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This page regroups all of the citizens of Crossbell, meaning outside of the police, army, and government.

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Crossbell City

    Hayworth Family 

Harold Hayworth and Sophia Hayworth

Voiced by: Keiichiro Yamamoto (Harold), Takako Okoshi (Sophia)
Appearances: Zero | Ao | Cold Steel IV

A merchant and his wife living in Crossbell.

Colin Hayworth

Voiced by: Kozue Kamada
Appearances: Zero | Ao | Cold Steel IV

The young son of Harold and Sophia.

Renne Hayworth

See her entry in Enforcers.



Ilya Platière
Voiced by: Yuu Asakawa
Appearances: Zero | Ao | Origins

The top star of Crossbell's famous theatrical troupe. Her popularity extends to all the neighboring countries.

  • Career-Ending Injury: Following her internal injuries, doctors says it's unlikely she will ever be able to take up the stage again. Thankfully averted in the end as we see in the Epilogue.
  • Childhood Friends: She's been best friends with Cecil since they were little girls.
  • Determinator: She believes in this and instills it in Rixia and Sully as well. She's so determined that she refuses to let the serious internal injuries she suffered in Ao keep her from at least attempting to return to the stage once she's healed enough to walk again. The post-timeskip illustrations show that she managed it.
  • Dirty Old Woman: Several characters call her this. She enjoys teasing Rixia and Sully just a little too much. She also teases Lloyd in a mostly good-natured way.
  • Diving Save : She save Sully from the chandelier this way.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: She enjoys wine when not working and her apartment is littered with empty bottles.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Leaps beneath a falling chandelier in order to push Sully out of the way. She survives but is badly injured.
  • In-Series Nickname: Her fans call her the 'Princess of the Dancing Flames'.
  • Kidnapped by the Call: She sees Arc en Ciel as the Adventure and herself as the Call. She's fond of 'scouting' new talent and forcibly recruited Rixia into the troupe. After seeing how good Sully's footwork was (while the latter was trying to steal from her no less) she decided to recruit her as well. Rixia allowed it because she needed a cover identity, then Becoming the Mask set in.
  • Mama Bear: The theater is her life and the crew are her family, don't threaten either of them.
  • Morality Pet: She's Rixia's. Unfortunately for her, Shirley noticed.
  • Ms. Fanservice

Rixia Mao
Click here to see Rixia as she appears in Cold Steel II 
Voiced by: Rina Sato (Japanese), Erica Mendez (English, Cold Steel II)
Appearances: Zero | Ao | Cold Steel II | Origins

A tourist from Calvard who was 'recruited' into Arc en Ciel by an enthusiastic Ilya. As Zero begins, she is preparing to make her debut appearance in the new production Golden Sun, Silver Moon.

  • Anime Chinese Girl: Or the closest Zemurian equivalent at any rate. She lacks any of the language subtropes but being a trained assassin, she does know martial arts.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Her casual clothes. Her stage costume takes it even further.
  • Becoming the Mask: She started working as a dancer with Arc en Ciel as a cover but she came to prefer that life over her previous one. She planned to quit the troupe in Ao once the renewal show was finished and Sully could take her place, because she didn't want to drag everyone into her own troubles. In the end, she's able to retire as Yin and dedicate herself entirely to dancing.
  • Berserk Button: Shirley deliberately pushes Rixia's because she wanted a good fight. The button in this case being 'shoot up Arc en Ciel's performance and severely injure Ilya, ruining everything good about my life in two minutes'. End result, one pissed off assassin.
  • BFS: When she does a Sword Plant at the end of fights, the pommel comes up to her nose.
  • Boobs of Steel: She's the strongest physical fighter among the playable females in the Crossbell games, and she's also got the largest recorded chest size in the Kiseki Series thus far.
  • 11th-Hour Ranger: Officially joins the party in the last chapter of Ao.
  • Honorary True Companion: She is not a law enforcer, but she help the party so often, that she is considered to be this trope.
  • Inadequate Inheritor: Arianrhod specifically notes that Rixia isn't nearly as good as the previous Yin. Having found meaning to her life outside of continuing the tradition, Rixia isn't really bothered by this. Her father having specifically told her to find her own path helps.
  • Legacy Character: Rixia is the latest person to wear the mask and bear the name Yin, a role that has been passed down from assassin to chosen successor for over a century. She's also the last person to bear the name by her own choice.
  • Limit Break: Her S-Craft is "Paraselene Dance," which she retains in Cold Steel II.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Everyone who meets her comments on her figure, ranging from Tio being mildly envious to KeA innocently pointing out this trope. The fact that her casual clothes are fairly revealing and her stage costume is really revealing (deliberately) doesn't help.
  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: See Lloyd's entry above.
  • Redemption Demotion: Both masked as Yin and unmasked as Rixia, she loses her ability to create duplicates of herself when she's playable. This probably has more to do with control issues and the fact that it would break the difficulty than anything else. She still retains all her other abilities however, including her spammable instant death attack and the powerful self-buff which was also used in the previous trilogy by Cassius.
  • Say My Name: Following Shirley's Falling Chandelier of Doom on Ilya.
  • Walking Spoiler
  • World Tour: She was on one when Ilya 'recruited' her into Arc en Ciel.

Sully Atraid
Click here to see Sully as she appears in Cold Steel IV 
Voiced by: Yuu Kobayashi
Appearances: Zero | Ao | Cold Steel IV

A boyish-looking young girl from the slums who finds herself recruited into Arc en Ciel after impressing Ilya with her footwork.

  • A-Cup Angst: Her lack of a chest actually worked well for her in the past but now that she's in a safe environment, she's feeling otherwise. Malnutrition growing up probably isn't helping.
  • Big Eater: Well, more like Quick Eater: She can put away a full meal in less than thirty seconds. This is presumably a holdover from her past life on the streets.
  • Bokukko: She takes it a step further than most and uses the masculine pronoun ore and a speech pattern to match... and still gets offended when people mistake her for a boy.
  • Boyish Short Hair: All part of why people mistake her for a boy.
  • Bridal Carry: Kurt ends up carrying her like this when she sprains her leg while they're trying to run away from Heiyue who are hired to hunt down Class VII and their supporters.
  • Lady Looks Like a Dude: She has very short hair, no chest to speak of and spends most of her time in a shirt and shorts ensemble with a cap that makes her look even more like a boy. Considering her background, it was probably to her advantage to encourage people to not think of her as a girl.
    • On the other hand, Lloyd is the only character who didn't pick up on Sully's gender when they first met; everyone else acted as it if was obvious.
  • Parts Unknown: Sully's country of origin was initially unrevealed to the players, only for it to be mentioned in an optional scene in Ao where we learn that she's from North Ambria. And suddenly, everything makes sense...
  • She Is All Grownup: Puberty has done wonders for her, judging from promotional materials for Cold Steel IV.
  • Ship Tease: Ends up getting some shipping going on with Kurt in Cold Steel IV of all people.
  • Street Urchin: What Sully has been for most of her life. Getting caught attempting to steal from Ilya was actually the best thing to ever happen to her.
  • Tomboyish Baseball Cap: She wears one, which goes hand in hand with dressing like a boy and talking like a boy... but she'll be extremely offended if you mistake her for one.

    Saber Viper and Testaments 

Wald Wales
Voiced by: Tsuyoshi Takeshita, Osamu Ryuutani (Ao Evolution)
Appearances: Zero | Ao

Leader of the Saber Vipers, the other street gang from Downtown. He and his followers believe in the value of strength above all else and he sees Łazy as his greatest rival.

Łazy Hemisphere
Voiced by: Junko Minagawa
Appearances: Zero | Ao | Origins

Łazy (pronounced Wazy) is young leader of the Testaments, one of the two gangs fighting for dominance in Crossbell's Downtown area. He cultivates an air of coolness and mystery which wins him many admirers. He volunteers himself as a new member of the SSS in Ao.

  • Ambiguous Gender: Łazy is sometimes mistaken for a girl by people who don't know him. His choice of a two-piece swimsuit which covers his upper torso, his rapid changing off-camera (twice) while the other males are occupied and his strange reaction to Lloyd commenting on the suit do not help quell suspicion that Łazy might actually be a girl trying to pass as a boy. Crossbell Archive even lists his gender as 'Male(?)'.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Łazy leads the quasi-religious Testaments street gang and fights barehanded, with special emphasis on his footwork.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Pun aside, Noel mentions he is quite good at learning if only he bother.
  • Church Militant: He's really the Ninth Dominion of the Grals Ritter, known as the Blue Testament
  • Death Dealer: Łazy's Trinity Card and several Combo Crafts. Seventh Shot uses pool balls rather than playing cards but fits the same general theme as well. He also has positive card tricks in the form of Draw Joker (mass AT Advance) and Weiss Card (major healing).
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Several minor characters question if Łazy is really a boy, sometimes directly to his face, which he finds amusing. However, he never gets cross-dressed.
  • The Gadfly: He enjoys messing with people just to see how they'll react, especially Lloyd and Randy. Also, his stated reason for signing up with the SSS in Ao is "It seemed like it would be entertaining."
  • Guest-Star Party Member: In Zero.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: He had been holding back the entire time he fough Wald. He finally ended the long battle by Curb stomping Wald at the first chapter of Ao.
  • Kung-Fu Wizard: He has several punch and kick moves, but has higher casting ability than average party members with suitable orbment line.Even his second S-Craft "Akashic Arm" deals magic damage.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Magical variant: Łazy is both the fastest character in the games and the best caster. He's also got surprisingly good physical skills to back up his Arts (in effects if not damage).
  • Limit Break: His S-Craft in Zero is "Deadly Heaven," with Ao throwing in "Akashic Arm."
  • Mythology Gag: His fifth normal craft, Seventh Shot, happens to have the same name as Kevin's ultimate weapon in Sky the 3rd. Coincidentally, both of them are members of Gralsritter's Dominion.
  • Power Fist: When he reveals he's a Dominion, Łazy brings out his Akashic Arm, a massive clawed gauntlet that wraps around his entire right arm, materialized from the Artifact that his Stigma absorbed.
  • Sixth Ranger: Joins the SSS alongside Noel in Ao.
  • Spikes of Villainy: Inverted, Łazy's "Akashic Arm" is very spiky but he's definitely a good guy.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Green.


Voiced by: Yoshinori Ishikawa (Zero Evolution), Takahiro Fujimoto (Ao Evolution)
Appearances: Zero | Ao

The second in command of the Testaments gang.

    Other Citizens of Crossbell City 

Grace Lynn
Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame
Appearances: Zero | Ao | Cold Steel IV

A reporter for the Crossbell News Service, always on the lookout for a sensational story. Her pen may decide the fate of the Special Support Section.

  • Going for the Big Scoop: Demons, zombie apocalypse, Jaegers blowing up your city? None of these will stop Grace and her camera.
  • Jerkass: At first, she tends to frame her stories to put the SSS in the worst possible light. Eventually, she starts cheering for them and persuading others to do the same.
  • Voice of the Resistance: Helps arrange for Mayor MacDowell's address denouncing Dieter's plot, then serves as the voice for the anti-Erebonian resistance at the end of the game.

Jona Sacred
Voiced by: Shiori Hamamoto (Evolution), Nana Hamasaki (Japanese, Cold Steel IV)
Appearances: Zero | Ao | Cold Steel IV | Origins

A thirteen year old self-proclaimed genius hacker formerly associated with the Epstein Foundation who is almost as good as he thinks he is.

  • The Bus Came Back: He's one of the first characters who make an appearance in Cold Steel IV.
  • Geek Physiques: On the 'skinny but unfit' side as he doesn't get out a lot. When he has trouble keeping up with the SSS during an investigation, Lloyd suggests he take up exercise but is rebuffed.
  • Hacker Cave: He has one located in the Geofront.
  • Hikikomori: At least in part because he doesn't want to run into anyone from the Foundation who might be upset with the circumstances of his departure.
  • Playful Hacker: And one who discovers all kinds of vital information.
  • Teen Genius
  • Voice with an Internet Connection

Shizuku MacLaine

Voiced by: Fumiko Inoue
Appearances: Zero | Ao | Origins

Arios' blind daughter, who becomes friends with the SSS and KeA.

Ian Grimwood
Voiced by: Takahiro Fujimoto
Appearances: Zero | Ao

A lawyer at the Grimwood Law Office.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: The nice lawyer who would often give you advice? Yeah, he's the guy who killed Lloyd's brother Guy, and is one of ringmasters of the games.
  • Crusading Widower : His wife and child were killed in a airship accident 15 years ago. When he learned it was because of the Intelligence Warfare between Erebonia and Calvard, he didn't take it well
  • Hero Killer: A flashback version, but he is the one who kills Crossbell's greatest policeman with nothing but a gunshot.
  • Non-Action Big Bad: Ian is just a lawyer, and he leaves the fighting to Arios or the Red Constellation
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He masterminded the Azure-Zero Plan to make Crossbell a true country, free from the influence of Erebonia and Calvard

Click here to see KeA as she appears in Cold Steel IV 
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya
Appearances: Zero | Ao | Cold Steel IV | Origins

A young girl that Lloyd and the others meet under unusual circumstances. Innocent and brimming with curiosity, she quickly becomes a part of their family but there is much more to her than meets the eye...

  • Artificial Human: A homunculus created over the course of seven centuries, intended to be the vessel for the power of lost Demiourgos.
  • Children Are Innocent: Even when they're the physical embodiment of enough divine power to make the world tremble.
  • Child Prodigy: She is mentioned to be quite skilled and she has skipped several class at Sunday School. Her connection to Demiourgos probably explain it in the same way as Tio and Renne
  • Constantly Curious: As a side effect of waking up with absolutely no memory, KeA is curious about everything she encounters.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Her hair is tied into these in Cold Steel IV. Rean notes the change in her hair when he last saw her at Crossbell in Cold Steel III where she had straight hair.
  • The Glomp: She delivers lots of these, with Lloyd complimenting her technique at multiple points. In fact, she got an OST Mini cover even though all the other covers involved characters showing off their S-Crafts. Hers read 'KeA Tackle'.
    • She's also on the receiving end, especially when she dresses up in her penguin costume and the entire female half of the team glomps her, to her increasing discomfort.
  • Happily Adopted: By the time of Cold Steel III, she is now known as KeA Bannings.
  • MacGuffin Turned Human: She's more the vessel than the thing itself but the lost Sept-Terion that everyone wants? It's KeA. In the end, the MacGuffin is separated from the Girl.
  • Meaningful Name: According to Crossbell Archive, her name means Key of A, as in both 'Key of Azure' and 'the key that is the beginning of everything'. She's the 'key' to the plans of the D∴G Cult, the conspirators and Ouroboros.
  • Ms. Exposition: She does a lot of this in Cold Steel IV, some of them flying over most the older character's faces especially when she starts using Techno Babble.
  • Mysterious Past: Aside from her name, she doesn't remember anything of her life before Lloyd found her and all attempts to find her family or trace her past come up empty. This is because she literally does not have a past capable of being traced.
  • The Nicknamer: When she doesn't know someone's name or can't remember it, she'll make something up, Played for Laughs.
  • The Plan: In Cold Steel IV, she joins the party members to Erebonia to help break out Rean alongside Renne and devices a way to find where he's at in just a day, rather than it taking several days. She also comes up with the plan to have the Arc-En-Ciel theater to host a show while Rean and a select few go and disable the machine that's emitting a beam from the Orchis Tower so Rean and his party can go to the next duel with the Divine Knights. And also calm down the citizens as well.
  • Reality Warper: When using her Power of Zero, KeA essentially is Demiourgos, one of the seven sacred treasures of Eidos, with some of the powers of Time and Space thrown into the mix as well, making her incredibly powerful. The entire purpose of the Azure Zero Plan was for KeA to rewrite the entire history of Crossbell.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni : When visiting Michelam Wonderland, she is the Red to Sully's Blue.
  • Shana Clone: Despite having the voice and the looks of one, complete with the twin tail hair in Cold Steel IV, she's an aversion to the trope as she's not a Tsundere.
  • Speaks Fluent Animal: She's the other person capable of understanding Zeit.
  • Support Party Member: In Cold Steel IV, she doesn't join in battles but she has a Brave Order support called "Precious Smile" which guarantees a 100% critical hit chance to all characters for a few turns.
  • Supreme Chef
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: A pronounced shade of green, and it's referred to as such in universe when Lloyd describes her, no artistic license here. It's a hint that she's connected to Aidios, by way of being an artificial Sept-Terion. When her Power of Zero awakens, her hair changes to azure.



    St. Ursula Medical College 

Cecile Neues
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara
Appearances: Zero | Ao | Cold Steel IV

A nurse at St. Ursula and a surrogate big sister to Lloyd growing up. She and Guy were going to be married before the latter's death.

  • The Alcoholic: Downplayed, but she can drink quite a bit, as revealed in Cold Steel IV.
  • The Bus Came Back: Shows up in Cold Steel IV as one of the nurses taking care of the emperor who got shot in the heart by Ash during Cold Steel III.
  • Buxom Is Better: The size of her chest has not gone unnoticed by Randy. Or anybody else, for that matter. Even Elie felt A-Cup Angst that one time they were all at the beach.
  • Childhood Friends: She's been best friends with Ilya since they were little girls.
  • Cool Big Sister: To Lloyd.
  • Famous Ancestor: According to Zeit, Cecile is a great-great-whatever granddaughter of the Saint Ursula for whom the hospital is named and greatly resembles her.
  • Hospital Hottie: Works at Saint Ursula and is beautiful in her nurse outfit.
  • Like Brother and Sister: She helped raise Lloyd and if Guy hadn't been killed, she would have been his sister-in-law in truth. Lloyd even uses the '-nee' suffix when talking to/about her and her friends tend to refer to Lloyd in turn as 'little brother'.
  • The Matchmaker: She's made it her mission in life to find Lloyd a nice lover. That's the job of a big sister after all.
  • The Nicknamer: Not really on purpose but because of her, Ilya and everyone at St. Ursula tends to call Lloyd Otouto-kun (a diminutive form of 'little brother').

Joachim Gunter
Voiced by: Hidehiko Kaneto
Appearances: Zero

A professor at St. Ursula who consults with the SSS, at least when he's not skipping work to go fishing.

  • Asshole Victim: After overdosing on Gnosis, his demonic body slowly starts falling apart until he dies. Given everything he did as a member of the D∴G Cult, it's very hard to feel even a shred of pity for him.
  • Big Bad: Of Zero.
    • Big Bad Wannabe: Of the Crossbell games overall. As vile as his actions are, when it comes to it he doesn't fare all too well against the SSS. He ends up dying without ever finding out the truth about his god, "D".
  • Dark Is Evil: Post-Reveal, most of his attacks (including his S-Craft) become dark-based.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Considered the child prostitution ring that the Paradise lodge (Where Renne was sent to) to be repugnant, not to mention drawing unwanted attention to the organization. But that doesn't stop him from employing the results of their research.
  • Expy: Of Professor Alba. Or rather Alba's true identity, Weissmann. Not only is he the Big Bad but also uses a staff much like him. He even uses the same Evil Eye technique! Joshua and Estelle actually find him even more repugnant.
  • The Extremist Was Right: Posthumously, it's revealed that the cult actually was on the right track of finding out things from outside Zemuria, as revealed by McBurn to Class VII in Cold Steel IV.
  • Heroes Gone Fishing: He will skip work when the fishing is good or when there's a special event going on.
  • Hospital Hottie
  • Info Dump: He provides several of these to the player as he tries to figure out what's up with the strange medicine the SSS has found, or whether KeA's amnesia might be treatable.
  • Limit Break: His S-Craft in his human form is "Calamity Sphere."
  • Mad Doctor: It's just a cover so he can continue his Gnosis research.
  • One-Winged Angel: Transforms into a huge demonic creature after swallowing a whole bottle of Red Gnosis.
  • The Sleepless: A side effect of his Gnosis research. It allows him to continue his research while also working full time at the hospital.
  • Smug Snake: What he really is. In the fully-voiced Evo version, his voice takes on a rather condescending tone after The Reveal.
  • Taking You with Me: After discovering just how unstable his Gnosis-induced form is, he decides to take SSS down along with the Brights. It's only thanks to Renne's interference that they manage to survive.
  • Walking Spoiler
  • Would Hurt a Child: While working for the D∴G Cult, his experiments ended up having a lasting effect on both Tio and Renne.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair


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