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    The Toxin Symbiote 

The Toxin Symbiote

Hosts: Patrick Mulligan, Eddie Brock, Jubulile van Scotter

First Appearance: Venom Vs. Carnage #2

The first offspring of the Carnage symbiote. Cletus, disgusted at the notion of giving birth, forcibly bonded the infant symbiote, later named "Toxin" by Venom, to police officer Patrick Mulligan, who attempted to use it as a force of good, inspired by Spider-Man. Despite initial success, Patrick was murdered by the demon Blackheart, who cloned the symbiote and bonded them to clones of X-23. Agent Venom was blackmailed by the Crime Master into stealing the Toxin symbiote from Blackheart, although the Venom symbiote took control of Flash and tried to kill its progeny. Jack O'Lantern extracted the symbiote and took it to the Crime Master, who later forcibly bonded it to Eddie Brock. The symbiote initially took total control of Eddie's body and tried to kill Venom, but was ignited by Flash. It survived, still bonded to Eddie, and they agreed to work together until they could kill Venom before trying to kill each other.

    Patrick "Pat" Mulligan 

Patrick "Pat" Mulligan

Alter Ego: Toxin

Host to: Toxin

First Appearance: Venom Vs. Carnage #1 (July, 2004) note ; Venom Vs. Carnage #2 (August, 2004) note 

Patrick "Pat" Mulligan was an NYPD police officer who had the misfortune of running across the supervillain Carnage, who had just spawned a baby symbiote. Too weak to kill them, Carnage bonded the infant symbiote to Patrick and left, intending to kill them once he regained his strength. When the symbiote matured, Venom named it Toxin, but when he realized that not only was it more powerful than both himself and Carnage combined but that it was unlikely to aid him in his crusade against Spider-Man, he joined with Carnage in trying to kill it. Pat accepted his bond with the symbiote and joined forces with Spider-Man and Black Cat in defeating them, and on a number of other occasions, leaving his family behind in order to tame the symbiote, eventually succeeding after stopping himself from killing Razorfist, who had killed Pat's father. Pat made a deal with the infantile symbiote: in exchange for complete control of its powers, it could take over his body for two hours a day, provided it didn't commit crimes. Pat was listed as one of the Civil War Initiative's potential recruits, but was ultimately beaten to death in a gutter by Blackheart, who stole the symbiote.

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    Eddie Mulligan 

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