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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned.

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The Unavowed:

    Player Character
"That's me. Totally harmless"
An individual who suddenly finds himself or herself thrown into the world of the supernatural. After meeting Eli and Mandana, the protagonist understands that his or her body was possessed by a demon named Melkhiresa, which spent a year doing horrible things in the protagonist's body before being exorcised. The protagonist thus joins the Unavowed to defeat Melkhiresa and right the demon's wrongs. However, it later turns out that this is backwards—the protagonist is Melkhiresa, an innocent knowledge demon who was summoned by a sociopathic human. The human used Melkhiresa's knowledge to commit atrocities, and Melkhiresa thus decides to continue on and defeat the sociopath.

  • Demonic Possession: A former victim of one. Or, as the case would be, the demon was the victim of the human it was forced to possess.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: You're allowed to pick any name you want for the player character. Except Melkhiresa, which Eli will reject. The player character can later rename themselves 'Mel' to distinguish themselves from the original owner of the body.
  • Good All Along: Melkhiresa was not some diabolical villain, but an innocent spirit of knowledge trapped in an evil human's body, and they have been helping the Unavowed solving magical mysteries.
  • Heroic Mime: Downplayed; the Player Character speaks, but their lines are not voiced. Except when possessed right before the penultimate mission.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: In the final confrontation with their summoner, the Player Character can commit suicide to destroy the summoner's original body, or demand that they be set free, which will send the spirit back to their realm but render the summoner powerless and without the protection of the Veil.
  • Manipulative Bastard: During the year they were possessed. Actors are also able to lie very convincingly during gameplay, cops have the option to flash their badges to get through certain situations, and bartenders are good at building instant trust. The reveal of the player character's real identity reveal they were this for most of their life.
  • Schrödinger's Question: The protagonist's gender and profession are determined by responding to Eli's questions. Turns out none of it is true, because their real identity is Melkhiresa, which is a spirit of knowledge and without gender.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: Can be played as a person who, when given the choice, refuses to kill or expose people to even the risk of death. In The Reveal, all available dialogue options are about how appalled they are by the blood sacrifice needed to summon them, and in the Golden Ending, the Unavowed refuse to summon them to check if they're okay because of the cost.

    Elliot "Eli" Beckett
"Fire away."
Voiced by: Frank Todaro

A Fire Mage who has lived for over 90 years and yet still has the body of a younger man. He can be cocky and witty, but he also bears angst over having had to fake his own death and let his family grow up—and in some cases, grow old and die—without him. He also worries about becoming similar to his great-grandfather Aldin, an unhinged psychopath who used fire magic to cause immense devastation.

  • Family Man: An important part of his characterization. Being unable to be with his own family due to becoming a Mage pains him, and he continually stresses the importance of family to everyone else.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: The inversion of this trope is played for drama; if he's locked in the Lotus-Eater Machine in Brooklyn Eli reveals he's forgotten the colour of his wife's eyes after sixty years, and it pains him.
  • Friends with Benefits: With Mandana, every now and then.
  • In the Blood: His great-grandfather was a fire mage. His great-grandson reveals the ability as well.
  • Occult Detective: Complete with longcoat and trilby hat. While his primary skillset is setting fire to things, Eli can use Fire Reading to unearth lost clues and has a memory of New York that goes back almost a century. He's also a skilled accountant.
  • Playing with Fire: His powers.
  • Pro-Human Transhuman: Eli is a very strong believer in this and believes it's better that he die than to forget what it's like to be human. Part of it ties into his fear of becoming like Aldin.
  • Pungeon Master: Makes a lot of fire-based puns, some of them even accidental.
  • Wizards Live Longer: Mages begin aging slower after awakening to their magic. Elijah is 92, and looks like he's still in his fourties when he started using magic.

"You speak the truth."
Voiced by: Sandra Espinoza

A warrior whose father was a Jinn and whose mother was a pirate queen. Mandana is one of the Unavowed's best fighters, but she worries sometimes about being caught between the human and Jinn worlds without having a sure footing in either one.

  • Accent Slip Up: She slips into a thick Irish accent when intoxicated.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Eli, and only Eli, ever refers to Mandana as "Mandy"
  • The Big Guy: Her main use in puzzle solving is by climbing, pushing or opening objects, though being a Living Lie Detector also lets her cut through the chaff in conversations.
  • Cannot Tell a Lie: Saying anything dishonest is physically painful for her, to the point where she effectively cannot lie. Even having someone else lie on her behalf is painful.
  • Child of Two Worlds: Often struggles with her half human, half Jinn ancestry.
  • Double Consciousness: This inner turmoil is made explicit in the Brooklyn chapter when the playable character enters Mandana's mind
  • Friends with Benefits: With Eli, every now and then.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: She is the daughter of a human and a Jinn.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Her main tool is a scimitar, which she can use to open doors, as leverage when lifting objects, or as a physical threat.
  • In Vino Veritas: Reverts to an old Irish brogue (likely her mother's accent) when she becomes drunk, and becomes a lot goofier.
  • Living Lie Detector: She can sense when someone is being untruthful.
  • Long-Lived: Claims to be 419 years old, although she admits that even she is unsure of her exact age. When on missions, asking her about her personal experience with the different boroughs of New York City often leads to nostalgic stories of Mandana's childhood prior to the Revolutionary War.
  • Our Genies Are Different: Mandana has some standard genie powers, such as being able to inhabit bottles.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: As a child of a Jinn, Mandana takes this position. She usually offers options to let magical beings go provided they're no further threat. Galene is a notable exemption.

"I am Kalash"
Voiced by: SungWon Cho

Mandana's father, and the leader of New York's branch of the Unavowed. He can be harshly critical of the team when he thinks they have erred, but he nonetheless believes in them and trusts them to help keep New York safe.

  • Cannot Tell a Lie: Like Mandana, he is incapable of telling a lie.
  • Loophole Abuse: How he manages to get around the rule of non-interference in his duel with Galene, which sacrifices himself while saving Eli and Mandana.
  • Our Genies Are Different: He's got the standard genie powers, including being able to live in a bottle and being able to grant wishes.
  • Spock Speak: As a full-blooded Genie, Kalash is extremely careful with using Exact Words at all times, as a result his manner of speaking is verbose and technical, and he avoids using contractions
  • The Worf Effect: Despite being a powerful jinn and leader of the Unavowed, he gets completely trounced in his duel with Galene (she was using hemlock to poison him), and has to die to save the rest of the team.

    Vicki Santina
"Shit. What a mess."
Voiced by: Arielle Sieger

A police detective from Staten Island who (depending on your backstory) was shot during the wicked spirit's initial rampage. After healing, she discovered that she could see ghosts, and also that she seemed to be the only one in her precinct who cared about all the bodies piling up on Staten Island. After she sees the Unavowed fight the monster preying on her community, she joins up.

  • Badass Normal: She's the only member of the Unavowed with no explicit supernatural powers beyond being Void-Touched. All she has is her police training and a pistol.
  • Brooklyn Rage: Well, Staten Island Rage, but she's the most passionate member of the Unavowed and the one with the most notable New York accent.
  • Cassandra Truth: She is correct that the local murders are an actual problem (instead of just random inexplicable tragedies) and can be solved, but everyone else has been brainwashed not to believe her.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: If the Player Character has the police background, Vicki was their senior partner during the intro.
  • Easily Forgiven: If the Player Character shot her during the opening she gets over it remarkably quickly. Though, given what's been happening to her in the ensuing year that might be understandable.
  • Friend on the Force: Has connections all over New York and can open doors not available to other members of the Unavowed. She is also the only member (outside a Cop player character) with formal training on body identification.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Very foul-mouthed and surly due to all the shit she had to go through, she nevertheless has her heart in the right place. Growing up in a family of New York cops probably had something to do with her personality.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: The most foul-mouthed member of the Unavowed, which causes some reprimands from Logan on occasion.
  • The Team Normal: On a team of a medium, a half-genie, a fire mage, a full-on genie and a victim of a possession, Vicki stands out as the closest to being an "average" human on the team.

    Logan Brown
Just relax, fellas.
Voiced by: Logan Cunningham

A former alcoholic who is still tormented by his inclinations towards drinking. After his brother's suicide, Logan became able to talk to ghosts and—with the help of KayKay, his spirit guide—help them move on. He did this for about a year until he was trapped in a house with three angry ghosts; after being rescued by the Unavowed, he signed on to their team.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: If the Player Character has the bartender background, Logan was a regular at the bar they tended until he went clean. His brother Jonah was a regular as well.
  • Easily Forgiven: He accepts the death of his brother at the demon's hands with no hard feelings towards the Player Character. Learning that the actual person he'd been interacting with all that time really was that rotten all along is harder for him, though Melkhiresa is spared any blame for that.
  • I See Dead People: His main power. Logan is a Bestower — someone who can talk to ghosts to get information from them, and can also help them move on to the afterlife.
  • Not in Front of the Kid: He's protective of KayKay and tries to prevent the other Unavowed from swearing in her presence.
  • Recovered Addict: He's been on the wagon for years by the start of the game. He still refuses to enter bars unless absolutely necessary.

Voiced by: Violet Young

Logan's spirit guide. KayKay died when she was about 10, but she nonetheless maintains a playful and cheeky personality. When the chips are down, though, she's always willing to help Logan and his friends solve problems and save the day.

  • Condensation Clue: She's only able to converse with non-Bestowers through this trope, which she does during Logan's introductory mission. A 'help' is also visible on one of the mirrors during the Bartender prologue.
  • The Cutie: Constantly joking and teasing the gang (through Logan), and apparently has no angst with being dead at such a young age.
  • Little Miss Snarker: She's really sarcastic when you finally get to talk to her.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: KayKay has standard ghost powers—she is intangible, invisible (except to Logan), and so on—but unlike many other ghosts, she takes an active role in trying to help her tormented brethren pass on to their final rest.
  • Spanner in the Works: She's the only person Melkhiresa can interact with while trapped during the Controlled Helplessness section, and ultimately ends up tipping the rest of the Unavowed as to what is going on.
  • Spirit Advisor: She's only fully visible to Logan, and appears like a floating ball of light to members of the Unavowed. The Bartender prologue reveals she was originally Jonah's and was present during the whole thing, during which the player character can't see her at all.

A dragon leading the Dublin branch of the Unavowed.

  • Cavalry Refusal: Aralax refuses to send reinforcements to New York, on the grounds that Kalash is supposed to be handling all of New York's problems with his own team.

Family of the Unavowed:

A monstrously evil Fire Mage who laid waste to entire villages. He is the great-grandfather of Eli.
  • Playing with Fire: He used these powers to commit horrific crimes.
  • Posthumous Character: He's been dead for centuries after some of his victims made a deal with The Fair Folk for revenge. Those same victims are still out there hunting Fire Mages, Eli amongst them.

Voiced by: Ally Murphy

A pirate queen who ruled the seas around Ulster, Keara was also Mandana's mother.


    Donny Santina 
Voiced by: Andy Manjuck

Vicki's brother, who is also a police officer.

    Jonah Brown 
Voiced by: Daryl Lathon

Logan's unstable brother.

  • The Alcoholic: Unlike Logan he's unable to go clean, and becoming a Bestower didn't help matters.
  • Driven to Suicide: After he begins seeing ghosts, he eventually decides to shoot himself. If talked down during the Bartender prologue, the demon shoots him instead. Replaying the prologue reveals the Bartender shot him as a blood sacrifice to summon Melkhiresa.
  • I See Dead People: He's a Bestower, but he couldn't handle the strain and either shot himself or was killed by the demon.

Prologue characters:

Actor prologue:

An actress who is upset about Zack rewriting the play with the show's opening just a week away.

  • Cigarette of Anxiety: The player character finds her outside the theatre, smoking and fretting about the play.

Voiced by: Cyrus Nemati

Another actor who is frustrated by the rewrites.

  • Beleaguered Assistant: He tries to support Zack and stick out the play, but becomes exasperated as Zack refuses all his help and continues rewriting the play.
  • Eye Scream: How he meets his end via scissors.


A playwright who, in a fit of desperation, summons the muse Calliope to give him inspiration. This goes badly for him, as he finds himself compelled to work without eating or sleeping in order to satisfy his creative urges.

Police officer prologue:

    Elana Loris 
Voiced by: Ivy Dupler

Host of the Eternox Club.

  • Boom, Headshot!: How she's killed after Melkhiresa is summoned out of the book and enters the officer's body.
  • Goth: She dresses in this style, which matches that of the club.

    Franco Morino 
Voiced by: Abe Goldfarb

A police officer who, frustrated with his lackluster record, has begun using magic to compel people to commit crimes and to brainwash civilians into thinking he heroically saved the day from those same "criminals".

  • Engineered Heroics: He forces random civilians to commit crimes, then stops them (and brainwashes everyone around to think he stopped the crimes in a particularly spectacular fashion).
  • Fat Bastard: He is noted to be the fattest cop at the precinct and forced innocent civilians to commit crimes through brainwashing.

Bartender prologue:

Voiced by: Tiana Camacho

A bar manager. After one of her regulars locks himself in the bathroom in the middle of what seems like a mental breakdown, she asks one of her bartenders to get him out, but then things go horribly wrong.

  • Boom, Headshot!: How she's killed after Melkhiresa is summoned out of the book and enters the bartender's body.

All prologues:

Voiced by: Edwyn Tiong

A monster from another world. While on Earth it must eat human flesh to survive, which naturally brings it into conflict with the Unavowed.

  • Character Witness: If the protagonist spares the ligamental, it comes back in the final level and convinces several of its friends to spare the protagonist.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Needs to devour human flesh to return to its own plane.
  • Non-Malicious Monster: Despite being an interdimensional monster that can only eat human flesh to sustain itself, it is by all definitions an 'innocent', having been dragged into our world by accident and against its will.

East Village characters:

    Cory Palmer 
Voiced by: Andy Chmelko

A police officer standing guard in front of a burned-down orphanage.

  • Meddlesome Patrolman: Cory is the beat officer assigned to stand by the orphanage, which causes problems for the Unavowed when they need to get inside and he won't let them past.

Voiced by: Andy Manjuck

A homeless guy who was tormented by a deep chill that he couldn't seem to shake. He wound up joining a cult in which a 'master' cast a spell that beat back the illnesses afflicting him and the other members, but when the master left and put Jordan in charge, he wasn't able to perform the spell... leading to disaster for all concerned.

  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Fire does not hurt him, and instead of food, he now feeds on heat from any source. If you bring him to the lava flow in the final mission, he will claim absorbing that much heat will keep him full for a month.
  • Elemental Embodiment: He literally becomes a Fire Elemental as a result of his final spell.
  • Man on Fire: As a fire elemental, he is completely wreathed in flames
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: He accidentally burned down a homeless shelter as part of his final spell.

Jordan's girlfriend. After he gave up and left the cult, she tried to take over, but was no more capable of performing the ritual than Jordan was.

  • Sympathetic Murderer: She killed Taylor, and the Unavowed can get her to more or less admit that she did so on purpose—but she did it to heal her cerebral palsy and the illnesses of the other cultists.

    Harry Taylor 
Another cultist.

    Humming Girl 
A girl who is sitting in the park and humming in the rain.

  • Cloud Cuckoolander: She doesn't seem to notice anything else going on around her, including the rain, and she just keeps humming. Mandana theorizes that she is addled.

Staten Island characters:

Voiced by: Tiana Camacho

A police officer guarding a body on Staten Island.

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: She's been brainwashed to think nothing of all the dead bodies. She can only repeat that the deaths are "just tragedies" and refuses to investigate them or try to prevent future casualties.

    Vinny DeMarco 
Voiced by: Andy Chmelko

A bartender on Staten Island. His wife Marlene was killed in General Zarug's wars.

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: He has been brainwashed to dismiss his wife's murder as a random tragedy and not grieve about it.

    Marlene DeMarco 
Voiced by: Ivy Dupler

Vinny's wife. She was thrown into General Zarug's world and made to fight in the war there, where she was killed.

    Joy Harrison 
Voiced by: Ivy Dupler

Captain of the Staten Island precinct. She made a bargain with General Zarug, obtaining magical powers from him which allow her to brainwash others and thus advance her career, and sending him people to fight and die in his army in exchange.

  • Driven to Suicide: If the player character offers her to Zarug in order to Take a Third Option, she shoots herself.
  • Karmic Death: Binding her soul to Zarug gave her immense magical power at the cost that every injury the general suffered would be transferred to her and vice versa. Should you spare her (and thus the general), the Golden Ending reveals that the general later sustained serious wounds in some battle, and Harrison begs Vicki to kill her, to which Vicki gleefully refuses.
  • Never My Fault: When caught, she blames the player character for all the magical problems in Staten Island, even though she voluntarily chose to take the General's deal.

    General Zarug 
Voiced by: Ben Britton

A mer-folk general who is fighting a war against another force, but—on account of his forces being unable to move on land—is losing. He makes a deal with Harrison; in exchange for magic, she will provide him with humans that will be drafted into his forces.

  • Noble Demon: He sends abducted humans to their deaths, but he is honorable. For instance, if the Unavowed spare him after he promises not to return to Earth, he indeed stays in his world and no longer tries to abduct humans from Earth to draft into his army.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: Even if you spare him, the Golden Ending reveals that he sustained grievous wounds in battle, and is likely to die.

Bronx characters:

Voiced by: Daryl Lathon

A Metropolitan Transit Authority worker who used to be a policeman.

  • Mr. Exposition: Depending on which members of the Unavowed go to the Bronx, he can explain who the murder victims are and how they died.

Voiced by: Miranda Gawin

A student who cares a great deal about her grades.

  • Berserk Button: Making it hard for her to study, and damaging her doll. When Mary Jane does both, Dana starts down a dark path of revenge.

    Art Eddings 
Voiced by: Daryl Lathon

The husband of Jess Eddings.

  • Driven to Suicide: After killing his wife, he runs his car in the garage and chokes to death on the fumes.

    Jess Eddings 
Voiced by:

The wife of Art Eddings.

  • Knife Nut: She kills Dana with a knife after Dana poisons Mary Jane.

    Mary Jane 
The Eddings' dog.

  • Meaningful Name: "Mary Jane" is slang for marijuana, and both of the Eddings were major potheads.

North Woods characters:

Voiced by: Tiana Camacho

An angry dryad who once tried to violently prevent any humans from disrupting her forest by settling on Manhattan Island, only to be stopped by Kalash. Despite being restricted by the Jinn to a small patch of woods, she survived and is out for revenge.

  • Kill It with Fire: If explicitly spoken dead, she bursts into flames.
  • Plant Person: She can form bodies out of the trees in her woods, and she can also manipulate the plants in those same woods.
  • Taken for Granite: One of her possible fates after her defeat in the duel.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: If she's spared again, she outright states she'll find a loophole in your 'mercy' even if it takes her another four centuries to do so.

Brooklyn characters:

    Clay Chipman 
Voiced by: Cyrus Nemati

A baker who finds himself driven to push the limits of his craft.

  • Mad Artist: Thanks to Stan, he winds up slitting his wrist and pouring blood into his mixing bowl in order to make an artistic statement about "putting himself in his food."
  • Supreme Chef: Both Diego and Calliope find his bagels to be absolutely delicious. Of course, that's before he starts putting blood in them.

Voiced by: Edwyn Tiong

A police officer and friend of Clay's.

  • Mr. Exposition: He serves as this, particularly when Vicki is present. He explains how the artists in the district have been going crazy recently.

    June Stein 
Voiced by: Violet Young

A young girl who finds herself driven to express herself via chalk drawings, no matter the hour or the weather.

  • Killed Offscreen: If Stan is allowed to continue as a Muse, it's implied she worked herself to death.
  • Mad Artist: By the end of the Brooklyn arc, June has been drawing with chalk for hours in the rain—even though the rain is likely to wash away the drawings and make her efforts just a big waste of time.

    May Stein 
Voiced by: Miranda Gawin

The mother of June.

    Amos Fennel 
Voiced by: Ben Britton

A man who became obsessed with May Stein. He used his artistic talents to draw her in an effort to express his appreciation of her beauty, but as his sanity degenerated and he began filling their apartment with an absurd number of drawings, he only freaked her out.

Voiced by: Abigail Wahl

An ancient muse who recently lost her powers and is taking the opportunity to produce and consume art instead of simply inspiring it.

  • Humanity Is Infectious: Mentions she's far happier as a Mundane than she ever was as a muse and does not want to return.
  • Magical Barefooter: Her character model lacks shoes.
  • The Muse: She used to be one, and the Unavowed can force her to be one again.

    Stanley Bates 
Voiced by: Mike Pollock

An old retired painter who has been mentoring many of the artists in the neighbourhood.

  • Creative Sterility: As part of becoming a Muse, he's lost the ability to create or appreciate art himself.
  • Doing It for the Art: He is a particularly unhinged supporter of this In-Universe. When he learns about Fennel burning himself to death, for instance, he is happy because he thinks the self-immolation was a brilliant artistic statement.
  • The Muse: He became one after obtaining Calliope's powers.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: He's unaware of what he's become and thus the effects his powers have on others.

Wall Street characters:

    Winnie Cook 
Voiced by: Julie Park

The distraught mother of Elijah Cook.

  • Cassandra Truth: She saw her baby literally disappear in front of her, but of course nobody believes her.

    Travis Cook 
Voiced by: Ben Britton

The father of Elijah Cook and husband of Winnie. He is also Eli's grandson.

  • An Odd Place to Sleep: After his son's disappearance he moved out and began sleeping in his office, demonstrating the total collapse of his family life.
  • Identical Grandson: He highly resembles Eli, except he is a bit more heavy of build than him.

    Elijah Cook 
The missing son of Travis and Winnie.

    Gloria Cook 
Travis' mother and the oldest of Eli's two children.

    Julie Beckett 
Travis' aunt, Gloria's sister, and Eli's daughter.

  • Granola Girl: It's hinted that she's this; in her emails to Travis she talks a lot about touring various monasteries and other spiritual sites in Asia.

    Jason Grant 
Voiced by: Cyrus Nemati

Founder of the Grant City Trust, a major financial institution based in Wall Street.

    Robby Siegel 
Voiced by: Francisco "Grundislav" González

A security officer manning the front desk of the Grant City Trust.

  • Mr. Exposition: He tells the Unavowed (particularly Vicki) some of what has been going on with the Trust, including Grant's death, Kravitz's firing and Fellows' taking over the company.

    Hugh Kravitz 
Voiced by: Andy Chmelko

A former Vice President of the Grant City Trust. After being put on a special assignment by Fellows, he set fire to his paperwork, was sacked, and wound up ranting incoherently on the street outside the building.

  • Could Say It, But...: Kravitz is under a geas which prevents him from admitting to what he's done... so he instead insists that he has NOT done anything wrong, he certainly has NOT abducted a child on the orders of Fellows, and the company is most assuredly NOT being run by evil fae. The geas still hurts him, but he at least manages to explain to the Unavowed what is going on.

    Roy Fellows 
Voiced by: Abe Goldfarb

The human alias of one Robin Goodfellow, a powerful fae leader. He wants a child and resorts to evil means to obtain one.

  • An Ice Person: As a noble of the Winter Court, he can control ice and winter.
  • The Fair Folk: He's a sidhe, which is basically a fairy noble. He's also with the Unseelie (as opposed to the Seelie), which explains why his domain is made of ice.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: He threatens to kill baby Elijah unless the Unavowed promise to leave him and the baby alone, only for the baby to activate his own fire-casting powers and immolate Roy. The Player Character can then respond to his cries for help by saying that they made a promise to leave the child alone, at which point Roy calls off the bargain.
  • Would Hurt a Child: He has a baby abducted and taken into his care.

    Ice Golem 
Voiced by: Ally Murphy

The bodyguard and nanny that Fellows creates for Elijah Cook.

  • Magical Nanny: She can comfort and educate a baby, and can also use magical ice powers to stab any hostile intruders.

Chinatown characters:

    Doug Wang 
Voiced by: Andy Manjuck

A man who helps run his parents' grocery store.

  • Be as Unhelpful as Possible: He initially refuses to talk about the herb he sold Kevin, only agreeing to talk when confronted with absolute proof he sold Kevin something off-the-books.

    Sam Durkin 
Voiced by: Francisco "Grundislav" González

A detective eating at Wing's restaurant.

  • Character Overlap: He appears cross many of Dave Gilbert's games, including The Blackwell Series and The Shivah.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: He acts at this at first, refusing to allow the Unavowed to talk to Kevin. He changes his mind after the Unavowed point out that the multiple winning lottery tickets sold in the single neighborhood could indicate the lottery may be locally rigged.

    Wing Lu 
Voiced by: Julie Park

A chef who won the lottery several years prior and used it to pay off her debts.

  • Asian Rudeness: She is short-tempered with the Unavowed, complaining that they are bothering her and trying to aggressively shut down their questioning.

    Kevin Huang 
Voiced by: Edwyn Tiong

The son of two restauranteurs. After they were killed by the demon, Kevin was blamed for their deaths and arrested. Unfortunately, he had summoned the Ba Jiao Gui just before the shooting and didn't have time to dismiss it before being taken into custody. It now haunts his dreams demanding a freedom he can't give it.

  • Greed: He gives into this at the end of the Chinatown mission, demanding more lottery numbers and a bigger payout even though this could kill the Ba Jiao Gui.

    Sun Chen 
Voiced by: Julie Park

The officer stationed in the front room of the Tombs.

  • Mr. Exposition: Like many of the other police officers in the game, Sun provides exposition on a local crime—in this case, the murder in the Huang's restaurant.


An officer in the secure area of the Tombs.

  • Plot Allergy: Randy is conveniently on the phone complaining that his kids suddenly can't eat dairy products and need soy replacements. This distracts him long enough for the player character to flood the room.

    Female officer 

A second officer in the secure area of the Tombs.

  • Clueless Detective: She is focused on her phone and doesn't notice the player character sneaking into the room, oiling the hinges of her rusty locker, and stealing her jacket.

Another police officer in the Tombs.

  • Asshole Victim: Kevin describes him as a jerk, and indeed he is openly dismissive of the torment that the (innocent) Kevin is enduring, so it's hard to feel bad for him when the player character drugs and robs him.

    Ba Jiao Gui 
Voiced by: Ivy Dupler

A dragon who is known as the Ba Jiao Gui, or the 'Banana Ghost.' When summoned it can provide winning lottery numbers to the summoner, but if it is not then promptly released, bad things start to happen.

  • Our Dragons Are Different: Ba Jiao Gui is a large dragon which eats humans and can—when summoned properly—provide winning lottery numbers.

Other characters:

    The Demon/Wicked spirit 
Voiced by: Dave Gilbert (male version)/Shelly Shenoy (female version)

The monster that is causing all of the problems in the city which the Unavowed are trying to fix. Identified as the knowledge demon Melkhiresa early on. Eventually revealed to be a sociopathic human who was just using Melkhiresa's knowledge. Eli tried to exorcise Melkhiresa, but — since he specifically used magic to exorcise a "wicked spirit" — wound up exorcising the human's spirit from his or her own body instead, on account of the human's immense wickedness. This left Melkhiresa in possession of the body, which the wicked spirit then plotted to regain.

  • Big Bad: Orchestrated dozens, if not hundreds of murders, and God knows how many other crimes over the course of an entire year, which the Unavowed spend the whole game trying to fix.
  • Depraved Bisexual: If you play as a man, he seduces and has an affair with Art Eddings just like a female character would.
  • Evil All Along: It was initially thought that the protagonist was an innocent human possessed by a demon, when it was actually the human who summoned and imprisoned an innocent spirit of knowledge within their own body.
  • Evil Is Petty: As soon as they had enslaved Melkhiresa through the ritual, their first order of business was initiating a killing spree at their workplace, simply because they felt annoyed by the victims.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Even before they gained their powers through use of rituals and forcing Melkhiresa into being their personal encyclopedia, they were show to be quite cunning, frequently putting on a friendly facade around people only to use them and then finally backstab them. Once they got the aforementioned supernatural aids, their manipulations grew vastly in scale.
  • Mundanger: Downplayed. It turns out that the Big Bad of the story is not a demon, but a human, albeit one who learned to argument themselves with magical rituals and access to a knowledge daimon.
  • The Sociopath: Shows no concern or empathy for all the lives he or she destroyed. In fact, the player will notice that the flavor text gained examining from their surroundings in the Once More, with Clarity! segment is significantly different from Melkhiresa's more objective discriptions, and shows them to hold the world and the other people in great contempt and having an extremely inflated sense of ego.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Examing your surrondings when you play as them, reveals them to strongly believe this about themselves, as their thoughts and opinons on other people tends to be mostly complaints about how lazy, stupid, useless, annoying and beneath them everyone else are.

Another monster who attacks New York City.


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