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Total Drama Returns of the Stars features characters from the fanfics Total Drama Refresh, Total Drama Stranded and Total Drama Switcheroo. Due to the passage of time between those fics and this fic, some characters have changed significantly.


My goal for this season is to not suck!

Beatrice came into her season hoping to make friends, find love, and win it all, but that plan fell apart when she started grating on people's nerves. Beatrice is a lot more self-confident now, though, and she wants to play a big game and be remembered as more than the failure she was before. Can she pull it off, or is she still doomed, only time will tell.



OMG, I am, like, so excited to be coming. Like, you don't even know, I'm sooooooooooo exited!

Dirk was full of life and joy in his first play-through. He was the only person who wasn't intimidated by his team's villainous leader, Sophie, and this caused him to be eliminated. Dirk still wants to play friendly, but he's not about to let himself get taking so easy this time. But in the end, Dirk's biggest goal is still to make everyone happy.



It's just me this time. No gimmicks or façades. ... I'm so screwed, aren't I?

Originally only known as Desdemona, the prophetess who claimed to foresee who could win the season, in actuality it was just a ploy by the devious Donna to further herself in the game. Despite her plan, though, Donna often found herself at the bottom of the pyramid and had to fight to keep herself in the game. She survived far, yet her actions caught up with her eventually and she was eliminated. This time she's dropping the disguise, but will still be playing a crafty game. Will it pay off, or is Donna nothing without Desdemona?



Last time I played skillfully, but pissed off the wrong people. I've got two options now, be a goody-goody or get someone else to do my dirty work.

Edward played as a sneaky villain at the start of his game, but his plan will apart when his allies got picked off one after another. By the merge, Edward had to desperately fight to keep himself in the game. This time, Edward doesn't want to let that happen. He's going to be playing much more carefully. Will it pay off, or is he doomed to fail again.


I am the greatest player to ever be on this game. I still don't understand how I ever lost.

Gene played a cutthroat game last time, taking control of those that he could and using emotional manipulation to twist them to his way. Gene made it all the way to the final 3 where he just couldn't make it in the last challenge and finished in third place. Gene's not changing anything about his strategy, his thoughts being if it worked once, it'll work again, and this time he'll win the challenge. Will it work, or is Gene a one-trick pony?


It's always hard to know for sure who you can trust. But since this is an all star season I have a pretty good idea of who I want to work with and who I don't.

Ilona played the game with honour and integrity, and this made her a stand-out in her original season. Despite all the backstabbing and lies going on around her she was determined to remained true to who she was and do her best to help whoever needed it. This attitude got her all the way to the end, where a dirty move cost her the grand prize. Ilona still believes in honour and she will live up to her code, however, she does not want to tolerate anyone who is going to cause conflict, and will do everything in her power to keep peace on her team.


It's just Joseph now. The Jojo you saw is dead and gone.

Back in Stranded he went by the name of JoJo. He was a jock who loved winning and not much more. He played a follower game, taking orders from the Alpha Male, Calvin, with little regard for others. His reign came to an though when his girlfriend was given the boot, and he broke his leg. After Stranded, a series of events let to reality basically catching up with Joseph. He's been humbled and has come to realize that he is not king of the world. He still has maintained his drive to win though, and he'll be bringing it to the game. Now, more than ever, is he determined to conquer the competition and take home the grand prize.


So, third place ... not bad, eh? But you know what they say, 'practise makes perfect'. Last time? That was a practise. This time I'm going for the perfect.

Keith played a dangerous game last time, making allies only to back-stab them when he felt like they'd outlived their usefulness. Keith's deviousness got him to the end, where his lack of physical strength became his downfall and he finished in third. Keith's learned from his mistakes and plans to take from his past experience and use it better himself for the All-Star round. Will it pay off or will Keith's notoriety precede him?


Why am I not in the centre of this square!

Kyle only lasted to the second elimination in his stay, but he lobbied hard to return, not because he wanted to win, but because it would imbalance the system to have too many people who went far returning, and having him would balance it out. Kyle always wants everything to be perfectly balanced, and that's exactly how he will play his game. And no, he is not wearing the same suit he did last time, he just has 31 identical suits for every day of the month.


So, I've heard you were doing an all star season. No need to invite anyone else back from my season. I'm the only star. ... Seriously, don't ... they kinda hate me.

Lionel came to Total Drama only wearing a pair of shorts. His plan was to charm the ladies and crush the geeks, but he had an obstacle in his way and her name was Sophie. Lionel took up the job of taking out his team's feared leader, however, once she was gone, he instantly returned to his old ways, and ended up making plenty of enemies. In the end, though, it was the one girl who liked him that caused his elimination. This time Lionel has slightly more cloths on, but his ego is still just as big. He's not going to be playing a follower and he won't be letting anyone take charge but him this time.


It hasn't been easy these past couple months, but all my hardships have only made me stronger. The most important lesson I've learned, is that if I can't use mu muscle, I can still use my brain.

Mason played his game using aggression and bullying to get himself ahead, yet he revealed that due to traumatic incidents with his father, he has a tendency to freeze up in fights now. Upon returning home, his old enemies used this against him, but Mason's still not afraid to throw a punch, as some of them learned the hard way. Have these last months given him time to mature, or just made him worse than ever? Find out when the season begins.


Ugh, what was I thinking with my startergy last time!? Yes, I'm strong, and I don't care who knows it. If anybody tries to get in my way this time I will crush their f*cking skull between my legs!

In her original season, Misha tried to play herself off as sweet and innocent, yet she soon found that this meant people would see her as weak and helpless. This time, Misha isn't holding anything back, she'll be open about her true colours and she's willing to plow down anyone who gets in her way.


Last time all I wanted was to be nice, but that doesn't work when everyone's evil. This time I'm playing by their rules and I'm not holding back.

On her first play, Missy started off as sweet, but when things didn't go her when she got vicious. She had her set idea of what was right and wrong, and heaven help you if you were on the 'wrong' side. After realizing that Total Drama isn't some walk in the park, Missy isn't going to be holding anything back against the 'meanies' in this cast. Which from her point of view, is everyone.


I know some people are saying winners can't win twice, right, but I will be oh so happy to prove them wrong.

Montana was all about having fun on her first game. But she still proved that she had a strong competitive spirit and was able to get to the end, all while trying to make friends with everyone. She's definitely got a tough battle ahead of her, as being a winner will put a target on her back right from the start. But Montana's ready to take the challenge with a smile on her face.


Last time my problem was that I let the game control me. This time I'm going to be the only one in control.

Coming into the game, Nicole feared she would be picked off for not being a physical force, yet her leadership skills won her a place on her team. She soon learned the game and became a calculated strategist. Nicole still has her eyes on the win and is willing to play hard to get it, but she still wants to take some time for friends as well.


I don't even want to come back, I just want to sleep. Out of everyone you could have chosen, why could you pick me.

During his first play, Riley just wanted to sleep through all the action, yet somehow ended up as a powerful swing vote...or at least he would have, had he not wanted to quit. Riley's the same, and still isn't interested in getting himself worked up over the game. So much so that he didn't even bother to get dressed out of his pajamas. Will Riley end up in power again, or will his laziness get the better of him?


Ugh, Brad, could you call me back in five minutes? I've gotta do that thing for that show I was telling you about.

In her original play, Sooz spent most of her time on her phone, and little time in the game. Yet she claims that it's all part of her strategy to slip by unnoticed, and it worked up until the merge where she found herself in trouble. Sooz isn't a dumb girl by any means and she plans to play the game however will benefit her to get ahead, but her phone addiction is real and she will spending her time with her tech as usual.


I'm happy to come back. I just hope there's plenty of cute boys. ...Oh what am I saying? It's reality TV, of course it's going to be full of cute boys.

Stanley is back after being an underdog in his original season, and being used, up until his elimination. He's ready to play hard again and not let himself get stabbed in the back, but he's still willing to flirt with the boys from time to time.


I'm hoping to prove I'm more than 'that girl who likes Twilight'. I mean, I also like Hetalia ... see, complexity right there.

Willow was the Twilight fan who could be your best friend at times, but if you say one bad word about Bella, she'd become your worst enemy. For the most-part, though Willow just wanted to get along with everyone and this made her a target. Coming back, Willow has the same mentality, she just wants to find a new bestie to spend the summer with. Of course, she's still got Twilight on the mind, so haters beware.


I'm a trendsetter, not a follower. If I say dreads are in, then they're in. If I say villains are out, then honey, they're out.

Zola came into Switcheroo with the intent of getting out all the villains who always caused such drama. She put up a tough fight, but in the end, her nemesis Alison got her out. Zola's got the same plan this time, and she's going to be fighting even harder to get rid of any troublemakers on her team. Will she succeed this time, or is it a futile endeavor?


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