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The Adults

     Claire Bennigan 
An FBI agent specializing in child psychology, Claire is introduced to Drill through Harper's case. From there, she becomes the most determined member of the investigation of and defence against whatever Drill is. Her son, Henry, is one of Drill's friends, and her husband, Sean, has been missing since a bizarre incident for the Air Force.
     Sean Bennigan 
Volunteered for an Air Force mission when he found out about Claire and Wes' affair, and disappeared over Russia.
  • Human Notepad: Wherever his tattoos have been coming from, they seem to be leading him to wherever Drill will go next.
  • Identity Amnesia: Woke up in the desert with no memory. Drill gives him back to himself after the Reactor.
     Wes Lawrence 
Another FBI agent working against Drill, his daughter Minx has been playing with Drill.
  • The McCoy: Advising Winters, vs Frommer's Spock.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Carried on an affair a few years back with Claire. Still has some level of feelings for her.
     Lena Lawrence 
Wes' wife and Minx' mother. Their marriage has been strained since his affair.
     Jessup Rollins 
Claire's partner in the FBI.
  • Agent Scully: Initially, understandably reticent to believe that Drill is a supernatural extraterrestrial.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Generally by the book, but draws a firm line at mistreating children.
     Dr. Maria Benavidez 
After being kidnapped by an amnesiac patient, Dr. Benavidez becomes the team's medical advisor.
"Where I'm from, when people are rounded up-"
"This isn't like that."
"Isn't it?"
     President Winters 
  • The Kirk: Not a major character, but makes executive decisions between emotional and utilitarian advisors.
     Secretary of Defense Frommer 
  • The Spock: Between Wes and Winters, is the most ruthless.
     Daniel Goetz 
A strange man who has been keeping tabs on families Drill has been in contact with

The Kids

     Harper Weil 
Drill's first playmate we meet. As part of their game, she drops her mother out of a treehouse, putting her in a coma.
     Minx Lawrence 
Wes and Lena's daughter, Minx has had a hard enough time watching her parents fight, even before Drill came to play. She made the deal that, if she won the game, her parents would love each other again.
     Henry Bennigan 
Claire and Sean's son. In exchange for playing with Drill, he wanted his dad to come home.

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