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The characters from both versions of True Tail.

Due to ongoing revisions made to the show and its cast, some characters will have both original and revised bios. The original character descriptions are taken from the official website expect for Eldritch, which is taken from his subpage at the series' DeviantArt page. The revised versions are taken from the series' Facebook page. More bios will be revised, and new characters will be added, as more information about the current version becomes available.


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    True Tail Students 

Caleb Lightpaw (formerly Caleb Truetail), the Squire

Voiced by: Juan Luis Bonilla (first version), Lucien Dodge (second version)
First version

First version bio:

Caleb the Squire is a curious little kitten who wants nothing more than to be a hero. He hasn't faced any dragons or saved any fair maidens yet, but that doesn't keep him from dreaming of a better future - one in which he belongs. Because deep down, Caleb is terrified of being alone. In his storybooks, heroes are never forgotten or overlooked, and always have an important place in the hearts of others. He hopes that one day, when he is a hero, he will feel complete and the pain of growing up without a family will be nothing but a distant memory.
Second version

Second version bio:

Caleb Lightpaw is an adventure seeker who wishes to make his mark in the world, like his parents who fought and gave their lives in the Great War. He has been raised by the Briars as far back as he can remember and adores them. They are to him, his real family. However, he still seeks answers and a purpose. His only memento of his biological parents is his father’s broken sword, and he yearns to become a hero like him. He is a kind boy who is thoughtful, understanding and extremely perceptive. Although his fighting and magic capabilities are lacking, he believes he will grow stronger if he enrolls at True Tail. And unbeknownst to him, greatness runs in his blood.

Melody Briar, the Bard

Voiced by: Zehra Fazal (first version), Erika Harlacher (second version)
First version

First version bio:

Melody the Bard is an energetic bunny who finds a story in everything - except her own life. Growing up, she felt lost in a fluffy sea of brothers and sisters, where everyone looked the same. Her only escape from the monotony of her overbearingly large family was in the musical legends played to entertain travelers staying in her mother's inn. Afraid of losing her individuality, Melody ran away from home, convinced that the best way to be remembered is to take part in a grand adventure and thus be immortalized in legendary song.
Second version

Second version bio:

Melody Briar is a hyperactive bunny who always sees the humor in even the darkest of situations. From a young age she adored playing musical instruments and singing. She picked up this ability, so she could bribe traveling heroes in hopes they would tell her and Caleb stories of their adventures. She would then turn their tall tales into songs. She did this for fun, until one day a hero told her she would make an excellent bard. On hearing this Melody and Caleb knew their path was going to take them to True Tail. Though her parents wanted her to one day takeover the role of running the family inn, they soon realized that the closer Melody became to Caleb, that this wasn’t meant to be. Melody was destined to be his bard.
  • Adaptational Wimp: It's worth noting that in the first version, Melody, despite only being a year older than Caleb, has a lot more combat experience, skill, and has more overall seniority over him. The second version, in contrast, attends True Tail Academy along with Caleb, and is on the same spot on the learning curve as him.
  • Badass Adorable: Normally, she's all smiles and songs, but when danger strikes, look out!
  • Big Sister Mentor: The first version pilot implies that Melody planned to act as a secondary mentor to Caleb.
  • Cool Big Sis: In the first version, Melody rivals Brutus as the party member who gets along with Caleb the most, she doesn't hold much (if any) of her seniority over him and in the first version's pilot, she promises to teach Caleb how to knife-fight. In the second version it's more official with her being Caleb's adoptive older sister and the two sharing a strong bond with each other. In fact, one of the reasons Melody aspires to become a bard is so she can sing about Caleb's heroic exploits.
  • Cute But Psycho: The contrast between her normal Nice Girl personality and her aggressive fighting style is a little alarming.
  • Genki Girl: She's very upbeat and energetic.
  • I Call It "Vera": When she had knives, she had names for all of them. Her favorite was Gaston.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Her reason for leaving home. She comes from a very large family, and she wants to participate in a great adventure to distinguish herself from her siblings.
  • Killer Rabbit: She originally had ninja weapons, particularly a knife collection that she apparently kept in Hammerspace.
  • Magic Music: In the reboot, she "sings magical songs to empower even the weakest of heroes."
  • Nice Hat
  • Perpetual Smiler
  • Rascally Rabbit
  • Righteous Rabbit: One of the heroes, despite her eccentricities.
  • Wandering Minstrel: She provides her teammates with musical accompaniment.
  • White Bunny

Viktor Silvertod the Thief

Voiced by: Edwyn Tiong (first version), Chris Hackney (second version)
First version

First version bio:

Viktor the Thief is a boastful swindler whose sly charm and quick tongue often get him into trouble. This con-fox's life is a series of tall-tales. Growing up penniless, his ability to lie helped him survive the tough streets of his childhood. Today, Viktor never leaves a city without a pouch full of gold, a broken heart or two, and his face plastered on a wanted poster. Viktor's lies always catch up to him, but he hopes that his fabrications will become his reality one day. For Viktor is great - no matter what illusions he must craft to make it so!
Second version

Second version bio:

Viktor Silvertod is a mischievous thief who is larger than life in his own mind. Born into a big family of wicked high seas pirates, he was taught how to easily steal and cheat others. Unlike his many brothers, he never felt like this was the right place for him. He wanted ladies screaming his name in admiration not in fear. Thus, he ran away to be a hero. Viktor is a rogue who uses his quick paws and silver tongue to weave his way into anyone's heart. He knows how to use people to get what he wants and is certain with these skills he can be a great hero. Yet, he is a class clown and this usually causes him to get into some serious trouble, or cause it for others.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Of sorts, while the second version of Viktor is very much as egotistical and as much of a show-off as his first counterpart. His background also adds a layer of him thinking that Being Evil Sucks as another motivator of wanting to be a hero. And the One Night Halloween comic gives some vague indicators that he's actually as serious as Doh-Li about wanting himself and his team to succeed in their trials, but Viktor seems somewhat focused on making sure no one feels overwhelmed by them and has a different idea of how to push his friends forward. Also, while the first version is not above crafting tall tales of his exploits, the second Viktor's bio implies he's more in favor of properly earning respect and admiration for his deeds.
  • Attention Whore: He is outraged for not being the main character of the series.
  • Being Evil Sucks: The Second version of Viktor came from a family of ruthless pirates, but he left them in favor of being a hero because he felt he'd rather have people admire him than fear him.
  • The Casanova: Mr. Suave ladies fox.
  • Cool Sword
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: A very downplayed and platonic example, but in the Kickstarter video, there's a point where Viktor appears shocked and jealous that Caleb considers Melody his best friend and not him.
  • Cunning Like a Fox: He's a supremely skillful and clever thief. If you don't believe it, just ask him yourself.
  • Expy: His ego, sense of theatrics, cunning, and undefinable accent make him essentially a heroic version of Don Karnage.
  • Fantastic Foxes
  • Jerkass Has a Point: In the One Halloween Night comic, when Caleb calls him out for jokingly startling him and Melody for cheap amusement. Viktor points out that it's important for heroes to be ready and on guard for unexpected threats even during nights of celebration.
  • Large Ham
  • Overly Long Name: Viktor Silvertod Gravelson Pobedonosny Pobeda Privyet the 75th!
  • Small Name, Big Ego: His video has him boasting about various amazing and incredible deeds, then shows he's in the stocks getting tomatoes chucked at him.
  • Third-Person Person: Has a bit of an ego, which he expresses in sentences such as "Do not fear, for Viktor is champion swimmer!"
  • What the Hell Is That Accent?: Sounds like he's Russian, Spanish and British, all at the same time!

Doh-Li (Ling) the Priestess

Voiced by: Natalie Van Sistine (first version), Sarah Weidenheft (second version)
First version

First version bio:

Meticulous and precise, Doh-Li the Priestess is the leader of the group - a task that feels more like babysitting than anything else. She is one of the last of the kirin, a half-dragon, half-deer race known for their protective white magic. She is beautiful and elegant, but undoubtedly her greatest feature is her mind. Despite this, deep down she is consumed by the need to avenge her fallen kin. To obtain a more destructive power, she aligns herself with the Necromancer, and becomes his apprentice. Doh-Li now faces a choice between the competing forces that reside within her.
Second version

Second version bio:

Doh-Li Ling is an overly ambitious kirin who must always make the grade. Born into one of the most influential healer houses in SplitPaw, the Ling’s, she is their only child and heir. She is very gifted and her family expects great things from her. But, once she entered True Tail she discovered she had a strong affinity for magic and could easily become a mage. However, heading down that path would result in her losing most of her healing powers, something that would greatly disappoint her family. She isn’t sure what to do, and is hesitating on whether to fulfill her own desires or the desires of her family. Doh-Li comes off stubborn and bossy, but this is a facade. She is actually a very sensitive sweet girl who just wants to be able to make her own choices in her life.

Garth Bravebark

Garth Bravebark comes from a big proud family of Viking warriors. Yet, they are not barbarians. On the contrary, there is something almost royal about them. At True Tail, Garth is a big, loud jock who just loves playing games and competing with everything around him. This can cause problems, because his energy can come off as aggressive on the field. He tries to be inclusive but he does not understand kids like Doh-Li or Dylan, who would rather spend their days locked up in a library then out in the world. Since most of his childhood he was forced to learn rules and etiquette, now that he is on his own he just wants to play. He is a good honorable pup who will jump in and help anyone in need, even if he is in over his head. This is because he is fearful of ever being seen as weak. He is the spoken leader of his group, which is made up of Harper, Dylan and Ami.

    True Tail Faculty 

Kanikus the Wizard
Voiced by: Ty Konzak

Kanikus the Wizard is a crotchety, immortal phoenix, who has seen and lived through every major event in the past hundred-thousand years. This avian carries all the wisdom of the ages, but his cynical nature keeps him from sharing it with others. He once believed that he could make a difference, but everything he has worked for has crumbled over time. Weary of being a constant in an ever-changing world, all Kanikus seeks now is mortality.

Brutus Ironclaw, the Knight
Voiced by: Ed Bosco

Fierce yet soft-spoken, Brutus the Knight has no known physical weakness - except possibly for his childlike affinity for honey. In the Ursa Empire the militaristic Favum code shapes young bears into hardened warriors. Never being one to question, stoic Brutus' world crumbles when everything he has known to be true fails him. Caleb is now the only thing that matters in his life. Raising the kitten to be strong and honorable makes Brutus feel like he can make up for the mistakes of his past. He is not the fatherly type, but Caleb occasionally brings out a hidden nurturing nature within this battleworn bear.


Eldritch the Necromancer
Voiced by: Steven Kelly

Main antagonist in the series. Eldritch founded a dark form of magic called Necromancy which is used to control the dead. Turning innocent creatures to stone, toppling kingdoms, and raising undead armies are what he does for fun.


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