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Trove has a fair few classes and notable bosses going about its blocky world, along with some pretty significant lore characters.

NOTE: The classes are as they were as of the Adventures expansion; please update any outdated information as you see fit.

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    All Classes 
  • Ambiguous Gender Identity: Despite some classes having bodies that would usually be classed as male or female, the customization feature of the game lets you make your Ice Sage a guy, your Dracolyte a girl, or even your Tomb Raiser into a Robot.
  • Virtual Paper Doll: Every class has a lot of skins they can buy from the store. Even if you're not interested in purchasing those, you can change your weapon, hat, and mask from the thousands of (often user-submitteed) designs you can find just by playing the game.


Hailing from the Medieval Highlands as the sole survivor of their now fallen kingdom, the Knight was the first class in the game and is by far the most standard. The Knight's role is to simply wade into combat, constantly swinging and tanking as much as they can, acting as an unkillable machine. Knights use swords in melee range.

Their Passive is Retribution, causing their next basic attack to deal massively increased damage upon receiving damage.Their right-click ability is Smash, which hits a cone in front of them after a brief delay, dealing hefty damage, knocking back and stunning all enemies caught in the blast.Their secondary ability is Charge, causing them to lunge forward, stopping if they run directly into an enemy and dealing damage to everything they touch along the way. note Their ultimate ability is Iron Will, which instantly restores the Knight to full health and grants them massive damage reduction and stability for a few seconds.

  • Badass Normal: One of the least magical classes out there — all they have is a sword, their guts, and their armor.
  • Blood Knight: Lorewise, they've lost everything except their ability to fight. They also have a skin called this.
  • Boring, but Practical: They're far from the flashiest class out there, their answer to pretty much every fight is the exact same (walk at it) and they're not terribly tricky to play. That said, their CC is very respectable for how constant it is, and their ultimate is a standout as a Boring, but Practical ultimate, being very useful for solo play as it allows you to soak up so much more than anybody else.
  • Chef of Iron: The Delicacy Dealer skin.
  • Dragon Knight: Downplayed. Has a skin called this.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The Chaos Cavalier skin.
  • The Juggernaut: Can be a terrifyingly good example of one in PvP, being the only class with a self full-heal allows them to simply walk through any defenses you may have set up around your flag.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Well, of course.
  • Lightning Bruiser: While they're certainly very durable with their ultimate and naturally high health, their damage output is respectably high too, and their mobility with Charge is nothing to sniff at either.
  • Lunacy: The Argent Avenger skin.
  • Sole Survivor: Happened twice:
    • The Knight was the last of 42 knights sent to stop a horde of monsters that were destroying their kingdom.
    • When the Knight returned from the battle, they found their kingdom destroyed and everyone dead.
  • They Who Fight Monsters: It's implied that their mind is starting to slip, obsessed with avenging their people to the point where they may have forgotten their own name.


Clad in a duster, the sharp-shooter from the Desert Frontier that is the Gunslinger was the second class added to the game. Their role is to stay far away from enemies, ideally in the sky, where they can take them out with a hail of bullets. Gunslingers use guns at long-range.

Their Passive is Lucky Shot, causing all damage dealt to enemies to sometimes cause their next Charged Shot to be fully charged immediately. Additionally, dealing damage to enemies while mid-air causes the Gunslinger to fall much more slowly.Their right-click ability is Charged Shot, which has them charge a shot for a few seconds, the damage increasing depending on the charge time.Their secondary ability is Blast Jump, which deals damage beneath them and launches them high into the sky.Their ultimate ability is Run and Gun, which drastically increases both their attack and movement speeds, as well as allowing them to attack without moving any slower for a small while. note 

    Fae Trickster 

A tricky prankster from the Fae Wilds, the Fae Trickster was the third class added to the game. Their role is to blitz around the battlefield, confusing enemies while dealing massive damage. Fae Tricksters use staves at long-range.

Their Passive is Ego Blast, causing all of their basic attacks to deal triple damage if they haven't taken damage in the last few seconds.Their right-click ability is Blink, which causes them to blink forward, leaving behind an immobile clone that enemies will prioritize until its duration runs out or it dies. note Their secondary ability is Glitter Bomb, which has them toss an explosive projectile at an area, dealing moderate Ao E damage.Their ultimate ability is Faerie Dance, which summons three enchanted staves that act as immobile turrets for a moderate duration.



Holding mighty Draconic magic and accompanied by a cute little Dragon sidekick from the Dragonfire Peaks, the Dracolyte was the fourth class added to the game. Their role is to be something of a tanky DPS, melting anything that gets close. Dracolytes use staves at melee range, and cannot gain attack speed, as they attack with a flame-thrower like effect.

Their Passive is Fire Walking, which causes them to take much less damage from lava, as well as getting a hefty speed boost if they ever walk into it.Their right-click ability is Spit Fire, causing their Dragon familiar to spit out a fireball if it's been charged up enough. The familiar charges after the Dracolyte damages enemies enough times.Their secondary ability is Burnt Offering, which throws a Dragon Idol at an area, which will explode for hefty damage in a wide area after the Dracolyte attacks it enough times. note Their ultimate ability is Avatar of Flame, which transforms them into a dragon, giving them a faster attack rate, more damage per tick of their attack, a wider area for their attack, 50% damage reduction and a massive stability boost.

  • Animorphism: Into a GIANT DRAGON!
  • Breath Weapon: They breathe fire from their mouth in dragon form, and their dragon sidekick spits fire.
  • Draconic Humanoid: Usually depicted in Dragon form or using the Dragon head in official material, for obvious reasons.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The Balefire Beast costume.
  • Fire-Breathing Weapon: They launch fire out of their staff.
  • Food Eats You: There's a surprising amount of food-based skins for the Dracolyte.
  • Gatling Good: The Mecha-Dracolyte skin replaces the fire basic attacks with a gatling gun.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Mecha!: The Mecha-Dracolyte skin.
  • Mighty Glacier: They're very good at melting things which are close to them... but they have no crowd-control and no mobility, making them something of a liability, if they're unable to soak up enough damage to justify how much they dish out.
  • Playing with Fire: The Dracolyte class.
  • Shoulder-Sized Dragon: Their pet dragon.
  • Super Mode: Avatar of Flame is the biggest example of one in the game. A Dracolyte without it active is nothing too special, only capable of any serious damage with Spit Fire. When they dragon up, however, they suddenly become capable of melting almost anything at a similar level of power to them and can take a rather absurd amount of punishment to boot.
  • Technicolor Fire: Depending on the costume being used, their fire can be red, green, or even various shades of blue or purple.

    Neon Ninja 

Cutting in from the shadows, from the digital Neon City, the Neon Ninja was the fifth class added to the game. Their role is as a melee DPS, able to skirt about, hopping in and out of battle as they tear the enemies to pieces. Neon Ninjas use swords at melee range.

Their Passive is Shining Star, causing them to gain a charge every time they hit an enemy with a basic attack, up to three. note These charges can then be utilized for their right-click ability, Shadow Flip, which causes them to backflip, leaving behind a very temporary decoy while they become stealthed and gain movement speed. Attacking while stealthed will cause all the Shining Star charges to be consumed, throwing a shuriken for each charge, dealing very high damage compared to their basic attack. This also breaks their stealth.Their secondary ability is Stasis Blade, causing them to dash forward, dealing damage and rooting all enemies in their path.Their ultimate ability is Final Technique, which temporarily turns all their basic attacks into a long-ranged Sword Beam, which deal increased damage and refresh the root on Stasis Blade on hit.

    Candy Barbarian 

Crashing into the fight, from the lands of Candoria, the Candy Barbarian was the sixth class added to the game. Their role is a mixture of tanking and supporting the team, passing out candy as they fight with gusto. Candy Barbarians use swords at melee range.

Their Passive is Gum Drop, causing them to drop two types of candies to themself and close allies as they take damage. Sweet green candy heals allies, and sour red candy gives an attack speed and movement speed buff. note Their right-click ability is Vanilla Swirlwind, which causes them to do a spin attack that knocks sweet candy out of foes.Their secondary ability is Sugar Crash, causing them to throw themselves at the enemy, dealing damage and sometimes knocking red candy out of any enemy hit. note Their ultimate ability is Eis-Crom Cone, which summons a giant ice cream cone to fall on their enemies, dealing damage as well as giving sweet and sour candy to all nearby allies.

    Ice Sage 

Riding in on the cold winds from their home biome, Permafrost, as one of the last of their kind, the Ice Sage was the seventh class added to the game. Their role is that of a supportive DPS, shooting basic attacks out from the outside of the fight and kiting around said fight and keeping themselves safe from getting into any true altercations with enemies, since they tend to have lower health pools than most classes. Ice Sages use staves from long range.

Their Passive is Coldhearted, which allows them to walk over ice without slipping and also slow enemies that are hit with their basic attacks.Their right-click ability is Ice Crash, which summons an icicle from the sky and crushes enemies. note Their secondary ability is Frozen Ward, which applies a shield to the Ice Sage that increases attack speed, magic damage, and movement speed that also absorbs a singular damaging attack.Their ultimate ability is The Big Chill, which freezes and damages all enemies in an area around the Ice Sage. Damage to enemies hit after freeze wears off is amplified.

    Shadow Hunter 

Flying in from their perch in the Sky Realms with a captured shadow to guide their mark, the Shadow Hunter was the eighth class added to the game. Their role is that of a long-range DPS that's somewhat dependent on another class in big group encounters. They excel in one-vs-one combat but are seen best throwing damage from across the battlefield, sniping out high-priority targets and scouting ahead using their ult. Shadow Hunters use bows at long range. note 

Their Passive is Dark Whispers, which marks nearby enemies to be seen through walls, gives the Shadow Hunter a tracking shot towards marked targets, increases ability damage, and can be consumed in two ways for bonus damage; though Shadow Blitz or thought their right-click ability Radiant Arrow. The latter is a wall-piercing arrow that pierces all enemies hit by it.Their secondary ability is Sun Snare, which lays a trap that binds all enemies and makes them more susceptible to crowd control.Their ultimate ability is Arrow of the Goddess, which marks all nearby enemies with Dark Whispers and empowers Radiant Arrow to now be an AOE attack that does massive damage.


    Pirate Captain 

Sailing in from the Treasure Isles with their first mate Parrot, the Pirate Captain was the ninth class added to the game. Their role is that of a short-range DPS that excels in AOE damage. Probably the first class introduced that can be described as an off-tank, they can disrupt a fight easily and use the confusion to make their enemies walk the plank. Pirate Captains use guns at short range. note 

Their Passive is Plunderbuss, which, upon hitting an enemy using any damaging move note , gives the Captain gold to spend on using his abilities.Their right-click ability is First Mate, which gives his parrot a cannon that locks onto any enemies close by that becomes stronger the more gold you get in a battle. note Their secondary ability is Pretend Pirate, which lays a fake pirate that taunts all enemies to it and explodes after a short duration.Their ultimate ability is Man o' War, which summons a cannon that fires homing shells that explode in a massive AOE when landing.


A simple adventurer from the Prime World of Hon, the Boomeranger was the tenth class added to the game. Their role is a DPS with extreme utility — they are the only class to have a choice between two weapon types. Whichever weapon they use, be it swords or bows, they are heavily reliant on their cooldowns, since they are also the only class that isn't tied to energy. As stated before, the Boomeranger can either use swords at melee range or bows at long range.

Their Passive is Finishing Blow, which simply gives every third basic attack bonus damage in different ways. note Their right-click ability is Boomerang, which makes them throw a boomerang at their targets, stunning the first enemy hit. If caught on the rebound, all the Boomeranger's current cooldowns are massively reduced.Their secondary ability is Big Bomb, which lays a bomb that explodes after a short duration. note Their ultimate ability is Mysterious Urn, which upon landing, will deal AOE damage and will randomly pick one of four effects. note 

    Tomb Raiser 

From the crypts of the Cursed Vales with an army of the undead behind them, the Tomb Raiser was the eleventh class added to the game. Their role is a short-range DPS with off-tank capabilities due to their minions. While they usually start off a fight slow, as their army grows, so does their damage; and eventually, they can become a force that can't be stopped. Tomb Raisers use staves at short range, and cannot gain attack speed, as their basic attacks are a homing damage over time effect.

Their Passive is Soul Caller, which gives the Raiser to gain a soul every few seconds, up to three. Additionally, any enemies that die within range of them will give them a soul, and their basic attacks heal the Raiser and their minions for a percentage of damage done.Their right-click ability is Bonetourage, which summons a skeleton to fight at their sides, having up to six.Their secondary ability is Banshee's Boon, which turns the Raiser into a ghost, reducing incoming damage for the duration. Additionally, all healing from their basics is amplified for the duration. note Their ultimate ability is Grave Goliath, which summons a giant skeleton at the cost of your current active minions. The more minions sacrificed, the bigger and more damage it does. note 

  • Necromancer: Can summon the dead, heal the dead, and mash the dead into a giant Goliath-like creature.
  • Our Skeletons Are Different: Unlike most of the game's undead, which are tall and lanky, the skeletons that the Raiser spawns are tiny, stubby creatures.
  • Our Liches Are Different: The class usually is presented as a skeleton in artwork, but can be anything from a dragon to a robot.
  • Snowlems: The Winter Waker costume. It even turns the skeletons they summon into this.

    Lunar Lancer 

Believed to be a worshiper of the Moon Goddess from the Everdark, the Lunar Lancer was the twelfth class added to the game. Their role is a supportive DPS that wants to get in your face and kill you faster than you can kill them, while buffing allies with their ult and earning stacks on their passive. They have a good amount of CC and combo potential as well. Lunar Lancers use spears at short range.

Their Passive is Lunacy, which gives the Lancer a chance to acquire a stack of Lunacy on applying damage when fully stacked, they become infused with the power of the moon, giving bonus movement speed, damage, and protections. note Their right-click ability is Grappling Spear, where they throw their spear in an arch that explodes when it lands on a wall or floor. Recast this ability to travel towards it, either landing next to it or crashing into the first enemy hit. In Lunacy mode, you simply teleport to the lance.Their secondary ability is Crescent Combo, where they'll swing their spear in an arc twice, the second swing stunning foes within the arch. In Lunacy mode, you also knock upwards all enemies with the second swing.Their ultimate is Blessing of the Moon, where they summon a giant spear to crash into a selected area, giving a movement speed buff to all allies and damaging all enemies in the impact area. If Lunacy mode is active, the spear (upon landing) will cause small explosions all around it.


Once a powerful warrior of the Battle Arenas that now protect the lands of the Sun Goddess from the afterlife, the Revenant was the thirteenth class added to the game. Their role is a tank that can bait in enemies and trap them so that his allies can go ham on them while putting out a decent amount of damage themselves. Revenants use spears at close range.

Their Passive is Vengeful Spirit, which heals the Revenant for every basic attack hit and when reaches a certain health threshold, will summon a Wraith that will heal the Revenant, increase their damage, and give them bonus health regeneration.Their right-click ability is Bulwark Bash, which they will swing their shield in a cone, damaging and taunt all enemies hit. note Their secondary ability is Spirit Spears, where they stab multiple times in front of them, dealing damage and healing themself for a set amount of HP.Their ultimate is Spirit Storm, where they summon a cyclone around themselves, pulling in enemies and shooting out spirit blast, healing allies, and damaging enemies. It can be cancelled by pressing the key a second time.

  • Animated Armor: A spirit possessing a suit of armor.
  • Golem: The Guardian Golem costume.
  • Losing Your Head: They have a unique head model that shows them having no head at all, which is why they can still wear hats.


From the simple and quiet life of the Peaceful Plains, the Chloromancer was the fourteenth class added to the game. The first true support class in the game, their role is to grow plants around the battlefield, shooting ally healing auto attacks and planting seeds of healing flowers and vicious weeds to assist their group. Cholormancers use staves at long range. note 

Their Passive is Phytobarrier, which automatically creates a shield that absorbs damage when they fall below half health. note Their right-click ability is ''Leafy Lash', where they throw a seed that will fully grow into a damaging plant that attacks in a small radius around it.Their secondary ability is ''Blooming Pollinator', where they'll throw a seed that heals allies and damages enemies that scales as it grows. When fully grown, it explodes, giving a massive heal to allies and damage to enemies.Their ultimate is Sow Chaos, which simply spawns seeds of both Lashers and Pollinators around the Chloromancer.

  • Green Thumb: All of their attacks are plant-based.
  • Petal Power: Their secondary ability is just a giant flower that heals - or hurts - everyone around it, and eventually explodes.

    Dino Tamer 

A renounced explorer - originally from the Desert Frontier, but now residing in the Jurassic Jungle - the Dino Tamer was the fifteenth class added to the game. A DPS class with a pet-centric kit, they can summon Dinosaurs of all kinds to aid them in battle. Dino Tamers use guns at medium range.

Their Passive is Dino Buddy Food, which resets the cooldown of Dino Buddy when getting a kill with the debuff from Clever Snare.Their right-click ability is Clever Snare, where they throw a net to an area that damages enemies in it. It can be charged to increase size, distance thrown, and duration. While in their ult, this ability ads a stronger snare and DOT effect for a shorter duration.Their secondary ability is Dino Buddy, where they summon one of three dinosaurs. In their ult, this sends a shockwave out around the Tamer, stunning enemies.Their ultimate is Dino Mount, which spawns a mount that gives the Tamer's basic attacks splash damage, gives bonus damage, and movement speed. note 


A hero from the corrupted world of Luminopolis, the Vanguardian was the sixteenth class added to the game. A DPS-support class that has the ability to buff allies the longer they fight. Vanguardians use fists at short range.

Once the class is released officially, this segment of the bio will be fully updated.

  • Power Fist: The only class to use Fist weapons in the game.


Little is known about the eldritch horror known as Q'bthulhu; what we do know is his desire to drown the world in empty darkness, and that he deceived the Moon Goddess long ago. Much of the enemies that appear in and look like they belong in the Shadow Tower seem to be related to him, and deconstructing Shadow Equipment grants large quantities of pieces of his body. It's unknown if he's still alive or not.
  • Big Bad: The grand overarching villain, despite never appearing in full within the game itself. Yet.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Seemingly. His name resembles Cthulhu, so it's likely.
  • Expy: Shockingly, more of one to Nyarlathotep instead of Cthulhu, as Nyarlathotep is more about subtle manipulation than Cthulhu.
  • Man Behind the Man: Is this potentially to the Daughter of the Moon, if she really is the moon goddess.
  • Organ Drops: You can collect a large amount of his eyes and tentacles, so long as you keep killing the appropriate monsters and deconstructing the right equipment.
  • The Unfought: As things stand, the most we see of him is references in lore and crafting materials that are apparently pieces of him. Whether this will continue remains to be seen.

A non-playable member of the Golden Hoard, Luxion arrives once every month to sell exotic goods to the Trovians.

    The Resistors 
A resistance group dedicated to fighting back the current rulers of Luminopolis.
  • La Résistance: A large group of mechanized creatures (along with Yoshimi, a human Vanguardian) plotting a rebellion against the villainous rulers of what was once their homeland.
  • Power Trio: Their current administration consists of three dragons - Rhom-10, Crisopeia, and Hoshizora.
  • Red Baron: Like other playable dragons, the Resistor admins have their own nicknames in tribute to the key values they represent: Rhom-10 is the Dissent's Roar, Crisopeia is the Crucible of Soulsnote , and Hoshizora is the Luminary of Hope.
  • Team Mom: Given that this is Trove we're talking about (not to mention Yoshimi is likely the only organic member of the Resistors), this and The Determinator are probably the real reasons Crisopeia's subtitle is the Crucible of Souls.


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