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Characters / The Para-Verse: The ZONE

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     The Scavengers 

Those who came to the Zone on their own accord, for whatever reason. Whether that reason is for money, power, escape, or just to look at cool shit, was their business and theirs alone.

Jacob Miller

A near insane one-handed schizophrenic man, he is not the person that you'd expect to lead an expedition into the Zone, yet here he is.
  • The Alcoholic: It is a rare sight for him not to be drinking.
  • Conditioned to Accept Horror: Miller is astonishingly apathetic towards Zone phenomena, even when facing his own demise.
  • Guilt Complex: He is regularly wracked with guilt over his actions, most notably due to his taking part in the events that accidentally created the Zone
  • The Leader: Technically, since nobody else has stepped up.
  • Shout-Out: Is based on famous journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

Valerie Deckard

The straight man (woman). After her husband and child's disappearance, she feels obliged to follow Miller to find them. To a degree, she can be nihilistic, but is generally quiet and reserved.

Tobias Salk

A sleazy snake oil salesman with a lab coat, Salk practically drips with douchebag. Conflicted? Yes. Still an asshole? Yes.
  • The Cynic: Oh, and big time.
  • Labcoat of Science and Medicine: There's really no reason for him to wear one, especially one this filthy, in the middle of nowhere.
  • Snake Oil Salesman: Is revealed to have once sold potentially dangerous Zone artifacts to dumb kids, which most likely led to their deaths.
  • The Spock: Cold and logical, this complements his cynical viewpoint well.

Walter Keele

A depressed physicist and researcher, who's entire family was killed during the initial Zone outbreak. Is killed by a giant spider outside of Dry Lake, and is subsequently replaced by his doppelgänger Roy.


A mysterious hooded man who befriends Walter in the town of Glendale. Tough, cold, and sociopathic, Roy is shrouded in mystery. After Walter's untimely death, he reveals himself to be his doppelgänger and replaces him.


An old black man who frequently hacks into The Institute's and the government's databases and systems. Watches over the Zone group until they reach his base, at an old truck stop in Arrolime.

Katori Yuki

A supermodel turned scavenger, Katori Yuki is a beautiful Asian woman who is largely glanced over by the rest of the group. After her death at the hands of Giuseppe, she turns into a worm bird human cannabalistic hybrid.

Giuseppe Mann

A quirky police officer who lived in Nevada before the Zone incident. After his return back, he slowly loses his mind after a black hole sucks him up, and The Yellow Man possesses him.

Winston Garnett

A failed writer from Alabama, he came to the Zone in order to save his parents' farm, provide them with medical support, and get rich. A little too trustworthy of others, and a bit naive.

Callum Domhain

A one armed teen from Ireland. After his parents death in a tragic car accident, he moved in with his aunt and uncle, and later ran away to the Zone, where he lost his arm. Kind, submissive, and angsty.

Jeremy Browne

A very angry British tour guide. Abrasive, loud, and to some obnoxious, he has a big talk about his fantastic (and deadly) tour guides.

Patrick Ausman

An optimistic college dropout, Patrick, despite being a very friendly Pretty Boy, never had any friends or significant others. He comes to the Zone to get money for his parents own failing financial state.


A somewhat feminine looking ladies man. A carefree animal lover, his plan after getting rich is to blow it all on crack and hookers, then do it all over again.

Alexander Lee

A quiet, middle-aged photographer. His parents Korean immigrants, he lived in Los Angeles for most of his life. The 1992 LA Riots were his claim to fame, where he shot many of the famous pictures used in newspapers and articles since.

Cole Batista

A lanky, survivalist college student who makes the poor decision of heading to the Zone, so he can put it on his resume. Perceptive, selfish, and his father already had business in shady government organizations.

Damion Turner

A former marine and PMC, he's blunt, reckless, and a little dim. Swears like a sailor and considered by most to be an asshole.

     The Left Behind 
While Nevada was mostly evacuated during the Zone's beginning, some people were unfortunately left behind.

Kimberly Tallow

A malnourished and mentally unwell teenager, she is detached from the world. After her parents death, she stayed in the Zone where she met clones of herself.

Tracy Howland

A fourteen year old girl who was left in the Zone after being orphaned. She was apprenticed by another scavenger, but he was killed by a different scavenger, whom she hunted down callously.


     The Displacements 

While some came to the Zone on their own, others were unfortunately placed there by spatial anomalies. Whether from a different time entirely, or another dimension, they did not want to be here.

Kim and KT

The two versions of Kimberly from a different, it is generally unknown how they got there. Kim is a lot more meek, while KT is loud and does anything to protect her "sisters."

Richard Spencer

A displaced soldier from a future American Civil War event. Paranoid and borderline insane, every time he dies he comes back, no matter what.

Silvas Thompson

A poker player from Vegas, he and the players he was against one fateful night all disappeared two years into the future. Being lost out in the Zone for a while, it began to take a toll on his mind. Boastful, cheery, and a sarcastic man that many hate, he's a love him or hate him sort of guy.

Staff Sergeant Blake Hawkins

A tomboy since she was a child, her hair is cut short and her temper is even shorter. The hot blooded woman was transported to the Zone while traveling in a military humvee, a few years into the future.

Lieutenant Brit Nicolson

A little bit eccentric if anything, Nicholson was a member of the Civil Air Patrol. A gun-nut and a little quiet, she was transported to the Zone after touching an orb of light.


A Nazi from an alternate dimension where Germany won, he is a bit more sympathetic than his distant relatives. In his reality, it was still present day, but the Holocaust was not an often taught event. Was brought to the Zone after being made a Guinea pig who stepped through a mysterious portal.


A rancher during the 1800s, he joined a vigilante group soon after his parents' deaths. He learned how to shoot well fighting off bandits, and settled down at 24. While on a trip to California, he mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind his wife and children.

    The Initiative 
A mysterious and immoral subsection of the government. They send special agents and anomalies out to do their dirty work, and torturing for the "good of mankind" is not beneath them.

Agent Clarice Faustus

This blonde woman may feel bad about what she does, but she does it anyway. Tasked with hunting down Valerie and Miller (as well as one other man) she wishes to do her job well.


A Junk-Folk with a camcorder on his head and an affinity for old cowboy movies, he normally used a morse code machine to communicate, but later took on the voice of Clint Eastwood.

    The Dimension Hoppers 
There are certain people who do not obey the laws of physics. Whether it be through the power of their mind or special devices, they can travel to other dimensions willingly.

Jennifer Louise Paulson

A selfish, bitter redhead. Often making up her own back stories for herself, she struggles with alcohol and being a sociopath. She's a murderer, a dirty fighter, and just someone who should not be messed with.

John Doe

A psychopathic man with a sports bike and a helmet covering his face. He is a messy, brutal psychopath that believes that killing the Zone group will save the universes from The Church. He leaves the rotten corpses around, and takes a certain pleasure in maiming them in various ways.

    The Eldritch 
A variety group of Eldritch Abominations that, for some reason or another, are scary and pretty bad.

The Black King

The Priestess

The Church

The Emissary

The Yellow Man

    The Anomalies 
These are the wretched souls that are trapped inside the Zone. Whether they are dangerous or not, doesn't matter, other than you should likely avoid them.


    The Redshirts 
These are the poor souls who only survived a little bit in the Zone. Most of them did not survive even a single chapter, and died in horrifically violent ways.

Avva Walker

Harold Dumonte

Myeong Songhyeon

Walter "Runner" Richardson

Janus "Mongol" Cascade

Jeremy Clifford

Benny Moore

Francois C. Martin

Jacob Bentley


Jon Carlton

Lincoln "Richard" Hex

Sakae Tsukinomiya


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