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Chris McLean

Chef Hatchet

Total Drama Zero Sum characters


     The Killer Waves 

Artemis - The Ice Queen

“Why are you being nice during a competition? It’s making me sick to my stomach!”

Davon Le Rouge - The Pretty Boy

“What do you say to an alliance between us? The beautiful for should stick together, should they not?”

Isaac - The White Knight

“I have no room for villains on my team! Your reign of terror ends tonight!”

Melody Rest - The Femme Fatale

“I love everyone on this team so much! After all, they’re all so stupid”

Persephone "Perci" Porter - The Southern Belle

“This here island is so enchantin’! Nothin’ at all like the boring fields I see back home!”

Victor - The Brick House

“I didn’t give you the lead so you could lose it! I guess it’s up to me to carry us after all.”

     The Raging Flames 

Conlan - The Jack of All Trades

“There's someone better than me for just about anything … That said, no one is better than me at everything.”

Eliana - The Quiet Chick

“… it’s nice … to meet you …”

Helen Lang - The Class President

“You can claim I'm the only threat, but ... I still believe in the strength of my teammates!”

Kaede Tsurumi - The Inferiority Complex

“Eeep! I-I’m so sorry! I-I’ll t-t-try not to get in your w-way next time!”

Liu-Ten - The Hopeless Romantic

“*Siiiiigh* She’s so beautiful … If only I could spend more time with her.”

Peter Doyle - The City Boy

''“Ya’ can’t let the others walk all over ya’. If ya’ don’t like somethin’ suck it up an’ put your foot down!”

     The Screaming Winds 

Alcott Sumeria - The Social Outcast

“I've been meaning to wash up … But I’ve just been to preoccupied.”
  • The Pig Pen: Does not shower at any point in the game, nor has he done so in the week before the game.

Carys Leville - The Lone Wolf

“I didn’t come here to socialize. So just leave me alone.”
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Finishes second, but Kaede gives half the prize money to Carys to pay for her brother's kidney transplant, which is the entire reason she wanted to win the game.

Damon Woods - The Bleeding Heart

“I just had to stop and lend a hand … I couldn’t stand to see such a helpless creature.”
  • Friend to All Living Things: Exaggerated. He continually helps out random birds and insects, even during the challenges. As an example, he is the last contestant introduced because he helped a seagull from a plastic six pack ring, helped it out, called an animal rescue team to nurse the seagull back to health, and cooked lunch for the animal rescue team.

Hubert Swanson - The Detective

“I'm getting some bad vibes from them … and my vibes are never wrong.”

Katelyn - The Rich Kid

“You expect me to do that? And ruin my new clothes? Uh, no thank you …”
  • Epic Fail: Both her attempts at leading her team go horribly. This leads to her elimination.
  • Rich Bitch

Twilight Church - The Tough Girl

“If we lose this challenge … I’ll personally see you eliminated.”

     The Violent Quakes 

Donovan - The Hotshot

“I think I have an idea … It’s a huge risk, but I know I can pull it off!”

Freya Merrim - The Soubrette

“Say what you want about me … But when I see cute guys, I can’t help a little flirting.”

Nublina - The Angel on Earth

“I know he’s on the enemy team … But I’m still worried about him, regardless.”

Oswald Pamesi - The Gentleman Thief

“I'm sure I could locate for you … If you’d do me the favor of having lunch with me.”

Rudo Fletcher - The Girl Next Door

“Don’t go easy on me just because I’m a girl! I’m going to give this challenge my all!”

Zastin Grove - The Dungeon Master

“Signing up was a bad idea. I’m a quest giver, not a quest taker.”


Total Drama Nui Kaua characters

     Team Honua 

Team Honua in general

  • Dwindling Party: Loses three members in the first three rounds of play.
  • The Strategist: Team Honua's hat - they are the strategists of the game.

Astral - The Occult Freak

Galiris MacDougal - The Sailor Girl

Kaleaf Hume - The "Angry" Black Japanese

Kevin Connors - The Autistic Boy

  • Irony: Sits out a challenge to look for an immunity tiki which he has to use to save himself that round, as he got votes for sitting the challenge out.

Lina - The Whisperer

Lucy - The Biker Chick

Steven Orland - The Teen Heartthrob

  • Dark and Troubled Past: He is afraid that his father may have escaped from prison.
  • The Quisling: Switches over to Team Ka Lani the first chance he gets to protect his stepsister Alice.

Zubin Wadia - The Friendly Strategist

  • Batman Gambit: Lies about his fear to make the challenge easier. This backfires on him when Chris reveals that production verified them, forcing Zubin to repeat the challenge with his actual fear.
  • Nice Guy

     Team Ka Lani 

Team Ka Lani in general

  • Team Spirit: The team's hat - they most value teamwork.

Aleister - The Fake Bad Guy

  • Miles Gloriosus: Plays up how manly he is, but he is doing so to cover up the fact that he likes feminine things.

Alice Orland - The Adorable Vocalist

Cassandra - The Punk Rocker

Clay Levandowski - The Lone Wolf

Evan - The Animal Survivalist

Hayes - The Overshadowed Younger Sibling

Nixia - The Nature Lover

Stephanie Reid - The Cheerleader

     Team Ka Malu O 

Team Ka Malu O in general

Briand - The Resilient Risk Taker

  • Leeroy Jenkins: Over the course of the game, he has fought the giant octopus, charged into an opposing camp during a capture-the-flag challenge, dipped his hands into pirana-filled waters and boasted about being "Fish-Fingers," and repeatedly used trick-shots during a challenge without success.

Deamian - The Smooth Criminal

Dominique - The Straight Talker

Julia - The Silly Mimic

Katrina Sears - The Arrogant Brainiac

  • Brainy Brunette
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Claims she doesn't participate in challenges due to them not favoring her lack of physical ability. Though she proves useful during mental challenges.
  • Insufferable Genius: Probably her biggest character trait. She has an astronomical IQ of 187, but she's incredibly arrogant and rude to everyone around her.
  • Jerkass
  • Lazy Bum: Only participates in challenges if she absolutely has to.
  • Sole Survivor: Wins Total Drama Nui Kauaï.
  • Teen Genius: Again, she has an IQ of 187.

Maddie - The Small Pyromaniac

Pierre Forte - The Fabulous Spectacle

  • The Dandy: He has a very flashy dress sense.
  • Portmanteau: Frequently uses various ones, combining words with similar meanings.

Sherwood - The Standalone Guy


Total Drama Nui Kaua: The Cursed Island characters

     The Bloody Banshees 

The Bloody Banshees in general

Aubrey - The Normal Wannabe

Freya Merrim - The Squashed Queen Bee

Kyle - The Country Boy

Misha - The Social Anxiety Girl

Nick Kingston - The Leroy

Sherwood - The Loneliest Lone Wolf

     The Dreadful Demons 

The Dreadful Demons in general

  • Badass Crew: Justified. The team was handpicked to be the strongest team by Lucien.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: In spite of being a strong team, they have a hard time getting along.

Azami - The Arrogant Gymnast

Barnard - The Capitalist

Helen Lang - The Martyr of Zero Sum

Jaime Schanbacher - The Sarcastic Girl

Kaden - The Hard Worker

Kaleaf Hume - The Champion Tree Puncher

     The Macabre Mummies 

The Macabre Mummies in general

Daniel - The Tragic Villain

Isaac - The Knight of Justice

Jamal Brown - The Wannabe Rapper

Lena - The Hardcore Punk

Lucien - The Dumb Hot Blonde

Phooka Hume - The Broken Chick

Tori - The Gambler

     The Visceral Vampires 

The Visceral Vampires in general

Aleister - The Catty Boy

Antonio - The Creepy Artist

Molly - The Advantage Taker

Natalie - The "Not-A-Psycho"

  • Chaotic Evil: When she enters, Chef Hatchet has to confiscate a multitude of weapons. She spends the rest of the next two rounds threatening her team with death and bodily harm. This causes them to vote her out 5-1 at the team's first Bonfire ceremony.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: She is this to her team, mostly because they are justifiably terrified of her.
  • I'll Kill You!: Swears this upon her team after her elimination.
  • Obviously Evil: She is clearly violently insane, and everyone knows it.

Samuel - The Crazy Prepared Weirdo

Twilight Church - The Brute With A Brain

Total Drama Nialasach Characters

     Team Ebisu 

Aaron Winston: The Skater Detective

"Whoa dude, this is going to be awesome! Time to see if my knowledge of the Nui Kaua trilogy will pay off!"

Mirai Endimion: The Two-Faced Warrior

"They say there's nothing better than a little rush of adrenaline. Too bad for them, that's me 24/7!"

Phooko Hume: The Innocent Smartass

"Alright! It's time to give it the best I've got … Even if it is dealing with a bunch of dumbasses."

Rashi O'Malley: The Oracle

"The bog is quiet today … too quiet. Something dangerous is approaching us."

Raul Soto: The Silent Brawler

"I laid broken fighting a force of nature … but it's time to get up and demand a rematch."
  • The Voiceless: His throat injury makes speech uncomfortable for him. As such, he communicates primarily through written notes.

Vanessa Mangdener: The Shy Artist

"Humans have always wanted superpowers, but see, here's the thing, I have a superpower … creativity."

     Team Fudo 

Alison Palmer: The Filthy Rich Chick

"You losers better step aside now, because Alison Palmer's here to win it all!"

Erin Walker: The Scientist

"Anything is possible … as long as there's a genius at the helm."

Gabriel Peterson: The Politician's Son

"As Father once said, a good leader can make their team work together, but a great leader has their team's complete trust!"

James "Watts" Watkins: The Underestimated Nerd

"Back home, I'm a nobody always stuck in the shadows … I'm tired of being held back. Time to show the world what nerds can do!"

Jenae Brooks: The Dedicated Bruiser

"Step up to me if you want … but be prepared to be knocked back down brutally!"

Mark Galaxy: The Dreamer Musician

"You know … there's no tomorrow … without today!"

     Team Hayaji 

Christa Perez: The Selfless Mother

"Seré la razón por la que estás sonriendo hoy (I can be the reason why you're smiling today) … But I can also be the reason why you're crying tonight."

Claude Lockheart: The Sadistic Butler

"How endearing … I'll find a master here, I'm sure of it."

Donny Crush: The God Emperor

"People say I'm an idiot, uneducated, a racist. Wrong. It's all part of my game, and that game always ends the same. You. Will. Be. Crushed."

Monica Sanders: The Loud and Proud Strategist

"Be on my good side. If you're not, start packing."

Simon Telamon: The Computer Nerd

"These people might have a 'leg up' on me, so to speak … but that doesn't mean I'll be easy to take down."

Zaheen Bakshi: The Illusionist

"What the eyes see, and the ears hear … the mind believes."

     Team Inari 

Arnold Drake Franklin: The Feminine Ball Buster

"You think you're better than her? Cocksuckers like you are who get sentenced to years of prison rape, you bitch!"

Ashley "Ash" Lexington: The Confident Klutz

"I might be clumsy and a bit of a klutz … but don't think for a second that you can't beat me!"

Cherise "Cherry" Blanchet: The Circus Girl

"Huh, so this is it? … What an even bigger freak show than back home."

Ellie Woods: The Bubbly-Cute Cosplayer

"W-wow! … N-nice threads Chris, you look great. Where'd you get them?"

Gran Rey: The Unlucky Magician

"There is bad luck following me at every magic trick … So my next trick will be to make you all win."

Zaiyrin Yanagi: The Incorrigible Chessmaster

"There's nothing my strategies haven't prevailed in … I'm level 100 and no one is my equal!"

Total Drama Crios Cath characters

     Clan Cumhactach 

Clan Cumhactach in general:

  • The Big Guy: Clan Cumhactach is comprised of the six strongest men.

Avi Trinidad: The Loyal Comedian

"Get a new set of pants, y'all! … Cuz Avi fuckin' Trinidad has graced you with his freakin' awesome presence!"

Bryan Huey: The Adult

  • Cool Old Guy: He's 48, three decades older than the next oldest contestant.
  • File Mixup: He's initially bewildered, as he had auditioned for and been accepted on the show Survivor. It turns out that an error in processing led him to the boat for Crios Cath in place of Ahmed (who was supposed to be there). Chris simply allows Bryan to participate, as it keeps the competition even.
  • Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Trailer: He's not advertised as being one of the thirty-six contestants, but an error in processing means that he ends up participating in the game instead of Ahmed.

Michael Richardson: The Devious Baseball Player

"Well, once the game begins … the true strategy begins to come into play."

Mitchell "Frag" Fragman: The Professional Gamer

"The boys back home are counting on me y'all … Time to kick some candy asses and take some names! HAMMERHEADS FOR LIFE!"

Stan Manley: The Heir

"I'll win this … It's what I have to do."

Tiberius Vult: The Zealous Templar

"You will Praise Don- i mean god, cuck … or be smited. DEUS VULT!"
  • It's All About Me: Tiberius' objective is to win by any means necessary, with no regard of who stands in his way.
  • Jerkass: Shows himself to be very unpleasant.
  • The Leader: Is the first King of Clan Cumhactach, as he is the strongest male contestant.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Is being paid a substantial amount of money to participate by an unknown benefactor, who will win rights to the show in the event that Tiberius wins.

     Clan Mealltach 

Clan Mealltach in general:

  • Ms. Fanservice: Clan Mealltach is comprised of the six most beautiful women.

Alice Cochrane: The Silver Tounged

"It's not enough that I should succeed … Others should fail."

Anemone Jacinta Deshay: The Inquisitive Journalist

"As a journalist, I print what everyone else is too scared to say … And with my words, I can set the earth on fire."

Jarri Utom: The Cute Hero

"I don't run from crime … Crime runs from me!"

Molly Reid: The Designated Villain

"I'm not a bully … but that does NOT mean I'm a pushover!"
  • Designated Villain: Her archetype comes from her reputation as a violent bully at school, which has no bearing on reality.
  • One Degree of Separation: She is the younger sister of Stephanie from Nui Kaua, and also went to school with Simon from Nialasach.

Rose Rare: The Generous Designer

"Not only does winning look good on me, losing is so last year."
  • The Leader: Is the first Queen of Clan Mealltach, as Tiberius considers her the prettiest.

Roxanne Davison: The Cute Bruiser

"Go ahead Barbie, make my day … But I can snap you like a twig in 0.2 seconds."

     Clan Ffydd 

Clan Ffydd in general

Ani: The Outcast

"And remember, it's your choice … Make it as you will."

Franchesca Polermos: The Devoted Leader

"It is with Gamata's will that the current Yzkan of His temple shall enter the competition. And it is with His blessing that she shall win it."
  • The Leader: Is the first Queen of Clan Ffydd, determined by the producers.

Indigo Daniles: The Goofy Schoolboy

"Wh-whoaaa! … Whoops! Sorry, didn't see ya' there!"

Joshua "King" Benny Darwin: The Popular Swede

"There's a word for people like you where I come from … Skurkar."

Morgana Hines: The Ghost Whisperer

"You only live once … but if you do it right, once is enough."

Setsuna Levine: The Absentminded Artist

"I'm Setsuna … I'm good with a bow I guess … I'll be here for a few episodes I guess…"

     Clan Cyfrwys 

Clan Cyfrwys in general

  • The Smart Guy: Clan Cyfrwys is comprised of the six most cunning contestants.

Arianna "Aria" Rodriguez: The Popular Girl

"All these contestants are idiots … Which makes manipulating these morons all the more satisfying."

Jeffrey "Prof" Johnson Mortimer III: The Hidden Mastermind

"The man behind the curtain … is finally revealed."

Jeremy Ramsay: The Altruistic Strategist

"You can put us in check … but we've got you in checkmate."
  • The Leader: Is the first King of Clan Cyfrwys, picked by random draw.

Kalyssa Buvelle: The Twisted Princess

"Not all princesses need their Prince Charming or white knight … Some just need the right tools for their own story."

Laura Sadako Matsuko Yoshitomi: The Strategic Businesswoman

"If it's physical or academically inclined, search elsewhere … But if you've come seeking social skills or communication, look no further."

Mateo Niuk: The Director

"Let me tell you one thing you little waste of existence … This season of Total Drama is a movie of which I am in charge."

     Clan Alltud 

Clan Alltud in general

  • Cursed with Awesome: Downplayed. Alltud has tougher rules to abide by in challenges and has no King or Queen. However, Alltud is immune to the powers the kings and queens of the other four clans have.
  • Hufflepuff House: The starting members of Alltud are the contestants that didn't quite have the characteristics to be in the other four clans.

Angelo Furalaas: The Devious Prince

"I have the elegance of a phoenix, the beauty of a prince … And the ferocity of a dragon!"

Axel Exonerium: The Crazed Vigilante

"I will eliminate every villain here … by any means necessary."

Carol Shaffer: The Thrill Seeker

"I don't fear danger … I welcome it!"

Gazella Leclerc: The Woodsman Competitor

"I hope we can get along, because remember … I can chop you down, both figuratively and literally!"

Margaret "Maggie" Morrison: The Timid Perfectionist

"As much as I try to be perfect … I understand that I have flaws."

Ryuji Tachibana: The Pranking God

"All work and no play makes Ryuji a dull boy … and Ryuji hates dull."

Ahmed Rajput: The Clueless Cypher

"I'm on Total Drama … Guess I should do what I can to win."
  • File Mixup: A processing error leads to him not showing up, with Bryan, a Survivor contestant, accidentally taking his place.
  • Lady Not-Appearing-in-This-Game: A male, non-fanservice example. He's advertised as one of the thirty-six contestants, but a processing error means that he doesn't appear in the game.

Danny Smith: The Country Musician

"Sunset skies, bonfire nights … I love the simple things."

Harald Skeithwick: The Poisonous Poet

"In the distant skies, the ominous black sun frames thee … And so thou kneel before me."

Lorelei Reinhart: The Analytic Ice Queen

"Supposedly, everyone is here to have a fun summer. I like to think it's a bit more complex than that … I certainly hope so at any rate."

Mathilda: The Mute

"..." She hid the baseball bat behind her shoulder … "..." As a shark came up, she quickly swung the bat, hitting its nose, and looked back with a grin.

Nathan Connors: The Intimidating Optimist

"I may be intimidating … But I plan to play friendly, and remain optimistic, no matter the circumstances!"
  • Face of a Thug: While he is athletic and looks very intimidating, he doesn't have the confidence to be a leader.

Shelby-Lynn Huan: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

"Don't even bother talking to me … I'll be gone in an instant."
  • The Cynic: Spends the entire time believing that she'll be out of the game quickly.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: She ends up being eliminated before the day is over, partially because she is so convinced that she'll be eliminated that she ends up throwing a competition and sent to the Shameterranean Cavern.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Is the first person to be officially eliminated from the game.

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