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The character page for Trespassers of the Multiverse: Gaiden.

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Characters from the Original

    Player Characters 

Alan(is) Radbot

A young modern sorcerer/sorceress.

  • Genre Savvy: To the point that her insistence on the world being some kind of simulation or game (not without evidence, mind) is a major point of contention both IC and OOC.
  • Reluctant Hero: S/He does not take being swept up into the 'saving the multiverse' thing with no warning and no knowledge very well, breaking down on more than one occasion with only It That Embraces keeping her from suffering a complete Heroic BSoD.

Anna Desmos

A huntress in training.


A soldier from a wartorn, futuristic world.


An Undead from the world of Dark Souls.

  • Combat Medic: Possesses the Heal miracle in addition to his attacks.
  • Magic Knight: Possesses both magic and swords, as is par for the course for an Undead.
  • Nerves of Steel: Nothing makes him lose his nerve, even the threat of being killed or subjected to a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Older Than They Look: Appears to be in his early thirties, but is actually in his fifties, due to his Undead curse.
  • Only Sane Man: Among other things, is one of the voices of reason and is the only person to point out how unsuited Mio is to leadership.
  • The Power of the Sun: Granted this due to being a Warrior of Sunlight. He's even occasionally worked with Solaire himself.

Gozer and Dackly

  • Useless Useful Spell: Basically their entire spell list is composed of this. Despite Dackly's powerful Petrify ability the only things that have ever been turned to stone have been a normal fish, some centaurs that got turned back and Bisnif

Kyle Johnson

  • Technical Pacifist: One of his perks out right states that he never kills people he reduces to 0 HP.

Ian Slate

An Ex-Criminal from Remnant.

It That Embraces

A lonely Primordial entity whose motives are very simple. Notably, probably the only member of the party who actually knows the first thing about Trespassers, having suffered a severe injury from them when her world was devoured in infancy.

  • Implacable Woman: Not only is she impossible to kill by normal means, but she shows no sign of injury no matter how much damage she takes, scaring most foes- with some exceptions. (For example, the Vertex seem to be too mindless or perhaps single-minded to care.) Furthermore, mechanically, reducing her Health to zero will 'knock her unconscious', but she generally remains standing and even continues to perform simple actions, so it's hard to tell the difference.
  • Meaningful Name: She embraces.
  • No Biological Sex: Though described as having a 'very feminine shape' and referred to as both a she and an it.
  • Time Abyss: Is about as old as her universe, whatever or wherever that is.

Idou Metta

A Stand user from the 1980s from the world of Jojos Bizarre Adventure.

  • Adorkable: His general personality smacks of this. It helps that most of the characters who come from modern settings (everyone who isn't Garnt or Bisnif) come from more technologically advanced worlds, thus amazing him with technology.
  • Bishōnen: To the extent that one of his actions outright gives him a bonus to negotiation due to this.
  • Enemy Scan: His skill, Strategise, allows him to detect enemy weaknesses to exploit them.
  • Large Ham: What did you expect of a person who comes from a series Rated M for Manly?
  • Lightning Bruiser: His defensive stats aren't bad, and although he isn't as fast as the likes of Mio or Eirika, he is decently fast and capable of using his Stand, Mint Gale, to boost his speed. His attacking stats are quite high.


  • Annoying Laugh: Generally described in terms such as 'the sound that a wombat makes when driving a golf cart'. It is as obnoxious as it is nonsensical.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Motya has an extra pair of limbs attached to their torso. In comparison to their other pair, which are covered in muscle and end in claws, the pair on the torso are thin and designed for fine motor skills. As such they're used for surgery instead of combat.
  • No Biological Sex: Most people call Motya a 'he' due to their appearance, but Motya is technically a 'they'. To complicate matters even further, Motya used to be a woman before they dove heavily into the bioaugmentation.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Spending two years in Al-Rama has eliminated any sense of personal space that they might have had, much to the chagrin of the other characters.
  • Was Once a Man: Or woman, as the case may be. Outwardly they appear to be human if you squint and ignore the extra limbs. Inwardly they have as much in common with the average human as a bicycle has with a ocean liner.

Mio Honda

A Hero from an alternate version of Yuki Yuna is a Hero.

  • The Creon: Refuses to take leadership positions even when urged to and it becomes clear that she is one of the few who possesses the responsibility to. As Garnt points out and Mio knows, Mio lacks the battlefield tactics and the charisma and force of personality to act as the team leader. The actual leader and most of the party, however, would rather Mio than anyone else, much to her chagrin, and it's still made clear Mio does possess the qualities to do so. When Mio was the leader of the party, her sister died in a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Determinator: Her Perk Try Not To Give Up! grants her a Heroic Second Wind when killed, and instantly activates her Super Mode to boot.
  • Heroic RRoD: Due to the Sange. The Sange is far less potent in her world than it is in canon, but it still exhausts her to use Mankai and all of her stats are reduced. A lesser version is in her Goddess Counter and Comet Strike skills, which reduce her damage and damage her respectively when used.
  • Hurting Hero: When she lets her guard down, she becomes this, as the stress of the protection of her world weighs on her among other things.
  • Lady of War: A cool, calm Ojou who takes down enemies with ease without losing her cool.
  • Magic Knight: Can deal both magical and physical damage with her attacks due to Magic Charge.


A Peridot from the Gem Homeworld, located in the Steven Universe world.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Periw is capable of building or repairing anything that uses tech. She is even able to summon robot minions to help her out with repairs and fighting.
  • Heart Drive: Periw's body is nothing but Hard Light. Her Soul is the gem on her forehead. So long as her gem is undamaged, Periw can be slain any number of times and still return.
  • Hold Your Hippogriffs: Periw tends to call humans and everyone else Clods, the gem equivalent of stupid or lesser.
  • Insufferable Genius: Periw is smart and does not deny it, usually rubbing it in her teammates face by calling them clods or easily doing something someone else found hard.


Penelope Alexander / Armored Rider Aeon

A journalist from the world of Heroic Expedient Response Operation, a world themed around superheroes.

  • Apologises a Lot: Quite a bit. Much to the likes of Simuna's confusion.
  • Badass Normal: Seems to be capable of keeping up with the likes of Aesford in an out-and-out brawl despite ostensibly lacking weapons, special abilities or indeed any combat training.
  • Cool Bike: Penelope's Rider Machine, the Quicksilver Bike. She can even summon it to her wherever she is while in Rider form.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Is actually the superhero Argent Gale, or Armored Rider Aeon.
  • Expy: Of Pyrrha. She's more blatant than the usual in that her player even essentially describes her as 'glasses Pyrrha'. Her Armored Rider form even has a shield and a transforming spear-rifle weapon. It's to the extent that her very first action as Armored Rider Aeon is to take a leaf out of Pyrrha's book and use magnetism powers to knock some of the mooks out with her thrown shield.
  • Henshin Hero: She is actually a Kamen Rider by the name of Armored Rider Aeon.
  • Kick Chick: Seems to use her legs quite a lot in combat, if her fight with Aesford is to go by.
  • Intrepid Reporter: It's her job; specifically, it involves writing stories about superhero battles. From close range.
  • Nice Guy: One of the nicer characters in the party. Considering who she's an Expy of, it's to be expected.
  • Tarot Motifs: As Armored Rider Aeon, the motif of her suit is the Wheel of Fortune.
  • Unfazed Everyman: Seems completely unperturbed by the whole affair of being summoned to fight the Trespassers despite ostensibly being a normal journalist. This stands at odds with Alanis, who comes from a world similar to hers. She's actually a Kamen Rider.


Arktika-class nuclear icebreaker Yamal, as a shipgirl. In her previous life, she was hastily retrofitted with armaments to help escort Arctic convoys, and was sunk after three trips and an impressive amount of ramming.

  • Blood Knight: Given that she's a civilian ship, she's certainly bloodthirsty. This may have something to do with all that ramming.

     Non-Player Characters 

Kyle Johnson

  • Blue-Collar Warlock: He hangs out in a bar and lives with his daughter in an apartment. He also binds various monsters to his service and does magic rituals.

Samus Aran

Yes, that Samus Aran. She is the first person the protagonists encounter and is aided by them in defeating the first Trespassers they encounter.

  • Badass in Distress: Gets swooped up by what's implied to be a Trespasser version of Ridley and the protagonists have to save her.
  • Kid Hero: She is no older than the likes of Idou or Mio, who are both schoolchildren.


Yes, that Link. He is the character who brings Mio, Periw, Anna and Eirika to Hyrule to assist him in clearing the Arbiter's Grounds.

  • Country Mouse: Played up here, due to his disdain for the city people who do nothing to fight.
  • Innocently Insensitive: A mild example, but he offends Mio by implying city folk are all lazy, only for Mio to reveal she herself hails from the city, along with her fellow Heroes.
  • Kid Hero: Barely older than Mio at oldest, possibly even younger than her.

Sachi Yamanaka

A Persona user who ends up with Link's party when she falls into the adventure.

  • Actual Pacifist: Refuses to fight at all. While she does have a token weapon, it's primarily to ward off attackers; she really isn't any good at fighting.
  • Badass Pacifist: She also has a Persona to assist her in analyzing the opponent and aiding her allies where she cannot hit the enemies.
  • Support Party Member: Her entire repertoire of skills is entirely designed to allow her to fulfill this role. She has no attacks whatsoever except her basic attack.

Mio's Hero Club

Heroes from Mio's Hero Club who appear when the protagonists end up in Mio's world.


The representative of the Taisha, and Mio and her friends' handler.

  • Nice Guy: One of his few character traits. He treats Sandra to a hot chocolate and apologises profusely for greeting the party with soldiers.
  • Properly Paranoid: His fear that the party were Trespassers. If one recalls the other plots, Trespassers can shapeshift.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Is pretty calm and polite even when the party treats him with little respect, and even offers to pay and supply the party.

The Mysterious Girl

A mysterious girl who claims to be Mio's little sister.

Yuri Takeda

A Hero who died over a century prior, now stuck in the Jukai as an eternal protector of mankind.

  • Determinator: Held on to this world through sheer willpower.
  • Mr. Exposition: Acts to exposit on the Trespassers and the past of Mio's world.

Nick and Jack Sloane / Armored Riders Sol and Luna

A pair of Armored Riders from the HERO world.

  • Bash Brothers: Brothers who kick ass together.
  • Blood Knight: Both brothers love fighting and revel in bloodshed.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Will not stand up for enemies attacking civilians, as evidenced by them attacking the Mooks at the beginning of the plot. They also subscribe to Thou Shalt Not Kill. Nick even agrees not to attack Yamal's rigging for fear of a potential cancer outbreak.
  • Tarot Motifs: They use suits based on the Sun and Moon Arcana.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: Nick and Jack hold to this philosophy. While interested in fighting, they're not interested in beating an opponent to death; partially because a 'good scrap' is hard to come by.

Characters from the Reboot

     Active Player Characters 


"I hate mindless enemies, it's like kicking a roomba."
A robotic senator with the memories of a human from an original setting. It's complicated.

  • Red Baron: Bears the title of Primus Councillor.
  • Taking the Bullet: Shielded her allies from a grenade blast with her own body.
  • Time Abyss: She created a species and oversaw their development for billions of years.

Edmond Cooper

A special operations military engineer from an original hard sci-fi setting.

  • Badass Crew: His special operations team who are each as powerful as a player character in their own right.
  • Badass Normal: Lacks magical abilities, unlike a majority of the protagonists.
  • Cast From Hitpoints: Gambit, which allows him to move multiple times at the cost of HP.
  • The Engineer: Engineer in a military special division on his home planet.
  • Gentleman and a Scholar: Fluent in Latin, polite, and intelligent. Also plays the violin.
  • Guile Hero: Ingratiated himself with a person that others in his group had tried to murder, leading Edmond to get payed for doing something he had already planned to do.
  • Only Sane Man: Feels like he is at times. During one mission, he was surrounded by an assortment of people including a DJ obsessed with weed, someone who thought the only way to get an item necessary for an infiltration was through torture, and someone who decided to shoot a supplier because said supplier was ripping her off slightly.
  • Warrior Therapist: Edmond effectively stopped a powerful ally from falling to the dark side when her ideals were corrupted during the middle of a stealth mission gone wrong.
  • You Did Everything You Could: Said this to Lexiel in aforementioned therapy, but also needed it himself after looking back on the results of the Shadowrun Subplot (The complete destruction of an inhabited skyscraper by a terrorist AI).
  • I Should Have Been Better: Somewhat. He knows that there are limits, and that hindsight is 20-20, but there is some of this feeling.

Empi Powderbelle

  • Hurricane of Euphemisms:
    Empi: ""Y'know, doing the deed? Making the beast with two backs? Getting busy? Donning the velvet hat? Rolling your oats? Bucking the forbidden horse? Dancing the horizontal hula? [[Franchise/Touhou Stealing the precious thing?]]"
  • I'll Be in My Bunk: Heavily implied when the paranoia mist makes her see Mitsu as even more attractive than usual.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: Her second appearance has her appearing with various things that children ought not to see. It's also in her contract to mention sex or dating whenever she gives advice. Her player has also confirmed that she tends to mentally undress people while talking to them.
  • Mechanically Unusual Class: All of her skills do not activate immediately upon use; instead, the so-buffed person must have a set of activation conditions, the fulfilment of which will activate her rather powerful buffs. This also applies to the rest of Empi's skills; the only skill she has that activates instantly is A Little Push, which instantly activates one of her buffs.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Deliberately, again. Her fairy glamour actually accentuates this.
  • Nice Girl: Despite being foul-mouthed, perverted and somewhat temperamental, Empi genuinely has the best interests of people at heart, as seen by her interactions with Mitsu trying to solve her problem.
  • Numerological Motif: Three; all of her skills have activation conditions based on the number three.
  • Older Than She Looks: Looks in her early twenties, but is actually around 400 years old.
  • Sexy Mentor: See the tropes above. It's also her job to teach people about romance and dating.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Curses up a storm quite a few times.
  • Support Party Member: Is a purely supportive party member, whose skills all revolve around aiding allies.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: The paranoia mist that makes everyone else paranoid turns Empi horny (well, hornier than usual). She's not particularly happy about Laver dispelling it, to say the least.

Hikari Takino

An idol singer from Fortuna Entertainment.

  • Combat Medic: Is capable of tossing it up with the best of them as well as healing allies and curing status effects.
  • Dragon Rider: As a Wyvern Rider, she rides on a mechanical dragon with jets for legs.

Hiroki Yukimura

A girl from the world of Tempest.

  • Expy: Her mech's design resembles Utsuho.
  • Mighty Glacier: Her mech subscribes to the dominant design principles of her world: heavy armor, heavy ranged weapons, and a defensive ability, all at the cost of general mobility.
  • More Dakka: Her mech is equipped with a massive array of ranged plasma weaponry.
  • Plasma Cannon: Her mech's primary armament. And almost all of her other armaments use it too!
  • Prone to Tears: A variant. She's quite emotionally fragile, but the crying is usually presaged by an angry outburst of some variety.

Magna Sigyl

"If it can be killed, it can be revived!"
A-grim-reaper-in-training from world 0x1c. A newly minted grim reaper on her way to managing a world full of the souls of the living. Her supervisor yells at her for her easy-going attitude and lazy work ethic. Perhaps this is reflective of her when she was alive, or maybe she was bound to end up like this regardless. When it comes down to it, Magna does takes her job seriously.

  • Blade on a Stick: A scythe called the Lifereaver, which seems sharp enough to render even the soul from one's body. Ironically, it is more symbolic than practical, as she's not very good at using it.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: What even qualified Magna in the first place is something to be questioned, but she seems to be getting adjusted to it.
  • The Grim Reaper: It turns out that there really is a life after death. And in some cases, it can land you a pretty sweet job.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: You would think a skeleton with a scythe would draw some cause of alarm. Well, Magna works around that by wearing a skeleton mask. Over her skull. No one would ever suspect something so obvious.
  • Hugh Mann: The skull even has a female wig attached to it. She will always prefer to remain robed in groups or in presence of people she doesn't know, to avoid alarm.
  • Mook Maker: Being a grim reaper does have some perks to it. One of which, is the ability to reanimate corpses by manipulating the souls of the fallen.
  • Our Zombies Are Different: Of course, they're a little less sturdy than when they were alive.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Supernatural Powers! : Managing the souls of the living isn't something to be taken lightly. There are consequences as to what you can and cannot do, even in the realm of death. But hey, that's neither here nor there. Magna's supervisor isn't there to scold her. Regardless, she'll try to adhere to the rules and not to purposely trifle with the living for her on benefit. She can just bend the rules a little to make it easier for her.
  • Transhuman Treachery: .....but should the soul brought back in full force, it may break out of Magna's control.

Mar of Stonerist Chi

Mira Terumi

An aloof mercenary simply trying to do a job entrusted to her.

  • Butt-Monkey: In her own world, Mira was almost never taken seriously.
  • Casting a Shadow: Mira’s Magra takes the appearance of dark smoke that falls around her like a cape.
  • Dark Is Evil: Subverted. Mira has the general appearance of a villain , but she is, at worst, an anti-hero.
  • Expy: A walking Blazbue one. Her nickname, “Dark One”, references Ragna the Bloodedge, her last name is “Terumi”, and her Magra system is identical to Hakumen’s Magatama.
  • Finishing Move: Shattered Moon: Eclipse. It deals large amounts of damage, but is rarely used due to its downsides.
  • Foil: To Walmond and Lambda, who were made by the same person who plays Mira. Walmond is a highly educated scientist who is learning the art of magitech, and has next to no combat experience aside from his magic, while Lambda is a full machine. Mira, however, is an experienced warrior who is part human, part machine, and gets her power from herself. This goes into gameplay as well, Walmond and Lambda are partners who assist others with buffs or distractions, while Mira is a lone wolf who can only truly support herself.
  • I Work Alone: For the most part. Up until she was forced to work with the rest of the party, she was a lone wolf who worked completely alone. Her kit even emphasises this, with any sort of buffs she has working only on her.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: In the team she comes with, Mira fits this role. She is very durable, but not as durable as Snow Maginot, and while Mira has the capabilities to deal immense damage, she is not as strong as Gabriel. This continues to be played in comparison with the rest of the group.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Magra. All of her abilities (aside from basic attacks and defense) require Magra to use, which she gains at the end of every turn, making her playstyle much slower and more controlled than other characters.
  • No-Sell: Lunar Stance nullifies ALL damage from the first attack she is hit by in the round she uses it.
  • Regenerating Mana: Mira gains one Magra at the end of every turn.

Mitsurugi Sagai

A Touhou goddess of natural disasters from a universe the Trespassers destroyed.

  • Broken Bird: Is quite traumatised by the destruction of her world, in part due to her failure to protect it.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: While she invokes natural disasters, she normally seeks to minimise damage or uses it to protect civilization. And while she did power herself with fear, she only did so to protect her home.
  • Gods Need Prayer Badly: She's powered by faith and was critically low on it when first joining the party.
  • Godzilla Threshold: The invasion of her world lead to her being powered up with worship as the collateral damage she caused was considered an acceptable sacrifice considering the alternative.
  • Not So Above It All: Empi reduces her to a blushing, sputtering mess in part due to the Deliberate Values Dissonance between her and Empi.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Her sheath from the world she lost, which doubles as a Soul Jar for some of her followers who willingly sealed themselves to continue powering her.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Empi all but calls her this. It does help that she also fits most of the criteria.

Punch Bombdottor

A Kitsune from the Darkness Redeemed universe.

Richard Atton

A 'modern' day Paladin from a WW2 era world where the Axis had accidentally summoned an unceasing tide of demons across the European continent. Has spent most of the screen time he has shouting at people and making not very subtle threats.

  • The Paladin: At the very least Richard has the powers and outlook of one, although he has yet to actually display any of his supposedly present positive character traits.

Sachi Honda

Mio's younger sister, from a world where Sachi survived fighting the Cancer Vertex.

Solomon D. R.

"Water is composed out of oxygen and hydrogen, both of those chemicals are highly flammable when separate, and of course this means that since water is a combination of the chemical that is required for fire to exist in the first place, and a chemical known for creating invisible flames, it makes perfect sense for it to stoke the fire I just started"

Solomon is a stubborn anarchist librarian coming from the world of Shadowrun.

  • Big Eater: Ate several steaks by himself in the first plot after learning that he would be able to get them for free, although the fact that the meat he ate was real might have had something to do with it.
  • Chaotic Stupid: Once attacked another party member without provocation for no reason whatsoever.
  • Eldritch Location: The source of the many books that Solomon uses and abuses constantly, it is inhabited by an unsettling amount of Eldritch Abominations that for some odd reason decided to appear as a tweed British gentleman.
  • Mission Control: Was meant to act as one in the Shadowrun subplot, but he gave up after everything went horribly wrong after a certain character shot a councilor for ripping them off very slightly for something they can't get anywhere else.
  • Throw the Book at Them: Has access to the multiverse's largest collection of books of every subject imaginable, has somehow decided that those books would be best used as magic infused weaponry and constructs.
  • Imagination-Based Superpower: Solomon has the ability to create floating constructs using the books he can summon, he mostly uses this power to float around the place on a throne.
  • Insane Troll Logic: As a practitioner of the good old Chaos magic theory, Solomon has somehow learned to use this trope as a way to cast his magic spells. This is arguably the driving force behinds most of his actions.
  • Iconic Item: Always carries around a slightly charred leatherbound book.

Walmond Reigard & Lambda

A simple scientist/inventor with the goal to create "living machines", and his prototype servant.

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: While Walmond is very focused on his two most major goals, he has been shown to have his attention shift on smaller things fairly easily.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Walmond and Lambda are very versatile, and their strengths, and weaknesses, both are opposite of each other. Walmond is a squishy healer, with a fairly damaging spell that can paralyze enemies, and can heal multiple targets at once, with his main weakness being physical attacks. Lambda is a tank that can reduce damage thrown her way, along with taunting enemies to attack her, all while charging her own hard hitting attack, with her main weakness being magic. However, while the two can practically fit any roll, they are outclassed in said rolls by nearly every other character in the game.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Lambda's gauntlets are capable of switching into large shields.
  • Robot Girl: Lambda
  • Support Party Member: Both share this trope. Walmond's kit is centered around assisting his allies (Multi-healing, debuffing, attack buffs, and healing buffs), while Lambda is more about keeping the enemy occupied (with damage reduction and taunts).

Lyra Concept

A contractor from Heat Signature who uses a wrench and her skills to complete her missions.

  • Armor Is Useless: Averted with Lyra's Experimental Reactive Armor, which provides defense against physical attacks, more if she has already been attacked that round.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: Lyra's Proud flaw causes all forms of support she recieves to be halved.
  • Hypocrite: Lyra criticized Mira for charging off into battle by herself... In the battle immediately after she criticized Mira for doing so, Lyra charged into battle
  • Practical Taunt: Lyra can taunt several foes to make them all focus their attacks on her.
    • The taunts themselves, on the other hand...
    Lyra: Your face was the last mistake you'll ever make!
  • Power Copying: Of a sort. Lyra's Copycat perk grants her a bonus to crafting any item that is similar to one she's seen before.
  • Super Reflexes: Represented by the Adrenaline Dodging perk, which lets her dodge an attack every three rounds, and Blur, which lets her dodge an attack after she performs three attacks of her own.
  • Tap on the Head: Concussion will stun an enemy for one turn, though it deals less damage than Lyra's other attacks.
    Genie Cassini: Remember that hits like this can still do damage - I wouldn’t rely on this if you wanted to keep your target alive.
  • Weaponized Teleportation: Lyra can use her Swapper to switch places with an enemy and thus dodge attacks - though she can't make enemies hit themselves.
  • Wrench Whack: Lyra's weapon of choice. The kind she uses is very large (almost as long as she is tall).

Instructor Prototype

A prototype android from Synthetik that was only recently reactivated.

     Inactive Player Characters 


"Andre truly is an enigma. A stupid, stupid enigma."

A shirtless brawler out to be a hero.

  • Dual Wielding: So far the only character to be capable of doing so with two different weapons.
  • Power Fist: Andre's weapons are exclusively ones worn on the fist.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Andre is in fact, incapable of wearing a shirt. Unlike his use of only fist weapons this is enforced by a flaw.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: Andre notably has a suplex. As of now he is able to use this on Alexandria who weighs well over 1000 tons with no ill effects to himself.


  • Child by Rape: His father was a demon that died about an hour after meeting and raping his mother. He doesn't seem to have any angst over it.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Half-incubus, half human.
  • Has Two Mommies: Refers to both of his parents as 'mother'.
  • Kid Hero: Even younger than the youngest protagonist of the original (Mio) or the second youngest of this one (Hiroki) at a young ten years old.
  • Playing with Fire: Many of his skills revolve around using Hellfire, as well as his Holyfire attacks.

Artitha "Nessie" Corwell

The Loch Ness Monster as a Saberface from the Fate series.


  • Combat Medic: Capable of using cosmic energy to heal, disorientate, and incinerate. Most of the time though, she's too busy healing her squishier party members.
  • Disabled Deity: Sadly, not even the gods are immune to hard choices. Having sacrificed most of her intellect and memories to save a dear friend, it's hard for Aurora to not qualify as this.
  • Food as Bribe: After losing her sanity, Aurora has reverted to her primal instincts. And when you're hungry, just about anything will do. It makes you wonder what actually drove her to be Obsessed with Food.
  • Physical God: Just one of the numerous examples that exists within her home world. Perhaps she's not as... mentally present as her predecessor at the moment, but she's still better than nothing.
  • Predator Turned Protector: Despite coming from a race of vicious spider people willing and able to hunt just about anything that moves and doesn't also have eight legs, Aurora has an odd penchant for choosing to protect individuals that a normal member of her race wouldn't hesitate to eat. This most notably applies to her old party members whom she often guarded while they slept, though after being tamed by Eon and It that Embraces, she's come around to start developing new loyalties as well.
  • Spider People: undoubtedly this. Though the members of her race almost always fall more into the horrifying threat category than the Moe monster one, despite their notorious beauty.
  • Team Pet: After having been comforted by It that Embraces and fed by Eon, Aurora effectively becomes this.

Blackflame Visrii

"Visrii is vengeance, raw and unbroken. He will beget no mercy and bow down to no-one."
A cynical and bitter battlemage and former guardsman hailing from the lands of Stravaga.
  • Elemental Hair: Visrii's red hair symbolises his connection to the fire he guards in Stravaga. However, it also represents the time when he murdered his family and got his hair stained with their blood
  • Family Honor: Visrii is part of a tight house coalition called the Watchers of Fire that has held a prestigious title of guarding a life giving flame in Stravaga.
  • Hurting Hero: Though outside he never admits he is weak and always keeps out a tough facade, his flashbacks during his sleeps show clearly that he still suffers great guilt over the death of his family and friends, and that he is scared to do it again.
  • I Work Alone: Subverted, as he works with a team of associates out to carry out assassinations and raids against the corrupt. However, in the end all the planning and execution is made by him alone, as he refuses to allow anyone else make the call to kill someone.
  • Kill the Ones You Love: When his family abandoned their duty to guard the flame, Visrii turned against them and massacred his own family and friends to preserve his oath. Of course, he didn't take this lightly.
  • Knight In Sour Armor: Visrii is disillusioned with his world and its ideals, but still fights for it anyway for he believes it is still worth fighting for.
  • Lightning/Fire Juxtaposition: In the world of Stravaga, Lightning is a derived form of fire, the most chaotic of its elements. Visrii is one of the few magi who is able to wield it.
  • Made of Iron: Visrii has faced traumatic events in his past, hated by everyone in the world and is constantly hunted down by all organisations imaginable. And yet he still finds a way to make connections and try to fix the world.
  • Power at a Price: In Stravaga, magi expend their own lifespan to power their magic. This means that whilst Visrii is powerful, he only has a few more years to live.
  • Signature Move: His Wrath of the Profaned Skill, which involves him coating his weapon on fire and hitting a single target 5 times in a row.
  • Someone Has to Do It: Visrii believes in taking the load of guilt off other people and carrying it out for them, so that others may be spared of the burden. There needs to be some bad guys killed and someone has to do it.
  • Sour Outside, Sad Inside: Visrii, scared of hurting the people he loves, acts viciously and callously to others in an attempt to spare them from him and his faithfulness to his duties.
  • Strategy Schmategy: Had (and technically still has) no idea about how the technology or currency in Shadowrun works, and tried to purchase a fake SIN from a corrupt councilor by simply waving a credstick in front of the man while attempting to take control of the conversation and also insulting the councilor.
  • Tragic Keepsake: In honor for his service in the Watchers, he received a necklace. He keeps it to remember all that he did back in his time, and what he must do to honor his title.
  • The Unchosen One: When the God-chosen Champions perished from battles, Visrii stepped up to take the load and operate from the backstage, planning assassinations and strikes against corruption.
  • Undying Loyalty: Visrii's greatest strength and weakness. Though he finds any way imaginable to protect his flame, it also means he will sacrifice everything for this one duty.
  • Your Worst Nightmare: In Stravaga, he is feared for his terrifying reputation of an unstoppable, undetectable and undefeatable force, killing anyone who gets in his way and disappearing whenever the authorities come back to their senses. Visrii works tirelessly to maintain this reputation.

Dimitri Kuznetsov

"When you’re out of bullets and you find a fresh mag, you don’t question it. You call it chance, or luck, or karma, or whatever’s in fashion these days. But it ain’t that. That magazine’s there because I put it there. Because you’re going to do something with it, something that I want you to do. Call it arrogance, call it a god complex, and please do, because that makes my job far far easier, but it is there because I want it to be there."
A man from a world of nested simulations where humanity lost the "real" world long ago.

  • Combat Medic: Able to heal his allies but also armed with a designated marksmen rifle and railgun drones.
  • Counter-Attack: The pre-emptive variety - his drones gun down foes mid-attack.
  • Cyborg: His brain has been replaced with a quantum computer.
  • The Drifter: Wandering from planet to planet with no real allegiances of his own.
  • The Trickster: Has aspects of this with his magic often relying on misdirecting his foes to use.


  • Bag of Holding: While not necessarily a bag, Eon keeps most of his belongings in a pocket dimension, which can apparently store foodstuffs for an indefinite period of time if set up properly.
  • Nerves of Steel: Having been through quite a few universes and seeing quite a few monstrosities, there is next to nothing that will bother him.
  • Time Abyss: Is eons of years old.

Izumi Kurosawa and CivSec

"Help. It seems like everyone needs help these days. Maybe even more than help, a hero - a knight in shining armor. Someone to stand between you and a whole world's worth of miseries. Someone to tell you that everything's okay. Even when it isn't. Me? I've found mine. They come in convenient little bottles. Just twenty-nine ninety-nine a pop."
Some manner of shrine maiden from an original setting accompanied by an avatar of her god.

  • Cowboy Cop: A Miko with a massive disregard for the rules.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Is very much dark-themed and quite the alcoholic. Is also firmly on the side of the good guys.
  • Future Spandex: Her outfit, the typical dress of a Miko in her setting.

Kyle Johnson

"Everyone knows that grenades don't harm friendlies."

Yet another character named Kyle, even played by the same guy. This one is a gangster from the Grand Theft Auto series.

  • Bag of Holding: Kyle can hold a near infinite number of things that are about the size of a modern rifle.
  • Darker and Edgier: Much more willing to kill than the previous Kyle Johnson.
  • Dirty Coward: When the fight against the Heartless Reactor went poorly for him he was more than fine with taking cover and letting the rest take care of it for him.
  • Grenade Spam: Notable in that his grenade move is described as this rather than enemies just being near each other.

Nyahiro Yasaka

"Hello. I love you. Let's make Babies."
The daughter of Mahiro and Nyarko. She loves Bridgett-san and will do anything to have her babies.

  • Gratuitous Japanese: Unlike most other Japanese characters in the setting, Nyahiro appends honorifics onto the ends of everyone's names. It comes off as rather obnoxious.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Half human, half eldritch alien, all chaos.
  • Hybrid Power: The original name of Probably Union, an ability which gives her resistances to both alien and human weaknesses.
  • Love Before First Sight: Both in and out of character. Nyahiro says she loves Bridgett-san even though the two had never met before the RP. She was also initially written without a specific target for her romantic advances, just waiting for the blank in her love life to be filled with the name of her love.
  • Kiss of Life: Her introduction has her almost immediately trying to revive a fainted Bridgett in this manner.
    Nyahiro: Oh Bridgett-san, there is only one thing to be done. I must give you... MOUTH! TO! MOUTH!
  • Klingons Love Shake Speare: Nyahiro takes this to the next level, playing Earth games actually makes her a better fighter.
    Nyahiro: I thought this might happen, that's why I prepared a Space CQC jammer canceler breaker eraser confiner obstructor buster closer silencer.

Snow Ashford


Characters from Director's Cut

     Player Characters 


An experienced Necromancer with a hobby towards death.

  • Back from the Dead: Can invoke this midfight, as she has a perk that lets her revive herself should she die (though requires a full hour to reset the spell).
  • Bad Powers, Good People: Freya is a Necromancer, with a fascination for death, and is even considered unholy by most deities. She's also a very kind person, despite all of that.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Freya is a very kind person who tends to have a short attention span, and is a general goofball. She's also an extremely powerful Necromancer who can learn how to create dimensional portals by simply studying them for about an hour, after being around them once.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Like with Bad Powers, Good People, Freya is far from evil, even if her dark clothing and powers say otherwise.

Lilly Shard and Ador

An adventurer and her crystal dragon familiar
  • Fusion Dance: The Union spell. Lilly and Ador's main gimmick allows them to combine minds and bodies, pooling their HP and Stats, and altering their Actions.


An Ethereal who worked with the rest of the Aliens in the original XCOM, but is now defected from their ranks.

  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Was on the receiving end of one, when he tried to take on Lung in the first plot. Due to Lung’s fire powers, it did not end well for Proditor, though he made sure to leave before the situation got worse. Returned the favor later on and ended an encounter against some drug dealers in one turn with a single Rift.
  • The Dreaded: To ADVENT. The mere sight of him is enough to send regular ADVENT troops into a panic.
  • Evil Former Friend: Judging by a flashback, Proditor is this for the Angelis Ethereal, who was the only person who knew of Proditor's paralyzing fear of fire, and likely was highly trusted by Proditor. Considering that Proditor deserted ADVENT, he and the Angelis are mortal enemies, like with the remnants of XCOM and the entirety of ADVENT. Proditor and Angelis were friend before Angelis started the Avatar Project, which is the main reason Proditor left ADVENT. In addition, Proditor and the Hunter, as Proditor trained the latter in tactics. Now they're enemies on different sides.
  • Large and in Charge: Proditor is 9 feet tall, making him one of (if not the) largest in the entire cast. He is, however, not the leader, but was when he worked with ADVENT.
  • Meaningful Name: Proditor’s name means “Traitor” in Latin. Fits the only known Ethereal to have deserted the Alien's cause in favor of Humanity.
  • Old Soldier: Proditor is 3114 years old, and the player that runs him says that Proditor is one of the Ethereal's oldest members. This doesn't stop him from being one of the strongest in the party due to his extreme psionic potential.

RX Calvera

Satomi Kaiu

A teenaged samurai and talented engineer of the Crab Clan's Kaiu family, coming from Legend of the Five Rings.
  • Complexity Addiction: Satomi has something of a case of this, coming up with ideas like spring-loaded repeating crossbows from a setting more used to normal bows and swords.
  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: Satomi comes from Rokugan, a nation lacking most modern values and containing some particularly toxic values of its own that it puts out a great pressure to conform to. Satomi was raised on these values, and it causes Culture Clash.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Satomi, coming from a setting that is technologically and culturally very similar to Feudal Japan, has a terrible case of this, both because of the complete unfamiliarity with even extremely simple (by our standards) pieces of modern technology and because of a bad case of oblivious Values Dissonance that gets her into trouble:
  • Poor Communication Kills: Satomi starts off believing that foreigners don't have souls. Though this only means that she doesn't believe that they reincarnate, she has trouble expressing this, and ends up in an argument that gets her screamed at by Kusuke (whose archenemy is Relius Clover and (nonlethally) Force Choked by Mirri, who both believe that she thinks far worse things than she actually does.
  • Running Away to Cry: Satomi believes that she should be stoic and that being too emotional is extremely shameful thanks to some rather difficult cultural values, but she isn't at all — so when she bursts into tears after the above incident, she flees into an alleyway to cry it out.
  • Teen Genius: A teenager (at 17), and a literal genius, which is what allows her to learn from more advanced technology and start to apply it to her more medieval repertoire of knowledge.
  • Troubled Sympathetic Bigot: Satomi believes some rather xenophobic things, one pressing example being that foreigners don't have souls. This isn't because of malice on Satomi's part, but because of the values of the ideologically restrictive and xenophobic country she comes from, and more than anything else Satomi just doesn't understand what's wrong.
  • Wrench Wench: A medieval version; Satomi comes from a family of siege engineers and architects, but even among them is extremely talented with architecture and mechanical engineering.

Kusuke Kigane

  • Knife Nut: Kusuke's weapon is an Absurdly Large Amount of Sharp Knives, which are capable of ignoring light amounts of damage resistance.
  • Time Master: Capable of controlling time, with powers such as making the actions of allies happen sooner, moving enemies forwards or backwards in their timelines to make them age or forget their training, or force a target into an alternate timeline to temporarily remove them from combat.


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