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Player Classes

The Empire would like to pretend people like me don't exist and yet, here I am.
Outlanders are mysterious nomadic outlaws that travel the world to collect ancient, eldritch artifacts and lore of the world which are gathered and traded from others and are passed from generation to generation, these artifacts are collected from various civilizations, ranging from Estherians and Zeraphi all the way to the unlikely goblins and Varkolyn. They are well versed in various forms of ranged weapons ranging from longbows, crossbows, flintlock pistols, blunderbuss shotgonnes or even wands along with the usage of the ancient artifacts they find. Warfare skills involve special ammunition and more direct attacks, Lore skills use the most of their artifacts such as throwing glaives and poisoning the enemy while Sigil skills involve casting pacts and hexes to debilitate the enemy or even summoning shadowling creatures to their aid.
  • Abnormal Ammo: Chaos Burst fires a trio of ricocheting shots. Tangling Shot causes the target and anything surrounding it to become ensnared and immobilized by thorny vines, being constricted (poisoned) by it and Shadow Shot fires a single projectile that splits into multiple homing projectiles upon striking the initial target.
  • The Archer: If you prefer the traditional bow and arrows archetype, it's feasible.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Outlanders have no shortage of ammunition, either they be arrows, bolts or bullets.
  • Deadly Disc: Five of their skills specialize in various throwing glaive artifacts they discover. The basic glaive homes in and inflicts poison damage and can rebound to hit further enemies. Sandstorm throws glaives that whip up whirlwinds, cutting through and disorienting enemies. The Shattering Glaive, well, shatters and sprays shrapnel like a grenade, damaging enemies in it's radius. Flaming Glaives throws out two of them that travel in concentric circles until they bounce off a wall. Glaive Sweep performs a Spin Attack that knocks away enemies with a chance to interrupt and stun them.
  • Death from Above: Venomous Hail fires a shot into the air that rains down as poisonous bolts in the target area.
  • Flechette Storm/Knife Nut: Cursed Daggers tosses out a spread of knives that poison and debilitate enemy attacks. Each hit adds 0.5% to an Outlander's speed at Tier I, Critical Hit chance at Tier II and overall damage at Tier III, for four seconds
  • Guns Akimbo: The default weapons of the Outlander starts them out with two matchlock pistols. The Akimbo passive straight up increases the damage bonus with this setup. This, combined with Long Range Mastery, can make akimbo pistols the best in terms of DPS.
  • More Dakka: Rapid Fire allows them to fire their weapon in a rapid manner, even longbows act like automatic rifles with the skill. Tier I adds random, errant shots. Tier II extends the range and Tier III can set enemies on fire.
  • Multishot: Chaos Burst fires a trio of poisonous shots that ricochet and pierce, then fire five at Tier III. Nowhere near amazonian levels but the ricochet and piercing ability makes it lethal in smaller spaces.
  • Playing with Fire: Burning Leap and Flaming Glaives are self-explanatory in that they ignite enemies, Rapid Fire gets the chance to ignite enemies at Tier III and Shattering Glaive releases fiery fissures at Tier III.
  • Pinball Projectile: Chaos Burst fires multiple ricocheting shots, most glaives bounce off walls but only the basic throwing glaives rebound off of enemies.
  • Poisonous Person: Poison is the strongest element for Outlanders to use as most of their skills inflict poison damage. Their Master of the Elements passive skill grants a percentage bonus to elemental damage but Fire, Ice, Lightning each have half the bonus that Poison gets.
  • Shotgonnes Are Just Better: Although they typically have the lowest damage, they do damage enemies in a short wide spread in front of them and Shotgonne Mastery adds knockback along with a chance to stun and blind the targets. Combined with Rapid Fire, you can keep most champions and even some boss monsters from getting close or targeting you.
  • Spin Attack: Glaive Sweep knocks away enemies around the Outlander with a chance to interrupt and stun them.
  • Summon Magic: Bane Breath causes enemies killed after being afflicted to turn into shadowling beasts while their Shadowling Ammo passive summons small bat-like creatures by chance after a kill. Their final Sigil skill allows them to summon a Shadowling Brute that works like it's Tu'taran/Spectral counterpart. All of these summons benefit from the Death Ritual passive skill that increases their summon duration and damage.

Ember is dangerous to the untrained hand and deadly in mine.
Embermages are the front of the human Empire who undergo intense training when selected by the Ember council in early adolescence. Rather than using Ember directly like the (now Dark) Alchemist, they instead recreate the effects by itself for a wide range of applications in combat, making them valuable alongside Vanquishers within the Empire. They typically use staves and wands along and their abilities involving Inferno skills, dealing Damage Over Time by burning the enemy. Frost skills are suited to slowing down and impeding the enemy while Storm skills call upon electricity for the purpose of crowd control.
  • All Your Powers Combined: Sort of, Prismatic Bolt fires off five homing bolts with each bolt dealing equal quarters of fire, ice, electrical and poison damage with chances to cause any four of their respective status effects.
  • An Ice Person: Their Frost skills are suited to attacking groups of enemies, impeding their speed with the obvious status effect that follows such an elemental power.
  • Chain Lightning: Enemies killed by an Arc Beam splits the beam to inflict a burst of damage to two nearby enemies with each tier adding another split beam.
  • Death from Above: They can call down either a Hailstorm or a Firestorm. The Hailstorm inflicts more damage along with chilling the enemy while Firestorm inflicts massive damage over time to enemies ignited by it.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: The three elements they can use, making them elementally versatile.
  • Playing with Fire: The main purpose of their Inferno skills is to ignite enemies, burning them to inflict damage over time. Skills such as Firestorm and Fire Bombs fit the bill.
  • Shock and Awe: Storm skills typically are able to hit multiple enemies in a single attack, making them ideal for crowd control with skills such as Shocking Orb or Shock Bolts.
  • Summon Magic: The final skill in the Frost tree allows them to summon an Astral Ally of themselves that attacks with the basic skills of the three trees (Magma Spear, Icy Blast and Prismatic Bolt). Later tiers increase the summon duration while further points invested decrease cool down, eventually allowing you to keep it summoned all the time.
  • Super Mode: Dealing damage through attacks and many skills fill their charge meter. When it's full, they enter a state of pure concentration in which skills consume no mana and their skills deal 25% more damage for twelve seconds. Charge Mastery increases the rate at which they gain it and decreases the decay rate.

Enough talk! Gold and glory await!
Berserkers hail from the savage, warring Valgang tribes of the frozen north tundras. Hardened warriors are almost animals in the way they fight and their tribes draws their strength from the worship of three totem animals: Vur, the Wolf; Dralk, the Dragon and Krax, the Raven. Those who turn away from their tribes to travel south explore the world, looking for treasure, fame and an otherwise bloody fight. Berserkers get up close to the enemy with handheld claws and their Hunter skills involve the usage of their weapons in various techniques to shred the enemy. Tundra skills call upon the bitter forces of the North with both the ice and electricity the fierce storms can bring. Shadow skills range from temporary transformations into shadow wolves, calling a shadow wolf to fight with them or other skills such as ensnaring an enemy with shadow chains.
  • Absolute Cleavage: Female Berserkers' default costume have them wearing nothing but suspenders to hide their breasts.
  • An Ice Person: Their Tundra skills typically create large, icy Areas of Effect.
  • Animal Battle Aura: Many skills causes a werewolf aura to appear just behind the Berserker such as rending enemies with Eviscerate or chilling the enemy with Frost Breath. Two of the Shadow skills directly transform them into this aura for charging attacks.
  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Claws deal damage against enemies at half their physical armor value, making up for their inability to hit multiple targets.
  • Blood Knight: One of their main reasons for leaving their tribes to adventure on their own is to look for fame, fortune and glory and they presumably look forward to a bloody fight to do so.
  • Casting a Shadow: The Shadow skills involve brief transformations into shadow werewolves, summoning a wolf to bite with icy attacks, sending forth kamikaze shadow wolves or other skills that impede enemies such as ensnaring surrounding enemies with a chains to bring them into claw range, binding enemies within a radius to take a percentage of damage that other bound enemies are hit with or summoning a battle standard that boosts the user and their party.
  • Dash Attack: Wolfstrike sends the Berserker forward, rending enemies in the path of their attack while Shadow Burst transforms them into a shadow werewolf that lunges forward, healing the user with each enemy hit up to a limit per attack.
  • Hulk Speak: Their status speeches ("Don't got that much gold!", "Health low!") provide a downgraded version of this to imply a Dumb Muscle status or it's the dialect they were used to in the Valgang tribes.
  • Screaming Warrior: Berserkers will throws lots of grunts when they make their attacks.
  • Shock and Awe: Two of the Tundra skills instead use electricity with the Storm Hatchet throwing skill or Storm Claw which imbues their weapons with a chance to shock and cast Chain Lightning from their target, up to two times.
  • Shockwave Stomp: Northern Rage causes fissures of icy shards to travel out from where you stomp while Glacial Shatter has you stomp the ground before several spots where your cursor was erupts with super heated steam that blinds enemies and can even ignite them at Tier II.
  • Summon Magic: Their Shadow skills include the Wolf Shade that deals ice damage to foes while it's summoned. Their Wolf Pack skill summons forth a pack of kamikaze wolves that charge their target but they behave more like projectiles (similar to something like the Bone Spirit).
  • Super Mode: Their charge meter is similar to the Embermage but instead filling it puts them into a frenzy state for the next six seconds after hitting the next enemy, they gain increased movement speed, attack speed, attack damage and critical chance in this state and the Frenzy Mastery passive increases the duration by a half-second every point invested, allowing this frenzy to last for thirteen and a half seconds. There's also a Rampage passive that has a chance to grant a downgraded version of this after a kill.
  • Wolverine Claws: Claws are their main weapons, they can't hit multiple targets but they're fast and deal damage at half the target's physical armor value.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Chain Snare sends out eight dark chains in a circle around them, pulling enemies into claw range along with a chance to stun whatever was speared by the chains, allowing Berserkers to follow up with another skill such as Ravage.

If a problem is too big to fix... one must break it into smaller problems.
Engineers are the workhorse of the Empire and responsible for the colonization of said Empire in Vilderan. Being Gadgeteer Genius', they examine and adapt technology and equipment from long forgotten Dwarven artifacts, the result is Steam Powered Armor that grants them both superior protection and immense strength that they call upon to smite the enemy. Along with armor, they have the capability to construct helpful, steam powered machines to aid them. Engineers wield great two handed weapons ranging from massive wrenches to pole-arms longer than they are tall with Blitz abilities that summon forth fiery fissures and smash the enemy. Engineers specializing in Construction both use special munitions in their cannons along with building temporary allies for support ranging from a healing pulse generating robot to a gun turret on legs that saturates the area with machine gun fire. Aegis skills are suited to the usage of a shield, bashing the enemy with the massive plate or discharging their suit energy for a variety of purposes from force fields to nasty electrocutions.
  • An Axe to Grind: Great axes and axes have no damage spread, making their DPS consistent sans a fumble or Critical Hit.
  • BFG: Cannon weapons, they deal damage in a short, wide cone in front of them with massive knock back and a chance to stun the enemy. Two Construction skills allow them to fire a massive, piercing projectile or salvos of rockets.
  • BFS: Great swords are suited to this class.
  • Blade on a Stick: Polearms have the longest reach of any melee weapon but are slow to swing.
  • Bottomless Magazines: You never need to reload your cannon after firing.
  • Charged Attack: Of the 'collect' type. The Engineer's charge meter has five "pips" that fill as you deal more damage through attacks and certain skills. Many skills benefit from the charge in three ways, consuming a single pip to make it stronger, depleting the entire meter to increase the effects based on how full it was or passively benefiting from the meter without affecting it. Charge Domination gives you a chance to completely fill the meter after killing an enemy while Charge Reconstitution heals you whenever you consume charges.
  • Dash Attack: Storm Burst launches them forward using a rocket on their pack to attack an enemy, three bolts of energy are also generated to strike nearby enemies.
  • Drop the Hammer: Great hammers and maces convey a chance to interrupt enemy attacks unless they have resistance/immunity. The aptly named Sledgebot wields a hammer of it's own.
  • High-Class Glass: Most of them have of a monocle when you create your character.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Aegis skills are best when using a shield. The Sword and Board passive skill adds a percentage of their shield's physical defense into physical damage dealt by their weapon.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: The Fusillade skill fires constant bursts of seeking missiles from their cannon if they have one. They fire three missiles per burst at Tier I, the missiles gain an explosion at Tier II and then they fire four per burst when reaching Tier III. A Tier III Sledgebot also fires off a salvo of rockets.
  • Playing with Fire: Their Blitz skills commonly deal damage, either as fiery fissures when slamming the ground or directly hitting from the weapon. The Fire and Spark passive increases the damage done by these elements, befitting the machinery nature of the Engineer.
  • Shield Bash: Their first skill in the Aegis tree is the very trope name, attacks use a percentage of physical defense from the shield and stun the enemy. Further tiers increase the damage dealt and segments of their charge meter contribute a damage bonus. A later skill, Fire Bash, works differently in that it releases a blast of fire from their shield in a wide spread in front of them and charge pips make the attack larger.
  • Shock and Awe: Their suits build up a charge of energy over time which they can discharge from a variety of purposes, from a force field to a static burst that gibs enemies. The Fire and Spark passive increases the damage done by these elements, befitting the machinery nature of the Engineer.
  • Shockwave Stomp: Seismic Slam delivers an ember powered tremor into the ground, stunning and burning enemies in a four meter radius. Onslaught leaps forward to your target area, damaging and slowing down foes. Tremor consumes a single charge to release a 24 meter shockwave radiating out that weakens foes, increasing their susceptibility to damage.
  • Summon Magic: Less magic, more Ridiculously Fast Construction, an Engineer can build a Healing Bot, Gun Bot, Sledgebot and Immobilization Copter along with being able to toss Spider Mines.
  • Wrench Whack: Their starting weapon is a giant wrench which is treated as part of the great hammer class of weapons.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Ember Reach allows an Engineer to pull an enemy toward them, briefly stunning them. Charge pips increase the stun duration but neither does the skill expend nor gain charge.


Non-Player Characters

    The Dark Alchemist 
After the events of Torchlight, while Commander Vale and the Destroyer were cured of their ember blight, the usage of ember more directly in his alchemist abilities left him unable to be cured, the effects of it driving him mad for a cure until he figures the only way to cure his sickness and the blight of everyone else is to destroy ember itself. By taking Ordrak's heart, he sets off to take the power away from the elemental guardians to charge the heart but not before destroying the town of Torchlight itself, killing Syl in the process and heavily wounding the Destroyer. Like the Warrior turned Dark Wanderer, you chase after The Dark Alchemist through multiple acts before being able to confront him.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": Unlike Commander Vale, he still retains the title of the Alchemist though he also has the title of the Dark Alchemist.

    The Destroyer 
The Destroyer is another one of the protagonists returning from the first game and invites you to return to Torchlight to confront the Alchemist as he rises from the mines. Despite his efforts, Syl and the Vanquishers die in the battle and he is wounded, forced to flee while carrying you('re party) to safety of the tavern at Echo Pass but has to stay behind to rest and stop the Alchemist if he follows you to the Estherian Enclave. After which he is never seen or barely mentioned but it's implied he managed to recover from his injuries.

  • Demoted to Extra: He's in the cinematic opening. When you meet him at the start of the game, he gives you your first quest and we never see him again.
  • Eye Patch Of Power: Somewhere between the first and second game, he lost his right eye and now wear an eyepatch.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": He's simply referred to as the Destroyer compared to Commander Vale.
  • Top-Heavy Guy: He has large buffed-up muscles in his upper body while his legs are small and puny.

    Commander Vale 
The Vanquisher from the first game. Since the events of Torchlight, she's been promoted to Commander of the Vanquishers. She's unseen in the intro and chased after the Dark Alchemist to the Wellspring Temple to stop him from attacking the Guardian of Water. She and her squad were unsuccessful and the Sturmbeorn assaulting the temple came in afterward with General Grell capturing her. After rescuing her, she helps lead you to the Watchwield Temple up in the Frozen Hills and commandeers an Embercraft to help you travel to Zeryphesh. Later, she returns in Act III, allowing you to respec skill points.

  • Badass in Distress: She's one of the heroine of the first game and is in need of rescuing from General Grell in the sequel.
  • Demoted to Extra: Playable in the first game. Reduced to a respec NPC in the second.

    The Estherians 
An ancient race of Vilderan who are said to be masters of the elements from Ember. With the Imperial arrival in Vilderan, they've been teaching humans their magical traditions, leading to special groups such as the Ember Council and their Embermages. Their home is the Estherian Enclave while Estheria itself is East of the Mana Wastes. In the distant past, the Zeraphi and Estherians were at war over control of Ember due to the fact the Zeraphi used to use Ember for the suits of armor their spirits inhabit until the Estherians withdrew from the conflict, resulting in the split of the Zeraphi and Ezrohir.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Their inherent magical abilities permit them to live for at least a century if not more, those that live longer can become grand regents such as Grand Regent Eldrayn.

    The Zeraphi 
The Zeraphi hail from the city of Zeryphesh in the Ossean Wastes. As mentioned, they warred in the distant past for control of Ember which the Zeraphi used to use to power their suits of armor inhabit until they turned to alchemy as Ember eventually burns out. Both the Zeraphi and Estherians withdrew from the conflict but a faction of Zeraphi broke off from them known as the Ezrohir.
  • Animated Armor: Their armor acts as a vessel for their spirits. The quest "The Brave Ones" elaborates that their spirits are vulnerable to manatoxins that destroys their soul but leaves the armor intact.
  • Powered Armor: Their armor used to be powered by Ember similar to Dwarven machines and the Engineer's exoskeleton. They turned to using alchemy instead while the Ezrohir continued to do such.

    The Ezrohir 
While the Estherians and Zeraphi withdrew from the old conflict, the latter went on to use alchemy to power their armor instead of Ember itself, a faction still using the old source broke off and formed what is now known as the Ezrohir that still uses Ember and another war ensued, the result being that the Ezrohir were forced to flee beyond the Mana Wastes and into their ancient ruins but as the game progresses, it seems another war may be at hand thanks to the aid of the Dark Alchemist.
  • Animated Armor: Like the Zeraphi, the Ezrohir spirits inhabit Ember powered armor.
  • Defeat Equals Explosion: Every single thing related to the Ezrohir tends to explode. The basic soldiers die in an explosion of shredded cloth and parts. Their Turrets, Mobile Turrets, Mobile Spawners, Shock Copters, Shrapnel Scarabs and Slaughter Scarabs blow up. Brutes self-destruct in an explosion that actually harms players and pets in the way and finally, The Artificer and other Ascendants suffer their Ember overloading before exploding in a shower of mechanical parts when defeated. The only enemy that doesn't do this would be the Ezrohir Wraith champion monsters.
  • Powered Armor: Their armor continues to use Ember as a power source with the trade off being that they have to replenish their fuel sources as Ember eventually burns out.

    The Ponya 
The Ponya is a new race introduced in this game that are a race of red pandas half of an average humanoid's height dressed in work overalls and sometimes wearing goggles but they don't wear anything on their feetpaws. They're renowned for their enchanting ability, alchemy and a few other skills. Random Ponya merchants show up throughout the game whilst the first town Ponya is Apprentice Enchanter Malo who is rescued from the Slavers Stockade during the latter half of Act I, only able to enchant once per item before Rufio, Tulio and Shemp takes his place in Act II, Act III and Act IV, respectively. Sprocket shows up in Act III to give you a side quest of retrieving the flesh of the Blue Boletus in order to cure his cousins of what they call the "Black Blindness", once you do so, Sprocket's cousins show up to give additional side quests later on.
  • Barefoot Cartoon Animal: They're almost completely clothed except for their feetpaws.
  • Born Lucky: Filip the Lucky, his enchantments range from boosting the chance for magic items to be found, reducing the chance to fumble an attack, increasing the amount of experience or fame that you gain or increasing the amount of gold you find when it drops. He used to be able to give weapons an increase in critical hit chance or increase critical hit damage but a patch somewhere removed that.
  • Funny Animal: They're your token anthropomorphic animal characters like in most other RPGs.
  • Fun Size: Compass the Map Seller is rather small, as in half the height of an average Ponya which makes him really small in comparison to your character.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Their clothing, ability to enchant and work with items, their presence in the mechanical Mapworks, the name of Sprocket and his exclamation of "Bolts and Gears!" seems to imply they're good engineers to some degree.
  • An Ice Person: Panosh of the North enchants items with ice based effects.
  • And I Must Scream: The Black Blindness, a disease only affecting Ponya that both dims their vision completely and renders them unable to speak. If not cured soon enough, the ailment becomes permanent.
  • Item Crafting: Albrecht the Transmuter gets introduced in Act II and replaces Duran from the first game (and also acts as the equivalent to the Horadric Cube in this instance). He'll follow throughout each of the game's acts and into the post-game Mapworks as well.
  • Meaningful Name: Their name comes from the Nepali word "ponya" which means "bamboo/plant eating animal" and was the word that gave both pandas and red pandas their name.
  • Playing with Fire: Mooritz of the Desert enchants items with fire based effects.
  • Poisonous Person: Farquez the Assassin enchants items with poison based effects.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Red pandas are not that frequently seen in most media.
  • Shock and Awe: Telsor of the Storm enchants items with electricity based effects.
  • Stout Strength: Implied with Borris the Stout who enchants items with attribute bonuses which can include Strength.

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