boring, but Practical: Compared to the likes of the high mobility of Jett or the flashy tricks of Phoenix, Sage is one of the less exciting agents to play as all of her abilities revolve around slowing the enemy down or supporting your team. However during closed beta she quickly set herself apart as the strongest agent to play by far, contributing unique and incredibly powerful effects on each and every one of her abilities. As a result, Sage has been nerfed multiple times as of version 1.01 to bring her more in line with everyone else.
  • Combat Medic: Sage is currently the only healer in VALORANT and she's just as capable of a fighter as the other agents.
  • Dark Secret: A voice line from Omen implies her resurrection ability might be Power at a Price.
    Omen: Sage, the life you give... do you ever wonder where it's taken from?
  • Healing Factor: Sage can heal anyone back up to 100 HP, including herself. This ironically makes her one of the stronger duelists in the game due to being able to quickly top herself back up back to full and peek out again. It's not uncommon to see your Sage top-fragging.
  • The Stoic: Thought Sova was calm? Sage's only emotion is no-nonsense stoicism.


"Open up the sky!"

"They can throw the whole playbook at us. I've seen it all before."

Voiced by: Steve Blum

Joining from the USA, Brimstone's orbital arsenal ensures his squad always has the advantage. His ability to deliver utility precisely and from a distance make him an unmatched boots-on-the-ground commander.

His basic abilities are Incendiary, equipping an incendiary grenade launcher that can do area of effect damage through fire when used, and Stim Beacon, a device that will grant all allies in the general vicinity increased firing speed. His signature ability is Sky Smoke, which equips a tactical map that can be used to fire smoke bombs on targeted areas that block the vision of enemy players. His ultimate ability is Orbital Strike, which uses the same tactical map as his signature to fire an orbital laser on a targeted area to do high damage.

Tropes applying to Brimstone:

  • A Father to His Men: He treats all of his fellow agents with nothing but respect, giving them tips so they can use their talents effectively and even encouraging them before the match starts.
    "No more doubts. We're ready."
  • Badass Baritone: Steve Blum is still doing what he does best.
  • Badass Normal: He doesn't have any special powers, he's just a tough as nails ex-soldier who's Seen It All.
  • Boring, but Practical: His kit is nowhere near as flashy as some of the other agents', but can be incredibly effective when handled correctly.
  • The Captain: Not officially, but he behaves like one toward the rest of his team and the other agents refer to him as such when killing him.
  • Eagleland: Type 1, being the American military man who confidently leads his team into battle.
  • Grenade Launcher: He equips one to fire his incendiary grenade. Unlike Phoenix's Hot Hands, Brimstone's grenade bounces twice before detonating.
  • I Call It "Vera": He refers to his incendiary grenade as "Molly". Look closely, and you'll notice his grenades literally have "Molly" written on them. The name comes from the callout used for Molotovs/Incendiary Grenades from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, given VALORANT's heavy influence from that game.
  • Kill Sat: His ultimate lets him fire one at a location of his choosing.
  • Nice Hat: His beret, fitting his military background.
  • Old Soldier: Several of the other Agents refer to him as "Old man". Brimstone himself acknowledges this:
    "They think I'm an old dog? Heh, I'll show them how many tricks I know."
    "I'll teach them to respect their elders."
  • Orbital Bombardment: Both his Sky Smoke and Orbital Strike are, as the names imply, summoned from the sky.
  • Seen It All: Claims this in one of his match start voice lines.
  • Super Wrist-Gadget: His bracer has a holographic display, from which he can call in his Sky Smoke and Orbital Strike.
  • Technologically Blind Elders: Downplayed; Brimstone usually has no problem operating the tech that his abilities rely on, but has fallen victim to the trope on occasion:
    "I can't close the settings menu on my bracer. How do I- Oh, got it".

"Watch them run!"

"They fear death. They should fear so much more than that."

Voiced by: Jason Marnocha

A phantom of a memory, Omen hunts in the shadows. He renders enemies blind, teleports across the field, then lets paranoia take hold as his foe scrambles to learn where he might strike next.

His basic abilities are Shrouded Step, which lets him teleport to a marked location and Paranoia, which fires a shadow projectile that briefly reduces the vision range of the player it hits and can be fired through walls. His signature ability is Dark Cover, which fires a shadow orb at a marked location and creates a shadow globe that blocks sight. His ultimate ability is From the Shadows, which calls up a tactical map and teleports Omen to a selected location after a brief charge up.

Tropes applying to Omen:

  • Casting a Shadow: His powers are shadow-based and he himself seems to be a living shadow.
  • First-Name Basis: With Viper, hinting some shared history.
    "Sabine, look at the monsters we have become. At least you have flesh to hide your horror."
  • Humanoid Abomination: His entire body is covered in bandages and the few visible parts of it are glowing. He also constantly talks about having been ripped apart and having died multiple times, along with having trouble holding himself together. Whatever is under that hood of his, it's probably not human and if one of his voice lines to Cypher is any indication it's definitely not pretty.
    "Do you see under my hood Cypher? Does it scare you?"
  • Mysterious Past: So far, nothing is known about Omen's origins.
  • In the Hood: He wears a blue cloak with a hood that covers his entire face. If he has a face, that is.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: One of his voice lines gives this impression.
    "Make the right choice, even if it calls for sacrifice."

"Don't get in my way!"

"Only five of them? Pity, I brought enough poison for fifty. You can't say I'm not prepared."

Voiced by: Ashly Burch

The American chemist, Viper deploys an array of poisonous chemical devices to control the battlefield and cripple the enemy's vision. If the toxins don't kill her prey, her mind games surely will.

Her basic abilities include Snake Bite, a vial that creates a pool of toxic chemicals that damage enemies, and Poison Cloud, a device that emits a cloud of toxic gas, and can be picked up from the ground to place somewhere else. Her basic ability is Toxic Screen, a row of devices that emit a wall of toxic gas. Both Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen work on a fuel meter; if the meter is empty, neither device cannot emit gas. Her ultimate ability is Viper's Pit, a massive gas cloud that persists as long as Viper is inside it. All who step into her gas will be nearsighted and enemies will be highlighted in red to Viper, though she still has the same range of vision that everyone else does while in it. Toxic gas will also decay enemies, reducing their maximum health so long as they're in the gas.

Tropes applying to Viper:

  • Animal Motifs: Snakes. While using her ultimate, she puts on a visor that resembles a snake's head.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She is implied to have this, and her fighting with Valorant may be a quest for revenge.
    "Let's take from them, what they took from me... everything."
  • Deadly Gas: Standing within Viper's gas will decay your health, reducing its maximum amount so long as you stand in the cloud.
  • Difficult, but Awesome:
    • Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen feed off a unique fuel meter that depletes when said abilities are active, and she must wait for it to recharge to use them again. Her poison damage requires swift follow up to secure the kill as it will not kill an opponent on its own and will regenerate once they leave the radius of Viper's abilities. Toxic Screen also cannot be re-positioned once used, requiring good decision-making to use effectively. However, both abilities can be activated at will once set-up and more than once, along with dealing with poison damage and slowing opponents; traits not shared by most other vision-blocking abilities.
    • Viper's Pit collapses if Viper herself is not present in the cloud, and will deal poison damage to her allies inside it. However, as long as Viper stays inside the cloud, it will last indefinitely and while the cloud inhibits the vision of everyone (including Viper's) inside it, enemies close enough to Viper will be marked by a red outline, making her ultimate extremely potent in holding objectives and can easily turn a dire situation around if Viper is able to use the ultimate to hold advantageous angles.
    • Because Viper's Poison Cloud is toggle-able and usable so long as you have fuel, she is the character who can most easily abuse One-Way Smokes in the game. This is usually done by throwing her Poison Cloud at some elevated terrain like the top of a doorframe, leading to a spherical smoke that when activated, will obscure the vision of anyone standing behind or in it, but reveal their feet to you, letting you easily frag them. However, this also means Viper players have to memorize multiple areas per map to stand in and throw their ability so they can get that proper placement for a One-Way.
  • HP to 1: Viper's poison will not kill enemies, but leave them at 1 HP.
  • Mad Doctor: One of Omen's quotes mentions that she used to be a doctor, and she now uses her prior knowledge to be a gleeful Master Poisoner.
    Omen: Just think Sabine, you used to heal with your skill. Funny.
  • Mad Scientist: She's a master in toxic chemicals and gas, and it's very clear from her quotes that she is... not the most sane agent of them all:
    "Remember: nobody's a hero when they're crying... for air."
    "Bodies decompose after twelve hours in acid. There is no reason I know that."
    [with Breach] "Do me a favor, Breach, and open them up. Toxin works best when... directly.. injected."
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Viper's poison gas can persist so long as she has the fuel to keep them up, meaning that she can use these abilities more than once.
  • Poisonous Person: Viper's attacks all involve poisonous gas and chemicals.
  • Sickly Green Glow: Fitting for a poison user, her outfit and attacks have this color.


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