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The character page for Twitch Plays Pokémon Theta Emerald EX. For a directory of all character pages, as well as characters shared between runs, see here.

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Major Humans


ACCPPQ (Acacia Pillai-Quinn, Acapella)

The protagonist of the run. Most lore has her being related to at least one past Hoenn host, with one source having her as Nina's half-sister while another had Nina and Artemis as her (divorced) parents.

  • Ambiguously Brown: More for the name given to her starter than for her own name, but she's depicted as possibly hailing from the Pokémon equivalent of India, and as such, her custom sprite has a darker skin tone than A's or Nina's.
  • Ambiguously Evil: Much like Evan, she suffers from prolonged exposure to glitches, and like him, she commits a mass PC genocide.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Seemed to flirt with the female interviewer.
  • And I Must Scream: Both the "Lotad Lotad" meme on Day 1 and the glitch with the party display on entry to the Hall of Fame are chalked up as hallucinations, suggesting that she's reacted to the Voices in a bad way to an extent not seen since Red. When finally freed, she's totally distraught about what she did under the voices' influence.
  • The Collector: Her primary goal is to fill in as many Pokédex entries as possible. Beating the League and stopping Teams Aqua and Magma are just necessary steps towards that goal.
  • Identical Granddaughter: If she's related to past protagonists.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifter: Episode 15 of Dear Daughter reveals that Acapella didn't hallucinate becoming a Lotad; she inherited the ability to turn into a Pokémon from her father, Artemis Haze XII (also known as Bun-E), who in turn inherited it from his biological father, Bill.
  • Spoiled Brat: She definitely came from a wealthy family, and she seems to be a fairly nice girl, if a bit greedy. Eventually her insatiable desire for more and more Pokémon leads her across the Moral Event Horizon, releasing 48 Pokémon in under an hour on Day 13 and later releasing 10 more including a Shiny, two former party members, and two legendaries.


As a whole:

  • Amazon Brigade: Most of the more stable parties have been majority female, with the Elite Four team having a 5-1 ratio and The One Guy being the Sixth Ranger who replaced a female on the team.
  • Five-Man Band: As applied to the Elite Four Team:
    • The Hero: Holly, who swept the Champion and was consistently the highest-leveled member of the team.
    • The Lancer: Edgeworth, the other party member to break the usual level cap.
    • The Big Guy: Kihap, a major carry against early members of the E4 and one of the other ones to stick around.
    • The Smart Guy: Attutz, more of a situational Pokémon
    • The Chick: Unix, probably the least useful during the actual Elite Four runs due to her low speed and poor typing, but eventually became the new Lancer in the postgame.
    • Sixth Ranger: Chandelure, the last addition to team and both the only one without a nickname and The One Guy.
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  • Revolving Door Casting: There are multiple party shifts early on, then again on Days 5 and 6, and in the postgame the only real constants are Holly and Unix, and sometimes Kihap.



A female Mareep captured on Day 1 and evolved later that day, then to Ampharos in the first hour of Day 2. On Day 3, she became the first Ampharos in TPP history to Mega Evolve.


UU NNNHKXX the Mantine (Unix)

A female Mantine caught late on Day 5. Despite being largely an HM slave, she's the second-highest-leveled member of the team by the game's end.


KJIIHAB the Pangoro (Kihap, Jihab)

A female Pancham that was withdrawn from the PC on Day 7 and evolved. She wound up becoming a key member of the team.

  • Face of a Thug: Part of the species.
  • Genius Bruiser: She was probably the heavy of the team due to the amount of coverage that Dark/Fighting gives against the Hoenn Elite Four, but also was an HM slave and eventually learned False Swipe for better Pokémon-catching utility.
  • You Don't Look Like You: Was depicted as a Teddiursa when inducted into the Hall of Fame.

     ,, dddtz and Thundurus 

,, dddtz the Tornadus (Ditz) and Thundurus

The two Kamis of Unova, they were captured late on Day 12 and withdrawn on Day 15 in order to attempt to get the third member of their Trio. No attempt at Landorus was ever actually made.

  • Last Episode, New Character: Caught during the postgame and didn't actually join the party for the first time until the final 6 hours of the final day, or roughly 59/60 of the way through the run.
  • Those Two Guys: Didn't really do much while they were there and only managed to get into a separate section from the hundreds of other Pokémon to pass through the party because they happened to still be there when the run ended.


AAAAAAEEee the Gogoat ("Holly")

A female Skiddo captured on Day 1, put in the Daycare on Day 2, then brought back later that day and evolved. While she did occasionally wind up in the PC again, it was rarely for long, and she quickly became the iconic Pokémon of the run.

  • Absurdly High Level Cap: Theta Emerald EX has one, and she managed to smash the conventional level cap, winding up at level 121.
  • Healing Factor: Knew both Milk Drink and Horn Leech, and at one point knew Synthesis as well, giving her three moves that could heal her.
  • Meaningful Name: The name "Holly" was chosen because it's both a type of plant and an actual female name, and furthermore one that uses roughly the same vowel sounds that would be made by trying to pronounce her consonant-free in-game name.
  • Ship Tease: May have had a crush on Abhijeet early on, though this ended up going nowhere as he was among the many early party members who didn't stick around for long.
  • Stone Wall: High HP combined with multiple healing attacks and an input system that allowed for easier selection of moves made her very tough to defeat.

On Standby

Note: As many Pokémon were withdrawn in the postgame for the express purpose of evolving them, only those that were part of the party prior to defeating the Elite Four or were otherwise noteworthy are included here.


AAABBijjlt the Blaziken (Abhijeet, Abby Jr., BLT)

ACCPPQ's starter was a male Torchic. He evolved all the way to his final form on Day 1, but was deposited in the PC on Day 2 and never retrieved.

  • Agent Peacock: Due to his Indian-sounding name, he was often depicted as a literal peacock.
  • The Casanova: After the original, male-dominated party was deposited, leaving only Abhijeet, the first four Pokémon captured to replace them were all female (including both Ampharos and Holly), and three of them were in the same Egg Group as him. This was suggested to be him attempting to build a harem.
  • History Repeats: TPP is now 4 for 4 in selecting Torchic in Hoenn runs.
  • Put on a Bus: Boxed on Day 2 and left in the PC for the rest of the run.



ACCPPQ's first capture, a female Hoppip. Was deposited along with the rest of the opening party after about 8 hours and never retrieved.


TTMGGGGG the Diggersby (TM)

ACCPPQ's second capture was a male Bunnelby. He left the party on Day 1, but unlike the rest of them, he briefly returned on Day 13 to evolve.



A male Bidoof that was part of the initial party. Was not seen again after the end of hour 8.


HIBDWDDLL the Hoothoot (Hi Bird, Dolly, Bidwell)

A female Hoothoot that was part of the initial party. She was deposited after 8 hours and remained in the PC for the rest of the run.


AABBBBBBRR the Pyroar (Aaron Burr, Brr, Abril)

A female Litleo who was the first capture after the first party dump. She was deposited in the PC at the end of Day 1, but returned late on Day 6, evolved on Day 7, and stuck around until Day 9.

  • The Bus Came Back: One of the more surprising ones due to how low her level was when she'd been left in the PC compared with where in the game ACCPPQ was. Old party members returning would eventually become common in the postgame, but her return was far earlier.
  • Stealth Pun: Her Rivalry ability triggers when she's facing another female Pokémon. She's catty.


DDDWWwwwww the Xatu (DW)

A female Natu caught after the first party dump. Evolved to Xatu late on day 1, then was left in the Daycare, brought back, and sent to the PC on Day 2.


AAAAAAAAAA the Sylveon (Screameon)

About a quarter of the way through Day 1, the chat decided to try to obtain a Leafeon for the party, as they'd already used each of the other 7 Eeveelutions on at least one final team and the trigger for its location-based evolution was early in the game. With that goal, they deposited everyone but their starter in the PC. With only one empty spot remaining in the party, they captured a male Eevee, and an hour and a half later, he became the first Pokémon of the run to evolve—but not into a Leafeon.

  • Eldritch Abomination: A lot of its artwork depicts it as being distinctly creepy, though some just have it screaming as if it was scared.
    • It was also possessed by the ghost of Spat, one of the Four Horsemon of the Apacellypse.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Spent just over a day in the party (boxed for good 1 day 41 minutes after being caught, with 40 minutes of that spent in the Daycare), but received more art than any other party member.
  • The Mole: Actually was sent by Cress, it was monitoring Glitch activity in Hoenn.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Early on in the run, it was treated similarly to Martyr or Satanbat, as the one that kept forcing the party changes. Then came Episode 12 of Dear Daughter.


T the Togekiss (Mr. T)

A male Togepi caught on Day 1, he was initially auto-boxed, but was withdrawn at the very end of the day. He retreated to the PC on Day 2 and returned to be evolved on Day 14.


AAAAAAAAAA the Sawsbuck (LoudDeer)

A female Deerling caught at the end of Day 1 after DW had been sent to the Daycare. She was deposited in the PC on Day 2 and only returned briefly on the final day so that she could evolve.


TTWTUCC the Poliwag (Tucker)

A male Poliwag captured on Day 2 with an opening in the party, he wound up becoming the longest-tenured member of the party less than three hours later.

  • Butt-Monkey: Was forced to lead an underleveled party almost as soon as he was captured, failed to evolve in the only attempt he made, and wasn't even given a reappearance in the postgame to evolve, even though Poliwhirl has a split evolution and ACCPPQ only caught one other Poliwhirl. Which also wasn't among those chosen to be evolved.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Only spent about 6 hours in the party, during hours that the (American) majority of the chat was asleep.

    Plusle and AAAAAAAAVV 

Plusle and AAAAAAAAVV the Minun

Two Pokémon withdrawn on Day 2 and deposited later that same day.


GGGMGGG the Venipede

A Pokémon withdrawn on Day 2 and deposited later that day.



A female Ralts captured on Day 2 and boxed a few hours later. As a wild Kirlia had already been caught, she wasn't brought back in the postgame.



A male Slakoth that joined the party midway through Day 2. He evolved for the first time a mere four hours later and reached his final stage roughly a day after his party debut. He remained in the party for two days after evolving into Slaking before retiring.

  • Counter-Attack: Was probably best known for his use of Counter, as he withstood an attack from Norman's Slaking and one-shotted it while still a Vigoroth.
  • The Slacker: A racial trait.


AABUUN SS the Swellow (Buns)

A male Taillow added to the party midway through Day 2, he evolved later that day and retired to the PC on Day 5.

    ABBQS L 

ABBQS____L the Sharpedo (BBQ)

A male Carvanha caught on Day 2, he evolved later that day and was sent to the PC late on Day 5.

  • Super Form: Was given Sharpedonite on Day 5. Accounts of whether he ever Mega Evolved were mixed, with some saying "yes", some saying "no", and some saying "we tried but we'd already Mega Evolved Ampharos in the battle and trying to execute a second Mega Evolution crashed the game."


AA the Aegislash (Edgeworth)

A female Honedge captured on Day 2 with an open spot in the party, she evolved to Doublade at the end of the victory over Norman early on Day 3, then to Aegislash late on Day 3. She left the party on Day 5 at the same time as Slaking and Buns, but rejoined the party early on Day 7 along with then-newcomer Kihap and became an integral part of ACCPPQ's main team. May or may not be one of the Four Horsemon of the Apacellypse.

  • Absurdly High Level Cap: Ended the run at Level 102.
  • Mirror Match: Was frequently sent out against Phoebe, who also had an Aegislash.
  • Ominous Visual Glitch: During the battle with Phoebe, battles between the two Aegislash often left after-images on Edgeworth's HP bar, essentially a "ghost of a ghost". This caused her to become Death in the Four Horsemon of the Apacellypse.
  • The Bus Came Back: Rather quickly, too, as she was gone for about a day and a half.
  • You Don't Look Like You: Was depicted as a Corsola when inducted into the Hall of Fame.


_VYRRRRRV the Klefki (Shorts)

A female Klefki caught shortly after Edgeworth, she was sent directly to the PC but was withdrawn late on Day 5 (in the PC shuffle that preceded Unix's capture and allowed her to be brought straight into the party.)

  • Talkative Loon: Was nicknamed by one: her "Shorts" nickname comes from the tppsim bot (which splices together bits of chat into Non Sequiturs) saying "Klefki's name reminds me of shorts".


AA the Reuniclus

A female Solosis caught after a party shuffle on Day 5. She was in the party for fewer than 9 hours, but evolved twice in that time.


APPQ the Banette

A female Shuppet caught after the first party shuffle of Day 5. Was the only party member to remain after the second party shuffle of Day 5, but left the next day.


AAA the Dusclops

A female Duskull captured at roughly the same time as APPQ. She evolved into Dusclops, but was sent to the PC late on Day 5, and a different Dusclops was chosen to be evolved into Dusknoir in the postgame.

  • Butt-Monkey: As mentioned above, she wasn't evolved fully even though she reached the second stage during the main game and was an item evolution. At least Tucker would've needed a level-up evolution first.



A Manaphy hatched from an egg given on Day 5, it was sent to the PC on Day 6, then brought back out on the final day to be sent to the Daycare to breed with a Ditto for a Phione egg.


DWZL the Alomomola

A female Alomomola caught late on Day 5 and sent to the PC the following day. Was not the Alomomola released during Day 13's mass release.


AAaggmmn the Tentacruel (Agumon)

A male Tentacruel caught at the end of Day 5, he was in the party for most of Day 6 but left for good after that.

  • Gender Bender: Following DWZL's capture, a female Tentacruel was captured to fill the last slot in the party, but the game crashed shortly afterwards and the reloaded save state was at a time before that Tentacruel was caught. Agumon was the next capture.


Aaaad the Archeops (Lord Plume)

A male Archen caught on Day 6, he was added directly to the party and evolved into Archeops later that day. He was deposited for good near the end of Day 6.


ABBUUTT the Armaldo (Lord Claw, A Butt)

A male Anorith caught shortly after Aaaad, but evolved shortly before him. He left the party after only 4 hours.


ZZDPPPPJ the Pidgeot (Zippy)

A female Pidgeotto withdrawn from the PC on Day 6 and returned there as a Pidgeot on Day 7.


ATTUttttz the Malamar (Attutz)

A female Inkay withdrawn along with Zippy on Day 6; together, their arrival brought the first all-female party of the run; she evolved a few hours later. Unlike Zippy, however, she lasted a lot longer, being chosen over BBQ to be the fellow Dark-type party member required to evolve Kihap and sticking around to become a part of the Elite Four championship team.

    AACggg hh 

AACggg hh the Chandelure

A male Lampent withdrawn on Day 9, after attempts had already been made at the ice puzzles in the Sootopolis Gym. He initially didn't have a nickname, but was brought to the Name Rater at some point. He was deposited along with Holly on Day 12 to make room for NT and Agahnim, but unlike her, he never returned.


AUtuodettt the Yveltal (Autodeath)

A Kalosian Legendary captured on Day 11.


NNtt the Relicanth (DV, NT)

A male Relicanth withdrawn from the PC on Day 12. Was originally named DV,, z-, but went to the Name Rater.


AAAahh6m the Wailord (Agahnim)

A female Wailmer withdrawn from the PC on Day 12. Evolved shortly thereafter.


AABUUMID the Xerneas

A Kalosian legendary caught on Day 12.


UUUV the Tauros

A Tauros caught early on Day 13, filling the last spot in the PC.

    Ninjask and Shedinja 

Ninjask and Shedinja

Two Pokémon that came from the same Nincada on Day 14. Ninjask is female, while Shedinja is technically genderless.

  • A.I. Breaker: Because they spawned from the same Nincada, the bot that auto-publishes updates when there's no human updater around to do so recognized them as being the same Pokémon. This caused it to spam updates that Ninjask had evolved into Shedinja and Shedinja had evolved into Ninjask for nearly half an hour.

    u// 10000 

u//10000 the Klinklang

A Klink that was withdrawn on Day 14 during the evolution bonanza. It evolved to Klang on Day 14 and then to Klinklang on Day 15.


Bbbbeeeee the Ditto (Bee)

A Ditto that was withdrawn on Day 15 in order to be sent to the Daycare with Manaphy.



The product of Manaphy and Bee's egg, it hatched on Day 15. Due to a glitch with the implementation of the Gen VI Exp. Share, it learned a number of moves while still in its egg.

Released Pokémon



A male Bellsprout that completed the initial party of six. Despite being able to deal considerable damage to the Pokémon in Rustboro Gym even at his low level, he was boxed with the rest of the party after 8 hours. He was released on Day 14.


Uc0 the Ludicolo (Lotad Lotad)

A male Lotad captured on Day 2 after a party shuffle. Evolved to Lombre that same day and was boxed again. Withdrawn on Day 14 to be evolved into Ludicolo, but was the third release in a string of six on Day 15.


APmm the Shiny Geodude (Private Geodude)

A shiny female Geodude captured on Day 5. She was the final release of the run, not even 8 hours before it ended.


ANNVMMMMM the Exploud

A Loudred that was withdrawn on Day 14 and evolved with a Rare Candy, it was then unceremoniously released.


AATTTTTMMM the Meloetta (ATM)

A Meloetta received as a gift on Day 11, she was released early on Day 15.


AAAAATTAA the Celebi

The first release of the string of six on Day 15.



A low-leveled Spearow that was the second in the string of six releases on Day 15.

  • Red Shirt: Was more akin to the 48 victims of the Day 13 massacre than to the other nine Pokémon released on Days 14 and 15, all of whom had either been in the party at one point or were either shiny or legendary.


D the Electivire

An Elekid withdrawn on Day 14 and evolved twice, it was the fourth release of the string of six on Day 15.


AH the Gigalith

A Boldore withdrawn early on Day 14 and evolved, it was the fifth release of the string of six on Day 15.



A Magby withdrawn early on Day 15 and evolved twice, it capped off the string of six releases less than an hour after its second evolution.

    The 48 victims of the Day 13 Massacre 

The 48 Victims of the Day 13 Massacre

48 Pokémon released in the span of under an hour on Day 13.

  • Precision F-Strike: ALLFFFFLKR the Bibarel was known as "All Fucker".
  • Red Shirt Army: None of them had ever been in the party, not even in the "just there long enough to be evolved for a new Pokédex entry" sense. There was an Alomomola among them, but it wasn't the same one that had been a party member on Day 5.

Other Legendaries

(this section under construction)

The Four Horsemon of the Apacellypse


Spat (War, Destroyer of Friendships)

The villain of Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak, his sprite unexpectedly showed up during a graphical glitch to possess Screameon.

  • The Cameo: Came from another game that TPP had been playing during the intermission to wreak havoc.


YA BOI Guzmutt (Pestilence)

A glitched Growlithe sprite with pink and yellow stripes, caused by an actual Growlithe's Fire Fang, as all Gen IV+ moves had a chance of causing strange graphical glitches.

    Hoennian Darmanitan 

Hoennian Darmanitan (Famine, Devourer of Health Bars)

A green Darmanitan sprite that appeared during a double battle with Maxie and Tabatha, taking the place of the second Pokémon on the opposing side once Tabatha's Pokémon had all been knocked out.

    Double Sword 

Double Sword (Death, The Ghost... of a Ghost... that Kills Things)

A ghostly imprint of either Phoebe's Aegislash or Edgeworth that appeared when the two of them clashed. For more information, go to Edgeworth's section above.

Guest Stars



Another Hamtaro character, her image was placed over Rayquaza's in the title screen, eventually growing to consume the entire screen.


AHUNIgg (Honey)

The protagonist of Twitch Plays Pokémon Blazed Glazed. Following a stream crash on day 1, a save state from Blazed Glazed was mistakenly loaded instead of the one from the current game, leading to her unexpected reappearance.

  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: Unlike previous instances of previous player characters appearing, Honey just showed up briefly on Day 1 and failed to be relevant to the plot in any way, or even to interact with the current host.