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Characters / The Spectacular Omniverse - The W.I.T.C.H. Multiverse

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    The Guardians of Kandrakar AKA W.I.T.C.H. 
The Quintessence Guardian. She holds the Heart of Kandrakar, which gives the other girls the power to transform into their guardian forms.

The Water Guardian. Known for being the class clown at her school.

The Fire Guardian, Taranee's hobbies include dancing, math, and photography. She later starts liking Nigel, a former delinquent.

The Earth Guardian, Cornelia is from a wealthy family and is easily one of the most popular girls at school.

The Air Guardian, Hay Lin is a bit of an airhead. She enjoys art and comic books. Her family manages the Silver Dragon restaurant.

    Other Characters 
A "passling" (a smelly, goblin-like creature with the uncanny ability to sniff out portals between worlds) native to Meritian. He's a smuggler by trade, though he prefers being called a "trader" or "businessman."

The leader of the rebels and Cornelia's boyfriend.

Will's boyfriend, as well as a would-be musician.

The former Quintessence Guardian. She attempts to rule the world by defeating Phobos and the Guardians.

The evil prince of Meridian.


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