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     The Autobots 


Gearchange is afilliated to the Autobots, he holds many ties to the Wreckers and obtained a status within the Elite Guard upon his services on Earth. He's a powerhouse and brawler of the Autobots, his strong will and stubborn determination often leads him to biting off more than he can chew, however when the scrap hits the fan, this 5 ton wrecking machine can become a formidable opponent.

Indigo Prime

Indigo was like any other rich kid in Iacon. Well fed, well educated, and also very protected. This led him to being shielded away from the hardships in life as he was provided with almost everything and would be tended to with every little scratch he got. Indigo found a fascination in the arts, especially music. That, in many stellar cycles later, made him enter the Cybertronian School of Fine Arts in Iacon. Whilst in his first few years of studying came the news of the Archivist, Orion Pax, and Kaon Gladiator, Megatronus. Indigo was wowed each time they seeked audience with the High Council. Their charismatic speeches, the memorable quotes, and most of all, their goal to bring down the caste system in Cybertron.

The youth, captivated by the duo's speeches, believed that all would go well with the "social partition" being brought down. Then, war came. Iacon, being the base for the faction called the 'Autobots', became a target for another faction in Kaon, the 'Decepticons'. When the Decepticons attacked Iacon. Indigo didn't know what to do, how to react, being protected all his life. He ran home, only to see his mother trapped in the devastation. When Indigo tried to help, it was too late. He then realised, the true colour of Megatronus, and that this war had to end. Indigo, from a protected arts student, then joined the Autobots as a fresh new recruit, never experiencing the hardships in life and war. And now, after reaching Earth, the leader of the Autobots in place of the late Orion Pax, or the now known Optimus Prime. Indigo now has the fate of the human race, as well as the duty of fighting and ending this war, in his hands.


Vanguard was affiliated with the Autobots, the Cybertronian Defense Force and the Elite Guard he also holds several ties to the Wreckers and is a skilled combatant his combat style mostly relies on sudden, brutal force striking with considerable speed for a mech of his size and leaving little but slain foes as he disengages from combat to attack from another angle or retreat, he is very strong and very durable being able to resist a lot of pain before being weakened by it and he has earned his reputation as a skilled Autobot warrior throughout many, many millenia of warfare.


Feenix Fire (Phoniex Fire)


Shift (Makeshift X)

Watchman Magnus


Frontline is a large titan born and raised on the planet Gigantion. He later joined the Autobot ranks, and soon the wreckers. Although he hardly steps upon the battlefield, he mainly acts reinforcements, if they are ever needed. Heavily armoured, and carrying heavy weapons at all times, Frontline remains ever ready for the call to battle.

     The Decepticons  


A miner in the city of Tarn, a Gladiator in the state of Kaon, and a revolutionary known across Cybertron, Megatron rose to fame via a combination of cunning, charisma, and brutality. He used his rapidly growing influence to amass an army of like-minded individuals, intent on weeding out Cybertron's corrupt government and reviving its stagnating economy. However, his once noble goals were swayed and corrupted by the lure of power, and while he did manage to dethrone two corrupt Primes and a great deal of the Senate, he ultimately became what he had always fought against and declared war on all who had not outright joined him in his effort to restore Cybertron. He even turned on Orion Pax, whom he had once considered a brother, because the Matrix chose him as Prime. As the civil war consumed their once brilliant homeworld and stained it with the black soot of death, Megatron fell further and further from his humble, freedom-fighting beginnings.

Now, he is a ruthless tyrant, hellbent on crushing all who do not bow to his will.


During the great war Blitzwing served as a combaticon/seeker being a triple changer and having three faces. It is unknown how but Blitzwing was born with three faces all three sharing different personalities the first one a smart and calm cold strategist the second being a violent tempered hothead and the third one nothing to be referred as but as being crazy. His choices of alt modes are a heavy assault ground vehicle and a air vehicle though he could argue with himself until the crazy face steps in to scan both the vehicles to end the argument. He is known to be very cruel and cold showing no mercy when he has the chance to kill an autobot. Blitzwing's Icy personality is represented as a long, blue face with a monocle, being calm, and speaks with quiet disdain. His easily angered angry/fight face has a visor, a red face, and is gap toothed tends to react angrily with threats from almost anyone and loves the fury of battle. Finally, his crazy face which resembles a black jack o' lantern and may toss out puns and jokes, rhymes, or random non sequiturs, mostly followed by a creepy laughter. No matter what face he has on it doesn't matter of how deadly he is meaning the average autobot should never try to take him on alone.


Some 'con femmes are completely insane. Others are obviously set up for a Heel-Face Turn. Not so for Tightwire. She's sadistic and arrogant. She's rude to her superiors and abusive to her underlings. And she knows exactly what she's doing. The only problem is that she's also extremely good at killing Autobots and very loyal to Megatron, which can make punishing her rather difficult.

Tightwire equates loyalty with competence. If you can't do your job then you've failed Megatron, and if you've failed Megatron then you're a traitor, and if you're a traitor then you deserve to be tortured to death. By her.

Expecting Tightwire to enter a relationship is like expecting the trains to run on time - people suspect it's going to happen sooner or later, but nobody knows exactly when. Also, it's probably going to smell bad, and you may well have to go through with it standing up.


Former Triage Officer and the primary doctor of the Nemesis, Hotwire is said to be a pacifist and generally a good person who just happens to believe in Decepticon ideals. She's also blind after an an accident on a minefield. After undergoing a Kangaroo Court and blamed for the escape of Gearchange, she escaped the Decepticons - an event that led to her being shot at by both sides at once. She was watched closely by law enforcer Round Up, who fell for her.



Shadow-Strike is an alias for the champion of a Pit born cybertronian known only as Aura. Known as a cold and calculating mech throughout his history there has been many myths of the mech that will "never truly die" with some fake and some horrifically true. Loyal to a point Shadow-Strike was known for being utterly loyal to his master Aura but as the mech behind the armour has changed more times than capable to count every specimen has brought their own personality and quirks.

Although a large part of Shadow-Strike's history remains a mystery clouded behind the story of Aura and her champions it is known that during the civil war at least eight cybertronian's have took claim to the mantle. At this moment in time only two of these eight reincarnations have been confirmed to participate on the earth campaign.


Backbeat seems like a cheery kind of guy, always ready for a laugh, always making puns, always ready to hit you over the head with a Vehicon arm, always ready to set a few hundred gallons of Energon on fire to kill a few dozen Autobots... and he is! He's a genius who works with the theory that if a plan kills Autobots, it's not crazy. And he was admitted to the MAS in the early days when sanity among its members was just a happy coincidence.

  • I Shall Taunt You: Usually mixed with some Black Comedy, it is one of Backbeat's form of attack.
  • The Sociopath: Considering he carries around and attacks with severed Vehicon arm, burns enemies alive with his flamethrower, and cracks jokes that would make children weep, it would be impossible for Backbeat not to be considered this.


A cold, calculating, sinister scientist, as well as being a technician, a tactician, a seeker, and lieutenant of the Decepticons forces on Earth, Aadil has always been loyal to the Decepticons cause throughout his entire life.


     Other Characters 

Breech Loader

There are a lot of bad mercenaries in the world; people who like hurting people and for whom the money's just a plus point. The rotorcraft Breech Loader is a professional. She's also hot-tempered, foul-mouthed, and very, very good at killing people. She used to hire out to the cons until her T-Cog was callously destroyed. She switched to the Autobots, her one-time-charge being a replacement, taking her boyfriend Road Rage with her (although that didn't stop her casually hitting around).


Cybertronian Empire


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