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List of all characters in To The Farplane

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Yuna Braska

"I just don't want to wake up to find out this was just another dream,”

Merui Anari

"Even when we're crying and tired of crying, we still pray for the better days"


"So burn, you damned fools. Burn."

Elias L. Rocun

“Don't mind my friend here, he just really likes his sword.”

Demari Celeste




"YUNNIE!!! I'm coming!"

Ayame Uehara

“And if you dare move, I won't hesitate to send a bolt of lightning into your skull.”

Shura Baldovino

"Apologies for the strange method of communication. I'm mute."

Chanel Lise Watier

"But, at the end of it all... I guess I'm just a woman who's trying to find her way."

Ume Lebearu Noir

Vivian Aetus

"She’d make the whole world happy... but then I would have lost everything....."

Kiddan Schala

Sen Ajacuno

Ulian Goba Baria

“Just what the hell are you doing?”

Syrus Oxley

Dalthier "Atlas" Belias


Seymour Guado

Crysta Guado — Seymour Follower

"Yes... my name is Crysta... Crysta Guado at your service"

Cecil Harvey X

"All you have to do is say kill me... and I'll stop torturing you...."

Brynne Shaler

  • Gotta Kill Em All - since she didn't get to become a summoner, she's on a mission to kill all summoners

    Airship Crew 
the future Airship, Celeste, and her crew

Veata Nico Fleur — Captain/Mechanic

"Cheers to the end,"

Zephyr — Second/Gunner

"NO! Don't turn back! Run! Get outta here!"

Esti — Slave

Rihdan — Geohunter

    Other/Minor Characters 

    Character Archive 

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