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Characters / Ultraman: Towards the Future

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    Ultraman Great
Portrayed by: Matthew O'Sullivan (voice), Robert Simper and Steve Apps (suit)
Australia's take on Japan's favorite giant superhero, Ultraman Great has the distinction of being one of the few Ultra Series heroes of non-Japanese origin. He came to Earth to battle the malevolent alien entity Gudis, but because he cannot survive for long in Earth's polluted atmosphere, he merged with astronaut Jack Shindo, a man whom he rescued when they encountered Gudis on Mars. He is referred to solely as Ultraman in the series, with "Great" being added for the Japanese dub.

    UMA (Universal Multipurpose Agency) 

Jack Shindo

Portrayed by: Dore Kraus
The series protagonist and human host of Ultraman Great, Jack Shindo was an astronaut who first encountered Ultraman Great and Gudis when on a mission to Mars with his companion, Stanley Haggard. He merged with Ultraman after the battle (although Stanley was seemingly killed), joining UMA in order to combat the Gudis virus and its many monsters. While he finds his role as Ultraman to be a little burdensome at times, his sense of duty means he is unafraid of the role. He transforms using the Delta-Plasma.

Colonel Arthur Grant

Portrayed by: Ralph Cotterill
The head of UMA. Colonel Grant is a temperamental man who often finds himself butting heads with his superiors when it comes to dealing with the many threats the team has to deal with.

Jean Echo

Portrayed by: Gia Carides
One of UMA's two female team members, Jean Echo serves as a love interest for Jack Shindo but is every bit as capable of facing the Monster of the Week as the rest of the team.

Lloyd Wilder

Portrayed by: Rick Adams
The resident "tough guy" of UMA, Lloyd Wilder is also the most skeptical and suspicious of the team when it comes to Jack Shindo's behavior and secret identity as Ultraman Great.

Charles Morgan

Portrayed by: Lloyd Morris
The African-Australian brains of UMA, Charles Morgan acts as something of a comic relief compared to the rest of the team, but his scientific and technical expertise make him a fundamental part of any mission.

Kim Shaomin

Portrayed by: Grace Parr
The only other female officer in UMA, the Chinese-Australian Kim Shaomin is unmatched when it comes to piloting UMA's aircraft against whatever creature is menacing Australia for the episode.


    Monsters and Aliens 

Gudis/Stanley Haggard
First Appearance: Signs of Life
The series' initial antagonist. Gudis is a malevolent alien entity from outer space that is able to turn into thousands of virus-like cells able to infect creatures and make monsters. Jack and Stanley first encountered Ultraman when he was fighting it on Mars, but after Stanley was killed, Gudis escaped to Earth. Soon afterwards however, it became clear there was a human threat amongst the Gudis cells and its kaiju creations.

First Appearance: Signs of Life
The very first creature born of the Gudis virus, Bogun was on ordinary tadpole turned into a bizarre beast of gigantic proportions. Appearing in the middle of a major Australian city, Bogun ultimately became Ultraman's first opponent during his time on Earth as Jack Shindo.

First Appearance: The Hibernator
A sauropod-like monster discovered slumbering in Antarctic ice, Gigasaurus was brought back to civilization to be displayed, but Gudis cells infected the prehistoric brute an allowed it to break free from its icy prison for the first time in millions of years.

First Appearance: The Child's Dream
A reptilian gliding monster born from the dreams of a boy named Jimmy, who had recently lost his pet lizard and had become exposed to a strange device carrying the Gudis virus. The device allowed Jimmy to conjure and call back his imagined beast as he wished.

First Appearance: The Storm Hunter
A wind spirit that takes on a form akin to a Tasmanian devil, Degunja was well known in the legends of the Australian Aboriginals but the mysterious desecration of its sacred site and infection by the Gudis virus enraged the creature into rampaging across the Outback.

First Appearance: Blast from the Past
A poisonous monster born from the Gudis virus by unknown means, Barrangas was utilized by Gudis' human host Stanley Haggard to divert UMA's attention while he tried to lure Jack Shindo and thus Ultraman into confronting him face to face.

First Appearance: The Forest Guardian
An elephant-like beast that has lived in Australia since the Pleistocene, Gazebo lived in the Blue Mountains where the Aboriginals venerated it as the guardian of the forest. Unfortunately, its presence alarmed UMA, especially with a young girl named Jenny lost in the same woods.

First Appearance: Bitter Harvest
A grasshopper mutated to monstrous size by the illegal dumping of toxic chemicals in the Australian countryside, Majaba threatened all of Australia with its ravenous appetite, its arsenal of deadly poisons, and its eggs, which contained a new generation of Majabas.

First Appearance: The Biospherians
An extraterrestrial supercomputer that fell to Earth, Bios was discovered by Southern Cross University and utilized by a team of scientists to attempt to create efficient and eco-friendly biotechnology. Unfortunately, the alien AI had decided the best way to restore Earth was to destroy all life on the planet.

First Appearance: Tourists from the Stars
An alien who came to Earth with his wife Veronica as a tourist, taking on the respective forms of a food truck and a beautiful woman to get around unnoticed. Unlike his wife though, Ryugulo became disgusted at humanity and decided to try and destroy them.


First Appearance: Tourists from the Stars
Ryugulo's wife. She took on the form a woman while her husband appeared as the food truck they got around in to explore Earth. While exploring human society, she befriended Charlie, who soon developed feelings for her that led to a crisis when Ryuglo decided to try exterminate humankind.

First Appearance: The Survivalists
A half-organic, half-mechanical spaceship that was captured years ago by UMA from an unknown alien race that came to Earth. Its was sought after by a group called the Survivalists who sought to get into UMA and take UF-0 in order to flee what they feared to be the inevitable destruction of Earth.

First Appearance: Age of Plagues
One two monsters born from the Earth itself for the purpose of destroying both humanity and Ultraman for what they have done to the Earth. Kodalar was a tortoise-like beast that rose from the sea to face Ultraman, proving to be the red-and-silver hero's strongest foe so far.

First Appearance: Age of Plagues
A dragon-like beast awoken by the Earth itself to destroy the human race for their damage to the environment. Kilazee was sent alongside Kodalar to begin the extermination campaign with the defeat of Ultraman, coming down from the sky to wreak havoc on our heroes.


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