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Characters / The Unspeakable Vault (of Doom)

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A quick guide to the characters of the Unspeakable Vault.

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    The Great Old Ones 


Expy of Cthulhu, and the most featured Old One of the comic. Much like Cthulhu, he appears to be a giant octopus-headed being with dragon wings. Obese and lazy, as Cthulhoo has a habit of eating too many cultists.


Giant humanoid fish being that carries a giant rock. Worshiped by the Deepoines, but not immune from his wrath. Also, close pals with Cthulhoo. Dagon's expy.


Fish people who worship Cthulhoo and Dagoon, despite they're being used as food or toys by them. Like the Deep Ones' they're based off of, they have a number of hybrids.


Insect-like aliens who steal human brains and put them in jars.


Nyarlathotep Expy, whose default form in the comic is a purple walking tentacle. Nyarly attempts to corrupt or destroy mankind through dark knowledge and secrets. These days, he uses the Internet to accomplish his goals. But more often, he tends to hang out.

Hast- er... The Unspeakable

Tentacled horror who wears a bright yellow costume and mask, carrying a staff with the Yellow Sign. Just don't say his name. Expy of He Who Is Not To be Named.


Pink sapient (but stupid) piles of goo that are mostly eyes and teeth. Based off the Shoggoths.


Expy of Shub-Niggurath, and likewise the mother of a lot of young. Looks like a giant puffy purple/red thing with horns and hooves.


A Hound of Tindalos, and pet of the Great Old Ones. A pale blue skinny dog.


Old One whose form is that of sickly blue-green body, with no head, and mouth in his palms. Loves pranks. Based off Ramsey Campbell's Y'golonac.


The Key and The Gate, Master of space and time, whose visage is a series of colored bub- I mean spheres. Yog-Sothoth's Expy.


Azathoth Expy, but unlike other characters, his character design doesn't look like the original. Understandable, since Ultimate Chaos would be a bit difficult to draw. Instead, Zathoth appears as a huge grey, many tentacled being with a large red tongue. Not very intelligent, and only says "G!".

    Human Characters 

Agent John and Agent John

Two Men in Black working for Beta Red: a secret government agency that fights the Mythos. They do their job...very pathetically. Based off Delta Green.


Human worshipers of the Old Ones, and a nutritional source of food.

Erich Zann

Old musician whose music is the only thing that stands between us and UNSPEAKABLE HORROR. Or so he thinks; The GO Os just think his music is great.


People who probe the mysteries of the Mythos, and battle its horrors...very badly.


Researchers and explorers seeking out the mysteries of the universe...and accidentally discover the Old Ones. Seek fame and fortune. Often victims of the Mi-Goo.

Randolf And Carter

Dreamers traveling through the Dreamlands. Although at awe what they see, they tend to get into misunderstandings.

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