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Characters / Ugly Memories

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Paula Fenice:

The main character and narrator.
  • Functional Addict: Paula sees herself as this. We do know she's able to work as a freelance writer whilst using.
  • Hollywood Autism: Averted, thankly. ML Lanzillotta herself actually has autism. Paula's "odder" behaviors (the meltdowns, her inability to say specific words, and so on) are all based on things the actually author does.
  • Most Writers Are Writers: Paula works as a freelance writer.

Paula's Mom:

Paula's Dad:

  • Dad the Veteran: Though he never mentions fighting in a war, Mr. Fenice did attended VMI (Virginia Military Institute, a real-life military school). Paula finds this somewhat intimidating.

Nathan Zimmermann:

  • The Ghost: Nathan never actually shows up. Paula mentions him often enough, though.


  • Manchild: Despite being an adult, Mason seems oddly childlike. He even asks Paula to tell him a story.

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