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Character index for the Titansverse.

Work in progress.

Heroic Individuals and Organizations

  • Titans:
    • Current Members: Dick Grayson / Robin I / Nightwing, Hank Hall / Hawk, Dawn Granger / Dove II, Kory Anders / Koriand'r / Starfire, Garfield Logan / Beast Boy, Jericho Wilson, Rose Wilson / Ravager, Subject 13 / Conner / Superboy, Krypto
    • Former Members: Garth / Aqualad, Donna Troy / Wonder Girl, Jason Todd / Robin II, Rachel Roth / Raven
  • Doom Patrol:
    • Current Members: Dr. Niles Caulder / The Chief, Rita Farr / Elasti-Woman, Larry Trainor / Negative Man, Negative Spirit, Cliff Steele / Robotman, Kay Challis / Crazy Jane, Victor Stone / Cyborg
      • The Underground: Sylvia, Hammerhead, The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, Sun Daddy, Spinning Jenny, Flaming Katy, Baby Doll, Silver Tongue, Lucy Fugue, Flit, Penny Farthing, Dr. Harrison, Karen, The Secretary, Scarlet Harlot, The Nun, Kit W' the Canstick, Jill-In-Irons, Mama Pentecost, Pretty Polly, Driver Eight, Driller Bill, The Sisters, Jack Straw, Miranda, Black Annis, Kay, Daddy, The Balladeer, Stigmata
    • Former Members: Steve Dayton / Mento, Arani Desai / Celsius, Rhea Jones / Lodestone, Joshua Clay
    • Doom Patrol (Titans): Dr. Niles Caulder / The Chief, Rita Farr, Larry Trainor, Cliff Steele
  • Other Superheroes:
    • Justice League Bruce Wayne / Batman, Diana Prince / Wonder Woman, Clark Kent / Superman, Aquaman
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    • The Bat Family: Barbara Gordon
    • Others: Don Hall / Dove I, Roy Harper
    • Doom Patrol Other Superheroes: Bruce Wayne / Batman, The Flash, Hawkman

Villainous Individuals and Organizations

  • Titans Villainous Individuals and Organizations:
    • The Organization: Trigon, Dr. Adamson, The Nuclear Family, Angela Azarath
    • Cadmus Laboratories: Lex Luthor, Mercy Graves, Walter Hawn, Eve Watson
    • Deathstroke and Associates: Slade Wilson / Deathstroke, Wintergreen, Doctor Light
    • Independent Villains of the Titans: Acolyte, Konstantin Kovar, Selinda Flinders / Shimmer, Blackfire
    • Batman’s Rogue Gallery: The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face
  • Doom Patrol Villainous Individuals and Organizations:
    • Cult of the Unwritten Book: The Decreator, Martha Patterson / Mother Archon, Todd Patterson / Father Archon, Elliot Patterson / The Book, The Little Sisters of our Lady the Razor, The Hoodmen, The Dry Bachelors
    • Bureau of Normalcy: Darren Jones
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    • Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals: Ezekiel, Admiral Whiskers
    • Brotherhood of Evil: Ultimax, Monsieur Mallah
    • Independent Villains of the Doom Patrol: Eric Morden / Mr. Nobody, Doctor Fuchs, Steve Larsen / Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, Ernest Franklin / Beard Hunter, Dr. Jonathan Tyme, Red Jack

Other Powered Individuals:

  • Titans Powered Individuals:
    • Amazons: Jillian
    • Tamaraneans: Faddei
    • Metahumans: Shyleen Lao
  • Doom Patrol Powered Individuals:
    • Magicians: Willoughby Kipling
    • Metahumans: Flex Mentallo, Dorothy Spinner
    • Other: Danny the Street, Hershel, Darling Come Home, The Candlemaker


  • Titans Civilians: Amy Rohrbach, Alfred Pennyworth, James Gordon, Marie Granger, Holly Grander, Clayton Williams, Adeline, Martha Kent, Lionel Luthor, Lena Luthor, Melissa Roth
  • Doom Patrol Civilians: Sheryl Trainor, Paul Trainor, Silas Stone, Elinore Stone, Roni Evers, Kate Steele, Clara Steele, Bump Weathers, John Bowers


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