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Saotome Academy & Shining Agency | Family Members

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Hijirikawa family

    Hijirikawa Masaomi 
Masato's father, who is strongly opposed to him being an idol, because of Masato's status as the only son to a traditional Japanese family.
  • I Have No Son!: In season 4, he disowns Masato due to the latter's wish to continue his idol activities. However, he is shown to accept his job as an idol and even watches the SSS decisive concert on television.
  • Succession Crisis: Masato’s uncle was actually in the position to take over the business instead of Masaomi, but he ran away from it, causing Masaomi to take over the job.
    Masato's mother 
Masato's mother, who is sickly and spends most of her time in the hospital.
    Hijirikawa Mai 
Masato's younger sister, whom he loves very much. They have an age gap of 10 years.
    Masato's grandfather 
He was the one who introduced the arts to Masato in the anime. He would often take Masato to plays, kabuki theater, classical concerts and ballet operas when he was younger.
The Hijirikawa family butler, Jii was the one who taught Masato about music in the games.


Shinomiya family

    Shinomiya Satsuki

The alter-ego of Natsuki. Is a genius when comes to composing music, although incredibly violent and rumoured to have put 50,000 people in the hospital.

CV: Kissho Taniyama

  • But Now I Must Go: In Natsuki's route in ''Repeat', he dissapears after Haruka assures him she'll always love Natsuki and that she'll never hurt him. Natsuki's personality from that point gets a bit more teasing and seductive, though.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Constantly makes passes at Haruka in the games, but he's obviously screwing around.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Just like Natsuki, in the games. In the anime it's switched to green.
  • Flanderization: To an extent in the anime, where his violent trait is the only notable thing about his character. The reason of his existence is never explained either.
  • Hidden Depths: In Natsuki's route in Repeat, it's revealed his reason for existing is protecting Natsuki from getting emotionally hurt, as he got his heart broken by his violin teacher when he was younger.
  • Super Strength: In the anime, he takes down a tree in his first five seconds.
  • The Tease: He's constantly "hitting on" Haruka but makes it rather clear he's just messing with her.

Ichinose family

    Tokiya's parents 
Tokiya’s divorced parents. Although the real reason of his parents’ marriage failure is unknown, Tokiya links it to his father’s dislike of him wanting to become an idol.


Tokiya's older twin brother, Hayato is an eccentric, energetic idol. Haruka idolizes him and hopes that he'll sing a song she wrote one day.

CV: Mamoru Miyano

  • Catchphrase: "OHA♪YAHHO~!", used at the beginning of his variety show.
  • Image Song: Gets one in the anime, it's "Seiten☆OHA♪YAHHO".
  • Keet: So hard, and to such exclusivity, that his actual self, stoic loner Tokiya grew to really really despise doing the Hayato act. Hence, his enrolling in Saotome Academy to try for a career as his real self.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: Subverted, since he and Tokiya are actually one and the same.


Jinguuji family

     Ren's father 
The former president of the Jinguuji Group. After the death of his wife Renge, he discarded every item of Renge that was in the house. Upon discovering Ren with the one of Renge's video he immediately disposed of it.

    Jinguuji Renge 
A famous idol who was known throughout the world. Seiichirou and Ren's mother. She died in an accident sometime after Ren's birth.

    Jinguuji Seiichirou 
The president of the Jinguuji Group and the eldest son of the family. He is shown to be very strict with Ren, even making Ren go to Saotome Academy so that he can become an idol for the Jinguuji Group.
  • Hidden Depths: The actual reason why he sent Ren to Saotome Academy was because he loved listening to Ren singing and wanted him to make people happy with the songs he sings.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means "honest first son".

The Jinguuji family's butler.

Kurusu family

    Kurusu Kaoru 
Syo's younger twin brother who loves him very much. Comes to Saotome Academy to check up on Syo, as he's worried about his health. Attends one of Saotome Academy's sister schools. He aims to become a doctor in the future.

CV: Yuuki Kaji

  • Adapted Out: So far.
    • Averted with the OVA, where he gets a mention and appears in a flashback with Syo. He also says he wants to invite over Kaoru sometime.Also mentioned by Syo in episode 5 of season 3, and showed in another flashback.
  • Always Identical Twins: He and Syo look exactly alike; the only differences being Kaoru is taller, their bangs part to different sides, and Kaoru doesn't have pierced ears.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: He looks just like Syo, if Syo looks good as a girl, Kaoru looks good as a girl.
  • Big Brother Attraction: Could be taken as this; Kaoru firmly believes that he's the only one capable of making Syo happy.
  • Big Brother Worship: Looks up to Syo a little too seriously.
  • Big Little Brother: Though the younger brother, has a couple of inches on Syo.
    • Kaoru is also extremely protective of Syo, with how he acts around him, one could easily forget Kaoru's the younger brother.
  • Likes Older Women: Revealed to be dating an older woman in All Star After Secret.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: While Syo wants to become an idol, Kaoru is aiming to become a doctor. Also, Syo is more energetic while Kaoru is more responsible.

Cecil's family

    Cecil's father 
The king of Agnapolis, who fell sick before Cecil left the country.

    Cecil's relatives 
Cecil's relatives do not approve of him because he’s half-Japanese, so they threw him away to Japan after cursing him into a cat. They currently rule over Agnapolis.

Saotome family

    Aijima Kotomi 
A game-only character. One of Saotome Shining's composers when he was still an idol, she composed Shining's hit debut song "Ai yue ni...". The two were lovers and had a son Otoya, but she was involved in an airplane crash and was never seen again.

It was later revealed that she lost her memories and somehow ended up at Agnapolis, where she became the king's lover and gave birth to Cecil.

  • Adapted Out: She does not appear nor is mentioned in the anime series.

    Saotome Mitsuo 
A game-only character. The 14-year-old self of Saotome Shining. He was accidentally sent by the present Saotome to the future with a time machine and the present Saotome accidentally sent himself to 30 years ago.

Nanami family

    Haruka's grandmother 

Haruka's grandmother taught Haruka how to play the piano and helped foster her love of music. She is shown to be one of Haruka's greatest supporters and always looks forward to listening to Haruka's composed pieces.

CV: Hikari Yono

  • No Name Given: Haruka calls her "Baa-chan" (grandmother).
  • Parental Substitute: Because of Haruka's frail health, she moved to the countryside and was raised by her grandmother.

Kotobuki family

    Reiji's mother 
The owner of the Kotobuki bento shop. She encouraged Reiji to enter Saotome Academy.

    Reiji's older sister 
Reiji's older sister who helps out at the bento shop. During the events of After Secret, she is preparing for her wedding.

Kurosaki family

    Ranmaru's father 
Upon being betrayed by the Hijirikawa family and Jinguuji family and losing their family's fortune, Ranmaru's father worked himself to death. He didn't earn enough to pay the immense amount of debt they had piled up, which led to Ranmaru leaving the family in hopes of becoming an idol.

    Kurosaki Giulietta 
Ranmaru's mother.

    Ranmaru's younger sister 
Ranmaru's younger sister, with an age gap of seven years.

Kisaragi family

Professor/Doctor is Aine's uncle. To help Aine to wake up from his coma, under the orders of Shining Saotome, the professor was ordered to make a robot that looks exactly like Aine, thus creating Ai.
  • No Name Given: He is always referred to as hakase (professor or doctor).

Ootori family

    Ootori Raging 

The manager of HE★VENS and Raging Entertainment, as well as Eiichi and Eiji's father. Was Saotome's rival during their idol days, and their rivalry continued after both established their own idol agencies.

CV: Tomokazu Sugita

  • Abusive Parents: To Eiichi more so than Eiji in Season 4 where he has no problem degrading him and even angrily shaking him when he defied him.
  • Cigar Chomper
  • Evil Counterpart: To Shining. Probably the reason they hired Sugita for this role is because his Norio Wakamoto impression is awesome.
  • Glory Days: In his idol days, he sold 19 million copies of his single, Love is Dead. Season 4, he is shown to still be bitter and resentful towards Shining Saotome who outdone him.
  • Man in White: In his youth, he wore white pants and a white coat with fur trim. A contrast to Shining Saotome who wore black. Can also be seen as symbolism as white is the color that represents death in Japan, and the song he performed was called "Love is Dead".
  • Nice Hat
  • Pretty in Mink: The white coat he wore in his Glory Days.
  • Record Producer
  • Sinister Shades
  • The Rival: To Shining Saotome.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In Season 2, Raging Ootori was introduced as Shining Saotome's rival who was harsh and intimidating, yet kept his word and played fair. Likewise, he seemed to have humbled after getting hit by the Happy Pulse. Season 3, he was still over-the-top like Shining Saotome, but he was more agreeable and even teamed up with him. Come Season 4, and he's obsessed with crushing the competition as well as appearing more bitter and obsessed with a past failure.

Sumeragi family

    Kira's father 
The head of the Sumeragi family, an influential family in Japan. He opposed the idea of Kira being an idol, but Kira still headed out to train to become an idol.

Hyuuga family

    Hyuuga Touma 
The third son of the Hyuuga family.
    Hyuuga Makoto 
The fourth and youngest son of the Hyuuga family.

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