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The game's player characters. All of them are students at Morimiya Academy, and all barring Asuka and Mitsuki, get caught up incidents involving the otherworldly labyrinth affecting the town. At the start of Chapter 6, they have officially joined up together and created a club to disguise their efforts to solve the incidents.


     As a whole 
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Played with; the color of their skills won't always match their default attribute's designated color (Red for Fire, Blue for Spirit, Yellow for Steel, Green for Wind, and Purple for Shadow) if they are equipped, but will for their secondary elements.
  • Honorary True Companion: By the end of eX+, Shiori, Ryota, and Jun are more or less brought into the XRC's inner circle, despite not being members themselves.
  • Lethal Chef: Subverted and zig-zagged. Unlike most RPGs, no single party member is considered a true Lethal Chef, and all party members have their own strengths and weaknesses in regards to cooking different recipes. Some characters are Supreme Chefs with certain recipes, while being average or suffering on others. And when a character does fail a recipe, you get something like "Too Damn Hard!", "Too Damn Sour!", and "Gelatinous Goo" etc., which when consumed, has a 50/50 chance of either healing you, or outright killing you on the spot.
  • Limit Break: All of them come with one called a X (Cross) Strike, which can cut off opposing attack and will hit all enemies in sight when used. eX+ also includes the Ex Skill, which doesn't create a "cutscene" to cut off attacks, but still makes the player invincible during usage, as well as netting the player the unique "Ex Kill" bonus.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: The X.R.C. consists of an ordinary second-year, a class rep who's secretly an agent, a martial artist, an introvert genius hacker, a delinquent turned new leaf, a Student Council President, and an idol diva. And that's not even taking into account the different backgrounds and organizations some of these characters are affiliated with.
  • The Team: They can pretty much be divided as such:
  • True Companions: By the time the group is officially founded, the members have become this, completely disposing of the mere "cooperatives" stance Asuka tried to maintain for most of the game's first half. Rion is also quickly accepted once she joins, despite only really knowing Kou beforehand.
  • Unwitting Pawn: By passing the Nine-Tailed Fox's trials and getting it to negate Shiori's death, they also negated the Twilight Apostle's death. Additionally, they cleared all the side-story Eclipse gates, which somehow played into the Twilight Apostle's hands.

     Kou Tokisaka 

Kou Tokisaka (Class 2-B)

Voiced by: Shintarō Asanuma
...Jeez, and I just got done with work, too.

The main protagonist of Tokyo Xanadu and a second-year student at Morimiya Academy. He doesn't belong to any club, instead having multiple part-time jobs.

He is the character the player controls throughout the game, and is locked to the party for all story dungeons (barring eX+'s Side-Stories). His Soul Device is Raging Gear, a gauntlet equipped with a sword whip.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Towa calls him "Kou-kun."
  • Always Someone Better: When it comes to karate, he tends to lose to Sora and Towa. Justified since he’s been out of practice for years.
  • Anything but That!: In the After-Story, this is pretty much his reaction to Asuka "threatening" to call him "Kou-chan", in response to his teasing her about her inability to call him by his given name.
  • Badass Bookworm: Oddly enough, doesn't start out that way. Rather, the game encourages this with the Wisdom stat. Reading books, making educated and logical observations, and going off memory all raise his Wisdom. Becoming this allows him to get goodies from his grandad.
  • Butt-Monkey: Nowhere near the level of Ryouta, but many jokes are indeed made at his expense, especially about his relationships with the girls in his group.
  • Celibate Hero: He doesn't show much, if any, outright romantic interest in any of the girls. Until the Normal Ending, which covers him and Asuka in Ship Tease, and then the After Story of eX+, in which it's made a lot more explicit about his feelings for Shiori.
  • Childhood Friends: With Shiori, who still calls him "Kou-chan." Also with Ryouta and Sora.
  • Chick Magnet: Just about every major female character shows some degree of interest in him.
  • Cosplay: In Jun’s friendship event in Chapter 7, he gets roped into cosplaying as Demon Prince Rean.
  • Custom Uniform: He wears a white hoody unzipped with his.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Does this quite often, especially towards Ryouta.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: After hearing out the Twilight Apostle in the After-Story, while everyone else is overwhelmed, he bursts out laughing. Why? Because he is suffering from a degree of hype backlash. While it may have the ability to think, it doesn't really have a will; it just follows its instincts like a mindless monster. In other words, the ultimate cause of everything, from distortions in reality, countless casualties, to Shiori's suffering, is "just another Greed," and they don't really need to treat it any differently.
  • First-Name Basis: Aside from his trio of friends (Shiori, Ryouta, Jun), he'll call all party members by their first name by the time they join up (though, he still attaches "-sempai" towards Shio and Mitsuki, and "-sensei" towards Gorou). The only exception to this is Asuka, whom he is on a Last-Name Basis with for the vast majority of the game. He finally calls her "Asuka" the night before the final dungeon.
  • Human Pack Mule: In the first friendship event with Towa in Chapter 3, the two of them go to Star Camera to get parts for the school computers. Kou is seen with his arms full of bags one cut later.
  • It's All About Me: Inverted, actually. While Kou is a generous, thoughtful fellow, the overall plot essentially boils down to him, as Shiori was "saved" as a result of her dying wish to prevent Kou from blaming himself for her death, leading to the destabilization of the Eclipses in Morimiya and the events of the game. He didn't choose it, but the plot is directly related to him.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: His status is rather well-balanced, his attack power/range/speed are also above average and he can equip any Master Cores, giving access to all elements.
  • The Leader: Being made the XRC's Club President puts him in this role by default.
  • Limit Break: His X Strike, Extend Gear, and Ex Skill, Maximum Rage.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: He’s the only member of the XRC who doesn’t get a Side Story chapter and is thus unaware of the different shaped eclipse gates until the After Story.
  • Magic Knight: He's great both physical and magical fighting, although his play style tends to be weighted more toward physical attacks.
  • Nice Guy: Just about everyone agrees on this one. He can appear cold and uncaring sometimes, but in reality, he's up there with Sora as one of the friendliest of the main cast.
    • Like with Badass Bookworm above, this is encouraged with his Virtue stat. Helping people with quests increases it and allows rewards from his grandfather at each landmark.
  • Open Secret: It's mentioned that technically, it's against school rules to have a part-time job. The teachers all know and they don't really care.
  • Playing with Fire: His default attribute.
  • Porn Stash: In the first room scene, Ryouta peeks around Kou’s room thinking he has a “hidden treasure.” Jun then says Ryouta does the same thing at his house.
  • Say My Name: Has instances of this with both Shiori and Asuka.
  • Ship Tease: Has some with just about every girl; chief among them being Shiori, Asuka, and Rion.
  • Snark Knight: He's very willing to help anyone who needs it... but it doesn't mean he won't do it with a bit of lip.
  • Stock Light-Novel Hero: Deconstructed. While Kou shares many similar traits to a lot of modern light novel protagonists, like being a stoic Ordinary High-School Student who gains his powers from simple acquisition to defeat otherworldly threats, that's where the similarities end. He is never portrayed as very powerful and broken to the point of being an Invincible Hero, and relies more on his friends to overcome difficult challenges as part of his Character Development.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Not quite as harsh as most examples, but he gives one to Asuka when the group rescues her in Chapter 5 due to his annoyance at her constantly pushing the group away.
  • The Stoic: He tends not to show any visible emotion on his face.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: He acts cold and aloof but he is a kind person who will do whatever it takes to save his friends.
  • Whip Sword: What his Soul Device Raging Gear is closest to in term of weapon.
  • Why Do You Keep Changing Jobs?: Works for a temp job service, which means he's doing a different job at a different location every night. It turns out it was also a coping mechanism to deal with the fact that Shiori has been dead this whole time.
  • You Do NOT Want To Know: Essentially gets told this during the last chapter by his grandfather that he really doesn't want to, nor would he ever have wanted to, know the truth he'll learn in the Pandora Tower about Shiori.

     Asuka Hiiragi 

Asuka Hiiragi (Class 2-B)

Voiced by: Yu Shimamura
I'll say this one more time: don't get involved any further.

The heroine of Tokyo Xanadu, an overseas return student and the Class Representative of Kou's class. She secretly investigates incidents involving the other world.

She is available right from the first dungeon, but is unavailable in all of Chapter 5's story dungeons until the last one. Her Soul Device is Exerion Hearts, a sword.

  • A-Cup Angst: Played with; she's actually quite well endowed, but that look she gives Mitsuki at the hot springs says it all.
  • The Ace: Good looks, great grades, and superb reflexes, not to mention well-regarded by her fellow students, Asuka in generally seems perfect at first glance.
  • Badass Adorable: Probably the most badass member of the entire party. She easily handled Elder Greeds that the others had a lot of trouble with, and can enter a state that lets her one-shot a Grim Greed, stunning even Gorou. She's also considered very attractive, and has some cute moments like blushing when Kou notes her smile, or getting too embarrassed to call Kou by his name.
  • Badass in Distress: In Chapter 5, Asuka gets herself kidnapped by the Grim Greed when she tries to ditch Kou and the others behind thinking that it's way out of their league. For the majority of the chapter, she is held captive inside a large bird cage without her Soul Device and being guarded by one of the Grim Greed's Kin. When she is finally rescued a third of the way through, Kou hammers down the fact very hard that she can't just abandon her friends like that, making Asuka realize her mistake of not working together as a team.
  • Betty and Veronica: The Veronica to Shiori's Betty, however she's also the Betty to Rion's Veronica.
  • Casting a Shadow: Her other attribute.
  • Class Representative: She’s the class rep for Class 2-B.
  • Combat Stilettos: Zig-zagged. She usually wears appropriate black boots that go along with her school uniforms, but in her casual clothes, she wears white high heels instead, and can still fight exceptionally well in them.
  • Cool Sword: Her Soul Device, Exerion Hearts. Also doubles as Tragic Keepsake as it is from her mother who died fighting countless Greeds during the earthquake 10 years ago.
  • Cutscene Power to the Max: In the original, her Super Mode is a purely cutscene-based explanation for why she's a tier above the rest of the group in the story but not in play. You get to see for yourself how to use it in eX+.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Chapter 5 focus on her finally accepting the rest of the party as True Companions, with her previous cold demeanor all but vanishing afterwards. There's also Side-Story 3 in eX+, which gives an early glimpse of her Character Development.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Asuka starts off somewhat cold, her friendly facade during school notwithstanding, but she warms up to the party as time goes on. She tries to backtrack during Chapter 5, but once you get her back, the party convinces her otherwise.
  • First-Name Basis: With the female party members, and eventually Shiori. The night before the final dungeon, she tries doing so for Kou, first with "-kun" attached, and then without honorifics, but she ends too embarrassed to go through with either. Apparently, even though she spent the last 5 to 6 years in the US where it was the norm, calling a Japanese male by his given name is too much for her. The sight of this causes Kou to burst out laughing.
  • Forgotten Birthday: In Chapter 3.5, Asuka forgets about her birthday on May 18, and after dealing with the Scarlet Battlefield Eclipse on her own, she arrives back at her place of stay to find Kou, Sora, and Yuuki throwing her a proper birthday party. She's grateful for the surprise, and decides to celebrate just this once before going back to her usual demeanor for the next two chapters.
  • Gratuitous English: Chapter 2 starts with her in Gorou’s reading a passage from the class’s lesson in English, then going back to Japanese.
  • An Ice Person: Spirit is her default attribute, and it manifests as ice attacks in her case.
  • The Lancer: She's Kou's longest-running companion in the group, as well as his Foil.
  • Limit Break: Her X Strike, Criminal Brand, and Ex Skill, Icicle Nova.
  • Luminescent Blush: A few instances, which show just how much she's defrosted.
  • Magic Knight: Asuka is both a superb fencer and a gifted mage, though unlike Kou, she is better at the latter due to Splash Arrow being very SP efficient while dealing multiple hits at different angles.
  • Overrated and Underleveled: The story plays her up as a tier above the rest of the group, able to beat Greed that the rest of the group together can't deal with, but the only time we see this outside of a cutscene is in Side Story 3 in ex+. Most of the game, she's nothing more than another member of the party.
  • Parental Abandonment: Both of her parents died 10 years ago in the earthquake that devastated Tokyo.
  • Red Baron: As one of Nemesis' top Enforcers, she has earned herself the title of "Spirit Sword Wielder". Although Asuka herself thinks that she is not deserving of the title just yet, because deep down, she feels that she's still a "rookie" on the inside.
  • Say My Name: A mutual instance with Kou when the party is separated at the end of Chapter 7.
  • Ship Tease: With Kou. One notable moment during the last chapter has her too embarrassed to call him by his first name, yet she still wants him to call her by hers because "it felt kind of nice."
  • Spell My Name with an "S": The English version romanizes her Soul Device's name as "Ecthelion" Hearts.
  • Super Mode: Her body becomes covered in runes, her eyes change color, and she gains an overpowered new move. While only seen in a cutscene in the main game, it becomes playable in eX+ as Omega Mode. This causes her to slowly lose HP but increases her Max HP, maxes her skill levels, and halves SP cost.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: She throws her Soul Device in her Cross Attacks. It's not used for stabbing though, it's to create a flower-shaped ice upon landing.
  • Tsundere: Treats Kou like crap at first when he tries to join, in contrast to how she treats everyone else. Needless to say, it's covering for how she's clearly falling for him.
  • Umbrella of Togetherness: Her friendship event in Chapter 4 has Kou escorting her to Blacksmith Kugaraya in the rain since she forgot her umbrella. As they get into Shopping Street, Chizuru spots them and she has to say it's not that kind of relationship.

     Sora Ikushima 

Sora Ikushima (Class 1-A)

Voiced by: Ai Kakuma
With this "power", I'm sure I can be useful to my seniors!

A pure, serious first-year student and member of the karate club. She is originally from Kyushu, but decided to transfer to Tokyo for high school in order to broaden her knowledge and find her own place to train.

She becomes playable near the end of Chapter 2. Her Soul Device is Valiant Arm, a pair of fist-mounted gauntlets.

  • Accent Slip Up: Slips into her native Kyushu accent when flustered.
  • A-Cup Angst: During the hot springs trip, towards Asuka and especially Mitsuki.
  • Badass Adorable: Don't let's her small appearance fools you. She could easily knock you out before you know it.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Sora is easily the nicest of the party members. That said, she also (politely) threatens a bunch of BLAZE members enough to unnerve them when they confront her and Kou. Had Shio not intervened, it's likely that she would have been able to take them out on her own (let alone with Kou there to assist). Moral of the story: don't irritate Sora.
  • The Big Girl: One of two in the group, as befitting of a karate practitioner. Also somewhat ironic, given that she's also the youngest and shortest party member.
  • Blow You Away: Her default attribute.
  • Boobs of Steel: Inverted: she has the highest physical strength, and the smallest chest, of the female party members.
  • Boring, but Practical: Invoked by Kou when he sees her Valiant Arm, calling it a "no-bullshit" weapon compared to his chain blade.
  • Childhood Friends: She and Kou knew each other back when they were kids.
  • Close-Range Combatant: She has good Ranged and Power damage, but her Shooting damage is fairly low.
  • Custom Uniform: Her uniform's top is white instead of black. Also, her tie in both uniforms is red instead of white.
  • Cute Bruiser: Short. Cute. Hits like a freight train with her gauntlets.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Chapter 2 deals with her problems in the karate club, with eX+'s Side-Story 2 showing the aftermath.
  • Expy: Her X Strike bears some resemblance with Lloyd's S-Crafts. Her first move is similar with Lloyd's Rising Sun but the next charged tiger attack is somehow similar to his Tiger Charge.
  • Extra-ore-dinary: Her other attribute.
  • First-Name Basis: Refers to all party members by their given name with the appropriate honorific (mostly "-sempai" but also "-kun" for Yuuki and "-sensei" for Gorou).
  • Fragile Speedster: She is the fastest playable characters as well as having very high attack power that could even match Shio. but her HP is the second lowest out of the members thus make her more or less a Glass Cannon.
  • Instant Expert: One of her bonding events in June has her immediately be an expert in skateboarding despite it being her first time. Her only worry is if anyone looked up her skirt.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Side-Story 4 has her claiming to have this kind of relationship with Kou and Yuuki, with her as Kou's younger sister and Yuuki's older sister. Yuuki himself isn't amused at the idea.
  • Limit Break: Her X Strike, Fuujin Kokoushou, and Ex Skill, Rekku Souga.
  • Nice Girl: She is nothing if not super friendly and polite.
  • Power Fist: Her Valiant Arm is a pair of gauntlets.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: A possibly platonic example with Yuuki.
  • Sempai/Kohai: One of the two underclassmen in the party (alongside Yuuki).
  • Shaping Your Attacks: Her conclusion of her X-Strike is in the form of tiger.
  • She's All Grown Up: A platonic example: when Kou sees her for the first time since elementary, he didn't recognize her at first, and when it hits him, he is shocked at how she's changed ("You're even wearing a skirt."), much to her embarrassment.
  • Ship Tease: Has some of this with Yuuki in the main story and more apparent in his Side Story chapter.

     Yuuki Shinomiya 

Yuuki Shinomiya (Class 1-C)

Voiced by: Daiki Yamashita
Are you sure you don't mean "genius?"

A first-year student and genius hacker and programmer who invented the popular phone app "God's App". He attends school the minimum hours required for graduation, making most students unaware of his existence.

He becomes playable near the end of Chapter 3. His Soul Device is Calvary Mace, a mallet, that also comes with a little floating sphere that follows him around.

  • Affectionate Nickname: His sister calls him "Yuu-kun," which he doesn't like. He's even less thrilled when Sora contemplates adopting it, nor when Rion actually does call him that.
  • Attack Drone: A sphere that comes with Calvary Mace and serves as his shooting weapon.
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: You won't get him to say it proper, but despite his open annoyance and seeming hostility towards her, he cares about his elder sister enough to look after her. In fact, it's his care for her that draws him into the events of the game when he has to save her soul.
  • Butt-Monkey: Not quite so much during the game proper, but Side-Story 4 seems to have him the butt of the whole story due to his overwhelming annoyance with Sora and her hanging around him.
  • Custom Uniform: Wears a green, zipped-up hoody over his.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Chapter 3 focuses on him having to deal with his phone app, which got tampered with by a Greed. Side-Story 4 also focuses on his relationship with Sora.
  • Death from Above: His X Strike.
  • Drop the Hammer: His Soul Device, Calvary Mace.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: In Chapter 2 while you’re looking for Chiaki, you can find him outside of his apartment before he becomes plot relevant until the next chapter.
  • Expy: Has some similarities to Elliot and Jona Sacred. Like Elliot, he is a redheaded highschooler with an overly affectionate older sister in place of a mom. They also both wield pole-based weaponry and are more magic-orientated. Like Jona, he is a tech wizard who leads a shut-in lifestyle and often uses his genius to earn money through rather shady means (Jona sells the information he obtained through hacking and Yuuki develops the app that hacks into people's Xiphones to give predictions they want to hear).
  • Extra-ore-dinary: His default attribute.
  • First-Name Basis: Does this with his two male sempai. On the other hand, he doesn't seem to like girls do this with him, given his reaction to Sora.
  • Glass Cannon: As noted under Squishy Wizard, he's not really built for physical combat too well given his low HP and defense, however he easily competes with Mitsuki for having the highest magical attack power of the group and his Lambda Shot is easily spammable due to low cost and not halting his movement. He can easily blast enemies to oblivion, but will go down in relatively few hits if you skimp out on giving him adequate defense and HP buffs.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Depends on if you pursue any of his Friendship Episodes or not, as he seems to develop something of a strong friendship with Kou if you do. He especially seems to favor playing video games with him, despite Kou complaining about losing to him, and many of his more open moments are around Kou.
  • Hikikomori: Initially, Yuuki would stay in his apartment all day and just fiddle with his computer while intentionally skipping school because he doesn't like interacting with other people. After Chapter 3 with some Character Development, he eventually grows out of this.
  • How Unscientific!: In Yuuki’s friendship event during the Intermission, Kou takes a picture of him and spots a fox-shaped shadow behind him. He completely disbelieves the notion of ghosts.
  • An Ice Person: Spirit is his other attribute.
  • Insufferable Genius: In his introductory chapter. Less so after being given a Break the Haughty moment.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: In Chapter 4.5, another student and member of the Karate Club is jealous of Yuuki for being flooded with Sora’s friendship to the point that when he confronts Yuuki personally, he was about to punch him. Yuuki then tells him that Morimiya Academy would be disqualified from karate tournaments for unprovoked acts of violence if he were to do that, and it would break Sora’s heart if she were to not compete. The student backs off after realizing this.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Yuuki is rude, blunt, and very easily annoyed by overly affectionate people (Aoi, Sora), but he's still a loyal friend and very helpful on a number of occasions. There's also a few points where he lets a lot of his jerk facade drop and he does show his appreciation for friendship with the other XRC members and even have genuine moments of sweetness.
  • King of Games: He’s outright beaten every game at Arcade Oasis, and anytime he plays with Kou in fighting games, he just dominates him even when “going easy.”
    • This actually becomes a funny moment during one of the visits in Kou's room when Shio of all people dusts him despite claiming to not have played in ages and being rusty at it. The scene ends with Kou saying he hurries them out before Yuuki gets his ass handed to him both in AND out of game.
  • Knight Templar Big Brother: Little brother in this case, but in his friendship event in Chapter 6, he prevents his sister Aoi from being scammed out of millions of yen by a con artist selling fake art.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Implied. Unlike the rest of the X.R.C. members, he seems to be more self-aware that he could be enacting a video game. He'll even use gaming terms to describe just about everything about the Eclipse, like calling Eclipse labyrinths "dungeons", and Elder/Grim Greeds "bosses". And as for his motivation for working with the X.R.C., he feels like he's obligated to finish the "game" to the very end like a true gamer.
  • Limit Break: His X Strike, Variable Meteor, and Ex Skill, Mazer Force.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: At least initially, he has no friends and he claims he doesn't want them, much to his sister's concern.
  • Missing Mom: Who died sometimes after the Tokyo Disaster, which resulted in his bad relationship with his father.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Tries to pull this during Chapter 4 when investigating the BLAZE gang. How does he attempt to conceal his identity? By promptly pulling his hood up of course! Genius!
  • Pet the Dog: Literally on a number of cases, especially from Kou. Often annoys him, but does show the others truly appreciate him despite his Jerkass tendencies.
  • Playful Hacker
  • Red Herring: The accidents related to the God's App makes it seem like Yuuki is is the antagonist of Chapter 3. It turns out the Elder Greed, Astral Widow, tampered with his app.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: See Sora's entry.
  • Sempai/Kohai: One of the two underclassmen in the party (alongside Sora).
  • Ship Tease: Has some of this with Sora, especially in his focus chapter (Side Story 4).
  • Shock and Awe: How his Steel attribute manifests itself, with him shooting out bursts of electricity.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Yuuki is easily the most foul-mouthed of the group just ahead of Shio. Somewhat fitting considering Yuuki's lack of social graces.
  • Squishy Wizard: Not a wizard per se, but his attack are more focused on range as he can shoot rapidly and is also the only character who can shoot while moving. This comes at the cost of him having the lowest HP out of the party members.
  • The Smart Guy: Taking his skills at hacking and programming into consideration.
  • Tsundere: Often tries to act like he doesn't enjoy the more sappy moments of the game. This part of his personality is especially pronounced whenever his sister Aoi is being too affectionate for his liking or when Sora is being overly friendly.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: In the Final Chapter, he gets blindsided when the Eclipse doesn't play by easily-defined rules like his video games do.
Yuuki: Aren't Boss Rushes against the rules?

     Shio Takahata 

Shio Takahata (Class 3-D)

Voiced by: Kosuke Toriumi
That power...where did you get it?

A third-year Delinquent with a large build, who formerly led the famous delinquent group known as BLAZE. He stepped down as leader a year ago, but now somebody is going around causing trouble under its name.

He's known Mitsuki since before high school, and her apparent lack of weakness has given him some trouble dealing with her.

He becomes playable near the end of Chapter 4. His Soul Device is Vorpal Weapon, a large sword.

  • BFS: Compared to Asuka's relatively normal sized sword, his Soul Device, Vorpal Weapon, is quite large.
  • Badass Biker: His friendship event in Chapter 6 shows he drives a motorcycle.
  • Badass Bookworm: Spends a good amount of time at the bookstore picking out new reference books to gloss over.
  • Big Brother Instinct: The last chapter even has Mitsuki gleefully note that he is very thoughtful towards his underclassmen, to his embarrassment.
  • The Big Guy: The other one for the party, and unlike Sora, he actually looks the part: he's got the largest build of the main characters, and he's got quite the physical offensive.
  • Blow You Away: His other attribute.
  • Close-Range Combatant: As his shooting skill, Flare Slash, is somewhat unwieldy due to its low speed and high SP cost, he is best used for his powerful melee based attacks, his Power Skill, Ignis Break, especially.
  • Cool Bike: He has one, as revealed in his Friendship Episode in Chapter 6.
  • Custom Uniform: His uniform's blazer is open, showing that he wears a blue shirt instead of the normal white. The blue shirt carries over into his summer uniform.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The focus of Chapter 4 is him dealing with a now corrupt BLAZE. Side-Story 5, meanwhile, sheds some light onto his relationship with Mitsuki.
  • Death from Above: His X Srike, with a sense of Sword Plant.
  • Delinquent: Has a reputation as Morimiya's number one, in fact. As said before, he actually co-led a group of them a year prior to the game's start.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: In his first visit to the Eclipse, he has no Soul Device, but manages to hold his own against an Elder Greed with his bare hands.
  • Expy: Of both Gaius and Jusis from Trails of Cold Steel. Like Gaius, he's the tallest ones among the bunch and often acts as the dependable big brother figure who won't hesitate to help his friends whenever they're in danger, and gameplay-wise his X-Strike involves a Death from Above finishing move, like Gaius' first S-Craft. In the case of Jusis, both have blond hair, are good at handling kids, and despite looking like a cold and aloof person at first, they both good people at heart who start out distancing themselves because they don't want other people to get involved in their personal problems.
  • Face of a Thug: People are usually intimidated by his reputation and large build, but while he's kind of gruff, he's not a bad person by any means. Heck, even when he was in a gang of delinquents, none of them were really troublemakers.
  • Friend to All Children: He makes time to buy books for the kids at the group home he hails from and goes to read said books to the orphans there.
  • Genius Bruiser: He's built like a brick wall (and his stats in battle reflect that), but he also enjoys reading, cooking, and learning.
  • Hot-Blooded: When you get him going, you really get him going. The name "BLAZE" isn't just for show.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite his gruff demeanor, once you've established a bond with him, he'll protect it to the bitter end.
  • Like a Son to Me: He becomes close with the soba shop family that they treat him like their own son, even worrying about his safety.
  • Limit Break: His X Strike, Crimson Raid, and Ex Skill, Ragna Breaker.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Downplayed. In Kousaku's film, his character, Toshio, works for Miki and is implied to be intimidating students into withdrawing their signatures for the school festival petition. He has a good reason behind this, since his sister and the school are being targeted by delinquents, and the festival could get attacked.
  • Mighty Glacier: His skills take time to pull off but they pack a wallop.
  • Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold: He has a bad reputation around school as being a delinquent (which, to be fair, he technically was, although his street gang was more of a benevolent group of friends that looked out for the innocent). Behind that reputation is a gentle guy who enjoys academics, hard work, reading, and cooking.
  • Mythology Gag: His Soul Device's name, Vorpal Weapon, is the same as one of the droppable rapiers in Trails in the Sky the 3rd.
  • Noodle Incident: See Mitsuki's entry.
  • Parental Abandonment: Seeing as how he lives with an old couple who run a restaurant, it's presumed that his parents died.
  • Playing with Fire: His default attribute.
  • Renaissance Man: He makes it a point to be well-rounded: he loves to cook, he likes reading, and he takes his classwork very seriously.
  • Sempai/Kohai: One of the two upperclassmen in the party (alongside Mitsuki).
  • Ship Tease: Has a few of this with Mitsuki in the main story, even more so in his side chapter. He shows irritation upon noticing that Mikuriya and Mitsuki address each other by first names and considers her as an "important person in his life" in his Niar entry.
  • The Stoic: Like Kou, he tends to have a subdued, almost monotonous tone. Until you get his fire ignited.
  • Sword Beam: His ranged attack, Flare Slash, is him slashing with his sword to create a wave of fire, which has a wide range while piercing through enemies.
  • Team Dad: He's fiercely protective of his juniors, first in BLAZE, and then in the XRC.

     Mitsuki Hokuto 

Mitsuki Hokuto (Class 3-A)

Voiced by: Haruka Yamazaki
Then would you allow me to assist you, not as a member of Zodiac, but as Mitsuki Hokuto?

Third-year student and Morimiya Academy's Student Council President, as well as the likely successor to the Hokuto Group enterprise. Though kind and calm, she also has notable skills in negotiation, and has knowledge about the other world, as well as the Zodiac organization.

She's known Shio for 3 years, with her grandfather helping him both get a place to stay and even get into Morimiya Academy.

She becomes playable at around the midpoint of Chapter 5. Her Soul Device is Mystic Node, a staff.

  • Arranged Marriage: There are talks of setting up one with her (something she doesn't seem very fond of), with Mikuriya as a likely candidate. After the events of Chapter 6, he no longer seems like a reasonable choice.
  • Barrier Warrior: Her Power Skill, Hermit Shell, is unique in that it also creates a shield around her that disappears after either five or so seconds pass or an enemy hits her with an attack. It's perfect for whenever you have to cross dangerous terrain, like lava.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Mitsuki may be the nicest and most polite member of the group, but get on her bad side, and she'll not hesitate to go all out and take matters in her own hands, as Mikuriya found out the hard way when he broke her trust.
  • Boobs of Steel: Inverted: similar to Emma, she has the largest bust, but is a magical powerhouse instead of physical one.
  • Buxom Is Better: Has the largest bust out of the playable girls (actually the largest of all recorded female characters in the game, period), and all of them express jealousy of her figure at least once.
  • Casting a Shadow: She starts out with the appropriately named "Shadow" attribute.
  • Collision Damage: Her barrier can directly harm enemies on contact, so just as long as the enemy's attack doesn't destroy the barrier itself, Mitsuki can damage and kill enemies by walking into them when it's active.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: She is the only character who has Shadow as her default attribute, but is one of the gentlest party members, and utilizes her abilities for defensive magic (having become a famed barrier mage).
  • Disappeared Dad: Pre-release, it was noted that her father died before the game's beginning, which also had the effect of her grandfather more or less grooming her to succeed him. It turns out both of her parents died 10 years ago, in the same catastrophe that also robbed Asuka of her parents.
  • Dissonant Serenity: After giving Mikuriya a rather uncharacteristic look of disdain, she tells him, with close up on her angelic smiling face, that there won't be a next time if he tries to pull off any more stunts. Needless to say, he is frightened, and even the party is somewhat scared (especially Rion), with Kou remarking that he understands why Shio seems to be intimidated by her.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Right from the first chapter, you can see how much Nodoka yearns for Mitsuki to be her "Onee-sama".
  • Expy: Of both Emma and Laura from Trails of Cold Steel. Like Emma, Mitsuki uses a staff-based weapon and throws magical orbs at enemies as her basic attacks. Mitsuki's Innocent Edge skill even involves shooting magical swords just like Emma's Ethereal Edge craft. Story-wise, both are the Hot Witch of the group and other girls are envious of their body shapes, especially their huge "assets." For bonus points, the two share the same casual costumes DLC. In Laura's case, both have blue hair, a graceful demeanor, and are the heir to a respectable, well-known family.
  • First-Name Basis: With the female party members. Also, she and Mikuriya refer to each other as "Tomoaki-san" and "Mitsuki-kun" (which Kou notices), most likely due to them being potentially engaged. After Chapter 6, she starts referring to him "Mikuriya-san", while he goes with "Mitsuki-san," possibly to show he's walking on very thin ice with her.
  • Hot Witch: Her staff-based Soul Device, Mystic Node, evokes this. Her Air Skill, Wonder Staff, even has her riding it in this fashion.
  • Implied Death Threat: Hard to say, but Rion tells Mikuriya that if he tries to attack the XRC again, they would respond in kind. Mitsuki simply smiles and agrees before darkly glaring at him and warning him he has one final chance. The implications are that should he cross them again, Mitsuki alone would see to it that the result will be...extremely unpleasant....
    Mitsuki: But Mikuriya, I'd recommend you watch yourself. (dark glare) This is your one chance. You -will not- get another. (smiles again)
  • Lady of Black Magic: She's tall, graceful, and The Ojou. She's also the most formidable magician in the group, fighting with a staff that's imbued with a Shadow Element and has an array of ranged spell attacks. While barriers are more traditionally associated with the White Mage, in her case, they're simply part of a broadly offensive magical style.
  • Limit Break: Her X Strike, Chaos Elderado, and Ex Skill, Goldion Sphere.
  • Long-Range Fighter: Notably, even if one doesn't take into account that her Shooting Skill, Innocent Edge, is arguably her most useful skill, her regular melee attacks has her shooting orbs of light a fair distance.
  • The Ojou: As the heir to her grandfather's company. Kyouka, among others, even refer to her as "Ojou-sama."
  • Out of Focus: She's the only party member who doesn't get a focus chapter. She has to share a side-story with Shio, and even then, it's mostly told from his perspective.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Downplayed. She plays the Student Council President, Miki, in Kousaku's film. Miki is a Well-Intentioned Extremist who is willing to use underhanded means to shut down the culture festival, in fear that the festival will make the school vulnerable to delinquents.
  • Nice Girl: Polite, friendly, and almost always with an angelic smile on her face.
  • Noodle Incident: Three years prior to the game, she met Shio and the rest of BLAZE and assisted them in stopping another gang from drug bargaining. We don't know how they succeeded, but whatever happened, it caused the senior leader (Kazuma) to say that she's "something else" and caused Shio to become somewhat weak in dealing with her.
  • Playing with Fire: Her other attribute.
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt: Mitsuki wears black leggings with her school uniforms.
  • Raised by Grandparents: Implied, given that her father was killed in the disaster and her mother is nowhere to be seen or mentioned, while her grandfather is a major character.
  • Red Baron: She is sometimes referred to as the "White Maiden."
  • Sempai/Kohai: One of the two upperclassmen in the party (alongside Shio).
  • Ship Tease: She has some of this with Shio, given their history together and especially during their shared side episode after Chapter 5.
  • Simple Staff: Her Soul Device: Mystic Node, is a staff.
  • Spoiled Sweet: Mitsuki is an heiress to the equivalent of a Fortune 500 company. Aside from her proper and serene nature possibly showing it, you would never guess it.
  • Spot of Tea: In her first friendship event in Chapter 4 after she and Kou work on some paperwork for the Student Council, the two of them relax with tea and cake.
  • Squishy Wizard: Downplayed. Her stat build makes her appear to be an example at first, since she has high Magic Attack, low physical defense, and low HP. However, her Hermit Shell skill allows her to negate a single enemy hit, which can make up for her constitution.
  • Student Council President: Upon ending their first meeting with her, Kou and Sora agree that she is pretty much the archetypical student council president.
  • Team Mom: She takes her duty as the Student Council President very seriously, which includes looking after the underclassmen (which happens to be most of the rest of the party).
  • Tranquil Fury: Mitsuki rarely gets angry, but when she does, she'll show it in a restrained manner while keeping her composure. This is especially apparent when Mikuriya breaks the trust of the Hokuto Group and Zodiac to pursue his own selfish goals, and when confronting him, Mitsuki becomes legitimately angry while vowing to take care of him "with her own two hands".
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Light blue, in her case.

     Rion Kugayama 

Rion Kugayama (Class 2-D)

Voiced by: Manami Numakura
I'll show you...just how powerful an idol's feelings are!
Click here to see her in her idol outfit. 

Part of the 5-girl idol group "SPiKA," and student at Morimiya. She is a very talented singer who is competing for the center position with fellow founding members Haruna and Reika. She is quite hardworking when it comes to her idol life, but otherwise seems to be a normal highschool girl.

She might initially come across as somewhat condescending and a bit of a show-off, but she really is a surprisingly heartwarming and generous person. Upon joining the X.R.C, she is very open and caring to her fellow members.

She becomes playable near the end of Chapter 6, making her the only non-founding member of the club. Her Soul Device is Seraphim Layer, which takes the form of back-mounted wings.

  • A-Cup Angst: Similar to Asuka, she's pretty well endowed, yet if Mitsuki is her partner during Side-Story 6, she'll claim to be jealous of her upperclassman while leering at her bust.
  • Ambiguously Bi: There are a couple of hints that suggest Rion is equally interested in girls as she is to boys. In one of the sub-events in Kou's room, Rion will peak underneath the skirt of the Magical Girl Alisa figurine. And at the beginning of Side-Story 6, she'll causally wink at Kyouka (Mitsuki's secretary) while giving her the ok to "poke and prod" her body during a medical examination.
  • Blow You Away: Her default attribute. Her Power Skill, Sylfie Cyclone, actually has her create a tornado.
  • Contractual Purity: In-Universe, brings this up often when she's teasing Kou, saying she wants to create a "scandal."
  • Covert Pervert: In eX+, if Kou buys a Magical Alisa figurine, she and Shiori will stop by and enter his room, with Rion wondering how detailed the "inside of the skirt" is. Then again, this is Rion here...
  • Custom Uniform: Wears a long-sleeve, beige sweater over her regular uniform, and a sleeveless turquoise sweater over her summer uniform. Her tie in both is also yellow.
  • Dangerously Short Skirt: Rion has the shortest skirt length out of any of the other female party members, even in her school uniforms. When she uses her flying skill, it's possible to see a glimpse of Rion's panties while doing so because of it.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Chapter 6 has her dealing with strange occurrences involving her singing, revealed to be a Grim Greed that pretty much fused with her, and is likely the only reason she recovered from her injuries 10 years prior. Side-Story 6, meanwhile, shows her becoming resolved to learn how to control the powers it left in her.
  • Extremity Extremist: Fights with her wings.
  • First-Name Basis: Upon joining the party, she refers to all members by their given names, with Asuka being the only one who doesn't get an appropriate honorific.
    • At the start of Chapter 7, her and Shiori do this with each other as well.
  • Friendly Rivalry: With Haruna and Reika.
  • Genki Girl: Very rarely will you see her with without energy. When you do, though...
  • Glass Cannon: She has high ranged and flying stats, good mobility, and somewhat low defense and HP.
  • Hidden Depths: Flirty, gloryhound, and in general full of herself, but also kind, caring, hardworking, and wanting to bring hope to the world through her music.
  • Idol Singer: She's the lead singer of the five-girl idol group SPiKA, and one of the original three founding members alongside Reika and Haruna.
  • An Ice Person: Spirit is her other attribute.
  • Limit Break: Her X Strike, Seraphim Hearts, and Ex Skill, Valkyrie Glide.
  • One-Winged Angel: Rion's Superpowered Evil Side, as a result from an angel-like greed fused with her ten years ago. It has great power (shown be able to destroy a whole room) when Rion loses control over it. Rion is able to complete control the angel's power after Chapter 6 so this side of her disappeared.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Not only does Rion's Soul Device give her the allusion of an angel, but she's also a host to an Angel-type Grim Greed.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Rion's method of hiding her idol identity from the public when off-stage is to wear a simple pair of glasses that are aptly named "Rion's Disguise". They're not very convincing even to Kou, but the other NPCs still fall it regardless of how obvious her "disguise" really is. The description of the glasses even says "Glasses worn by Rion when going incognito."
  • Pink Means Feminine: She has pink hair, and her Shooting Skill, Brilliant Ray, shoots pink lasers if you keep a wind Master Core equipped.
  • Pose of Supplication: Upon realizing that she goes to the same school as "such a rude guy" (Kou). Rude in this case referring to how he has no shame in telling her about his lack of interest in idols (thus he doesn't really care about an autograph). She recovers quickly, deciding that this is is just proof that SPiKA still has a long ways to go before their songs reach everyone.
  • Power Gives You Wings: In a sense. Her Soul Device, Seraphim Layer, takes the form of wings, so accessing the power within her brings them out so she can fight.
  • Ramming Always Works: This is the best way to describe her Air Skill, Sonic Wing, where she charges head first in midair. The official site notes this to be her signature Skill.
  • Ship Tease: Along with Shiori and Asuka, she gets the most moments with Kou.
  • Sixth Ranger: Seventh, technically, but she's still the only actual member of the XRC who joined after its founding.
  • The Tease: She sometimes likes to bring up the idea of causing a scandal by walking arm-in-arm with Kou, who isn't amused.
  • Tsundere: Somewhat, towards Kou, when she isn't being The Tease. This more or less goes away after she joins the party, where she's friendly to pretty much everybody, though it can still crop up, such as when she and Mitsuki are rescued by him and the party during the last chapter.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Her hair is colored pink.

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