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The character sheet for Too Much Information - the webcomic

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Clan Gibs


"Just" Ace
Hair like that makes one wonder what anyone saw in him.
Much, much better
An 18 year old high school drop-out and computer nerd who gets kicked out of his mother's house in the very first comic for allegedly camping the quad rune in a Quake death match with his mother. He later ends up with more potential girlfriends of multiple species than any human could possibly handle. He worked for his uncle at Gibs Co. as the CTO, a kitchen knife importing business, he is now the CEO after Gary's resignation. Ace is a 0 on the Kinsey Scale.
  • Accidental Pervert: Subverted. Yes he does end up in compromising positions, but everyone realizes that he really has no control over what happens. Yes he really did grab Kimi's boobs, but he really did fall down the stairs to land on her, assisted by a trip from a vengeful goddess trying to kill him. Yes he does have to confront a pool full of naked women every time he goes swimming, with nowhere to avoid seeing so much female flesh, including his own sisters; but, the girls have tried to arrange matters so it's unavoidable. Besides, Luna just wants to see him squirm.
  • Adorkable: A computer nerd who is considered cute even before Jaz gives him a better haircut.
  • Amicable Exes: Parted on excellent terms with both Sharron and Colleen. Not so much with Shirley Martin. Jaz subverted the trope after turning down his marriage proposal, by joining Ace and Maddie as part of a menage á trois.
  • All Men Are Perverts: Averted. He makes a conscious effort to avoid staring at the pervasive nudity of the women who surround him and seek his attention.
    Sky: And you. Even with our usual attitude towards nudity, He is still our brother. What's all the interest in seeing him naked?
    Luna: Oh I'm not interested in seeing him naked. I wanna see him squirm.
    Luna: He has to pretend he isn't loving every minute of it.
    Sky: Ah! I can get behind that. X-mom had him all to herself last time, anyway.
    Ace: I can hear you, you know.
    Sky: And we never did find out how she got her “sample.”
  • Balanced Harem: A three-tiered harem.
    • Inner Circle: Maddie and Jaz, his two girlfriends and current sex partners, Akane, his utterly devoted bodyguard, and XO X Racer-Scion. X makes the innermost circle because of their six children. She is probably the only Orion with whom he would seriously consider having a relationship, if she wasn't already pair-bonded with Capt. Peach Galadriel-Scion
    • Middle Circle: Sharron, Kimi and both Colleens.
    • Outer Circle: Half the crew of the Orion starship Gene Roddenberry, Peg.
  • Berserk Button: Don't hurt anyone he considers a friend. Seldom fatal because he wants to make sure you never forget. Forever.
  • Butt-Monkey: Stuff just keeps happening through no actual fault of his own.
    • Falling into secret storage areas and ending up in the hospital? Check.
    • Landing on top of strange women in front of his girlfriend? Check.
    • Attacked by a vampire? Check.
    • Suffering smoke inhalation after rescuing the arsonist from the burning building where he himself lived and ending up in the hospital again? Check.
    • Stabbed while defending a friend and his friend’s cousin and ending up in the hospital once again? Check.
    • Kidnapped by a supernatural entity? Check.
    • Alien abduction? Check. Four times. Three times by the same aliens.
    • Deposited on a park bench in North Korea after an alien abduction? Check.
  • Chick Magnet: So far, a fashion model, a nurse/stripper/psychic, a police officer, a vampire, a ghost, the ghost’s great-granddaughter, a yakuza princess, a yakuza enforcer, an alien starship Executive Officer, half of the crew of the alien starship (including an awakened Golem, and at least 109 other aliens who illegally purchased his stolen sperm.
  • Chosen Conception Partner: The father to Oromo X-Scion and X's other five daughters. His sperm sample was later stolen, and he now has another 109 Orion children.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: This goes way back.
    • While living in South Korea, he rescued a neighbor’s daughter from an abduction attempt.
    • Helped rescue the Orions from a space ship hijacking by the K’sels the second time the Orions abducted him.
    • Attacked a knife wielding ninja who was threatening his friend, Carly, and Carly’s cousin, Kimi.
    • Drove off the thug stalking Pixie and later Luna.
    • Rescued the same thug from the fire said thug set in Carly’s house.
  • Famed in Story: Just for doing stuff others couldn’t do such as:
    • Cracked a code 30 minutes that military code-breakers had been working on for days.
    • Found and unlocked a secret console on an Orion Starship giving full control of the ship to the Orions.
    • Unlocked numerous controls on an Orion ship, and taught them how to do it for themselves.
    • Fought and defeated a renegade Dilmun slaver who was trying to reassert control over the Orions and K'sels.
    • Fought and defeated the Grand Leader of the K’sels. A 50’ tall statue was erected in his honor for this and the previous three feats.
    • Fought and killed a Saurian abductor, barehanded. The only human, known to the military, ever to do so.
He was completely unaware of the significance of any of these things until he was informed of such, some time later, along with the accrual of several billion dollars’ worth of Orion funds in royalties, rewards and rental fees, managed by X.
  • I Know Karate: Actually Hapkido, a legitimate Korean martial art. And he is very good at it. VERY good.* I See Dead People: Ace can see and interact with ghosts and certain other supernatural entities, including a near goddess who wants to kill him for stealing her prey.
  • Mistaken for Gay: Was a virgin who lived with a gay transvestite and a butch lesbian.
  • Mysterious Parent: His biological father is his company's co-founder, Larry Lawton.
  • Nice Guy: Will do whatever he can to help almost anyone. Prefers independent women and has no designs on curtailing their freedom. Wants to be involved in the lives of any children he might sire, to the best of his ability.
  • Noodle Incident: At least a couple:
    • The North Korea Incident. Ace was 16 at the time. After his abduction by the Orions, they took him home and tucked him in. He was later discovered asleep, on a park bench, in Pyongyang, North Korea, with no memory of how he got there. Nor does anyone else seem to know.
    • The semen "sample" incident. The only thing we know is that Ace and X did not have sex; although, they were "married" at the time.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Usually right in front of Maddie and usually with Kimi to the point where Maddie almost expects it; such as, the time a nude Kimi crawled into his bed in order to finagle a green card by getting him to marry her. Maddie walks in just as Ace tries to kick Kimi out of his bed; or, the time when a vengeful goddess tripped Ace as he descended the stairs, landing on Kimi with his hands on her breasts, just as Maddie walks into the house.
  • Only One Name: His mother intentionall only gave him a first name, as his father, Larry, was an utter Bastard at the time, drunk and abusive. Ace never found out Larry was his father until the Day Larry and his wife Helene died in a car accident, and he found out that he had a half-sister, Luna, for whom he became legal guardian.
  • Playful Hacker: Actually more of a White Hat Hacker. As the CTO of Gibs Co. he used his skills to protect the security of his company as well as Cartmart, as a favor to Rosa Cartman. He now uses his immense skills and contacts to help the Orions and protect his family , friends and lovers, to devastating effect.
  • Promotion to Parent: Played straight when he quickly moves from half-brother to parent within a matter of mintutes of finding out that his mentor at work, Larry, is not only his biological father, but that Larry and his wife, Helene, left a 17 year old daughter, Ace's half sister. Averted when it is revealed that the Orion Space Cadet, Sky, is a full biological twin to Luna, and thereby also Ace's half-sister. Since Sky lives with her biological mother Capt. Peach Galadriel-Scion, Ace doesn't need to take custody of her as well.
  • The Ace: Extremely intelligent, highly perceptive (except concerning himself and his own relationships), and a very skilled martial artist.
  • Threesomes Are Hot: It was Maddie's idea. The author has intimated that Akane might become a fourth member, a move to which neither Jaz nor fandom would be averse.
    Ace: Yes, I know that Jaz still has feelings for me, and if you and I hadn't gotten together, we eventually might have picked up where we left off. But, now, it'd be like I was going behind your back, even if you do say you're OK with it.
    Maddie: Then don't.
    Ace: I'm glad that's settled.
    Maddie: Big Heart. Big bed. No problem.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: Put him in a crisis situation, anything from a bully trying to take his lunch to an immortal slaver trying to retake control of the galaxy, and he'll come up with a viable plan of action on the fly, and deal with contingencies as the come up.


Master Sgt. Gina Gibs

A full blown anime otaku, video gamer and retired Air Force intelligence non-com with multiple language skills. She is owed many, many favors by upper brass, along with several alien species. Respectfully referred to as "Planet Killer Gibs" by the Orions.
Mom, out of and in uniform

  • Alliterative Name: Gina Gibs, G's but they're voiced differently.
  • Berserk Button: Do Not Mess with Ace. Ever.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Gina according to herself. (Not that she's hard too look at)
    Ace: Is there a strawberry blonde plump woman behind me looking very irrate?
    Ace's mother: Pleasingly Plump!
  • Famed in Story: She is owed numerous favors by military top brass, and those who don't owe her want her to owe them. Destroyed the Saurian home planet.
  • Mama Bear: Extremely protective of her son and his friends.
  • Names to Run Away From: Known to the Orions and other alien species as "Planet Killer."
  • Shouldersup Nudity: In the pool, in the hot tub


Gary Gibs
Uncle Gary
Gary's uncle, and part owner of Gibs Co. Father of Grace and Garfield. Resigned before his wife's misappropriation of company funds became public knowledge. He left her over the embezzlement. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer; but, he knows his weaknesses and lets those who know better, do what they need to do

Charity Gibs
Sweet Charity
She is Ace’s self-righteous prig of an aunt. Gina was forced to leave a very young Ace in her care during some of her deployments. Her overbearing attitude led to his rejection of organized religion. She later became inveigled into a "Nigerian missionary" internet scam, leading to her misappropriating large amounts of company funds, nearly bankrupting Gibs Co. Gary left her over this. Her children are Grace and Gabe.
  • 419 Scam: A "Nigerian Missionary" who defrauded Charity Gibs and Helene Lawton out huge amounts of money including company funds from Gibs Co.* Holier Than Thou: Usually aimed at Ace, for his disbelief, and Gina, for being a single parent. Turns it on her children as well when things happen that shouldn't happen to Good Christian Kids.

Gabriel Gibs

Ace's cousin, Grace's brother. A college drop-out. Not as sharp as Ace, but well above average.
Cousin Grace

Estranged daughter of Gary and Charity, Gabriel's sister and Ace's cousin.

  • Alliterative Name: Grace Gibs.
  • Betrayal by Offspring: As seen by her mother. She not only got pregnant but "gasp" had an abortion! Mom kicked her out of the house and refused to pay for her living expenses for college.
  • Dumb Blonde: Averted. She's blonde and a very good student in college.
  • Single Mom Stripper: Subverted. She's a college student, with no kids, whose ultra-religious mom kicked her out because she had an abortion and refused to drop out of school and come home. She started stripping at the same club as Jaz, to pay her living expenses as her scholarships cover only tuition and books. Ace later hires her to work at Gibs Co.
  • Teen Pregnancy: The typical end result of not being told the facts of life by her parents and going to a school that believes "Just Say No" is sufficient for Sex Education.

Clan Lawton


Helene Lawton
Mom is the Devil on Luna's shoulder
Mother of Luna and wife of Larry. She isn't introduced until after she and Larry die in a car crash.
  • 419 Scam: A "Nigerian Missionary" who defrauded Helene Lawton and Charity Gibs out huge amounts of money including company funds from Gibs Co.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: Helene is Luna's Bad shoulder Angel.
  • Suicide, Not Accident: Intentionally crashed the car with her family inside, when Larry confronted her about the internet scam in which she and Charity were involved. Luna was the only survivor.

Larry Lawton
Daddy's the good one.
A former Air Force fighter pilot who lost a leg in a crash, trying to avoid landing a damaged plane in someone's living room. Fathered Ace with Gina his estranged girlfriend from the service, and Luna with his wife, Helene.The co-founder of Gibs Co. with Gary Gibs.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: Oddly, he's the good one. Not that Luna listened to him, much, when he was alive.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He was an abusive drunk when he was with Gina in the Air Force, but after a medical discharge, he married Helene and sired Luna. He was apparently a much better husband and parent than he ever was a boyfriend. He even did his best to mentor Ace at the company. Ace ignored most of his advice. Of course, even Luna admits that Larry's advice, usually, wasn't very good.

Luna Lawton

Ace's half sister by Larry's sperm and an egg supplied by another, Capt. Peach, implanted in Larry's wife Helene, as she was unable to have children. Has a twin sister, Sky, raised by her biological mother. Her human parents were killed in a car accident that left her badly banged up. Now lives with Ace.
Such a loving little sister

  • Alliterative Name: Luna Lawton.
  • Badass Bookworm: A highly intelligent cheerleader, Luna is graduating high school early to enter college, and once head kicked an idiot who heard that she was easy. Ace may, at some time, start training her in Hapkido.
  • Jail Bait: Introduced at age 17 with a much older boyfriend, Steve, a known abuser and sociopath.
  • Shoulders-Up Nudity: Once she turns 18 anyway, in Carly's hot tub and in the Orion bath
  • Teen Genius: Able to combine research, observation and speculation to suss out secrets with incredible speed and precision. Said to be even better at it than Ace, who is no slouch himself.
    Ace: If there's something you don't want Luna to know, it's already too late.
  • Unknown Relative: She found out that Ace is her older half-brother the day her parents died. She later finds out that she has an Orion twin sister by Capt. Peach.

Clan Ryoshi


Carl "Carly" Lee
Looking good in pink chenille.
A gay transvestite who likes to tease straight boys. Owns the house shared with Ace and Rocky under the pretext that his mother owns it. While still gay, has finally admitted his love for Rocky.

Hazaki Aoi

Carly's mother, a Yakuza princess from Okinawa.
Carly's mom

  • Intimate Marks: Has a face-to-toe blue dragon covering her torso and her right buttock and leg and half of her face.
    Aoi: Only two men have seen all of it.
  • Tattooed Crook: A yakuza leader.

Yi Kim Yi
Yi Kim Yi
Aoi's niece, half Korean, half Japanese, a disinherited former Yakuza princess. Attempted to seduce Ace in order to get a green card. She is now an outer member of Ace's harem.
  • Intimate Marks: Has neck to ankle geometric patterns that cover everything except for her nipples and pubis. She lost them when being transported to the Orions’ ship due to the dangerous chemicals used for the ink, causing severe skin damage that required her total immersion in a healing bath, except for her face, hands and feet, for the duration of her time aboard ship.
  • Tattooed Crook: A yakuza princess.

Akai/Ryoshi Akane
Ryoshi Akane
Aoi's niece, and Luna figures out that she is quite possibly Aoi's half-sister.
  • Bodyguard Babes: Very attractive and Ace's very willing bodyguard for life.
  • Berserk Button: Don't mess with Ace. Willingly performs supernatural feats to protect him. Will do anything for him
    Akane: I will kill or die for that man. I have broken duty, honor and two families. I am dead to my father. Only ending my life would ease my shame. But that man puts trust in me. He shines hope and love. I do not deserve such. So I do what is hard. I face my shame. That man gives me new duty. And in time I may hope to regain honor and family. I will live, for that man.
  • Family Relationship Switcheroo Ace figures out that she might actually be Aoi's half-sister, not her niece
  • Heel–Face Turn: Originally tasked with getting her cousins, Carly and Kimi, to renounce their claim to the Ryoshi yakuza empire. Posing as Akai, she became Maddie's driver to get closer to the girls, then she hired Steve to burn down Carly's house while claiming to be Carly, and then threatened to physically attack Carly and Kimi with her knife, only to be thwarted by Ace, whom she stabbed in the ensuing melée and put in the hospital. Upon learning that she had been mislead by her bosses, and that the cousins wanted no part of the organization, Carly and Ace both refused to press charges. Akane then vowed to become Ace's bodyguard as a debt of honor. She has since saved his life at least once, and has become utterly devoted to him, not to mention utterly smitten by him.
  • Intimate Marks: Has a face-to-toe red dragon, along with several geometric designs that exposes only her nipples, pubis, the cleft of her bottom end her right inner thigh and arm.
  • Ninja: Akane is a highly trained killer with real ninja skills, nowhere near as over the top as in most fiction, but still redoubtable. She has some mystical traits, to wit, the fact the she is a virgin, and has never cut her hair with iron, both give her more power than a normal person. She was able to follow Ace into places closed to normal humans to rescue him from an angry goddess.
  • Tattooed Crook: A yakuza enforcer.

Barbi the Tall
A tall, redheaded, Ainu bodyguard to Aoi.
  • Amazonian Beauty: Tall, stacked and strong, she's the total package
  • Bodyguard Babes: absolutely devoted to Aoi.
  • Intimate Marks: Geometric designs on one breast and the inside of one thigh. Other ink is covered by clothing.
  • Ship Sinking: She has made it clear to Ace that they can never be a couple because her lifestyle is too dangerous to allow her to form any romantic attachments to anyone.
  • Statuesque Stunner: At 6'3" she is the tallest woman in the cast, just edging out Rocky.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Ran away from home after being relentlessly teased about her height, she's the mysterious 14 year old redheaded girl who rescued a lost 8 year old Ace on the island of Hokkaido, who was the first person to ever call her pretty and then promised to marry her. 10+ years later she released him from the promise, becoming the first woman, in Luna's knowledge, to actually dump him.
  • Tattooed Crook: Bodyguard to Aoi, a yakuza leader.
  • The Voiceless: Barbi has an artificial larynx and is able to speak, after a fashion, but she doesn't like how it sounds and so uses a voice app on her phone or JSL to communicates as needed. Seems to have an unspoken rapport with her boss, but actually just rolls her eyes and waits for Aoi to get it.

Clan Cartman


Rosa Fernandez Cartman
Grandma Rosa
60, the owner and CEO of Cartman's Stores, a business empire.
  • Guile Hero: Too nice a person to be a MagnificentBastard and too caring of others to be TheChessMaster.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: She was once known as the Mexican Bettie Page, despit being Puerto Rican,, thanks to pictures her late husband took and published
  • Silver Vixen: Without the white hair. At 60, still able to draw more tips at the strip club than Ace's cute 18 year old sister, Luna.

Maddie Cartman
One of Ace's two girl friends
Heiress and fashion model turned business major, shares her apartment with her half sister, Maggie Rush, and a Tentacle Monster. Happily shares her boyfriend with Jaz Stockam.
  • Amicable Exes: Subverted. Maddie has made it clear that she is not interested in marriage, just yet; however, they agree to continue their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend with the addition of Jaz as a girlfriend to Maddie and second girlfriend to Ace.
  • If It's You, It's Okay: Normally straight, but bi for Jaz; although, the first time was more than a little awkward. She's a 1 on the Kinsey scale.
  • Shouldersup Nudity ; Especially around Gina and Jaz.
  • Threesomes Are Hot: It was Maddie's idea.

Maggie Rush
Maggie Rush

G'nar the Insignificant

The child of an EldritchAbomination, Maddie discovered him in the caution taped closet of her new apartment
  • Adorable Abomination: He initially appears as a small tentacle Monster whom Maddie manages to pull out of the closet into the real world. She is unaffected by his true form, probably because he has never threatened to violate her body with his tentacles. Jaz might be kinky enough to give it a try, you never know.
  • Gods Need Prayers Badly: He has precisely one believer, Maddie. It's the only reason he can exist outside Maddie's closet.
  • Shapeshifting: Becomes the image of Maddie's late black cat, Slash, when necessary.

Clan Jackson


Roxanne "Rocky" Jackson


Prof. William Jackson

  • Cool O Ld Guy: He tends to know what's going on better than his granddaughter, Rocky.

Clan Stockam


Jasmine "Jaz" Stockam
One of Ace's two girlfriends
Jaz is a Native American friend from Rocky's childhood, now a friend of Carly and Ace as well. After a disastrous night with a drunken Maddie, she ran off to Iraq to serve as a civilian medic. She became close to Ace while there, and even closer after she lost part of her leg as the result of a building bombing. She has no memory of rescuing two Marines she pulled from the bombed-out building before it collapsed on her.
  • Amicable Exes: Subverted. She turned down Ace’s marriage proposal, but is still one of his two girlfriends and sleeps with him regularly.
  • Ethical Slut: Promiscuous, bisexual, polyamorous, non-judgmental and respectful of others boundaries. Jaz checks all the boxes. Ace once mentioned a rumour that She had made a pass at Luna, hurting Jaz badly as it wasn't true. He later admitted that it was at least third hand, and he shouldn't have lent it any credence. They subsequently made up.
  • I See Dead People: She is able to detect ghosts, but not as well as Ace
  • One True Threesome: With Maddie and Ace. If Akane joins in it could become full blown Polyamory.
  • Pirate Ninja Zombie Robot: Jaz is a nurse/Stripper (it pays better than nursing)/Seer. Naked after-care. And she knew beforehand that you'd need it.
  • Prescience Is Predictable: Not so much. Jaz gets occasional flashes without any context that would enable her or others to do anything about it. For example she had a vision of a dark skinned girl running up to Ace and calling him “Daddy” leading her to warn Maddie that neither of them might end up with Ace, ignoring the possibility of adopting a mixed race child. Also ignoring the actual event of an alien conceiving a child with Ace’s donated sperm.
  • Shouldersup Nudity: Especially around Gina Gibs.
  • Toplessness from the Back: Her favorite argument to use with Ace. It works.
  • Underboobs: Her preferred casual attire is Crop tops.

Everett "Everest" Stockam

One Jaz's brothers

Matthew "Matterhorn" Stockam

One Jaz's brothers

Lavender Stockam

Jaz's mom.

John Stockam

Jaz's dad.

Other Humans


Peg Walker

The billionaire heiress of the Walker Hotel chain and tier member of Ace’s harem. Finally gave up on Ace in favor of Bruno.
  • Friendly Rivalry: She has one with her BFF Maddie.
  • Idle Rich: Not above flaunting her wealth.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Or at least silver. She is actually trying to seduce Ace away from Maddie, she freely admits that it's to protect her friend from gold diggers. Once she realizes that Ace is really in love with Maddie and not Maddie's inheritance, and that he has no interest in herself beyond being a friend, she gives up.


A longtime friend of Ace’s and former co-worker. Resigned rather than let his friend feel guilty about having to fire him.
  • Good in Bed: One of the reason's Peg loves him.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's a serial sexual harasser who drove out the first four of Carly's replacements. Yet all of them moved into better jobs as a result. Always complimentary, never a detractor, it's what attracted Peg.
  • The Mistress: The male equivalent, actually, except she's not married. More of a Kept Man situation. Peg is putting him up in one of her hotel suites, and putting him through college, despite her Daddy's protestations, because, at heart, he really is a good guy. And, as a bonus, he's GoodInBed.

Pixie King

Rocky’s former girlfriend, Ace hired her to work in the call center where she proved to be so good that she was promoted to Sales Manager for Gibs Co. after Larry's death.
  • Big Breast Pride: She's stacked and proud of it.
  • Genius Ditz: After a lifetime of sexual and physical abuse and dismissal as an idiot, she finally writes off her abusive ex as a lost cause and begs Ace for a job to turn her life around. He hires her to work in Gibs Co.'s call center, where she becomes so good she actually convinces the boss, Gary, to place an order. With Ace's approval, Gary promotes Pixie to Larry's old post as Sales Manager, where she does a stellar job.

Officer Sharron Friendly

Recently promoted to Detective. Slept with Ace, now a Middle Circle member of Ace’s harem. Has since moved on to one of the Stockam brothers.
  • Amazonian Beauty: While not She-Hulk, Sharron is well built and quite buff.
  • Amicable Exes: Slept with Ace, but it didn't work out.
  • Fair Cop: Very attractive
  • Friend on the Force: She's friends with Rocky, Jaz and Carly and a former lover of Ace's.
  • Hello Again, Officer: Always the first on the scene when something goes down at Carly's house, or when Ace is involved. She always manages to arrive at the house just after she goes off duty, to investigate complaints about too much noise when they're having a pool party. Lampshaded by Ace when he figures out that she's been tasked by the government with keeping an eye on him.
  • Statuesque Stunner: third tallest woman in the comic, behind Barbi and Rocky. Still taller than most of the men, aside from the Stockam brothers.

Shirley Martin

Ace's girlfriend in high school. They broke up just before he went to Korea. She didn't take it well when he told her not to wait. She showed up again some years later wanting to marry him. That didn't end well either.
  • The Topic of Cancer: They met while she was undergoing treatment and dated for a while afterwards. She had some of her eggs harvested in case she ever wanted children. Now she wants to have kids. With Ace.
  • Breachof Promise Of Marriage: Shirley confronts Ace with his promise of marriage made in high school when both thought she might die, She wants him as the father of her proposed children, but he turns her down, since they've both changed since then, and getting married just to have kids is the wrong reason, in his mind.
[[folder:Dr. Lane]]

Dr. Lane

Ace’s one time baby sitter, now a talented physician. Has treated Ace several times, and knows Jaz quite well, professionally. Could be considered a Outer Circle member of Ace’s harem. She has never expressed any interest to him, but made it clear to Jaz that either she or Maddie needs to do something soon. Older than Ace or the other girls, but still easy on the eyes.
  • Dressed to Heal: She wears actual scrubs.
  • Balanced Harem: Not part of the harem yet, but she warned Jaz that if neither she nor Maddie made a move to change things, She might decide to make a play herself. Of course, she has seen adult Ace Nude more often than anyone than Jaz.
  • BBW: Noticeably heavier and curvier than other cast members without actually being fat.

    Mei Mei 

Mei Mei

A distraught Korean woman who remembers Ace from the time of his mother’s deployment in Korea, where he earned quite a reputation, and bit of money, giving foot massages to the local women. Appeared to Ace as a ghost two years after she jumped to her death, trying to lure him into joining her in the afterlife.

The Orions

Mostly, they take the form of a GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe, but they are closely enough related to terrestrial humans to allow interbreeding. Orions look very humanoid, as they are descended from Earth's Homo Denisova, some of whom were enslaved by the Dilmun's. Some centuries ago, they rebelled and drove most of the Dilmuns from the galaxy. They are, generally, petite and willowy, with fine bone structure because most of them grew-up and live in low gravity environments. Some, with significant Homo Sapiens ancestry, are stronger and appear much more Terran especially if they don't take chlorophyll supplements.
  • Everyone Is Bi: Females get bored during FTL travel because the males need to travel in suspended Animation pods, or "The Can", because more than a few minutes in hyperspace will cause permanent damage to the male reproductive system, leading to death. Due to the Orions' more relaxed attitudes toward sex and gender, many pair-bonds are single sex.
  • Meaningful Name: Many Orions have names relating to Earth fiction, anime and video games, as do their space ships.
    • The OIS Tolstoy - The first ship onto which Ace is taken captive, Captained by Peach with X as her XO. Ace hacked the ship's computer system in 45 minutes, unlocking control of the ships systems for the Orions.
    • The OIS Rod Serling - The second ship to abduct Ace, again captained by Peach with X now looking for an 18 year old Ace with whom to mate. Farrah screwed that one up, but X got her sperm "sample" anyway. The ship has undergone a refit and will become Admiral Peach's flg ship.
    • The OIS Gene Roddenberry - built to look like the Federation Star Ship Enterprise, NCC-1701A. It's the third Orion ship to kidnap him, along with Jaz, Akane, Kimi, Gabriel, three cats and a squirrel. Turns out, that Ace actually owns the ship, through a trust managed by X. The Orion Empire just leases it.
    • Galdriel Georgia-Scion, Empress of the Orion Empire - Galadriel, Elven queen from LOTR.
    • Luthien Georgia-Scion, The Empress' sister - Luthien Tinuviel, Elven princess from LOTR.
  • No Nudity Taboo: Or at least very relaxed. Walking in on a roomful of naked Orion women is just fine. Trying to walk out on a roomful of horny, naked Orion women isn't such a good idea. After spending x amount of time with the Orion males all in cold storage, randy doesn't begin to describe their state.

Line-Captain Peach Galadriel-Scion
Princess Peach
Formerly 7th in line to inherit the title of Empress, now unwillingly finds herself first, and bearing the title Princess, with the rank of Fleet Admiral with a newly refitted flagship, the Rod Serling. Pair-bonded to her former Executive Officer, XO X Racer-Scion and the mother of Sky Peach-Scion. First met Ace when the Orions kidnapped him for the first time at age 8. Subsequently renewed acquaintances at age 16 due to an error in time differential by Peach’s cousin, Archivist Farrah Luthien-Scion.

XO X Racer-Scion
X is pair-bonded to Peach and Executive Officer of the Roddenberry. She is also the mother of Ororo X-Scion and five other daughters with Ace’s sperm and permission. She has never revealed how she managed to acquire the 16 year old boy’s sperm. The name XO X seems to be a bit of risqué humor in the Orions’ native language. Recently promoted to Captain of the Roddenberry, with the ascendance of Admiral Peach. First met Ace when he was kidnapped for the first time at age 8. Subsequently renewed acquaintances at age 16 due to an error in time differential by Peach’s cousin, Archivist Farrah Luthien-Scion.
  • Balanced Harem: X is in the inner circle by virtue of already having six daughters with Ace, despite never having had sex with him. Not that she'd be averse to having a go.
    Ace: As I recall, Orions become fertile at 8 year intervals. And it's been about 8 years. Does this mean it's your time again?
    X: What gives you that idea?
  • Big Breast Pride: Most well endowed of any Orion seen, so far, as most tend to be thin and willowy.
  • Green-Skinned Space Babe: the magic of chlorophyll pills.
  • Meaningful Name: Racer X from Speed Racer (early anime).
  • Sham Wedding: X shows up in Ace's bedroom one night, calling herself his Space Wife. Ace is shocked, especially as he doesn't remember her, at first. Oddly enough, Akane, now used to the insanity that goes on around Ace, is not at all surprised. Later it's revealed that the wedding was faked to make Ace feel better about donating a sperm sample so X could have children.
    Ace: Akane, it's OK. She's a friend. X, this is my bodyguard, Akane.
    X: Ninja bodyguard? Of course.
    Akane: Uchujin waifu? No surprise.

Sky Peach-Scion

Half human twin sister of Luna and, hence, a half/sister to Ace.The sperm came from Ace’s biological father, Larry, and the ova from Peach. Peach gave birth to Sky, while the other fertilized ovum was successfully implanted in Larry’s wife, Helene. No blood relation to Ace’s cousin Gabriel, Has two unnamed children of her own. 25th in line to inherit the crown of Empress Galadriel. Met her half-brother, Ace, when he was kidnapped by the Orions the second time, when he was 16.


Ororo X-Scion

Half human daughter of X and Ace, via artificial insemination and with Ace’s permission. X isn't revealing how she got the sperm "sample"
  • Human Alien: Appears to be a dark skinned human of Pacific Islander descent because she doesn't take the Chlorophyll pills by choice.
    Ororo: [[ I'm Black and I'm Proud!]]
  • Meaningful Name Ororo called Storm of the X-men.

Farrah Galadriel-Scion]]

Sister of Peach. Archivist on the star ship Gene Roddenberry due to her relationship to the Empress Galadriel. Apparently, not all that bright, and easily manipulated. Convicted of treason, with mitigating circumstances, after the events of Ace’s second adventure aboard the Gene Roddenberry.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Hid her real intelligence until she tried to lead a revolt against the Empress, whom she was manipulated into believing was a usurper.
  • Dumb Blonde: Subverted. Not so much dumb as naíve. While easily manipulated by the unethical, she is actually quite bright, but tends to play dumb to get others to underestimate her. Intentionally failed her pilot training, but is actually quite skilled.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After realizing that she’d been tricked about the usurpation, she made her escape from the Roddenberry in a fighter ship.
    • While escaping from the badly damaged ship with the rest of the crew, she managed to rescue two damaged escape pods that were going to crash, manually piloting her own damaged fighter.
    • Successfully damaged the Dilmun ship controlling the Roddenberry, breaking its control.
    • Landed back aboard the Roddenberry and surrendered herself to accept punishment.

Q'arn Galadiel-Scion, The Voice of the Empress

A full sister to Peach, she speaks officially for the Empress and the Council when none of them are available.

Roddenberry Crew Members

  • Chief Surgeon Cutter - A hanyo or "ungendered" Orion.
  • Commander Surety
  • Ensign Veracity
  • Chief Engineer Walton - She is a "Lifter," one of the discriminated against variants of Orions and the strongest crew member.
  • Chief Wildstar

  • Human Alien: She doesn't take the chlorophyll pills, and is 3/4 Terran.
  • Deputy Chief Denali
  • Crewleader Senior Ashe
  • Cadet Magenta - A rare lavender skinned Orion.
  • Cadet Na-Nilina
  • Attendant Columbia: a medical attendant specifically assigned to Kimi while she recuperates in the burn unit.

  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: She is enamored enough of Kimi to propose Pair-Bonding in this form, as they are both Kinsey 0's; although, Columbia implies that she might be a 1 for Kimi.

Ace and X's Children

While all of them have been mentioned by name, other than Stormy, none of them have been seen.
  • Ororo "Stormy" X-Scion - the only sister seen to date.
  • Misty X-Scion
  • Monica X-Scion
  • Angel X-Scion
  • Dee "Deedee" X-Scion
  • Rebecca X-Scion


Golem and machine intelligences who have become self-aware
  • Rusty - a humanoid golem
  • Medical Attendant Ready - Another humanoid golem, a trained nurse.

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