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Main Characters

    Ashley Riot

"Reinforcements? I am the reinforcements."

Ashley is a calm and just soldier of the Riskbreaker militia. A loyal agent with a strong sense of duty. After graduating as valedictorian from the VKP Academy, Ashley worked as an elite soldier. Following the tragic death of his wife and child at the hands of fallen knights, he transferred to the Dangerous Criminal Taskforce, a.k.a. ‘Riskbreaker’, the most danger-ridden post in the VKP, where he remains today. Straightforward, emotionless and unmoving he comes back safely time and time again, even the most difficult missions he brings to a flawless close with an iron will.

  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Do you REALLY want to mess with a guy whose surname is Riot?
  • The Blacksmith: Able to use materials to craft equipment. It's necessary because there are no shops in the game.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Sometimes.
  • Hair Antennae
  • The Hero / Player Character
  • Limit Break: Break Arts. There are four break skills for each kind of weapon (even for bare-handed), and usually require a percentage of Ashley's Hit Points to perform.
  • Magic Knight: Can wield a wide variety of weapons and magic spells.
  • One-Man Army: He is the reinforcements.
  • Physical God: Becomes one by the end of the game, holding within him the power of the Dark.
  • Power Tattoo: Is branded with the Rood Inverse at the end of the game, which also functions as a special key during new game plus.
  • Psychic Link: Through his connection to the Dark, Ashley gains the ability to sometimes see through the eyes of other people (Merlose and Samantha).
    Rosencrantz: "The symptoms resemble those of case ... 72, was it? Borrowing another's eyes and ears — Clairvoyance, if you will. All people are tuned to a certain "rhythm"; some can find a like rhythm and jump on board."
    "True seers can join one regardless of their rhythm. But not you. Not yet..."
  • Repressed Memories: The justification for your gaining skills - Ashley always knew them, but his guilt caused him to lock them away. "Ashley has regained this skill from repressed memory."
  • Shrug of God: Was Ashley's family really killed or did his guilt as an assassin made him do a Heel–Face Turn? There is evidence pertaining to either view, and the creator isn't exactly forthcoming with answers.
  • Synchronization: When Guildenstern realises that Ashley is seeing through Samantha's eyes he immediately backhands her, breaking her connection with Ashley and causing some blood to run from her mouth. When the scene cuts back to Ashley he is bleeding in the same way
  • Tragic Keepsake: Ashley begins the game wearing his wife's rood necklace as his only accessory.

    Sydney Losstarot
"There are many would-be prophets in the land these days, but Sydney is ...different. His prophecies ring true, and those enraptured by the way he hums revelations — as though they were simple ballads! All say the same: "He is a miracle."

Leader of a cult that worships the ancient priestess Müllenkamp. Sydney is a self-professed Prophet who preaches to his followers about human weakness and the end of the world. Sydney can precisely describe the past of those he meets, and it is rumoured that he can manipulate others at his will. His charisma has attracted many zealous followers, prompting Parliament to declare Müllenkamp a threat to state security.

    Romeo Guildenstern
"You are not the only shepherd here, Sydney!" "Watch your crook, lest it be wrenched from you."

Leader of the Crimson Blades, he graduated from the Academy at the top of his class with a sterling record. It was not long after that the Cardinal himself heard of his talents and loyalty, so Guildenstern found himself assigned a generous position. While refined and elegant in manners, from his speech and habits one can paint a picture of a man to whom the ends justify the means.

  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Both from Shakespeare.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking
  • BFS: After he absorbs the full power of the Dark he transforms the great cathedral's Rood-shaped spire into a massive sword infused with Dark power. This is a sword you can find in New Game Plus called a Holy Win.
  • Big Bad
  • Corrupt Church Militant: He is in command of it.
  • Dark Messiah
  • Hypocrite: Despite condemning the users of Dark, he and many of knights in the Crimson Blades are the users of dark magic.
  • Kick the Dog: Not only is Hardin already wounded, completely at his mercy and had already given him the information he sought when he runs him through but also he stabs him in the lung to give him a very slow death instead of simply finishing him off.
  • Knight Templar: Literally. He turns out to be a lot worse.
  • Magic Knight: As the captain of the Crimson Blades, he can wield a wide variety of weapons and magic spells.
  • Motive Rant:
    "Not religion, Sydney. Revolution. A fresh wind to blow away the disease of the land. For our realm is SICK. It suffurates with profiteers! Fawning merchants licking the boots of the nobility! They do nothing and blame others for their failure; they steal men's dreams and twist them to nightmares... We must cleanse this corruption. There must be strong, unwavering justice. And there must be fear to enforce that justice."
  • One-Winged Angel
  • Power Tattoo: He takes away Sydney's Rood Inverse by ripping it off of Sydney's back and attaching it to his own.
  • The Stoic: For the most part, at least compared with other characters.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: Says a variant of it to Ashley just before the final boss battle:
    "Truth or not, your sins are eternal!"
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: More or less his belief. Most exemplified when he sacrifices Samantha against her will.
    Guildenstern: The world does not want a saviour. These wretches leading lives of misery do not need salvation. The rotting branch must be pruned.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: He learns too late that Evil Is Not a Toy.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Stabs Hardin through the chest once he has he information he needs from him.

Supporting Cast

    Callo Merlose
"Agent Riot, I presume? I'm your partner, Callo Merlose. But please, call me Cal. How was your journey?"

Though still young, Callo Merlose is a top notch Inquisitor, a member of the VKP’s Information Analysis Unit, a team specializing in the collection of information, espionage, and analysis, sifting through tangible and intangible evidence for information that can help in criminal investigations. With a Ph.D. in both criminal psychology and religious psychology, Callo entered I.A. as a specialist in the analysis of cults and religious terrorism; her proficiency in information analysis has drawn the attention of the veteran analysis officers in spite of her young age.

  • Distressed Damsel: Is Sydney's captive for a good stretch, despite who useful her role is in giving information to Ashley.
  • Miss Exposition: At the start of the game she is paired with Ashley due to her knowledge of cults and throughout the game provides (or is given) further background information on a variety of subjects.
  • Psychic Link: At certain points in the game Ashley is able to see through her eyes and learn what Sydney and Hardin are up to (though Merlose herself is unaware of this).
  • Quickly-Demoted Woman:Callo is on the box and is hinted to be the brains to Ashley's brawn, but Ashley's good intentions (keeping a non-combat agent out of combat) backfire, as Callo meets an abrupt Sydney from nowhere and is taken hostage.
  • Heart Seer: The Dark grants her the ability to see a person's soul directly and compel it to answer. Demoted from sidekick, promoted to seer..
  • The Watson: Through her eyes Ashley is able to learn much about Müllenkamp and Leá Monde.

    John Hardin
"Show them who they're dealing with! Torch the chambers and kill the hostages!!"

Sydney's right-hand man, and a key commander of the Müllenkamp Cult. They led the assault on the Duke's Manor together, but Harden held the responsibility for caring, or not caring, for the hostages. Unlike the multitudes of Sydney's other followers, Hardin did not enter the cult under the spell of the prophet's sermons or bewitched by his charisma. Instead, incredibly distrustful of a world where injustice was commonplace, the former police officer was attracted to the anti-establishment elements of the Cult. Both Hardin and Sydney consider each other their truest friend. Sydney confides his secrets in Hardin, and in return Hardin trusts Sydney completely. If doubt or confusion ever arises between the two, it is never long-lived.

  • Lima Syndrome: He is very protective of, and kind to, young Joshua because of his dead little brother]].
  • Locked Out of the Loop: He is increasingly aware that Sydney is keeping secrets from him.
  • Psychic Static: Once he is aware that Merlose is reading his soul he stabs himself in the leg, using his own pain to break their connection.
  • Secret Keeper: Of all the characters in Leá Monde only Hardin knows Sydney's secret; that he is the Duke's son.
  • Seer: The Dark has granted him the ability to 'scry on distant locales'. He and Sydney use this ability to keep watch on the Crimson Guard throughout Lea Monde.
  • True Companions: He and Sydney consider each other as this but throughout the story Hardin feels increasingly Locked Out of the Loop.

    Jan Rosencrantz
"Your memory fails you. The Dark holds no power over me... Nor do I recall us ever being friends. My friendship with the Duke is fleeting as well."

An enigmatic man, he shadows Ashley's movements for reasons unknown to all but himself. He claimed to be a replacement for Callo: a more experienced Riskbreaker sent by the VKP to supplant an inexperienced Inquisitor. A transparent excuse, considering any Riskbreaker knows they always work alone and mid-mission changes in plan never occur. Rosencrantz knows a surprising amount of information about the Müllenkamp Cult's inner workings, Sydney's powers, and the true form of the Dark. Indeed, he knows way too much to be a simple agent of the VKP. It appears that he is double-crossing several organizations at the same time.

  • Anti-Magic: Is somehow immune to all magic spells and compulsions. (Though Break Arts work on him just fine.)
  • Devil in Plain Sight: Everyone knows he's a traitor to all sides, yet no one really cares about his hidden plans and even Ashley dismisses him as an obvious lowlife liar during their first encounter and simply walks away.
  • Exact Words: "Fear not sweet Rosencrantz, I will not kill you." Says Sydney right before animating a giant statue which kills him instead.
  • I Call It "Vera" / Fluffy the Terrible: Though not easy to discover, Rosencrantz' sword is called 'Pussyfoot'. (see Theme Naming on the main page)
  • Limit Break: As a former fellow Riskbreaker Rosencrantz is the only other character able to use Break Arts.
  • No-Sell: Subverted. Rosencrantz' immunity to magic fails him near the end of the game when Sydney uses an illusion to trick him into throwing away his sword. It is unclear on why this happens but Sydney hints that is is due to them standing in the Temple of Kilitia where Müllenkamp is/was strongest.
  • Smug Snake:
  • The Unfought: The first fight ends with him running away and saying he won't be defeated so easily next time. Unfortunately, when Ashley does meet him again, it's only to see him getting sliced into two quickly dissolving pieces thanks to Sydney.

    Commander Duane
"Coward! Ye are a stain on the escutcheon of our order!"

While a cleric and technically a proponent of pacifism, Duane joined the infiltration of Lea Monde brimming with plans to eradicate the heresies that abound there. Since his training focused on the priestly, he lacks skill with physical weaponry. However, a considerable array of strong offensive magicks makes up for that short-fall. Gifted with a talent for leading others, Duane was given charge of a small platoon. To his subordinates, he is haughty and merciless.

    Commander Grissom
"We are prelates of the Lord, scum. We are not here to bend aught, we are come to cleanse!"

Duane's younger brother, and similarly a cleric and participant in the take-over of Lea Monde. A comely youth, he has none of his elder brother's harsh tone or vicious manner, remaining coolly polite even to his enemies. Yet hidden behind the elegant niceties lies a needle sharp mind and an ice cold heart. Of all the Crimson Blades involved, Grissom perhaps has the greatest faith of them all — in God and himself. He has decided that it is his personal mission to "purify" the Dark. As for overall power, Grissom outstrips his elder brother by a considerable margin.

    Commander Samantha
"It is not that! I... No training could prepare one for this."

Another Crimson Blade participant in the infiltration of Lea Monde, Commander Samantha looks like she should be hunting for wedding dresses, not demons. She earned the rank of "Commander", but upon walking through the Dark-drenched streets of Lea Monde, uncertain of what new monster waits around the corner— a core of fear and confusion began to grow within her. In the end, Samantha is at heart a normal girl.

  • Informed Ability: Is one of the Commanders of the Knights of The Cross but spends most of her time in Leá Monde looking like a simpering schoolgirl.
  • Psychic Link: As with Merlose, Ashley is able to sometimes see through her eyes. Unlike Merlose however Samantha can sometimes see through his at the same time. Her dying thought is to Ashley begging him to save Guildenstern from the blood-drenched future her lover was chaining himself to.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: Guildenstern sacrifices her as the pure soul needed for the right of succession.
    Guildenstern: "Forgive me, Samantha. I need your soul. Our cause needs a martyr."
    Samantha: "Y-your cause... There is no ... place for me ... for our dream... (slumps to knees)
    Guildenstern: "I love you, Samantha. As God is my witness."
    Samantha: "I...too, once thought so..." (falls from the roof)

    Commander Tieger
"So you're the one they speak of. They will sing songs of your death here!!"

Yet another commander in the Crimson Blades. A heavy-set, muscular man, Tieger uses his inborn strength to swing his Heavy Axe around like a feather, crushing enemies with a single powerful strike. You wouldn't guess it from looking at him, but he is an intelligent and quick-witted man, being very fast on the up-take. Tieger is incredibly proud of his position as a knight and commander, never once straying from his personal, strict moral code. He is very friendly with his fellow Blades, regarding the bond of friendship as a very serious thing.


    Commander Neesa
"Ah, how goes the battle, you mean? The city is ours, dearie, more or less."

A cordial woman and a commander oft depended on by Guildenstern. Though she is a woman, she has more than enough skill to match blades with a man and come out on top. Her chosen weapon is the Heavy Mace, and she swings the huge, cumbersome thing like a light stick. She holds no doubts about her work, and she never questions orders. In contrast to the other female commander, Samantha, Neesa is frank, blunt and not very feminine.

    Joshua Corrinne Bardorba

Duke Bardorba's son, conceived in his twilight years. Still an innocent, angelic little boy, he is the Duke's irreplaceable child, his "light." During the occupation of the Manor by Müllenkamp, Joshua was taken hostage along with the mansion's servants and the rest of his family. However, he alone was allowed to live, taken with Sydney to Lea Monde. Sydney is no fool. He was well aware of how the Duke values Joshua. Perhaps this is just another step in Sydney's plan to force the Duke into a certain course of action.

  • Big "NO!":Doubly subverted. Joshua clearly attempts this when Hardin is stabbed by Guildenstern but not only is there no voice acting in this game but Joshua himself has been mute since the events of the game began, resulting in a very heartfelt, but ultimately silent NOOOOOOOO!
  • Cute Mute:
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Feels great affection for Hardin despite knowing that he is his kidnapper.
  • Tag Along Kid: Well kidnapped, but still.

    Aldous Byron Bardorba
"Indeed, Valendia might still be at war with itself, were it not for the Duke's heroism. Yet he wields much of his power from the shadows. Even after his retirement, his grip on Parliament is unrelenting"

He participated actively in the Valendian Civil War 36 years ago, earning recognition as one of the heroes who brought that conflict to a close. Thanks to the merits of his valour his political say always held especial weight, dominating the Valendian Parliament for a very long time. Though he retired his position several years prior for reasons more than just his health, the Duke's influence in Parliament has hardly diminished. In addition to his ‘official’ Parliamentary duties, the Duke was also charged with ‘monitoring’ the Dark, making certain some incidents never reach public attention. Common rumour names him the benefactor of the Müllenkamp Cult. Despite his increasing age, the Duke's mind hasn't fogged in the slightest and though ill he retains all of his dignity. If he does have a weak-point, it is certainly his young son Joshua.

  • The Chessmaster:
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: He and Sydney are secretly father and son. While both of them know this, non of the other characters do (save Hardin). It is a shock to both Ashley and Guildenstern when they learn but it explains much of the plot when they do.
  • The Man Behind the Man: He is known to control parliament from the shadows and was also secretly financing the Müllenkamp sect before they turned on him at the start of the game.
  • Synchronization: His life is linked to that of his son, Sydney's, when one dies so does the other. This was originally done to save the life of Sydney when he was born.

Background Characters


Based around the ancient Kiltian dancer-priestess Müllenkamp who lived over 2,000 years ago, the religious cult of Müllenkamp traces its origins from the very founding of the city Leá Monde.

    Tia and Marco Riot

Tia "Welcome home, Ashley. You've done all you could for us. 'Twas a short time, but I knew happiness with you. You gave me a lifetime's worth of love."
Marco "Don't cry, Papa. See, I'm not crying. See?
Tia "Do not be misled by others' words. Believe your heart." "I love you, Ashley."

Ashley's beloved wife and son, murdered in front of his eyes years ago. Or were they?

Water Daeva. Sunk Leá Monde into the water 25 years ago with the aid of Dao, the earth daeva.

Earth Daeva. An Evil spirit who casts baneful spells to sate its yearning for human life.

Fire Daeva. An arrogant spirit who enjoys burning humans with spells.

Air Daeva. This violent angry spirit serves no mortal master.

Dark Daeva. It is filled with an insatiable craving to see the living suffer.

    Dullahan / Dark Crusader / Nightstalker / Last Crusader

Knightly armour possessed by the Dark and capable of both magical and physical attacks.

    Quicksilver / Shrieker 
Dolls possessed by the souls of children who lost their lives to war or illness.


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