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This is a list of characters that have appeared so far in The War of Drekis.

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     Heroes Of Khazan 
Tropes pertaining to superhero-type characters in the story, typically aligned with major hero organizations such as The Sentinels or Maniacal Heroes, as well as unaffiliated heroes, adventurers and vigilantes.

Sentinels of Liberty and Justice

Abbreviated as SLJ, or simply referred to as The Sentinels, The Sentinels are Khazan's most renowned, premier superhero organization, and possess a long history of defending the Nexus from all manner of threats. Naturally, as the menace of the Drekis Empire looms over the horizon, The Sentinels were among the first to respond to the call for heroes - however, the legions of Drekis would prove to be an unprecedented foe, the likes of which have not been seen since their battle against The Fallen under the leadership of Quietus.

Tropes applying to The Sentinels in general

  • The Alliance: Has close working relationships with Khazan's government agencies such as the police and military, and can call on their resources and personnel for support.
  • Big Good: Comes with being Khazan's #1 superhero organization.
  • The Cape: Though not all of them fit the bill in terms of outfit, their expected code of conduct and public etiquette places Sentinels squarely in this territory.
  • Good Is Old-Fashioned: Their emphasis on chivalry and maintaining a prim and proper superhero image has often been mocked as outdated by their more antiheroic counterparts, the Maniacal Heroes.
  • Heroes "R" Us: Is one of the most well-funded and publicized hero organizations on the face of Khazan, is of the heroic organisation variety. For every costumed super in the SLJ that's out on the field, there are plenty of non-powered (or those whose powers are unsuited for combat) agents in support roles such as administration, public relations, finance, etc.
  • Ideal Hero: What the values of the SLJ embody.

Noteworthy Sentinels

A list of SLJ-aligned characters who play a notable role in The War of Drekis.


Character created by: Vadakhan
Troper's approximation of in-story appearance

Overview: Not a native of Khazan, Uberman was originally a Jewish scientist who lived in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II. In an attempt to fight back against the Nazi forces, he and his son secretly smuggled materials to construct for himself a suit of Powered Armor. Things went badly, which resulted in his son dying and the scientist being paralyzed from neck-down courtesy of a bullet piercing his spine - turning what was originally intended as a suit of armor to be modified to become a life-support device for him as well. In his alternate timeline, he was able to capture Adolf Hitler alive and bring him to justice. After the war, Uberman (as he would come to be known to the public) would go on to become a career superhero in the United States, before eventually finding his way to Khazan where he rose through the ranks of The Sentinels to become their current acting leader.

Timothy Shinestar

Character created by: Robotech Master
Troper's approximation of in-story appearance

Overview: A conflicted 20-year (at the start of the story) old with mysterious silver hair who knows next to nothing about his past, with the only clue about his backstory being a Cool Sword that he inherited from his father, who was allegedly a great hero who once fought Drekis' forces and scored a major victory over the Avatar of Chaos. He has two main motivations in life - to find out the truth behind his father, and to walk in his footsteps as a hero.

Raea Shalhalla

Character created by: Robotech Master
Troper's approximation of in-story appearance

Overview: Timothy's Childhood Friend who shares similar dreams of becoming a hero, having grown up alongside him when her family adopted the then-orphaned Tim. Originally enlisted in the Khazan Military, at the age of eighteen she'd barely served for a year before her application to join the ranks of the SLJ was approved, leading to her being honorably discharged from the military to allow her to join the FPL. She fights alongside Tim, and provides a cooler head to his often conflicted mindset.

  • Action Girl: As an ex-soldier and frontline member of The Sentinels, this much is to be expected.
  • Almighty Janitor: Holds the mere rank of private in the Khazan Military, but as a Sentinel she is in a position that would make even high-ranking officers of the Khazan Military envious.
  • Badass Normal: Has no superhuman or supernatural powers to speak of, just her military training and a cool suit of Powered Armor.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: Has a crush on Timothy Shinestar.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Raea displays shades of this whenever Timothy is seen in the company of another attractive female, stating that as long as he's with one, she isn't letting them out of her sight for one moment.
  • Fiery Redhead: Has an energetic personality to match her hair color.
  • Improbable Age: Became a Sentinel on the same year she enlisted in the Khazan Military, at the age of 18. Justified by her Teen Genius capabilities.
  • Powered Armor: To compensate for her lack of superpowers.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The blue to Timothy's red.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Whenever she's outside of uniform.

Vincentzo Maiinverno

Character created by: Treuion
Troper's approximation of in-story appearance

Overview: Also a non-native of Khazan, Vincentzo originally hails from a Sword & Sorcery fantasy world where he was the prince of his own kingdom, but a millennia before the events of The War of Drekis, their enemies cast a powerful spell which banished his entire kingdom to another dimension, a dark realm where they were under constant invasion by demonic forces. Desperate to find a new home for his people, through a miracle he and his adoptive brother managed to escape the dark realm, where they have traveled the multiverse in search of any means to rescue the populace of his kingdom and locate them to a new home. As the self-appointed ruler of Araelis, a state-kingdom whose government has recently collapsed through an undisclosed series of events, Vincentzo works to rebuild the nation into a state fit for his people to call their new home. But as fate would have it, Drekis' ambitions would put a damper to his plans.

Trent Young, aka. Captain Khazan

Character created by: Vadakhan
Troper's approximation of in-story appearance

Overview: Before he became the superhero known as Captain Khazan, there was a man named Trent Young, a typical everyman who works as a middle manager in an accounting firm of no particular note in Khazan City. All of that changed one day, when a deranged supervillain set off a nuclear bomb at the building where he works, destroying his workplace and devastating everything within a 10 mile radius of the explosion. 12 million died that day... save for Trent, who soon discovered that instead of killing him, something inside the nuclear explosion changed him, granting him with Super Strength and Nigh-Invulnerability. It became apparent that he could never go back to his normal life as he and his family struggled to cope with his newfound abilities, culminating with his wife filing for divorce and winning custody of the children. All alone in this world, Trent found himself Driven to Suicide but was unable to take his life on account of his Super Toughness, where none of his suicide methods could harm him. In his darkest hour, he turned to The Sentinels, who took him under their wing and trained him as a hero. Due to his former background as an average Joe, at their suggestion he took on the codename Captain Khazan, to reflect on his everyman roots and to act as a symbol of justice and hope to the common citizens of Khazan.

Maniacal Heroes

The go-to Anti-Hero organization of Khazan, though they're not officially an "organization" as they have no government backing or sponsorship of any kind - and unlike the Sentinels they do not possess a central leadership, instead opting to operate in regional "cells" not unlike terrorist organizations. The embodiment of Good Is Not Soft, these are the Darker and Edgier elements of Khazan's heroes who take it upon themselves to enforce justice through more violent means. Although as long as they don't get too extreme in their methods, they are for the most part tolerated by law enforcement and The Sentinels.

Tropes common to the Maniacal Heroes

  • Anti-Hero: Typically of the Pragmatic Hero variety. Thou Shalt Not Kill is a good thing, but a common sentiment among the Maniacal Heroes is that sometimes it's better to kill one to save a hundred.
  • Combat Pragmatist: A popular strategy of the Maniacal Heroes is to make use of every possible advantage they have.
  • Good Is Not Soft: A prerequisite of being a Maniacal Hero is the willingness to get one's hands bloody. While Sentinels would typically see the use of force as a regrettable last resort, Maniacal Heroes on the other hand think it's the best way to instill a fear of God into evildoers by giving them a well-deserved righteous beatdown.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Their core philosophy, although they have limits to how far that can go.

Maniacal Heroes of note

Veda Lexine

Character created by: Vadakhan
Troper's approximation of in-story appearance

Overview: A traveling swordswoman who currently resides in Karia prior to the outbreak of the war, years ago she sustained severe injuries while battling an evil esper known as Dementia - which were largely psychic nature that left their scars upon her mind, eventually ending up under the care of a powerful psychic known as The Great Mentalist, who for all his power could not fully reverse the damage Dementia had done. In the process of his attempts to treat Veda Lexine, he found out that Dementia's attack upon the swordswoman's psyche had inadvertently awakened abilities in her that Veda never even knew she possessed. Under The Great Mentalist's tutelage, Veda Lexine learned how to use her newfound abilities, namely the ability to channel her pain into her sword - a katana - that allows her to not only damage her foes physically, but mentally as well. Using a technique called the Shen Si Jian, she is able to drain her enemies' psychic fortitude to strengthen her own. Joined the Maniacal Heroes because she's a firm believer that killing wrongdoers is a necessary evil if the situation calls for it.

  • Anti-Hero: Par for course with any member of the Maniacal Heroes.
  • Blessed with Suck: Still bears the psychic scars of her past encounter with Dementia that continue to torment and cause her pain to this day, but on the upside, she's learned how to channel this pain to wield as a weapon against evildoers.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Has her mind torn apart by a rogue mentalist, spent years recovering from the trauma and even now she still bears the scars upon her psyche.
  • The Determinator: A prerequisite for being able to live through the lingering aftereffects of a Mind Rape.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Showcases the Maniacal Heroes' brand of frontier justice in her first battle by cutting off a Marauder's arm.
  • Katanas Are Just Better
  • Knight Errant: Wherever she goes, she finds wrongs to right.
  • Mind Rape: Received one courtesy of Dementia years ago; and thanks to The Great Mentalist's training she can inflict upon evildoers her own brand of the same too, where they will experience the same pain and trauma she had to endure when her mind was torn asunder by Dementia.
  • Rōnin: Evoked by her tendency to wander, usage of a katana and code of honor.
  • Technical Pacifist: Dislikes violence and bloodshed, but when push comes to shove she generally has little qualms about using lethal force to end an evildoer's reign of terror.
  • Terror Hero: When she isn't outright slaying evildoers, she'd be making them feel her pain to scare them straight.


     Khazan's Finest 
A list of tropes related to elements of the the non-hero uniformed services under the Khazan Government such as its military, law enforcement, etc.

Tropes common to Khazan's Finest

Noteworthy Units

Below is a list of units that have notable roles and/or significant screentime during the story, includes tropes related to the unit in general, and various key personnel within their ranks.

Khazan Rangers

An elite unit within the Khazan Armed Forces that specialize in stealth, deep reconnaissance and counter-insurgency operations, the Rangers are experts at conducting intel-gathering and search-and-destroy missions deep within enemy territory, often operating in very hostile terrain located outside of Khazan's cities.

Tropes that are common to the Khazan Rangers

  • Army Scout: Their entire gimmick in a nutshell.
  • Elite Army: Has earned a reputation as one of the Khazan Military's most badass units.
  • Scarily Competent Tracker: They're trained to scout out and hunt down villains and insurgents who set up their bases of operations on some of the most inhospitable wilderness regions of Khazan, often known and dreaded for their Death World-like conditions, so this is pretty much a prerequisite.
  • Schizo Tech: In a world where ultra-tech weaponry like laser pistols, rail guns, plasma rifles and particle beam cannons are commonplace, the signature weapon of the Khazan Rangers is the repeating crossbow. Subverted however, since the Ranger crossbows are outfitted with ultra-tech augmentations that make them far more rugged, more precise and deadlier than any Earth-manufactured crossbow.

Khazan Rangers of note

A list of noteworthy Khazan Ranger characters.

Louis Freebird, aka. "Scout"

Character created by: speakeasy
Troper's approximation of in-story appearance

Overview: A grizzled veteran of the Khazan Rangers, Louis appears to be born for this role as he was born and raised in a village located deep within the jungles of Khazan - where even before joining the military he was raised to have keen knowledge of how to live off the land. As a child, his village came to be attacked and occupied by a terrorist organization looking to establish a base of operations. It wasn't until months later, that his hometown would be discovered and liberated by a strike force of Khazan Rangers. Inspired by their heroism, Louis enlisted with the military to become a Ranger himself, where his innate knowledge of field craft and wilderness survival allowed him to quickly climb the ranks to become a highly-decorated leader of the Khazan Rangers.

Khazan Army 478th Mechanized Division

The most prominently-featured Khazan Military unit in the story, the 478th are a squadron of ace pilots in the Khazan Army that specialize in mechanized warfare, piloting powerful war mechs, they form the backbone of the Khazan Military's heavy weapons support whenever they make an appearance. (Due to individual characters in the 478th getting very little screentime - I.e. They're always shown together, the 478th's entry will treat the squadron as a single character.)

Tropes of the 478th Mechanized Division

Khazan Mobile Police

An elite contingent within the Khazan Police Department, the KMP is the KPD's crisis response specialists. Outfitted with sophisticated police mechs known as the MARS. (Mobile Armored Robot Suit), the men and women of the mobile police are who the KPD turn to in the most extreme of crisis situations such as an Alien Invasion, terrorist attack, mass rioting and the like. Unlike the war mechs used by the military, the KMP mechs represent a revolutionary breakthrough in the form of possessing an onboard Artificial Intelligence that possesses sentience, making each and every KMP officer's MARS not just a war machine, but a partner. With the threat of the Drekis Empire brewing, the KMP have thus been deployed to bolster the ranks of the Khazan Military's mechanized division.

Common tropes of the Khazan Mobile Police

Khazan Mobile Police officers of note

A list of noteworthy characters aligned with the Khazan Mobile Police.

Officer Jennifer Chase

Character created by: Lawman
Troper's approximation of in-story appearance

Overview: A born and bred native Khazanian, young Jennifer Chase had a fairly typical and unremarkable life growing up, being the only child to a very average but workaholic couple who spent more time in the office than with the family. While today she looks back from time to time and misses the fact she lacked a proper childhood of going on holidays or celebrating birthdays with her parents just like her friends, in hindsight she's grateful that this also taught her to grow up at a young age gave her plenty of freedom to be her own person - which was what led her to believe that law enforcement was the path she wanted to take in life. Thus, while most of her friends enrolled for college or searched for employment upon graduating high school, Jen instead made a beeline for the KPD Academy, where she passed with flying colors... Only to find her dream job wasn't all cracked up to be - far from living out a cop show, she instead found herself passing her days handling police calls and filing reports; which was no different from the white-collar corporate life her parents led. All that changed a year into her (boring) job when she was approached by an officer acting as a recruitment scout for the Khazan Mobile Police, who'd been looking for promising young officers in the force. With her outstanding record from the academy and exemplary performance, Jen fit the bill perfectly. After three months of grueling training, she would be one of the 36 cadets out of over a hundred hopefuls to make it through the training course to become a KMP officer, where she would be assigned to her own MARS-550 unit which she christened as Metalneck. Originally stationed in Khazan City, her impressive record prior to the outbreak of the war would see her and Metalneck get transferred to Xaelon in an attempt to halt the advance of Drekis' legions.

  • Ace Pilot: One of the most hotshot MARS pilots on the force.
  • Action Girl: Conducted herself admirably during the ill-fated defense of Xaelis. Despite the city eventually falling into enemy hands, Jen and Metalneck distinguished themselves in combat, even going so far as destroying several of the much-feared Bio-Fighters on their own.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Not Jen herself, but Metalneck gets this treatment courtesy of the missiles in his shoulder-mounted missile launcher getting detonated by a Bio-Fighter.
  • Bash Brothers: Forms this duo together with Metalneck.
  • Book Dumb: Implied to be the reason she chose not to go to college; she never had the patience for books.
  • Jumped at the Call: Wasted no time at signing up for the Mobile Police when presented with the opportunity.
  • Machine Empathy: Is often said to "understand" her MARS unit in ways most of her fellow KMP officers aren't capable of.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: Unleashes one during the battle of Xaelis.
  • Wrench Wench: She's quite adept at doing field repairs on Metalneck should the need arise.

     The Drekis Empire 
The Drekis Empire is, for all intents and purposes but an empire In Name Only, as it lacks any sort of formal governing structure, geopolitical borders or diplomatic relationships, other than the fact that its innumerable legions possess Undying Loyalty to their ruler, Drekis, and that every inhabited world that encountered them is considered fair game for conquest and assimilation into his empire. Not much is known about its ruler, who is often considered a stuff of legends. But the threat of his minions is very real, and after their previous defeat in the War of Oblivion's Fall, they have returned to set their sights on a new prize; The Nexus of All Realities, Khazan itself.

General tropes pertaining to the Drekis Empire


Character created by: Robotech Master
Troper's approximation of character appearance

Overview: (Self-Demonstrating Article) So this is what you humans call "TV Tropes"? Intriguing... and because you asked and since I'm feeling generous at the moment, allow me to grace you with some knowledge about myself. As you already know, I am Drekis, the undisputed ruler of the Drekis Empire and mastermind of this very conflict that's engulfing Khazan. But what of my origins, you ask? To be honest, my own backstory are a mystery even to myself. And needless to say, I've invested a significant portion of my timeless existence scouring the arcane libraries and forbidden archives of worlds my legions have brought to heel, just so that I may learn more about myself. The accounts vary from civilization to civilization, but one consistent point among all state that back when the universe was young, there existed a race known as the Aelsheans, supposedly the first species to evolve sapience. Having millions of years' worth of a headstart over other sapients, it was said that at the height of their power, the Aelsheans were seen as an empire of demigods by lesser races. But even as more primitive civilizations looked up to them as deities, the Aelsheans themselves are very much mortal... and fallible. As with all great empires that followed, the Aelsheans became a victim of their own greed and arrogance. The exact details have been lost to time, but as the myths about the Aelsheans go, all of this eventually culminated in a catastrophic civil war that in a scant two hundred years all but destroyed what took them millions of years to build. Lacking a proper government at this point, they turned to religion for leadership and guidance. And that would be where I begin to come into the picture. The high priests and prophets of the Aelsheans believed that the only way to save their species from extinction would be to somehow gain mastery over the eight Cosmic Precepts of their religion - an eternal balance between the Altar of Light, which is further divided into Peace, Love, Bliss and Order and the Altar of Darkness, divided into War, Hatred, Sorrow and Chaos. They embarked on an ambitious, grand experiment to attain apotheosis, to ascend volunteers chosen by their prophets to become physical avatars of the cosmic precepts - then, they believed would grant them the powers of creation at their fingertips.

     Other Heroes 
Miscellaneous heroic characters of note who don't fit into the categories of Heroes of Khazan or Khazan's finest, being neither affiliated with the Nexus' hero organizations nor its government agencies, but nonetheless actively involved in fighting against the scourge of the Drekis Empire.

Telissa Ravan

Character created by: Robotech Master
Troper's approximation of in-story appearance

Overview: One of the last few surviving members of a human-like race known as the Thal'Vri, a highly-advanced civilization of Perfect Pacifist People whose society can be best described as a Utopia. At the end of Drekis' genocidal campaign against the Thal'Vri, their numbers dwindled down from billions to less than five hundred. Fueled by a thirst for vengeance, Telissa would go on to sign up for a Bounty Hunter agency known as the Seekers, in hopes of finding any leads on the whereabouts of Drekis. Her relentless quest would eventually lead her to Khazan, but she would find that things are about to get a lot bigger than just her quest for revenge.


Character created by: Lawman
Troper's approximation of in-story appearance

Overview: An apprentice to the Powers That Be of Khazan, the enigmatic but powerful entities who can best be described as the invisible hands that turn the wheel of fate. Acting on her masters' orders, she has been instructed to locate Timothy Shinestar and ensure his safety, due to him playing an important role in the conflict with the Drekis Empire.

  • An Ice Person: A secondary effect of her powers, but is nowhere as potent as the ice powers wielded by the likes of Yagami Shinsuke, Toc Darkone or Tundra.
  • Barrier Maiden: Is acting under the orders of one of the Powers That Be to protect Timothy Shinestar, so that he fulfills his prophesied role.
  • Blow You Away: Her main power set, which also overlaps with An Ice Person; Tiara is an adept at controlling the winds both in a combative and utility capacity, and her winds carry an icy chill to them, freezing their targets as it buffets them with hurricane-force gales.
  • Cool Big Sis: Her protectiveness towards Tim sometimes causes her to show shades of this, which sometimes extends to Raea as well.
  • Dragons Are Divine: Can be considered low-level divinity, and has an ice dragon familiar, thus fulfilling this trope.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: Has a familiar named Neva, which is a Chinese-styled dragon composed of animated solid ice that she can summon if things are looking bad.

     Other Villains 


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