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Total Drama Dictionary has its share of colorful contestants. From Alec to Zero, they're either in to win, or to just have a good time...

     The Contestants 

Alec Nye, The Mad Sciencist

Is there anything that I love more than SCIENCE? I think not! With my smarts, I shall dominate this game. For SCIENCE!

Bob Nookway, the Youngster

I may be a kid, but I ain't no squid! I got a lotta heart, and I'll give it my all in challenges! ...That came out wrong, did it?

Candace Inkwell, the Cartoon Fanatic

I'm a HUGE fan of cartoons! And being this show is almost like a live cartoon… I'm gonna prove my own. Sophie? This game's for YOU!

Danny Rayeman, the Rude Bully

What can I say? I only got on the show to beat up my competitors! So, bring it on, Mc Lean! I'm ready for ANYTHING.

Ethan Reelbront, the Daydreamer

Me on Total Drama? This HAS to be a dream! In real life! Here's hoping I can have a good time while I'm on the island!

Francis Jackson, The Obnoxious Nerd

These campers are insufficient against my skills. It is time to show everyone who TRUE nerds are. Beth? Just a filthy smear on nerdom. One by one, I shall take them down.

Gina Aperture, the Wrench Wench

Buh-Buh-Buh! Don't expect this contest to be easy when I'm around! I shall use my brains and my inventing skills in order to win!

Hannah Whypie, The Strong Cutie

I may be a Goth, but I'm a kind girl, so don't worry about me being a sourpuss. Just don't get on my bad side, okay? Else, you may be going for a ride. Hee-Hee!

Isaac Hakkit, the Hikikomori

...Mom? Dad? Why did you put me on this show? Can't I sew in peace in my room? I know I'll be voted off first anyway, so why bother…

Jeanette Foster, The Geek to Popular

My friends got me on this show. I'll give it my best shot, I guess. As long as my problem doesn't get in the way, I shall be okay.

Kagura Yukari, The Accidental Import

I'm not even supposed to be here! I auditioned for another reality show, but the mail kinda got mixed up, and… Hope whoever auditioned for Osaka's Got Talent is doing okay…

Luka Mopphaier, The Punk Zoologist

I only got on this show to look at wildlife in their natural habitats. I really don't need the money, to be honest. But might as well give it my all.

Maxwell Spitz, the Otaku

I can't believe I'm going onto the island! Think I can last longer than your usual 12 episode anime? Probs! Total Drama? Bring it all!

Nuva Muppet, the puppeteer

Hey, ya'll! Me and my buddy here Nerdi? We came here to win! (Nerdi: I wonder how many M tones everyone'll make alone, meow…)

Omelette ShineBrite, The Photophobic Buddy

I give this Preview Box alone an A Plus! Now… Bring on the Fic! Or the island! Or my partners! I'll ace them all!

Peter Cerebous, the Graphics Fan

I'm here to prove just ONE thing. X-BOX does what Nintendon't! Boy, I would love to say that to some Nintendo fan right now…

Quentin Schmidt, The Nerdy Surfer

Dudes! I got on the show just to show off my wicked surfin' skills, my skills at the lightsaber, and maybe to score a bodacious babe? Can I truly do it? The winds blow to… Yeah, brah!

Ross Belmont, The Paranormal Fan

Let's see here… The possibility of finding something outherworldly is a Mil to One… The chances of actually winning a Mil on this show? Twenty-Six to one… I may even find some alien lifeforms as fans of mine during the contest…

Selena Whintwood, the Snob

Last season, an unpopular nerd won. A NERD! I shall show everyone who should TRULY win these kinds of shows.

  • Alpha Bitch: She is this early on, but the trait has faded away recently.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Again, she was this.
  • Cool Bike: Snags herself her own set of wheels during Gravlei's attack.
  • Hidden Depths: She enjoys motorcycles, and would love to own one one day. She gets her wish granted by commandeering one from Ms. Gravlei's goons.

Tina Minami, The Nintendo Fangirl

What can I say about Nintendo games, besides the fact that they mostly rock? They've been a part of me since I was born, and helped me throughout my life. Mario? Link? Pikachu? This is for YOU!

Ugra Quilten, The Pajama Clad Guy

I kinda-sorta put a self-imposed challenge on myself… Get through the entire show in my pajamas. Only in certain events that I shall don other outfits. Well, let's do this!

Vikki HeartLove, the Cute Clown

Clowns have gotten such a bad rap, recently… I shall do my best to change that, or get voted off trying!

  • Doorstop Baby: Was this in infanthood after her mother didn't want her.
  • Facial Markings: Sports hearts painted on her face.
  • Happily Adopted: The clowns that found her took her into their family on the spot.
  • Mundane Utility: She uses balloon crafts to solve various problems in the game, even going so far as to make a balloon Francis at one point.
  • Nice Hat: Her clown hat. It's her most prized possession, being her adopted parents gave it to her as an infant.
  • Non-Ironic Clown
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The Girly Girl to Omelette's Tomboy.

Whitney Morgan, the Wild Gal

I'm one tough gal, and I don't need some silly cow dyed pink to prove otherwise! I shall take this show on by storm, and come back with a collection of scars and scabs! They're marks of toughness!

Xander Litwak, the Arcade Gamer

Being a regular at the local arcade, I'm gonna try my luck on the toughest game around… Total Drama. Wish me luck and continues, dudes!

Yuki White, The Matchmaking Artist

I'm just here to draw, matchmake, and to have a good time, hon! I don't care much about winning, but a million dollars can go a long way… I shall do my bestest, sweetie!

Zero Chance, The Foulmouth

I'm ready to rock this -BLEEP- game, McLean! These lame punks don't stand a chance against me!

     Interns and Others 

Nerdi, the Sock Puppet

Nuva's puppet, who is somehow capable of motion.

Chef Squirrel, the Cooking Squirrel

A squirrel that gained cooking abilities thanks to Zero.

Dana, the Tough as Nails Gal Pal

An Intern coming to the game early on, she assists in challenge prep, and the like.

Allie Pastel, the Gothic Doc

Another Intern coming to the game, she's the local doctor for the game.

Dirk Disguise, the Masked Intern

Yet another Intern coming into the game, he's a bit of a ladies man.

Miss Gravlei, the Poacher

A rich woman, who loves to hunt animals.

  • Knight of Cerebus: Nothing is funny about her, at all. For starters, she murders Luka's parents in cold blood. Then she hits up Wawanakwa Island not just for a couple of animals, but for petrifying the campers and selling them as well.



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