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Characters / Umi Monogatari

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    Main Characters 


A mermaid who becomes the Priestess of the Sea, Marin is also Urin's big sister. Marin is outgoing, positive, and cheerful, and will freely hug anyone she meets, declaring that she loves them. Marin is full of compassion for others, and seems to be a perfect example of Incorruptible Pure Pureness. Whether that's true or not is soon tested.

Kanon Miyamori

A high school student who becomes the Priestess of the Sky, Kanon has lived with an "evil aura" surrounding her whenever she's flustered or upset. Because of this she is often gloomy, unsure of herself, and unwilling to connect to others. The Elder Turtle feels she would easily fall into darkness.


Marin's little sister and the catalyst for Sedna's release. Urin is not at all happy with going to the surface world, and would much prefer it if she and Marin went back to the sea. She is fiercely loyal and protective of Marin, and Marin's friendship with Kanon makes her worry that she will be forgotten about—feelings Sedna is happy to exploit.


An evil force intent on shrouding the world in darkness. Sedna was sealed away in two locations, one in the sea and one in the sky. When Urin accidentally frees her sky half, her power is partially restored, and she sends creatures to attack Marin and Kanon while she works on freeing her sea half. Sedna has no real body, and she soon begins looking for a suitable host.

Matsumoto, the Elder Turtle

An ancient sea turtle who taught the previous priestesses long ago, and guides Marin and Kanon. He is very wary of Kanon and her evil aura, and is intent on making sure she does not fall into darkness any more than she already has. Often blunt and to-the-point, he is dismissive of Urin and entirely focused on what has to be done to stop Sedna, even as the situation changes. He has a daughter named Ichikawa.

    Supporting Cast 


A boy who Kanon dated before they grew distant from each other. He is studious and open-minded, and still feels that he and Kanon can be together.

Miyako Miyamori

Kanon's mother, who looks as young as her daughter's friends and has an outgoing personality to match. She enjoys making quick money from tourists, and makes fantastic pickles. Her husband passed away some time ago.


A haughty, hot-tempered girl, Oshima is in love with Kojima and is determined to win him away from Kanon, no matter what. She sees Kanon as her rival for his affections.


One of Kanon's schoolmates, and her only real friend before Marin and Urin. She practices yoga, and gives Kanon's life a sense of normality.


A mermaid who is friends with Marin and Urin. She is often seen in the company of Sam, and worries about how Marin and Urin are doing on land. She is an adept fighter with a trident.


A merman who is friends with Marin and Urin. He is often seen in the company of Warin. Sam is relaxed and easy-going, and is an adept fighter with a sword.


The Elder Turtle's daughter. Sedna turned her into a human and forced her to attack the heroes, but she was stopped and purified, becoming her true self—an adorable orange sea turtle. She loves eating Miyako's pickles.

The Shrine Maiden

A mysterious shrine maiden who watches over the island, singing songs to soothe the people's hearts. She often comments on what's going on, and her song gives hints as to the story's resolution.


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