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The Jackals

    In general 
    Black Jackal 

Black Jackal/Peter Opera

The Leader of the team. He can sometimes get a bit bossy.
    Green Jackal 

Green Jackal/Iiw Opera

Number Two of the team. She wishes to be a singer, but is not quite there yet.
    Magenta Jackal 

Magenta Jackal/Melvin Trollson

The Smart Guy of the team.
    Dark Blue Jackal 

Dark Blue Jackal/Nudie Foodie

The member of the team prone to making rash decisions.
    Light Blue Jackal 

Light Blue Jackal/Johnny Guider

The Big Guy of the team.
  • Pungeon Master: He has more than a few groaners in his repertoire.
  • X-Ray Vision: His Jackal Power is Vision, which allows him to see anything, even through solid surfaces.
    Grey Jackal 

Grey Jackal/Ricardo Wizardo

The Quiet One of the team.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He has immense technological prowess.
  • Gravity Master: His Jackal Power is Gravity, which allows him to throw a Hater through the air with ease.
    Red Jackal 

Red Jackal/Jackal President

The Mentor of the team. Unbeknownst to them, he was the leader of the original team of Jackals.
    Jackal Babies 
The children of the Black and Green Jackals, born during The Jackals In A Movie Adventure: Presidentrouble!



    In general 
A tribe of enhanced humans who live on the island of Bastulinia.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: One of the ways that Bastulinity is protected.
  • Kamehamehadoken: Bastulins get around problems normal people use technology to solve with Blastulins, which are fired from the hands and have a variety of effects.
  • Ludd Was Right\Technophobia: Their entire philosophy rejects technology.
    Evan Bastulin 
Leader of the Bastulinian High Guard.
    Mona Bastulin 
Evan's wife, and second-in-command of the Bastulinian High Guard.
  • Technicolor Fire: The first Blastulin she mastered was the Blue Fire Blastulin.
If you were looking for the Bastu-Baby of the main series, click here.

The son of Evan and Mona. He sometimes struggles with performing Blastulins.

  • Catchphrase: "Bastu-Bastu-Baby!"
  • Hulking Out: An angered scream allows him to transform into the fearsome Bastu-Monster-Baby.
  • Technicolor Fire: In his debut episode, he somehow combines the Fire and Blue Fire Blastulins to create a green flame.
    Bastulin Captain 
The Leader (and founder) of Bastulinia.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: He calls himself the Bastulin Captain to keep the fact that he is the Mega Bastulin, the founder of Bastulinia.

Flame Icarus

    Billy Baker 
A sandwich shop owner/environmentalist who found a mysterious crystal in the ocean.
    Mentor Jake 
The former Flame Icarus. He seeks to help Billy master his powers.

Blade Crew

    In general 
  • Arch-Enemy: The team fights against the 12 Groups organisation.
  • Power Trio
  • Secret Identity: Averted. The people of Jackal City know who the Blade Crew are when not fighting crime, and what jobs they do.
    • Blade is a carver of wood who makes decorative statues.
    • Fists is a therapist who holds various sessions all based around feet (barefoot walks, foot massages, Friendly Tickle Torture, etc).
    • Guns is a member of a hunting club.

Bruno Bennett/Blade

The Leader of the team.

Fiona Fletcher/Fists

The Chick of the team.

Gus Griffiths/Guns

The third member of the team, and Blade's best friend.
    Blade Boss 

Blade Boss/The Mighty Claws

The team's mentor. In the past, he was The Mighty Claws, and protected the rich part of Jackal City.

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