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Characters / Valenth

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The Chapters

Bastion Bloodhawk

Kelan Flarion

Dr. Nefirian Dreamscar

"Being a person, someone could obviously be trusted with knowing what that’s like, and objectively knowing what a non-person looks like when they see them, right?
If you know many people at all, personally or just watching them interact from afar in any media, you’ve probably got a pretty horrified look on your face right now. If anyone could be certified awful at being entrusted with responsibility like that, it’s people."


The Heirs

Lady Marquise

Lord Valdren Flarion (a.k.a. Lord Featherbutt, walking trope pile)

Lyric'ai Dreamscar


Other NPCs

Cazwell Christoph

Elliot Christoph

Gabriel Gaunthier

Nigel / Artemio


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