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Tina Winchester

Tina Winchester is the primary protagonist in Tina of the South. During the twelve years after the tragic death of her father, she lived under the care of Jeanette, working as a “waitress” for the Honey Pot. Despite being surrounded with caring and loving people she considers her new family, the memories of her father’s death continue to haunt her. It is the combination of her love for her new family and her desire to avenge her father often leads to her protecting them both with her rather abrasive tactics.


Luke Winchester

Luke Winchester is the Tina’s deceased father. While it is unclear as to why he was murdered, rumors have circulated around the community that he was hiding the fact that the mine was running low.


Lucy is one of Tina Winchester’s fellow coworkers at the Honey Pot, working as a waitress with Tina. She appears to be Tina’s best friend. In a letter to her in Chapter Two, she stated that Jim may be asking her out and that she is starting singing lessons.



Jeanette is the owner of the Honey Pot, a brothel. She is Tina’s mother figure, offering her guidance and caring for her well-being. She really does care for the safety of all her coworkers. While she was utterly shocked and concerned for Tina’s safety during her disappearance after Three-Chins Joe’s raid and Tina’s decision to become a bounty hunter, she will always support her choices.



Clarisse is one of Tina Winchester’s fellow coworkers at the Honey Pot. She is a talkative “entertainer.” And by entertainer, I mean whore. While her “dates” only want “relief,” she desire settling down with a nice sensitive fellow.

Three-Chins Joe

Three-Chins Joe is the central antagonist in Chapter One. He’s pretty much the Honey Pot and this town’s bully outlaws with his posse. Despite his rather fat stature and chauvinistic demeanor, he was nothing more than a coward who hid behind his posse. After being publicly humiliated and taken into custody to Nexus, he is murdered in his cell.

Coyote Brothers

The Coyote Brothers are Three-Chins Joe’s posse that follows through on any orders given. Tina managed to kill two of them, the first of which was her first actual kill. The third was captured as he threw up after seeing one of his brothers dead.

Dr. Brooks

Dr. Brooks is the local doctor.

Marshal Edward Bradley

Edward Bradley is the law enforcement that came to the Honey Pot and that town from Nexus. Based on his demeanor, he’s more open-minded and adventurous as opposed to his deputy, Gregory Wallace. He had “relations” with Tina, as he thought that she was an “entertainer”

Marshal Gregory Wallace

Gregory Wallace is Edward Bradley’s deputy. Unlike his superior, he is rather proper and sensitive, often nervously shrugging away from physical contact.


Hawkeye is a member of the Hazard Company that killed Three-Chins Joe.

Hazard Company

The Hazard Company is a secret organization that’s gathering military plans.


Sitala is the daughter of Hothlepoya. She is very skilled martial-artist and knife expert. She is very reluctant to trust Tina after learning that she is bounty hunter and not law enforcement. This distrust stems from settlers killing her mother several years ago. Based on her treatment of stridders, she doesn’t seem to care much for wildlife.


Hothlepoya is the father of Sitala and chief of the Rattler Tribe. He does seem to have a rather flirtatious attitude with Tina. But don’t let that fool you. He does care about his people and his daughter, fearing that her mother’s death is taking her down a dark and dangerous path.

Lenny and George

Lenny and George is Tina’s next bounty. They have been killing several Rattlers with new weapons.


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