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Note that these characters are very important to the story, and as such have the potential to be Walking Spoilers. Read at your own risk.

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General Tropes applying for the whole crew:

  • Badass Crew: What else do you get when you befriend all the major bosses in the game?
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  • Beauty, Brains and Brawn: The main female characters of the game - Toriel, the sweet mother figure to the player character, is the beauty, Alphys, the nerdy scientist, is the brains and Undyne, the agressive and tomboyish captain of the royal guard, is the brawn.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: All of them have silly quirks that sometimes makes it hard to take them seriously. However, you most likely should take them seriously.
    • The Human Child is a little kid with comically serious face who is able to both salvage and destroy the entire Underground.
    • Flowey is an innocent-looking flower who introduces himself as your friendly tutorial. That facade doesn't last long AT ALL.
    • Toriel is a goofy mom character who secretly loves bad jokes. However, when you disobey her, you get the first serious boss battle of the game. Also, she is possibly just as powerful as Asgore, but is holding back because she loves you too much.
    • Papyrus is likely the goofiest and silliest character in the entire game and through most of Snowdin forest, he tries to stop you using extremely easy to get out of puzzles and traps. Even his boss fight seems to be laughably easy at first... until he turns your SOUL blue, which turns his boss fight into a pretty challenging platformer. Also, just like Toriel, it's implied he is even more powerful than that, but is just too darn nice and holds back because of that
      • Going even further, he's the only character in the entire game who literally cannot kill you— even Toriel, a Boss Monster with great control over her magic who is actively trying not to kill you, can accidentally cause you a game over. Papyrus has so much control over his magic that he stops his attacks from killing you every time. He has more control over his magic than a Boss Monster. Even Undyne acknowledges that if he wasn't so friendly and nice, she'd have no qualms letting him into the Royal Guard with her.
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    • Sans is a lazy skeleton who loves bad puns and pranks and always messes with his brother. He also has 1 DF and 1 ATK and is described as "The easiest enemy". However, once you get to the end of the Genocide Run, well... let's hope you are patient and have enough healing items because you're definitely going to have a bad time. Oh, and the 1 DF and 1 ATK thing doesn't mean anything, because he can just dodge every single one of your attacks anyway and his attacks do not leave you invincible, which means that they drain you of your health every moment you're in contact with them. And, worse than that, his battle introduces KARMA, which drains you after and between attacks the same way poison would. He's also free to attack you on the menu screen while waiting for his turn to come.
    • Undyne is a Large Ham who absolutely loves anime and even thinks that it's real. However, she is the captain of the royal guard and for a good reason.
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    • Alphys is mostly a shy anime-loving geek who spends most of her time on social media posting goofy and embarrassing posts. While it's not as obvious with her as with other characters, she created the amalgamates and even Flowey, which proves that she can be dangerous when she isn't careful.
    • Mettaton mostly comes across as an excitable and kind of narcissistic TV show host, and his attempts at killing you are always interrupted at key moments by Alphys or turn out to be pretty incompetent. Turns out, Alphys wanted him to act like that, and when he tries to kill you on his own terms you get a pretty challenging boss fight.
    • When you meet him, Asgore is just a friendly and chipper guy who loves tea, flowers and is terrible at naming things. However, his boss fight is quite challenging and he has pretty high stats - 80 DF and 80 ATK. He is the king of the Underground, after all.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Asgore is blonde, the Human Child is a Brunette and Undyne has red hair.
  • Color Motif:
    • Purple for Toriel and Asgore.
    • Red for Papyrus.
    • Blue for Sans.
    • Black for Undyne.
    • Yellow for Alphys.
    • Pink for Mettaton.
    • Also, the different attributes of the other six human souls: red for determination, orange for bravery, yellow for justice, green for kindness, light blue for patience, blue for integrity and purple for perseverance. Interestingly, these don't seem to apply to the monster characters with those respective colors and/or traits.
  • Demoted to Extra: Their incarnations in Deltarune have much smaller roles than in Undertale.
  • Four-Philosophy Ensemble: The Main Monsters you can befriend can count. This is evident if you research their behaviour in all three paths to the different endings.
    • The Optimist: Papyrus. His naive yet kind nature makes him the most friendly of them. Hot-headed and rather self-centered, but in a good way, Papyrus is also loyal to you once you befriend him. He is one of the few that even in a No Mercy Run will say upon his death that he believes that you can be a good person, showing just how deep his optimism goes.
    • The Realist: Alphys. How she acts depends on which path you're taking. She'll either consider you friendly and a kind person or a nightmare and that she avoids having to meet you in person and helps all the monsters to escape from your reach.
    • The Cynic: Undyne. The foil to Papyrus, once she meets you in person, she blames your unwillingness to die and give your SOUL as the reason why everyone is still stuck in the Underground. She mellows out significantly if you befriend her.
    • The Apathetic: Sans. His knowledge of the ability to SAVE – and his subsequent realization that not only **could** his reality be stolen from him at the drop of a hat, it probably **has** been multiple times already – left him broken, and finds reaching the Surface no longer satisfying knowing that the player will most likely take it away eventually anyway. He will break this way of thinking to battle and try to stop you in the No Mercy run, however, and is implied to be in a better state of mind at the end of a Pacifist Run as well.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: The four main monsters you befriend:
  • The Friends Who Never Hang:
    • Papyrus's interactions with Alphys are limited: Beyond mentioning her as the one who designed the colour tile puzzle in Snowdin and showing up during Alphys's date to cheer her up, they don't interact that much.
    • Sans and Undyne interact even less with each other, the only time where they are seen together is when Undyne is chasing you through Hotland, seeing Sans sleep and getting annoyed for not helping her and in some of the Neutral Endings where both of them survive.
    • Also Sans and Alphys never interact much, though late in the game it is revealed that they do know each other, since she is familiar with his humor, but whatever this connection is, the game doesn't elaborate on it.
  • Meaningful Name: Almost everybody.
    • Flowey is, well, a flower. Considering he is Asgore's son and he probably came up with the name by himself, it starts to make sense. Like Father, Like Son.
    • Toriel is your tutorial.
    • Sans and Papyrus refer to the fonts that their text boxes use (Comic Sans and Papyrus, respectively). Both of those fonts aren't very popular, as Comic Sans is seen as lazy and Papyrus is used by people who want to seem more important than they are... which fits Sans's and Papyrus's personalities perfectly. Also, Sans is a comic. W.D. Gaster, a being who is implied to have some connections to Sans and Papyrus, speaks in – you guessed it – Wingdings, a font made up solely of hieroglyphics, to fit his cryptic and mysterious existence ingame.
    • Undyne is one letter off from "undine". Undines are mythical creatures that live in water, which explains why Undyne looks like a fish and lives in Waterfall. Also, some undines seek human souls, though for different reasons than Undyne. Also, her name kind of sounds like "undying," and she is determined not to die, especially on Genocide Run, where you try to kill her and she **generates human determination** in order to turn into "Undyne the Undying".
    • "Dreemurr", Asgore's second name, is an anagram for "murderer" and he needs to take human SOULs to escape the Underground, which means that he has to kill some humans. "Asgore" alone should tell you thing or two about his goal. Subverted, as he doesn't actually want to kill anybody.
  • Only Child Syndrome: With the exception of Sans and Papyrus, none of them have any known siblings. Mettaton does have a few cousins though, who he treats almost exactly like siblings.
  • Only One Name: Surnames possibly aren't a thing in the Underground, or at least, aren't as standard as they are most everywhere else. The only one of the main characters to have a surname is Asgore and he is of royal descent. What is weird is that even The Human Child, who is a human and should have one, has only one name given. A handful of minor characters do have given last names, however, such as Heats Flamesman and W.D Gaster.
  • Parental Abandonment: Not one of them ever mention having living parents.note  Justified, in the case of Toriel and Asgore, due to how Boss Monsters reproduce – boss monster children age by drawing power from the parents, and eventually in the course of growing up kill them.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: An extremely serious human kid, a goat monster who acts like an overprotective mother, a skeleton who loves to slack off and tell bad jokes, his egotistical and goofy brother who sucks at making puzzles, a hammy fish monster who acts like she is in a Shonen anime, a geeky and shy anime-loving lizard monster, and a robot who talks like an excited game host are the main characters ... and all of them are not just surprisingly but **incredibly** competent.
  • Static Character: Zigzagged and certainly a positive example: rather than reciving streamlined development throughout the game, all their development is reactionary to the actions of the player and you're also allowed to hang out with a majority of them. Doing this allows the characters to show different sides of them, and as a result you gain different perceptions of them, but at the end of the day in the neutral and "bad" endings, their core personalities stay exactly the same. The pacifist ending depends on subverting this, with the player character showing each of them a key flaw in their way of thinking that they can overcome to enrich their own lives and relationships with others.
  • Vague Age: The Human Child is, well, a kid, so they are likely between the ages of 5 and 12. Flowey is also a kid around the same age as the protagonist, but acts older likely because he's been around for a long time thanks to his history with resetting the game. The rest of the main characters are adults, though their exact ages are unknown. Even their relative ages are unknown, though the creator of the game hinted that Sans is older than Papyrus and it may be possible that Toriel and Asgore are older than the other characters. Also, assuming that their Undernet nicknames mean anything, Undyne may be 4 years older than Papyrus. Justified, in the fact that boss monsters really only "age" after they reproduce and start using their own life essence to power that of a child, so having raised a child for a period of time, Toriel and Asgore are certainly more physically mature than the other characters.invoked

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