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The Character Page for Twitch Plays Pokémon: Arena. For a directory of all character pages, as well as characters shared between runs, see here.

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    Stadium Competitors 

Crimson and Azure/Rusty and Maya
Maya and Rusty.
Crimson and Azure are the pair of trainers who lead Red Team and Blue Team in stadium battles. In PBR they are replaced by new trainers, Rusty and Maya, to captain Red and Blue Team in the new stadium for free. Might be hosts of some kind.

  • Butt-Monkey: The Quad as a whole has been subjected to various streaks of losses due to predictable matches, dumb choices, and slow reaction time. It also helps that they are in the influence of a computer rather than the Voices for multiple months, unlike the other Hosts (whose adventures last for far less).
  • Featureless Protagonist: In the regular games. In the TTP verse they take the form of two NPC's from Stadium 2. In PBR they've been upgraded to custom models, still a girl in Blue Team and a guy in Red Team.
  • God in Human Form: One interpretation is that Crimson and Azure/Rusty and Maya are simply Lord Skull and Lord Armor taking their competition to the mortal plane in varying forms.
  • The High Queen: Maya at the beginning of PBR went on a long winning streak earning her the nickname Queen. Subverted later when she occasionally suffers the same losing streak as Rusty (and no longer calling her nickname after the first day).
  • Kaleidoscope Hair: During their battle introductions/results, Rusty or Maya's hair may glitch out to a black, white, or spotted one.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: The Arena Competitors are controlled by a computer rather than the Voices, who they can only manipulate the outcome of what attacks the computer may choose for the players.
  • Limited Wardrobe: While everyone always wear their one set of clothing, Rusty somehow gains black jackets and textured hats during a graphical glitch. However, this only shows up in his intro animation, and he returns to his regular outfit soon after.
  • No Name Given: Crimson and Azure. Maya and Rusty are both called "Team Blue" and "Team Red" respectively in the game.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Both pairs are usually called Red and Blue after their teams.
  • Put on a Bus: Following the Battle Revolution trainers now having completely randomized appearances, Maya and Rusty no longer appear in full capacity.
  • Reincarnation: One theory is that Rusty and Maya are Crimson and Azure in the latest of a long line of resurrections serving as Skull and Armor's champions on the mortal plain.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Since the competitors' job is to choose whatever the computer randomly picks for them, the Voices are the sole reason the probabilities were "skewed" to throw a match.
  • Visible Silence: Rusty and Maya's form of communication. They even shout their silence in defeat/victory.

Additional PBR trainers
Green, Pink, Yellow, and Black.
Four trainers that occasionally take the place of Rusty and Maya in Battle Revolution.

  • Genki Girl: Pink's animations invoke this, especially her cheerful battle entry animation.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Each of them have only one outfit each.
  • No Name Given: Even moreso than Rusty and Maya. The first half that can replace Maya in a battle is referred to as "Blue Team", while the second half that can take the place of Rusty are called "Red Team".
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Sometimes referred to as Green and Yellow for the Blue Team representatives, and Pink and Black for the Red Team representatives.
  • Put on a Bus: Just like Rusty and Maya, once the PBR trainers became randomly-generated, the extra four Trainers stopped appearing alongside them.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: As with Rusty and Maya.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Black is a well-developed and athletic-built Hunk wearing predominately monochromatic clothing.
  • Visible Silence: Just like Rusty and Maya, their dialogue is nothing but ...'s..



Stadium Announcer

Voiced by: Ted Lewis

The commentator for each battle in Stadium and Stadium 2. Several of his hammy stock lines have become memes in the chat.

  • Announcer Chatter: His whole existence
  • Large-Ham Announcer: Most people find him funny rather than annoying because of his over the top and awkward one liners.
  • Put on a Bus: Once Battle Revolution became the standard for Arena matches, the Stadium announcer was effectively retired.
  • The Bus Came Back: Briefly appears alongside the Battle Revolution announcer to narrate matches if the Stadium 2 format is selected.

PBR Announcer

Voiced by: Rodger Parsons

The commentator for battles in PBR. While not as hammy as his predecessor, some of his lines have become meme worthy with the chat.

  • Announcer Chatter: Like his predecessor.
  • Combat Commentator: Takes a more laid back approach to narrating the battles as opposed to the Stadium announcer, though that's not to say he doesn't have Large Ham moments.
  • Electronic Speech Impediment: In May of 2021, every match would became "totally randomized". It didn't end at just the Pokémon, even the announcer would be affected- completely shuffling and pitch-shifting clips of his voice across every language programed in the game and even the Stadium announcer's voice and playing them at complete random completely out of their intended use.
  • Non Sequitur: Seems to always think about Machop whenever a not very effective attack hits.
  • Painting the Medium: During the forced random battles intermission following the Twitch Plays Pokemon Red Green Blue Race run, the announcer's voice clips became fully randomized just like the Pokémon's.

    Poketopia Receptionist 

Poketopia Receptionist

A woman who works for Poketopia, giving Maya and Rusty their Pokemon to battle with and transporting them to the various coliseums.

  • Behind the Black: Hidden anytime the HUD appears (i.e. betting, subgame, Pokemon quiz, results) and never shows up during a battle.
  • The Ghost: Almost nobody knew about her existence until at one point where the HUD forgot to cover the screen for the results.

    Cyndy and Zackary 
Two trainers from Poketopia who sometimes get accidentally picked to battle Maya, causing the game to crash.


Community and Features

    Top Bettors 

Top Bettors

Whoever has bets the most has the most sway in what moves get chosen for their team.

  • The Chains of Commanding: Can be a stressful role since every move makes you either a Reasonable Authority Figure or The Alleged Boss. Not to mention you usually have the most on the line.
  • Fantastic Caste System: In a game where money gets you sway in gambling matches, and gambling is the only way to get money, once you hit a certain threshold its hard to fall unless you go all in. The rich and powerful are up here.
  • Follow the Leader: You may never hit 100% Adoration Rating, but people who win consistently and play most often tend to get followers that bet with them and follow their commands. A spiritual successor of sorts to Chat Leaders in the main games.
  • Hated by All: If the top bettor makes one mistake and the team loses, they take all the blame. Sometimes they even take a lot of flak if the team manages to win anyway.
  • Troll: Some users have purposefully used the position to screw over a team that otherwise had a good shot at winning.

     The 100 Club 

The 100 Club

All users get 100 Pokedollars if they bet all their money and lose (Or their difference is less than 100). 500 if you're a subscriber.

  • Fantastic Caste System: In a game where money gets you sway in gambling matches, and gambling is the only way to get money, once you hit bottom its hard to climb up, or even determine your own fate. The poor are down here.
  • Respawn Point: If you go all in and lose you can still play by starting from here instead of literally 0. But you may be here a long time.
  • Rags to Riches: Managing to make it out feels like this, if not Rescued from the Underworld.
  • Troll: Considering many people chose a better move, your meager bet can have the low possibility of being chosen, effectively costing the game.

    The Bots 

The Leader Bored

A leader board that shows up every hour to show the standings of each participant. Numbering in the thousands including people who have only bet once over the 6 month period.

  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Hence it's name. Causes at least a 5 minute lull in the action and sometimes followed by ads. People may pay attention to it when it gets to the top 50 or so.
  • Pop Quiz: Consists of a Pokemon's silhouette which gives the player nothing if they answer it right. This replaces the lull where ads are usually placed.
  • Super Speed: The PBR leaderbored improves from the original by being an extremely fast scrolling board which eventually slows down near the Top 100. Lasts only about three minutes unlike the previous board.


A group of official and fanmade bots that automatically report data back to the users.

  • Ascended Meme: Bank Bot. In the first intermissions there was a running gag of typing "!check balance" or some variation, as if to check how much money you had, which didn't actually do anything. Bank bot sends you a message telling you just that by typing "!balance."
  • Robot Buddy: The info is useful, interesting, or at least unobtrusive.
  • Stat-O-Vision: Some bots give read outs of the odds of each side winning before hand.
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: Info Bot gives info about the match and the team who won despite appearing during those sequences. The only thing useful about Info Bot is it telling you when betting is over before the match starts, due to stream delay.



     YOLO Moves 

Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure, and Sheer Cold

These attacks are able to knock out a Pokemon in one hit with the draw of having 30% accuracy. The meme was commemorated and personified in a battle between Kingler, Nidoking, and Gligar on the blue team and Diglett, Seaking and Nidorino on Red.

  • Death or Glory Attack: For teams that otherwise can't win. Some amazing upsets have happened because of them.
  • Double Entendre: The announcers phrases are sometimes taken like this
  • Off with His Head!: Guillotine (aka "Yolo-tine"), a One-Hit KO attack with only a 30% chance to hit. Krabby has it among others.
  • Phrase Catcher: The various announcer clips, particularly for the One Hit KO moves have become memes.
  • This Is a Drill: Horn Drill (aka "Yolo Drill"). Another one-hit KO move wielded by Nidoran, Nidorino, Seaking and others.

High-Power Low-Accuracy Moves

Any move that does massive damage but has a low hit rate. That is unless a Pokemon has No Guard as an ability.

  • Megaton Punch: DynamicPunch (aka "Yolo Punch"). A Fighting-type move that has only a 50% chance to hit but guarantees confusion on the opponent if it does.
  • Shock and Awe: Zap Cannon (aka "Yolo Cannon"). An Electric-type move similar to Dynamic Punch: it has only a 50% chance to hit but is guaranteed to paralyze the opponent. A lot of electric types have this instead of a more reliable move like Thunderbolt.

    KA-POW Moves 

SelfDestruct and Explosion

Cause massive damage, but the user faints. The meme was commemorated and personified in a battle between Geodude, Pineco, and Koffing on the blue team and Weezing, Voltorb and Graveler on Red.

  • Explosive Stupidity: If a Pokémon has one of these moves, you can bet that the mob will find a way to use them no matter how well worth it would be on the long run.
  • Face Death with Dignity: A secondary use of the moves. In a hopeless situation they're used just to get the match over with. This also helps speed up the pace of matches before the next Leader Bored shows up.
  • Honor Before Reason: Those Pokémon that won't do much damage with the move yet have it anyway, such as Gengar.
  • Phrase Catcher: The Announcer's Ka-Pow, is invoked just by having the attacks in the moveset. It'll take over the stream if they get used.
  • Taking You with Me. The intended use of the attack. If the mon has already taken out one opponent, they'll use this to get the most damage on to the next one for the good of the team.
  • Troll: Can be exploited by trolls, or inattentive bettors, to lose matches since a lot of Pokemon that have them have good stats and decent movesets otherwise.

Healing Wish, Lunar Dance, and Memento

Moves that automatically knock out the user but not the opponent. Healing Wish and Lunar Dance are supposed to heal a weak Pokemon in the team, but Arena, at least for some time, does not allow switching outside glitches or Roar. With Memento, it has the added effect of lowering the opponent's attack, unless it's last.

  • Nerf: Used as a means to depower Pokémon that would be too powerful or tanky if they had another useful move instead, such as Cresselia.

    FRZ Moves 

Freezing Moves

Any move that can cause freeze can completely turn the tide of battle.

  • Phrase Catcher: The mob will either start singing "Let it Go" from Frozen (2013) if a mon gets...frozen. That or quoting the announcer
    Will this ice ever melt

     Rock Moves 

A fair amount of Rock type moves have becomes memes in their own right.


Popularized by M4 in Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald. A set it and forget it move that could win the entire match.

  • Signature Move: Of TPP ever since Emerald version. Several bettors will just bet on a team just because it has rollout since it could carry the match.


Ancientpower, Ominous Wind, and Silver Wind. Several fossil Pokemon carry it. It's a reliable rock move that may boost all stats in a rainbow colored aura.

  • The Artifact: These moves were called rainbows due to Stadium 2's all-stat boost having a rainbow colored special effect. This effect was changed to a simpler red glow in PBR, yet people called this boost a Rainbow to differentiate from other status effects.
  • God Mode: Fossil Pokemon have been regarded as Gods since TPP Red. Ancientpower boosting all of their stats just reinforces or reawakens their power.


Sandstorm. Deals consistent damage for five turns, which can be useful since it could be five turns of wasted moves due to the Mob or RNG.

  • Punny Name: Sandstorm is one of the DJ Darude's most well known tracks.
    • Ascended Meme: Darude - Sandstorm has been added to the list of potential backing tracks for a match, though it's oddly quiet.


    Staryu "Sweepyu" 


The "Eternal Gladiator", Sweepyu is a Staryu that has gained fame for having an excellent moveset (Thunder, Hydro Pump, Psychic, and Recover), and many battles have been swung to a win solely because of it.
  • Game-Breaker: invokedHaving three attacking moves is deadly in Stadium, where most Pokemon have at most 2, and Recover on top of that adding to Staryu's survivability makes it able to carry a team by itself.
  • Glass Cannon: For all its good qualities, Staryu isn't able to take hits well.
  • Heal Thyself: Recover, for 50% of its max HP.
  • Making a Splash: Water-type, and uses Hydro Pump.
  • Psychic Powers: Psychic. Also evolves into the Water/Psychic type Starmie.
  • Shock and Awe: Thunder.

    Master Goldeen 

Master Goldeen

The Goldeen caught with a Master Ball in Pokemon Crystal.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Horn Drill which can OHKO the opposing Pokemon, but has a 30% chance to hit. Also, it cannot hit Ghost-Type Pokemon.
  • Making a Splash: Horn Drill is the main event, but Goldeen also knows Surf.
  • One-Hit KO: Goldeen's most notorious attack, Horn Drill. In the first Stadium mode, it was shaky odds that Horn Drill would activate, but in the Arena the move selection of the Mob makes Horn Drill nearly guaranteed to take out at least one mon on the other team.

    Kakuna and Metapod 

Kakuna and Metapod

The twin cocoon gladiators. They only know Harden, but have also been known to pull off clutch wins thanks to stalling out a mon with prior damage, be it Burn, Poison or Leech Seed, and sometimes themselves K Oing enemies with Struggle after running out of Harden. In addition, using Harden itself turns them into impervious tanks.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies
  • Delaying Action: Their main function is to either stall out an opponent or force them to use up all their attacking moves so others can clean up.
  • Lethal Joke Character: They are usually The Load on their teams, but if they can start Struggling they can actually take out opponents. Kakuna once took out a Chansey using this very strategy.
  • Stone Wall: By use of Harden.



Perhaps the deadliest gladiator in the Arena.
  • Blow You Away: Is Normal/Flying, and knows Drill Peck.
  • Crutch Character: Can become this to any team it is on, as long as the other team lacks an electric-type.
  • Game-Breaker: invokedMost Stadium Pokemon have one or two attacking moves when fully evolved, and the 3 or 4-attacking move mons are typically first-stage mons. Fearow is a fully-evolved mon with three attacking moves, two of which are STAB, and the one non-attacking move it carries is Toxic.
  • Meaningful Name: You will fear it.
  • Status Effects: Poison, with Toxic.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: Hyper Beam.


Wigglytuff/Guildmaster Wigglytuff

Originally appearing in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers series as the head of the Wigglytuff Guild, he has made an appearance several times in Pokémon Stadium
  • Pals with Jesus: Once appeared on Team Red with Lord Helix.
  • Breath Weapon: Although it doesn't appear until Generation III, Guildmaster Wigglytuff's Hyper Voice attack is a staple to his moveset, as well as his character.
    • "Yoom-Tah!!!"

    Qwilfish "Lord Helix" 

Lord Helix

In FireRed, the Helix Fossil would have taken the form of a Qwilfish if revived. In Stadium, Qwilfish is known for his use of poisoning Sludge Bombs and evasion-enhancing Minimize.
  • Making a Splash: Is water-type, and knows Hydro Pump.
  • Poisonous Person: Is also poison-type, and knows Sludge Bomb.
  • Status Effects: Poison, potentially inflicted by Sludge Bomb.
  • Troll: Minimize, familiar to anybody who has fought Koga's Muk, is Qwilfish's one nonattacking move and still as annoying as ever. In addition, Qwilfish (perhaps thanks to being a form of Helix?) seems able to bypass enemy evasion boosts and hit with his own moves.



While not one of the strongest gladiators, Aipom is certainly one of the most annoying. He knows Double-Team and Agility, which potentially turns him into a super-speedy, super-hard-to-hit target.
  • Always Accurate Attack: One of the only ways to reliably hit Aipom once it gets a few Double Teams off.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: invokedAt one point in Black 2, Grovyle (commonly referred to as wanting to become an Aipom, due to being nicknamed "AEEEEOPM.J") knew Double Team, Agility, and Strength.
  • Non-Elemental: Is Normal-type, and his one attacking move, Strength, is also Normal-type.
  • Switch-Out Move: Aipom also knows Baton Pass, which is especially dangerous as it potentially passes his stat boosts to another, more dangerous, teammate.
  • No-Sell: Can't do a thing to Ghost-types.

    Hoppip "Godppip" 


A gladiator renowned for using tactics such as Leech Seed and Sleep Powder to slowly stall enemies to death.
  • Game-Breaker: invokedDue to the general lack of status moves in Stadium, Hoppip's possession of Sleep Powder and leech Seed make a deadly combination, as well as Giga Drain to keep alive and destroy other common Game Breakers, who are generally water-type or rock-type.
  • No-Sell: Is unaffected by Ground-type attacks, and can't do much to enemy Grass-types, who are unaffected by Leech Seed.
  • Status Effects: Sleep.

     Krabby "Murdercrab" 


A brave Krabby, whose potential use of Guillotine as well as the powerful Crabhammer has more than earned himself the name "Murdercrab."
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Guillotine which can OHKO the opposing Pokemon, but has a 30% chance to hit. Also, it cannot hit Ghost-type Pokemon.
  • Critical Hit: One reason Crabhammer is so deadly is the increased probability of this.
  • Giant Enemy Crab: In his evolved counterpart, which he eventually had to face. Also said of Krabby himself.



The Legendary Doge of Fire. Despite being relatively good in the official metagame, Entei is terrible in Stadium due to only having one good attack move.
  • Memetic Loser:invoked Poor Entei is seen as the worst Pokemon to ever exist.
  • Memetic Mutation:invoked Never bet on Entei!
  • The Load: Due to his horrendous moveset (Fire Blast, Rock Smash, Leer, and Roar), teams have literally lost solely to having him on their side.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Sometimes, although very rarely, Entei does get a good matchup and gets enough good RNG rolls to sweep with Fire Blast...
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: ...On the other hand, even with good matchups, the RNG can still hand a loss to Entei.


Deoxys (Son of Entei)

The Legendary from space. Despite being decent enough in come, he's slowly turning into the new Entei of PBR, with some speculating he's Entei's son.
  • Glass Cannon: Has high attack stats, but defense is awful.
  • Memetic Loser:invoked Like his "father" before him, he has a terrible losing streak under his belt.
    • Some have gone to say he's a bigger loser than Entei ever way! This all eventually accumulated in a match where he had to face a Seel with three stockpiles and Metapod and Kakuna in the wings. Having fought an Oddish before it, it managed to get Seel down to a sliver of it's health, where literally any hit could have KOed it. Deoxys came in, used Zen Headbutt... and missed, losing the team the match and giving a massive payout to blue.
  • Memetic Mutation:invoked Like his "father". "Never bet on Deoxys!"
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Like Entei, he gets rare occurrences where he can actually do some work and sweep.



The water type Eeveelution. Often is forced to fight Milotic during troll matches, much to the pain of the chat. (For a variety of reasons.)
  • Nerf: Like Milotic, it got a far less stall-y moveset after the shenanigans with Milotic below, even though the two have been specifically banned from facing each other in donation / token matches since.
  • One True Pairing:invoked Quickly became this with Milotic to the chat, after a match where "Emotion" from Black and White started playing when it came out. See Star-Crossed Lovers below.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Portrayed as this with Milotic, forced to fight for the amusement of the chat.
  • Stone Wall: Part of the reason trolls make him fight Milotic, because she's a Stone Wall too.



The drastic evolution of Feebas, Milotic is often forced to fight Vaporeon during troll matches, much to the pain of the chat. (For a variety of reasons.)
  • Nerf: Like Vaporeon, it got a far less stall-y moveset after the shenanigans with Vaporeon above, even the have been specifically banned from facing each other in donation / token matches since.
  • One True Pairing:invoked Quickly became this with Vaporeon to the chat, after a match where "Emotion" from Black and White started playing when it came out. See Star-Crossed Lovers below.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Portrayed as this with Vaporeon, forced to fight for the amusement of the chat.
  • Stone Wall: Part of the reason trolls make her fight Vaporeon so much, because he's a Stone Wall too.

     Favorable Machop 

Favorable Machop

The Machop in PBR. It's known for its signature Seismic toss ability, making it a complement to aquatic creatures everywhere. Seems to constantly be on the announcer's mind.
  • Super Strength: Seismic toss. The animation has the target literally (and awkwardly) launched into space.

     Space Whale 

Space Whale

Wailer and Wailord, and sometimes Magikarp and other water types.
  • Space Whale: Especially when they're hit by Machop's Seismic Toss.

     Seel "Cancer" 


A Seel in PBR with a hideously effective stall moveset.
  • Luck-Based Mission: Beating Seel essentially requires critical hits to get past its wall of Stockpiles, or lucking out and having a surviving Pokémon with Thunder (and hitting with it).
  • Overly-Long Gag: Known to drag on fights for a good 10-20 extra minutes.
    • Taken to its logical conclusion once when Chaozu and another highrollers bid against Seel. It had become clear that Seel's team was going to win, but since Seel ran out of PP for Surf, they had Milotic spam Mudsport and Mirror Coat to waste everybody's time.
  • Rain Dance: Which heals up the sleep from Rest instantly thanks to Hydration.



A Raichu from PBR that knows Fly, another fan favorite, often shows up as the last pokemon of a losing team. And just as often turns the match around on its own.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Knows Thunder, Dig and Fly, giving it type coverage against almost everything, and superior speed almost always warrants a hit.
  • Flying Brick: Unlike the Flying Pikachu often portrayed as flying with party balloons, Raichu just walks upwards.
  • The Cavalry: Known to win matches as the last pokemon standing.



The beloved evolved form of the fire starter from Gen 1. A strong contender, and while not the most successful by any stretch, she is arguably the most popular one, managing to always raise an insane amount of bets for her team and topping the popularity chart of stat trackers. Thanks to token matches, she has also fought in more matches than any other Pokémon.


Darkrai... TriHard, The Fallen One

Darkrai holds an unique spot among the battling roaster. Once upon a time, ''it was THE match winning Pokémon. Regardless of who he faced, or what team he was on, nothing outside of matchup specifically donated to counter him could beat him. The streamer, having realized his mistake, eventually Nerfed him... to the point of near unuseablity, putting him in the same group as Entei and Deoxys. There streamer eventually did rebalance him once again to make he more useable, but he is now infamous amongst the Mob, either for once being insanely broken or insanely terrible.
  • Butt-Monkey: Went from being the most broken Pokémon in PBR to a complete joke, being compared to the likes of Entei and Deoxys.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: The streamer eventually rebalanced him after seriously nerfing him, allowing him to have a greater chance to KO Pokémon for a change. While it's not to the same insane lengths like he originally was, it's still enough that he can actually be factored in as a threat in matches again.


    The False Team 

The False Team

Consisting of among others, Flareon, as well as an Arcanine and a Magby (Dubbed 'the False Profit') in an automized version of Pokemon Stadium, where the mob bet for which team was going to win. This team did not.

Smash Bros.

Note: Due to characters appearing from many different series, please keep tropes limited to their performance on the stream.

Mario Mario

Renowned for his memorable adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom and the extravagant events he's attended during the intervals between them, Mario Mario and his Brother, Luigi Mario have been protecting the Mushroom Kingdom for quite a while. His experiences with the Voices are limited at best, but he knew well enough to contact his Smash Bros. collegues to diffuse a specific unit used as its vessel.

  • Out-of-Character Moment: Note to Self: never let the hivemind near platformers.
  • The Worf Effect: To the Voices, Believe it or not. After being struck with them on a routine stroll through the many routes taken to Bowser's Castle in each game, Mario proves that a platformer played by a thousand-thousand people at once ain't all it's cracked up to be...


Fox Entei TriHard

From Star Fox, Fox is what many people consider to be Smash's Entei when it comes to betting. His win rate is terrible as a Lvl 9 CPU in Super Smash Bros. Wii U, despite being a viable character when played, especially Melee.
  • Butt-Monkey: Went from being the main meta of Melee to being considered the fox version of Entei.


Marth Lowell

The Hero King of Altea, Marth is the Second-in-Command to Mario when it comes to the Smash Bros. division of the imfamous Select Sect, he is in charge of dispaching which agents to send out after facing off against a shape-shifting Smash Dummy when Deku first started his career in the Select Sect.

  • That One Boss: His actions against a shape-shifting robot is what made his characterization in TPP what it is today courtesy of an online player who mained Marth that we forget the name of...
  • Mythology Gag: The Surname Lowell stems from the OVA adaptation of Mystery of the Emblem.



Returning from Melee, he's pretty much become a chew toy for all to abuse as they please. At least the fact that Sakurai recently allowed him back in the mansion via DLC at least allows him a roof over his head, but now it makes him closer to the group ignoring his existance.


The Aura Master, Lol game balance

The mascot of Gen IV, Lucario quickly became famous with the stream chat once Smash 4 started because of his high win rate, in no part thanks to his aura mechanics.
  • Comeback Mechanic: What makes him so dangerous. The more damage he takes, the more damage he dishes out. With the knockback ratio being set to it's lowest setting to make matches last longer, and Smash 4 already having a comeback mechanic similar to Lucario's base mechanic, this mean Lucario often becomes a Lightning Glass Cannon once his damage ratio gets to it's highest.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Occasionally does lose a match or two he's in, usually resulting in massive losses of betting money in the process.
  • Nerf: Sort of. After the streamer discovered his high win rate, he made Lucario's appearance in matches far rarer than he use to be. When it comes to battles though, he's still as powerful as ever.
  • Lightning Bruiser: At the start. Once he starts taking damage though, he quickly starts gaining shades of Glass Cannon as well, without losing his speed or mobility.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Went from being a meh Pokemon in PBR to being the character to bet when he appears in matches in Smash 4.



The Main Hero of the Street Fighter Universe, Visiting Smash at a time where it is possible for a hivemind of friggin idiots to puppeteer your every move all at once probably wasn't the best idea... But alas, tis too late to change it, not even the recent passing of the big cheese of the very company he's hanging at's not a viable enough distraction!

  • The Worf Effect: Being the main hero of his home franchise, it's pretty safe to say the TPP World's Mechanics chewed him up and spit him out.
  • Forgot I Could Fly: He's the most mechanically intuitive fighter in the Smash Bros. Roster, yet the CPU AI system puppeteering him misuses his techniques if not outright ignoring them.