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Kingdom of Astoria

    General Tropes 

Here are some general tropes applicable to various kingdom characters:


    Princess Cornelia 

Cornelia is the last survivor of the Astorian royal family. When the capital fell, she alone escaped from the chaos with a small party of loyal soldiers and attendants. Following their daring escape, she managed to reach an old castle by the sea, far from the capital, and raised her own army. Pieced together from remnants of the royal army, loyal commoners, and others with their own interests, her forces grew and began a campaign to retake her father’s throne.

As a leader, she lacks experience, but her youthful enthusiasm and sincerity bring many to her banner. Should she survive this campaign, she will indeed be ready to serve as a benevolent queen.

  • A Child Shall Lead Them: She's 16 years old and she's the leader of the remnants of Astoria's military forces.
  • Action Girl
  • Artificial Stupidity: Since she takes the most direct route to the capital, she often runs into battles that can or will get her killed.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: She's the sole surviving royal of Astoria, and she's able to defeat any enemy force she encounters, including a dragon and a demonic construct.
  • Blue Blood: The only known living member of the Astorian royal family left.
  • Born Lucky: Her lucky girl personality character card.
  • Damage Reduction: Any ally she recruits loses their abilities and grants her one damage reduction. Her warrior personality character card has this effect innately.
  • Fiery Redhead: Wages a war against the much superior Leganian Empire to avenge her family and retake her kingdom despite her advisers urging against it.
  • General Failure: Despite being able to win any battle she gets into due to the near fanatic devotion of her troops and her headstrong nature, she often takes heavy losses. Moreover, without the aid and guidance of the other kingdom characters, she will get herself killed.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: She will attempt to head straight for the capital, and will not avoid a fight, even one she will clearly lose. The players' job is to get her there and defeat the Emperor instead of getting herself killed. Averted if you play using her strategist personality character card, in which case she is able to move tactically.
  • Magnetic Hero: If using her social personality character card, soldiers join her force at the start of every round.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Her kingdom gets invaded by the Leganian Empire, she decides to personally lead a small resistance force to retake her kingdom.
  • Warrior Princess: Quite literally in her warrior personality character card.
  • We Cannot Go On Without You: She's the only kingdom character that's not expendable, as she's the only known living member of the Astorian royal family and is required to restore the kingdom, if she dies the resistance falls apart and the kingdom characters lose.

    Annelie, the New Strategist 
When the capital was taken, Annelie was a student at the military academy in the eastern lands of the kingdom. Shortly after the capital fell, the Imperial army struck at the city that was home to the military academy. Annelie had to command the cadets, and drove the enemy back with little difficulty.

Her school record was incredible, but she was often nervous and stumbled at many opportunities, hence why her reputation among teachers and students was not the highest. But in the face of real battle, her true talent could finally bloom without hindrance. Her sharp tactics were so masterful, and her command so exact and sure, that people around her completely changed their view of this young student. Outside of battle however, she was still a clumsy city girl. People scratch their heads over her enigmatic gap in personality.

    Donia, the Sand Maiden 
Donia is the young leader of the ethnic minority often referred to as the “sand people”. She reads the future from the movement of the stars, and communicates with the elementals that dwell in heaven and earth. It is said that her power is one of the greatest among a long line of priestesses.

One night, a star representing a bad omen appeared in the night sky, and she saw a vision of a dark cloud covering the land’s future. This premonition turned out to be the empire attacking. Donia joined the princess as soon as she heard of her escape, and brought with her capable warriors.

  • Action Girl
  • Crippling Overspecialization: While a decent attacker, she's terrible in defensive battles.
  • Fortune Teller: Is able to see the future, gameplay-wise, she enables you to always see the top of the event deck and can send support cards to other players.
  • Mystical White Hair: Is a fortune teller of sorts and has white hair despite being 19 years old.
  • Support Party Member: Due to her ability to get a free support card at the start of her turn and her unique ability to send support cards to other players, she can be played as this.
  • Vapor Wear

    Gato, the Half Dragon 
Gato is the offspring of a human and a dragon who had taken human form. He is still quite young in dragon terms, and though he is only half-dragon, he still carries the blood of that dying species. He spent his days in ascetic practices, under the white dragon Zoroaster, in order to control the innate brutality of his dragon blood.

When the empire invaded, Gato and Zoroaster were ambushed by Imperial soldiers together wtih the black dragon Dahaka, and Zoroaster was killed. Gato was carried away in chains and, seriously wounded, was dropped into a deep crevasse.

The immense vitality and strength from his dragon blood saved his life, and he later buried Zoroaster in the hidden graveyard of dragons. Now he is on a mission of revenge against the killers of his teacher.

  • The Big Guy: For the kingdom characters, he's a one-man army.
  • Dragon Ancestry: He's half-dragon.
  • Enemy Mine: Only working with Astoria because he wants to get revenge on Dahaka and those who aided Dahaka (the empire).
  • Half-Human Hybrid
  • It's Personal: His whole reason for aiding Astoria is because he wants revenge on Dahaka for killing Zoroaster.
  • Lightning Bruiser: The most mobile player character in the game due to the fact he requires no resources to move, and his strength matches that of a small army.
  • One-Man Army: The only kingdom character who doesn't lead troops. This doesn't stop him from charging into empire forces and routing them.
  • Warrior Monk: His artwork suggests this.

    Godfried, the Temple Knight 
Godfried is a temple knight who serves the Eastern Church worshiping the Sun God, whose influence stretches out over the continent.

As head of the Astorian kingdom’s state religion, the Church is highly powerful. When the empire invaded, the Church dispatched Godfried and the Dawn Knights, officially to deliver the faithful from the grasps of evil. Internally, the Church is concerned that should the empire solidify their rule, the Church could lose autonomy.

The empire, for its own part, wants to avoid a full-scale collision with the Church during the annexation of the Astorian kingdom, however the Church has no intention of avoiding the conflict.

For their worshipers and for the furtherance of its improved position in the future, the temple knights rallied under the princess’ banner, and give their lives to this liberation front. They wear the armor of faith, and are stronger and more resilient than any other.


    Havok, the Old Knight 
Havok was a famous knight-commander, and former pillar of the kingdom’s military forces.

After his retirement, he served the princess as her personal guard, until finally leaving that position at the age of 58. Ever since, he has led a reclusive life in a small estate that was bestowed to him by the King, near the eastern frontier of the kingdom.

Because the capital fell suddenly, he was unable to join that battle. This has left Havok furiously vengeful. When word came that Princess Cornelia was alive, he led his small army to join the banner of the princess. He is a cheerful and vivacious old man despite his desire for vengeance, and of good counsel for the princess.

    Ilsahati, the King of the Wind 
The king of the Elven families living in the forest area called “Maze Woods”. They consist of a high civilization and have for centuries had a treaty with the kingdom, and lived self governed within the boundaries of the Astoria.

Elves normally do not participate in the mundane fights of the humans, but Ilsahati felt the empire a threat to their autonomy, and also, the empire used soldiers of vile races that elves hate beyond all else. Thus Ilsahati has agreed to a temporary military alliance with the princess. The elven families have a distinguished technique with the bow and can fire from afar without being noticed by the enemy. Their small numbers are outweighed by their prowess.

    Madam Josephine, the Wealthy Merchant 
Madam Josephine is a bold woman who controls most of the commercial ventures in the southernmost port town.

In her younger days she was married to a man who inherited a small shop that handled shipwright tools. Josephine learned the business and her knowledge served as a complement to her husband’s efforts. However, her husband passed away in an epidemic, and she had to take over the business completely.

She evolved her business into a merchant ship wholesaler, and the business grew rapidly.

She has always had an eye for the inland trade, and has been waiting for an opportunity to trade with the royal family. Now, the situation has completely changed, and she has judged that it’s much better to declare loyalty to the princess rather than siding with the empire. With this, she has become the main financial sponsor for raising an army to march on the capital with the princess.

  • Non-Action Guy: The worst fighter out of all the kingdom characters.
  • Support Party Member: Gets free troops and supplies at the start of her turn, but she's terrible at combat, which pushes her into this.
  • Utility Party Member: Due to her terrible combat ability and her ability of getting free soldiers and resources, she's this for the kingdom characters.

    Magnus, the Hermit 
Magnus is a veteran magician leading a reclusive life in the deep forest. Formerly in the service of the King as a court magician, he became increasingly weary of the political strife of bureaucrats who did nothing but exploit the political situations. When a close friend of his, the knight-commander Havok retired Magnus soon followed and retreated to a secluded life.

When Havok sent word that the capital had fallen, Magnus was asked to help him raise an army. Magnus at first refused, having grown completely weary of the mundane world. However, unwilling to leave his old friend rushing out in a reckless and dangerous battle, Magnus has grudgingly agreed to join the fight.

    Mizra, the Royal Guard 
Mizra was the commander of the Queensguard, who served and guarded the second queen Malene. Her bodyguards consisted solely of lethal, trained women who can also blend into a crowd to hide in plain sight, yet still be at all times prepared to defend their liege. They are known for their astounding excellence in fighting that defies their stunning beauty.

The Queensguard were involved in the battle of the capital, and fought valiantly, but realizing that the battle was lost, Malene ordered her bodyguards to retreat to fight another day for the sake of the kindgom, and sent them away. They managed to escape from the capital, but were scattered by the enemy, and Mirza was finally cornered in a small village.

Her counterattack starts from this hopeless position!


    Mountain Cat Band 
The gang known as the “Mountain Cat Band”, were originally a group of farmers and mercenaries not able to make a lawful living. While few among them were outright criminal, they simply needed to eat! They viewed themselves as chivalrous robbers, who only stole from trade carriages of wealthy merchants. They have no true duty towards the kingdom, but witnessing the empire’s treatment of their own relatives and friends in the villages, has caused the Mountain Cat Band to gather people and start a guerrilla war. Apparently, they don’t appreciate when foreign soldiers come marching in, claiming the Mountain Cat territory as their own.

The current leader, Fara, is the daughter of the former leader. Spunky and driven, she is highly skilled in finding dubious individuals who can fight for her cause

    Urgan, the Fortress King 
The King of the dwarven clans, Urgan has been a close ally of the royal family. The Dwarven society is self-governed and centered around a mine that produces high quality ore, and the mining city that he ruled gradually grew and developed into a kingdom in it’s own right. The invasion of the empire was a strike to the dwarves as well, as the Astorian Kingdom had been a beneficial ally for many years. When he heard that Princess Cornelia was raising an army, Urgan immediately volunteered with his men. The dwarven soldiers are stouthearted allies and the result of hard mine labor, and are extremely resilient; normal human soldiers have a hard time catching up, at least in the dwarves’ opinion.

    Zyne, the Shrewd General 
Leaving home at the age of 19, Zyne first served as a low-level guard who stood at the gate of the capital. However, he would make a name for himself in the wars against barbarians in the countryside over the next 6 years. With a small band of men, he displayed a brilliant intelligence, and captured the barbarians’ camps one after the other. Not long thereafter, he finally managed to capture the barbarians’ main village at the eastern border, and succeeded in expelling the barbarians from the kingdom.

However, the prime minister and others who value the old ways of advancement, were jealous of this young man moving up so fast in the kingdom. Instead of promotion, he was immediately given the rank of “Eastern General” – a command over the forces in the far eastern edge of the kingdom. There he was stationed at his new post, a fort with scarcely any soldiers – in effect, a demotion. However, this proved to be a stroke of luck; his forces were unscathed during the invasion, and now, in this national crisis, he leads his 11th army of the border guard, truly the most reliable supporter of the princess.

Leganian Empire

    General Tropes 

Here are some general tropes applicable to various imperial characters:

  • Back from the Dead: Possible for all imperial characters if the curse of immortality event card is in play.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: If the persuasion fate card is drawn, the fate-bounded imperial character will join the kingdom character that defeats them in battle.
  • The Empire
  • Heel–Face Turn: The redemption support card more or less is this, it allows you to recruit a defeated imperial character as an ally.

    Emperor Lionel VIII 
The sitting emperor of the Leganian Empire, and also a distant relative to the Astorian royal family. This gives him, in his mind, a reason for this brutal invasion, as he intends to merge the two kingdoms into one under his line.

As he was once known as a good king who never abused his power, even his own people are highly surprised at such sudden military action this late in his reign. However, most remain loyal.

Those retainers who voiced opposition to their lord were banished, and the peaceful neighboring kingdom of Astoria was torn by the flames of war.

Today, Lionel sits on his newly claimed throne, with what some might see as madness glinting in his eyes. Will the reason for this sudden change of character ever come to light?

    Princess Amina 
Amina is the youngest daughter of Emperor Lionel. Her childlike appearance and lovely way of speaking has made her an immensely popular royal figure in the empire. She has no talent for military action, but is a natural people person, and has been sent as a mediator against the chaos that succeeded the invasion. Her natural kindness and understanding has worked well even in the Astorian kingdom, and the calmness she displays equally in times of war or peace has made her soldiers brave and true.

Despite being slightly selfish because of her young age and position, she is kind at heart. She is hurt and worried at the sudden change in her father, and has often been seen praying for him at monasteries.

    Dahaka, the Black Drake 
Dahaka is a relatively young member of what are considered the most aggressive of all dragons: the black drakes. Normally not interested in the mundane striving of humans, he lent his powers to the empire in exchange for the opportunity to fight and defeat the white dragon Zoroaster, and steal his nest and treasure. This wish was fulfilled, and Dahaka is currently residing where Zoroaster once lived.

With this goal achieved, Dahaka waits for the empire to complete its war with the Astorian kingdom. At that point Dahaka will launch his next plan, the extermination of the annoying empire from these lands, to build a kingdom of his own.

    Demian, the Dark Noble 
The head of an imperial noble family, Demian is in truth an immortal vampire, who constantly reinvents himself as his own heirs to continue his legacy. Demian is one of the only people alive who remembers the old empire.

Given new life as a vampire by the capriciousness of another vampire ages ago, this former Imperial noble has recently begun to tire of power, glory and even his own existence. However, the sudden change in the empire, and the unexpected military action against Astoria were curious enough to ease his boredom. In the fires of the war, he built a new little realm within the Astorian kingdom and is there awaiting a new enemy that can light the fire inside him.

    Dorgas, the Steel Hurricane 
One of the imperial general council, Dorgas is a mystery. In times of peace, he is a gentle middle-aged man, but in times of battle he turns into a fearsome foe that the word “berserk” scarcely begins to describe. The twin axes that he wields deftly, stir up whirlwinds of gore as he lashes out, butchering any enemy that dares come close.

He is fully aware of his role, and relishes the madness and chaos of the battle, in stark contrast to the quiet family man he is when off the field. What creates such violence in a quiet soul?

    Exhar, the Ice Lord 
Exhar is head of the imperial general council, and is known as an unparalleled commander. He is astoundingly brave, ingenious and has emerged victorious from countless difficult battles, commanding them with a calmness that has been described as “ice itself”.

He will promote and value any talented individual, paying no regard to family or status. Where others look for lineage, Exhar looks for skill. The trust he gains from his subordinates is strong and fierce.

He internally questions the reckless and confusing military action of the emperor, but outwardly regards the current situation with calm. After the capital fell, he set up his own headquarters in a fortress that the Astorian kingdom built to repel barbarians in the past.

Exhar immediately committed to learning everything about Astoria, its lands, and people. Knowing that inevitably, he would have to face down some nature of rebellion.

  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Head of the empire's imperial general council and one of their top generals, noted to be an unparalleled commander and victor of countless battles.
  • Bishounen: Surprising considering he's supposed to be 31 years old.
  • Co-Dragons: With the other members of the imperial general council.
  • Four-Star Badass: A general in the imperial army and on the imperial general council.
  • High-Class Glass: Wears a monocle.
  • No-Sell: Moreso than other imperial characters on defensive positions as the fortress he is on removes two battle dice when attacking into him, and his own personal ability removes another. This means attacking Exhar without at least four combat power will do nothing to him and his soldiers.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Values any capable individual regardless of their family or status, and has second thoughts about the Emperor's sudden attack on Astoria.
  • The Strategist: For the empire.

    Gregorio, the Priest 
Gregorio is a priest of the Night God, the opposite of the Sun God. Death being nothing more than the other half of Life, The Night God who commands the Other Side, the nightly world and death, is not inherently an evil being, and has a substantial amount of followers. Gregorio, however, is among these priests a devout fanatic follower of the concept of Death specifically, and is constantly trying to enlarge the realm of his god. He is currently residing with the emperor and, under his protection, is regularly executing kingdom loyalists to send them to his god. As of yet, no one has managed to stop this insanity.

  • Cool Mask: Holds a skull-motif mask in his artwork.
  • Dark Is Evil: Worships the Night God, wears dark robes, has a skull-motif mask, uses dark magic, and is sacrificing people to his deity.
  • Evil Sorcerer: Uses dark magic and is sacrificing kingdom loyalists.
  • Obviously Evil: Wears a skull-motif mask and dresses in dark colors.
  • Gradual Regeneration: While an ally, he heals your character for one life every round.

    Irwin & Marianne, the Twin Stars 
Irvin and Marianne are two commanders that recently made a name for themselves in the empire. They hail from of one of the many noble families in the empire.

The brother, Irvin, is a careful tactician while the sister, Marianne, is a passionate ambusher. They both make up for the other’s shortcomings, and have achieved great results in military expeditions together. At this point they have reached positions where they both have armies under their command.

Even separately they are skilled enough, but together they are next to invincible. Even the General Council are concerned about this pair.

    The King of the Abyss 
The King of the Abyss is a demon construct, summoned by an ancient ritual under the command of the emperor. This being is nothing more than an incarnation of avarice, and did not only annihilate forces of the kingdom, but blighted entire areas of the kingdom. Worse, the King brought thralls with it, lesser powerful versions of itself, though still incredibly dangerous.

The construct is still not satisfied, and is roaming the lands for more things to engulf. Not even the empire can control it anymore. This is little more than a walking catastrophe, bringing death wherever it goes.

  • Our Demons Are Different: Some kind of demonic construct.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Removes two of your soldiers if you're in the same area as the King of the Abyss at the beginning of a round. It's also suggested that it turned the area it starts on into a desert wasteland.

    Kostov, Chancellor 
The fourth of the Imperial general council, Kostov is a skilled politician that controls most of the empire’s internal affairs. His philosophy is to constantly adapt to the surroundings, and his bribes of everyone to the left and right are indeed problematic, yet his ability to protect the core resources of the empire is unchallenged.

He’s currently situated in one of the conquered merchant cities in the Astorian kingdom and is constructing a trade pipeline to the empire with tremendous speed. Of course, Kostov never neglects to fill his own coffers in the process.

  • Co-Dragons: With the other members of the imperial general council. In fact, probably moreso than the other three members of the council considering that the kingdom cannot win unless he's defeated.
  • Corrupt Politician: Noted to take bribes and is taking some of the gains from the conquest of Astoria.
  • Evil Chancellor

    Lyla, the Arcane General 
Another of the imperial general council, Lyla is a fascinating woman and plays a grand part in the Imperial army.

She is not only skilled in the military arts, but she knows much about intrigues and rumors. She has stood face to face with death more than thirty times, and inspires fear in her soldiers. Lyla is known as the “Goddess of War.”

She has a violent temper and a foul mouth at times, but shows loyalty to her competent subordinates and despises unfairness. She finds this invasion ended too quickly and too easily, and is thus eager to continue the fight with any remaining uprisings.

    Ravinith, the Necromancer 
Ravinith is a necromancer who has mastered death magic. Due to her dark arts, she has been revived from death countless times. The more foul magic she has learned throughout the years, and the more times she has returned from death, the more her humanity has been chipped away. She intends to use the spirits of those killed in this war to amass even more necromantic power. Her selfish acts of disturbing the resting places of the dead are performed with no concern for their memory, but only as a means to preserve herself and her immortality.

She participated in the war without any henchmen, but the more that were killed in battle, the more power she amassed, and she has now grown more powerful than ever.

  • Came Back Wrong: Loses a bit of her humanity every time she returns from the dead.
  • Flunky Boss: Has soldiers (raised from the dead) all around her area, and they keep returning at the start of a round unless she's defeated.
  • Our Liches Are Different: While she's not explicitly stated to be a lich, she's essentially one considering the fact that she is a powerful necromancer who can resurrect herself after being slain.
  • You Gotta Have Purple Hair

    Rozie, the Ancient Weapon 
“Rozie” is a mechanical being found in an ancient ruin in the Astorian kingdom. Her body, constructed with an metal unknown to modern blacksmiths is harder, more resilient, stronger than any other.

This ancient construct was held in a laboratory in the Astorian kingdom after its discovery, and was captured by the empire when the capital fell. However, as she awoke without proper directions, she immediately escaped. She is currently waiting for her long-dead master in the ruins where she was found, and attacks anyone that dares come close.


    The Black Knight 
The person known as The Black Knight is the master of a keep built deep in a range of mountain foothills. The region has long been self-sufficient and The Black Knight and its people owe no loyalty to the kingdom or the empire.

The name of The Black Knight has been told in many war stories, and all of them tell of a tremendous might, but no one knows more than that. Many theories, including that it’s a succession of warriors, or that it’s a dead spirit in a suit of armor, surround this mysterious knight.

The Black Knight didn’t so much as move when the empire invaded, but didn’t join the Imperial forces either. Perhaps those eyes, silently glittering under the visor, are the only ones who know the terrible truth behind this war.


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