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Jason T. Conrad
Voiced by: Mark Marten (Direct-to-video), Quinn Lord (T.V. version)

A seven-year-old boy who would much rather be at Space Camp than at his grandmum's cottage, he is the one who initially discovers the Penguins' ship in the attic (his sister discovered the Penguin figurines) and that the Penguins are alive, albeit by accidentally dropping the toy spaceship when he was trying to annoy Michelle.

At first, some of his adventures with the Penguins are his experiences only. Eventually, his sister goes with him on these missions.

Although he's smart and clever for his age, he can be a little selfish at times. Even though he'd like to be at Space Camp, he still manages to make the best out of his situation.

  • Meaningful Name: His name means "healer". His figuring out the way to complete some of the missions via quoting a Bible verse can be considered as "a healing the mission of its problems".
  • Mysterious Middle Initial: It's never stated what his middle initial stands for.

Michelle Frances Conrad
Voiced by: Melissa Peterson (Direct-to-video), Claire Corlett (T.V. version)

A seven-year-old girl who is Jason's older twin sister, albeit by five minutes, she is the one who discovered the Penguin figurines (her brother discovered the Penguins' ship later on). Initially, she didn't believe Jason when he told her the Penguins are alive. She does go on an adventure with the Penguins' after her brother.

Like her brother, she typically went with the Penguins alone. Later on, she and her brother would go on missions with the Penguins together.

Just like Jason, she is smart and clever for her age. Sometimes, she thinks she knows a lot, but she comes to realize that she has a lot of lessons to learn from her penguin friends. Unlike Jason, she doesn't like wearing her glasses.

Click here to see her face. 
Voiced by: Pamela Thomas ( Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn VHS release), Annie Walker-Bright (The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka - The Amazing Carnival of Complaining VHS releases), Kymberly Mellen (Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn - Moon Menace on Planet Tell-a-Lie! DVD releases), Ellen Kennedy (T.V. version)

The British grandmother of Jason and Michelle, her cottage is where Jason and Michelle are staying for the summer while their parents go on a business trip. She quotes a verse from The Good Book to them whenever she sees them acting up in any way, shape or form. Little does she know that every verse she quotes provides a way for her grandkids to complete missions whenever they're with the Penguins.

As you can see above, she has gone through quite the number of voice actors.

  • The Faceless: She always has something covering her face. However, her face has finally briefly appeared fully in "Moon Menace On Planet Tell-A-Lie" without anything covering it up.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She is a literal example of this trope.

     The Rockhopper Crew 

Voiced by: Ron Wells (Direct-to-video), John Payne (T.V. version)

As captain of the U.F.P.S Rockhopper, he does captain things like working on crossword puzzles and ordering his crew to retreat from anything that looks remotely dangerous. He is also pretty obsessed over his physical appearance. Sometimes, when he tries to complete a mission, he just makes matters worse.

Although he isn't that good of a captain, he is a talented pianist. His piano training began when he found an ad for a piano correspondence course on his jar of Jerry Lee Lewis Rock 'N Roll Hair Parmade. The reason why he took the piano is because he can always check his appearance on its shiny black mirror-like finish.

  • The Captain
  • Comical Overreacting: As the example below shows.
  • Expy: He is a cross between the heroic Captain James T. Kirk and the vain Ted Baxter.
  • Hammerspace Hair: Keeps his Comb here, etc...
  • Jerkass: When it comes to advice given to him on how to complete a mission, he's apathetic at best and rudely dismissive of it at worst. He even lampshades how much of a jerk he is when he says, "All it needed was one big jerk!" in "Runaway Pride at Lightstation Kilowatt".
  • Large Ham: Midgel lampshades this in "Fair and Square" when he holds of a picture of ham when Zidgel sings his second solo.
  • "Metaphor" Is My Middle Name: In the promo, he tries to say "Adventure is my middle name!"
  • Nobody Touches the Hair: In Lazy Daze, he tells Midgel, "I don't touch your buttons, you don't touch my 'do'."
  • Non-Mammalian Hair
  • Took a Level in Badass: In In the Big House, he manages to throw a replica of Saturn three times his size at Cavitus' ship to prevent him from escaping with the galeezel.

Voiced by: Greg Mills (Direct-to-video), Paul Dobson (T.V. version)


The ship's pilot and engineer of the U.F.P.S Rockhopper, Midgel managed to land his spot on the Rockhopper crew after an early mishap at the Academy. In this mishap, he successfully constructed an emergency beacon with nothing but a karaoke machine, parts from a build it yourself theremin and a battery constructed from two large lemons, a penny, and a paper-clip.

Even though he is the first officer, he's never seen taking command of the Rockhopper due to the circumstances allowing Zidgel to remain the one in command.

He took up the acoustic base after realizing the main skills required were counting to four and standing up.

  • Ace Pilot: Although his landing skills leave a lot to be desired, he still has the ability to successfully pilot the Rockhopper.
  • Captain Crash: His landings tend to be bumpy at best, and until Jason arrived, he had never even heard of landing gear.
    Jason: What went wrong?
    Fidgel: Wrong? That was a pretty good one! Spot on!
  • Hey, That's My Line!: He actually says this verbatim when the other members of the Rockhopper crew yell out his catchphrase in In the Big House.
  • Never Bareheaded: He is never seen without some sort of headgear.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: He can hold his own. Most of the time...

Voiced by: Page Hearn (Direct-to-video), Lee Tockar (T.V. version)

As the science officer of the Rockhopper, he's responsible for doing science things like speaking in Techno Babble (he does explain it sometimes), galeezeling Jason and/or Michelle into the ship, and using his scanner to sense things.

He received his advanced doctoral degree in psycho-aeronautics, after completing his dissertation, which proved that penguins, are in fact, aerodynamically capable. They just choose to waddle instead of fly because "waddle" sounds funnier, and penguins are one of the few birds capable of sustained comedy.

Technically speaking, he's the only member of the Rockhopper crew without musical talent. To make up for this, he invented a guitar that is controlled by how he imagines he could play if he did have musical talent.

Voiced by: Ron Smith (Direct-to-video), Michael Donovan (T.V. version)


As the Rockhopper's...Kevin, he has various duties such as janitor, substitute pilot, and interpreter of alien languages such as the language of the light bulbs of Lightstation Kilowatt and whatever language B.I.N.G. speaks.

He trained at the Academy on a full-ride drum scholarship and spent most of his time there in the band, where his assigned rank was airman 3RD class instrumental specialist. This lead to his mistaken assignment to the Penguin space crew when somebody at the federation apparently thought that Kevin's Instrumentally specialist meant that he was good at reading instruments, not playing them. Nonetheless, he has made special contributions to each and every penguins' mission.

  • Acrofatic: As stated below...
    Fidgel: For a big man, he's got a great vertical.
  • Genius Ditz: He had low scores at the Academy and was apparently was placed on the ship by mistake. However, he can understand the R2-D2-ish language of the light bulbs.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means "kind, gentle, handsome". Although he isn't exactly handsome, he is indeed kind and gentle.
  • Odd Name Out: The other penguins' names ends with "-idgel".
  • The Quiet One: Kevin doesn't speak much, and when he does, his sentences are only a few words long.
  • What, Exactly, Is His Job?: His Establishing Character Moment in the very first episode, after the rest of the crew are introduced and their jobs explained, Jason asks what Kevin does, and at that moment Kevin accidentally gets himself sucked into a vacuum cleaner, and Zidgel says "Uh, mostly just does that." He actually was assigned to the ship by mistake, as somebody thought he was trained in reading instruments, he actually was trained in playing musical instruments, but they kept him on the ship anyway to do various jobs and because he often proves to have useful skills on mission, such as in a few episodes where he translates alien languages.

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