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Characters / Undertaker Riddle

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The characters from Undertaker Riddle include:

Hayato Sakura

Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai (Drama CD)

A high school student, haunted by ghosts. He met Riddle and, at first, declined the offer to be an undertaker, but in the end, he had to agree in order to save his life from an evil spirit who already made him lose half of his soul. To get a chance to get it back, Hayato must become an excellent undertaker to have an audience with Riddle's superiors and ask for his soul back.



Undertaker Riddle

Voiced by: Koji Yusa (Drama CD)

In charge of making ghosts go to the afterlife and holding proper funerals to exorcise evil spirits, Riddle bonds Hayato to him, giving him half of his soul. Loves to appear out of nowhere, mess with Hayato's head and act kinda childlike but he's very good at his job. Most about him and his past is unknown.

Catacomb of Souls

Secretary Brad

One of Riddle's superiors. First seen testing Hayato to see if he's suitable to be a proper undertaker. Has a dislike for humans and human stuff.


The king of the afterlife, who judges if the souls should go to heaven or hell. Interested in Hayato since Riddle did a contract with him, being just a human. She also holds a Twilight Key.

Julian and Chelle

An undertaker sibling team who are looking for Hayato's missing soul.

Ansem and Luka

Another team of undertakers, also looking for Hayato's soul.

Dante and Hiren

Another team of undertakers.

The Arcana


An Evil spirit who's looking for Hayato as he's the Twilight Key who's wanted by his master.


An evil spirit that used to be an undertaker who's a member of The Arcana under the position of the 7th arcana.

Roen (Messiah)

The first Arcana.


Dante's little brother, who betrayed and killed him, as a member of the mafia family and the fourth evil spirit of The Arcana.


Naoya Sakura

Hayato's little brother.


A student from St. Paulo academy, where Riddle and Hayato go to investigate a series of murders. Since the killer is targeting blond students, he's a potential victim.

Professor Kurotou

A professor of St. Paulo and Riddle and Hayato's suspect.


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