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     Total Drama House Party 

Bailey Donnelly - The Shy Poet

I'm not much of a speaker. If I don't pre-write what I want to say, I just end up embarrassing myself. I hope that doesn't hurt me in the competition.

Barry Flynn - The Kindhearted Christian

I'm a Christian, but that doesn't mean I'll be preaching the entire time. I'll let my actions speak louder than words and be kind to everyone.

James "Chappy" Chapman - The Sore Loser

I do NOT take losing well. Trust me. If I don't win every challenge in this game, things will NOT be pretty.

CJ O'Leary - The Dry Artist

I don't even want to be here. My sister sent in an audition for me. Ah well, I'll probably be the first one gone anyway.

David Kendall - The Heavy Metal Guy

I'm not here to play hard, I'm here for a rockin' good time. I'm not that smart, so I'll let someone else do all the strategy thinking for me.

Erica Pascal - The Antisocial Albino

Ugh, why am I even doing this game? It's not like I'll make any friends - after all, who would talk to the freak with the white hair and red eyes?

Ernie Henderson - The Lazy Genius

I may be lazy, but don't let that fool you, I'm actually a certified genius. I would put effort into this game, but I want to give the others a fair shot.

Franklin St. Cloud - The Abuse Victim

I grew up with abusive parents, and I have scars to prove it. Thankfully that whole ordeal is over, but a sad backstory never hurt anyone in this game, so I have that going for me.

Jilly Ball - The Raver Girl

Yeah! PAR-TAY! Let's drop the bass! Wooohooo!

Judy Jones - The Friendly Sports All-Star

Where I really excel is the physical challenges. I'm in every sports team at my school, and I'm a valuable asset in each of them. I hope to be valuable to my team as well.

Kiki Koizumi - The Androphobic Hipster

I'll admit I'm a bit pretentious, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid. I could easily win this game if not for my... er, problem.

Lauren Candace - The Bisexual Flirt

I don't care if I win or lose. I'm just here to find someone hot to make out with. Boy or girl; I'm not picky.

Mac Hurst - The Genki Sadomasochist

Pain, pain, glorious pain! I love inflicting pain and I love feeling pain. Pain is so cool, don'cha think? Heeheehahaha!

Nolan Gallagher - The Gambling Gentleman

I'll be playing this game with a twist: every major decision I make will be determined with the roll of a die. Let's see how far that takes me.

Preston Nguyen - The Information Dealer

I'm very perceptive - nothing gets past me. If something goes on in this game, I'll know about it, and I'll use that information as I see fit.

Rachel Valentine - The Sexy Dork

Sure, I'm smart, but my strategy is flirtation. Everyone tells me I'm gorgeous, so I'll definitely use that to my advantage.

Sonamjit Spankety Singh - The Clown Girl

All I want in this world is to make people laugh. The money would be nice, but as long as I can put smiles on people's faces, that's enough of a prize for me.

Susan Bolotin - The Clumsy Awkward Girl

Okay, so maybe I'm a bit clumsy, and I can be awkward at the worst times, but I know I can find a nice boyfriend in this game. Couples hook up in Total Drama all the time, right?

Tucker Salamy - The Pervy Prankster

You see, Tucker's a tricky one. Tucker loves to pull pranks on unsuspecting victims. Not on hot girls though. They get a free pass from Tucker.

Ziggy Simmons - The Normal Guy

I guess I don't really have an endearing personality quirk or a stereotype to fill, but that doesn't bother me. Who says you need to be over-the-top or cutthroat to win?

     Total Drama Alpha Party 

Amelie Payne - The Paranoid Coward

I really really really don't want to be in this game, but my daddy made me and he said I'd be in big trouble if I threw it. I'm just really scared I'm going to get hurt and can I please go home now?

Bijou Lumière - The Fashion Police

People always ask me "Who are you, the fashion police?" Um, yes, I am the fashion police, and I'm doing the world a favor thank you very much.

Cordelia Ludenberg - The Friend Maker

I'm going to make as many friends as I can in this game! You can never lose if you have a ton of friends by your side!

Dalit - The Slave Girl

All life I am slave to wealthy man in Israel. I wash feet all day. Lowest of low. I win this game. I win money. I become master!

Ephraim Malia - The Nightclub Bouncer

I'm the bouncer to the most exclusive nightclub in my town... and I'm not even old enough to get in. If that doesn't speak volumes about my strength, I don't now what does.

Fauna Lambert - The Racist

Know what the problem with this show is? Too many honkies. I'm gonna vote out every cracker in this game to make sure whitey goes down!

  • Everything Is Racist: Takes the slightest inconvenience against her as the white man keeping her down.
  • Hypocrite: Always talks about how white people are racist about people of color. And yet, what is her stereotype?
  • Jerkass
  • Never My Fault: Believes that everything wrong with the world is caused by white people and only white people, all the while never owning up to any of her own faults.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Voting out Zarardo ultimately causes her to snap under the pressure of the game causing her to quit.
  • Villainous BSoD: After voting off Zarardo.

Genesis Morales - The Mute Backstabber

Some might say that being mute in a social game is a bad thing, but I disagree. After all, who would expect the quiet disabled girl to be a master manipulator and backstabber?

Hugh Kincaid - The Lovelorn "Bad Boy"

Whoever said girls want a nice guy was a freaking liar! I've been nice to girls my whole life with nothing to show for it. Girls want a bad boy, and I'm going to give them one.

Isidora Cappelletti - The Anemic Bookworm

I'm anemic, so I probably won't be doing very well in challenges. ...Actually, I'm not that social either. ...Shoot. Hopefully my booksmarts can get me through this game ...somehow.

Jasper von Herr - The "Gay" Best Friend

It's common knowledge that all girls want a gay best friend. I'm not actually gay, but if I pretend I am, the ladies will be more inclined to keep me around.

Kelsey Carter - The Student Body President

I didn't get to become student body president by being nice. If I can take charge of an entire school, I sure as hell can take charge of 25 other teenagers.

Lester Jay - The Let's Player

Helloooo, YouTube! I'm Lester Jay, and welcome to my Blind Let's Play of Total Drama! Let's get it in!

Mondo Schultz - The Gay Football Player

So, I recently came out of the closet, and... tsk... the guys on the team didn't take it very well. I'm going to win this game to prove that my sexuality doesn't make me any weaker than I was before.

Naomi Zachariah - The Absentminded Roller Girl

Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted a pair of roller skates. My parents said I wouldn't be responsible enough for them until I can save up enough money to buy them myself. And now I've finally bought them! ...If I could only learn to ride them.

Osric Fappington - The Strategic Fetishist

I'm a smart guy. I know I can strategize my way to the top. I just get... easily distracted. So as long as there aren't any ladies with glasses, piercings, sandals, and/or freckles, I should be good. Wait, there's also...

Phoenix Melville - The Level-Headed Realist

Gwen, Rodney, Dave, Susan... what do these past players all have in common? They let their emotions get the better of them and they were eliminated for it. Well, not me. I'm going to make every decision in this game with a logical angle to it.

Quentin Sandhu - The Good Luck Charm

People always tell me I have really good luck. I don't know about that, but I do know I'm lucky to have such an opportunity to play this game.

Ronoc Thiotherr - The Blatant Author Avatar

I am most definitely not the author. I mean, who puts themselves in their own fanfiction. That's super tacky. I would never do that. ...I mean THE AUTHOR would never do that!

Stormy~ Kujikawa- The J-Pop Star

I may be a famous pop star in Japan, but when I heard of this quaint little game, I knew I had to join! Not only will it be fun, it will be great for publicity! Buy my new album onegaishimasu!

Tori Hotate- The Homely Strongwoman

I only live to get stronger. Things like education and beauty are meaningless to me. I will use this game as an opportunity to get even stronger.

Ursula Kamaka - The Halloween Fanatic

Halloween is the best thing about being alive. It's like a whole day dedicated to freaking people out and doing crazy shit. And you can bet your bones I'll be doing both those things on this show.

Vardaman Foshee - The Country Medic

I may be a bit of a country bumpkin, but I ain't dumb. In fact, I'm f'inn'a become a medical doctor someday. Here's hopin' I can practice on my teammates... not that I want them to get hurt. Heheh.

Warwick Sadalfas - The Self-Proclaimed King

Someday I shall rule my own country! ...But I already spent all my mom's money on this outfit, so I'll need the prize money from this game to help fund it.

Xingrong Yang - The Master of Sandwiches

Fwahahahaha! Behold, mortals! I have been sent by the gods themselves to bestow upon thee the true art of Wichmastery! Soon all shall know the true gift of constructing sandwiches!

Yolonda Hatchet - The No-Nonsense Chef

Last season looked so fun that I just had to get in on this one. Not like it was that hard to get my audition accepted *chuckles*. And hey, since we have to cook for ourselves this season, my team won't be voting me out anytime soon.

  • Out of Focus: Invokes this in order to not be an early target.

Zarardo Baba - The Sneaky Street Magician

I am but a humble street magician. I do it for fun, not for profit. Of course, a magician never reveals his secrets, so who knows when I might be telling the truth or when I might be lying?

     Total Drama Explore Party 

Angie Garcia-Jackson - The Ocean Lover

Brittany Hardwick - The Reluctant Dude Magnet

Ethan Brown - The Frat Boy

Frita Dratch - The Debbie Downer

Jean-Marie Antoine - The Wealthy Flirt

Joel Sadler - The Bundle of Energy

Kristin Harley - The Rasta Girl

Amir 'Noah' Maheswaran - The Canon Imposter

Ray Tin - The Inventor

Reese Kim - The Cuddly Gal

River Casentini - The Insecure Taunter

Sorrel Rogers - The Technically Legal Drinker

Trinity Walton - The Ugly Girl

Vladimir Paulsen - The Master Of Disguise


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